tagGroup SexVicki's Viewpoint Ch. 04

Vicki's Viewpoint Ch. 04


The automotive aisle in Wal-Mart is the ideal place to shop for men. A sundress or jeans and a sweater accompanied with a frustrated look and you have a man magnet. This Thursday afternoon was no exception. I crouched on my heels before bulb display trying to find a replacement for my burned out interior dome light. I had narrowed the choice down to three bulbs with the aid of the burned out bulb in my hand, but now I did not know which one to chose. The fact that my halter-top spaghetti strap would not stay on my shoulder complicated things.

"Hard to know which one to choose, isn't it." Came a friendly voice from the presence beside me. "Can I offer you some help?"

I turned to the sound of the voice to find a ruggedly handsome man in his late forties with a strangely familiar face. "I don't how to decide which one is the correct bulb. Do you know which one matches my old one?" I said holding out the burned out bulb. "I suppose I could buy all three. They are each less than $2.00 each." He glanced down, but his eyes were not totally focused on the bulbs. The focal point of his gaze was my cleavage. I raised my hand with old bulb higher. This exposed even more of my breasts to his view.

"May I look?" he asked with a smile in his voice. His fingers brushed my palm as he picked up the bulb. He carefully examined its metallic end. "You need this one," he announced bending forward and picking a package from the rack. He placed the old bulb and the new package back in my hand, and then gently grasped my wrist and helped me to my feet. Then for the first time, he looked me straight in the eye and inquired. "You're Bobbi, aren't you?" I was startled. No one had referred to me by that name since I left my husband over ten years ago.

He saw the shock in my eyes and continued. "I'm Ted, Teddy. It's been a long time. You haven't changed a bit." I blushed at his flattery. Recognition slowly came to me, before me stood my ex-brother-in-law. A few awkward moments followed, however, he eased the tension situation by inviting me to join him for coffee.

We touched on all the usual pleasantries as we walked to the restaurant and purchased our coffee. Once seated in the booth, Ted gently reached out and touched my hand. "My brother was a complete asshole to treat you the way he did, Bobbi. I never understood why he did it."

I paused, removed my hand from his, and took a deep sip of my black coffee. I pursed my lip and softly replied. "I go by Vicki, now. I have tried to start anew and to forgive and forget. It's been hard."

"Good for you. I'm glad you are not stuck in the past." He paused as if he was wondering how to say what was on his mind. Then the words awkwardly left his lips. "...You know, Bobbi, sorry I mean Vicki" He laughed nervously and continued, "I always had a crush on you." This statement seemed to explode all boundaries and we talked freely and opening about our lives for the next twenty minutes. Finally, with the coffee cups empty and my bladder straining, I announced that I had to go. As I rose to leave, Ted grasped my arm and asked, "How do I get in touch with you?" I rummaged in my purse and handed him one of my cards. "Vicki's Trulytaylored Enterprises...Occasion and Event Planning," he read aloud. "That sounds interesting."

I did not respond to his last statement. Instead, I replied with a provocative pout, "Well don't be a stranger," brushed my hand over his shoulder and walked away towards the washroom.

The checkout counter brought another surprise. The cashier turned out to be an old acquaintance. We talked briefly and then she whispered, "Are you still in the business?" I nodded my reply. "Me too," she confided with a smile. "My break is in twenty minutes. Could we meet at the Starbuck's in the mall?" The last thing I needed was another coffee, but I agreed.

Laney was a petite blonde in her early thirties. We had met a few years before when she had worked in a massage parlor I managed. Now she was married with two kids. Her husband, a carpenter, had recently been hurt on the job and had been off work for the past six months. As money became tight, she danced and stripped at bachelor stags to supplement their income. However, clients often requested extras. She needed someone to provide those services and asked if I would be interested. I gave her my card, recorded her number, and left without finishing my coffee. I had always worked alone, but I did not immediately dismiss the idea of working with Laney. Instead, I just filed it away in my mind as headed for the washroom reminding myself that I should not drink two larges coffees within an hour any time soon.

The nature of my business means that often there are business lulls. That was the case after my shopping spree at Wal-Mart. For the next three days, the phone did not ring with client calls nor were there requests on my webpage. I took advantage of the quiet period to catch up on my reading and journal writing. It was now late Saturday morning. I sat on my chaise lounge soaking up the sunshine and enjoying a breakfast of Melba toast, cheese, fruit, and coffee. Then phone rang. I glanced at the screen of my cell phone as it lay on the table beside me. It was not a number I recognized. More out of boredom than anything else, I answered.

"Hello, Vicki. This is Ted..." I was surprised, to hear his voice. Nevertheless, I was even more stunned to hear what he had to say. "Look Vickie, I just dropped my wife and the girls off at the mall. They told me to entertain myself for the next three hours. I wondered if I could drop by and spend some time with you?"

Thirty minutes later Ted and I were enjoying glasses of Shiraz on my deck. Mundane conversation soon found its way to sex. Ted revealed that although he loved his wife and two girls, home life had become a bit boring. He owned a string of picture framing shops and traveled regularly about the state. In each of the three cities where he had stores, he also found a little bit of extra entertainment. "You know Vicki, I visited your website last night. I liked what I saw. Who is your designer?" As he leaned against the veranda railing, just a few feet from my chair, his eyes followed the outline of my body beneath my halter-top sundress. The thin, pink, floral material clung to my breasts and my nipples hardened under his gaze. I slowly slide the heel of my right foot up the lounger mattress. I watched his body shift ever so slightly so that he could get a better view of my inner thigh and I laughed to myself. I knew he was interested in more than a glass of wine and conversation about my website designer.

"So now you have decided to investigate the accuracy of my website," I teased.

"When you were with my brother," Ted continued awkwardly, "it was all I could do to keep my hands off of you and now..." He did not finish his sentence instead; he bent over and kissed me. It was a warm and passionate kiss. I allowed his tongue to trace over my lips and then I opened my mouth and our tongues intertwined. His hands soon began to roam over my breasts. His fingers found my nipples and they responded his touch. I could feel my excitement rising. Fortunately, my common sense overrode my libido. "Whoa there Teddy boy," I pushed him back and chided. "Slow down, you know what I do. As much as I enjoy swapping old memories and a bit of tongue with you, I don't..."

Ted interjected, "Vicki, I know you are a business woman and I want to make you a business proposition."

Conflict and confusion seized my mind. My stomach knotted. Within me rose the conflict between my past and the present. I did not know how to react. I felt strangely exposed and vulnerable. In front of the world, in the open air of my porch, my ex-brother-in-law was offering to pay me for sex. Panic filled me. I jumped up from my lounger and fled into the kitchen. I took refuge before the coffee maker. With shaking hands, I retrieved my dirty mug from the sink and poured myself the last of the coffee.

I heard Ted approach the counter. I turned to see him adding to an already significant pile of Franklins and Grants. "As I said before Vickie, I'm not here to relive the past but to make you a business offer." He emphasized his words by pushing the pile of money across the arborite countertop towards me.

I had carefully drawn the shades and we now stood at the end of the bed in the subdued light of the bedroom. "You don't mind if I undress you, do you?" I cooed. Ted did not say a thing; he just smiled as I nuzzled his neck, nibbled at his ear, and began to undo the buttons on his shirt. I kissed his exposed chest and sucked his nipples as I started to undo his pants. Soon he stood before me naked except for his underwear. I rubbed his stomach and watched the bulge grow in his jockey shorts. My fingers slipped under the elastic around the leg holes and began to rub the base of his cock. Ted gasped and shook when my thumbs manipulated his balls. The wet spot grew at the end of the bulge in the cotton material.

I could feel my excitement and anticipation was growing too as I whipped his jockey shorts down to his knees. His cock sprang to attention and begged for a good sucking. I could not resist. His precum had a salty-almond taste and his dick felt fantastic as it rubbed against the roof of my mouth. I sucked harder. I felt him tense and I tried to draw back. However, Ted's hands clasped the back of my head as he forcibly ground his pelvis against my nose. I felt his cum splash against the back of my throat. I tried to relax so I would not gag and swallowed as quickly as I could.

I felt the tension subside within his body and with shaky movements he withdrew from my mouth. I continued to stroke his cock while in a panting voice he said, "Oh God, Vicki, that was incredible...I just could not stop. Now, I..."

My right hand rubbed and squeezed his still hard cock while the fingers of my left hand dabbed at a dribble of cum at the side of my mouth. I looked up at him, licked the tips of my fingers, and said with a giggle. "Don't worry honey, nobody lasts long with me."

My tongue circled his purple glans and teased his penile opening. All the while, I continued to rub his cock to keep him hard. I glanced at the top of my chest of drawers and I knew what I had to do. "Hand me that hair elastic on the top of the dresser, will you Hon?" A few quick twists, tightly secured the hair elastic around the base of his cock. "Now sweetie, get rid of the underwear, and lie back on the bed and enjoy the show." His underwear quickly joined the pile of clothes at the foot of the dresser and he lay back on the bed.

However, it was all I could do not to laugh aloud when I glanced at his dick standing at attention in the center of the frilly, bright pink hair elastic. I bit my lip and began a sensual striptease. My nipples hardened and tingled as I rubbed my hands over the thin cotton material of my sundress halter-top. Ted's eyes focused intently on my breasts as reached behind my neck and undid the ties. He reached out for me but I eluded his grasp. With a seductive wiggled of my hips the dress slipped to the floor. Then I stepped towards the bed, turned, and bent over as I removed my last vestige of clothing; my lacey, white thong. Ted let out an audible moan of excitement and firmly grabbed my ass and hips. As I straighten up, the fingers of his right hand found my pussy. When his fingers brushed against my clit, an electric excitement and a chilling awareness simultaneously flashed through my brain. For a moment, I froze in the realization that I was about to have sex with my ex-brother-in-law for money. Could I do it? His fingers made the decision for me. They slid inside me and I yielded to primal pleasure.

His condom tipped penis slipped easily into my pussy, eased by a large dollop of gel. I love the cowgirl position. It gives me control and I was determined to ride Ted to my ultimate satisfaction. Each time I pushed down against his pelvis, I felt his cock rub against the folds at the front of my vagina. It felt fantastic. I continued to grind. Each time I pushed down, the doubling of the hair elastic wrapped around his cock, rubbed against my clit. The sensations of the added contact really turned me on. Soon, all I could do is pant. Ted seemed to be enjoying himself too. He arched his back and thrusted against me. His mouth was agape and his eyes closed tight. Ted's movements quickened and soon were in time with mine. I felt the muscles in my abdomen tighten and my organism enveloped my consciousness as I felt him tense and writhe beneath me.

Ted's silver Jaguar convertible disappeared down the driveway taking him back to the mall and his wife and daughters. The coffee can was icy against my hands and stomach as I removed the lid and quickly stuffed the wad of bills inside. I clutched the can against my chest and the cold burned through the thin material of my floral robe. The chill brought the events of the morning a stark focus. I had become a true professional. I had been able to divorce my personal feelings from the business side of sex. As I returned the can to its place in the freezer, I realized that this was a turning point in my career.

Almost daily, I scan the websites of other girls in the business to see how they present themselves to the world. Many sites include the words, "...outcalls to major hotels only..." There seems to a prejudice, amongst many escorts, that the men they may see in a hotel will treat them better than the men they may meet at a motel will. Knock on a hotel room door and a man in a business suit will likely answer. Does that make him any cleaner or more respectful than the man in blue jeans and a T-shirt who answers the motel door? A Brooks Brothers' suit and a silk shirt do not make the man. When it comes down to it, a man can be kind, gentle, and polite in a suit or sweats, just as a man can be abusive in a suit or sweats. So if it is not an issue of "presentation is everything," I suppose some escorts may feel safer in a hotel. Nevertheless, is it the location or the man, which makes for a safe encounter?

I feel safer doing my business in a motel. I feel that all too often the staff an "upscale major hotel" will not present themselves as the considerate and caring group portrayed in the movie "A Lady in Red." If a date went bad in their hotel, would they comfort me and sit with me until the police arrive? Not likely, most likely they would want to whisk me out the door to the payphone or cabstand across the street.

Therefore, when I received a website request to organize a bachelor stag at "The Grand Hotel," I replied that I would only be interested if the event was held at the Richelieu Inn. This was a small, family owned motel adjacent to a shopping center on the outskirts of the city, not far from where I lived. Steve, the gentleman who inquired, reluctantly agreed and I began the planning for the event.

I contacted Laney and asked if she was interested. She liked the sound of the money and snickered when I told her the date. It was for the Thursday night before Good Friday. The wedding was Saturday, supposedly so the groom would also remember his anniversary date. Apparently, no one had had the heart to tell him that the Easter weekend date varied from year to year.

The negotiations with Steve proceeded well. He liked the cheap price of the room, compared to The Grand, but initially balked at the $500 credit card security deposit requested by the motel. I explained to him that parties could get wild, but as long as he and his friends were respectful and responsible, his credit card imprint would be returned to him without a charge.

Laney and I arrived at the motel an hour before the party was to begin. I checked in with Roger the night manager. Steve had paid cash for the room and a credit card imprint covered the damage deposit. The room was a two-bedroom suite in a private area at the back of the motel overlooking the adjacent mall parking lot. I regularly used the room. It was cozy, comfortable, and discrete. While the rest of the motel had been recently renovated, the suite remained a reflection of the seventies. The kitchen area, complete with table, was to the right as you entered the room. A sitting area with a chesterfield and matching armchairs was to the left along with a coffee table and television. Two bedrooms separated by a nicely appointed bathroom were at the back of the suite. I always felt safe here.

Laney placed her oversized purse on the top of the refrigerator and then proceeded to load its shelves with beer. I set out the chips, dip, and peanuts on the coffee and kitchen tables. Laney turned on the oven and together we prepared the hot o'dourves. We worked well as a team. By 7:30, everything was ready. The portable CD player was loaded with Laney's music and porn movies played on the TV. Laney was changing in one of the bedrooms when there was a knock at the door. I was about to get my first surprise of the evening.

At the door were five men, not the four agreed to in our conversations. They had obviously been drinking. A tall, well-built man in his late thirties stepped forward. He was well dressed in a pair of dark blue slacks, complimentary blue silk short-sleeved shirt, and Gucci loafers. "Vicki, I'm Steve. I know I said that there would be only four of us, but Jimmy wanted to come along too. I hope that is OK" There was no plea in his voice. He was obviously a man used to getting his own way. "I've included an extra $200. What do you say?" He thrust a thick manila envelope into my hand and pushed past me.

I glanced into the envelope and shrugged. "What the hell," I thought to myself as the others entered the room. They all looked like clean, respectable guys. I secured the money in the freezer and checked on the o'dourves while Laney made everyone comfortable around the coffee table and served the beer.

Edward, the young groom-to-be, sat in the armchair facing the TV mesmerized by the scene on the screen. Two women were eating each other out. By the expression on his face, it was clear that he had never seen anything like that before tonight. In fact, he looked almost virginal dressed in beige cargo shorts, sandals, and an off-white Big Dog shirt. He looked as innocent as the polo shirt logo. I brought in the hot snacks and turned on CD player. Laney began to move provocatively to the music. She was dressed in a schoolgirl's uniform. However, with her blouse tied to reveal her ample bosom and her super short plaid skirt, she looked anything but a na•ve teenager!

While all eyes were on Laney, I returned to the kitchen, prepared another bowl, and added it to the tray. When I entered the living room area, Laney stepped back, but continued to move to the music. I stood provocatively before Edward. The way I held the tray and the silky material of the cocktail dress emphasized by breasts. Edward's eyes focused on my cleavage. "Gentleman," I announced, "Each bowl on this tray, contains the keys to your enjoyment tonight: flavored condoms." I bent forward presenting the tray to Edward and said in a husky voice, "Since you are the special man tonight, you get to choose first. There is Strawberry, Vanilla, Banana, Spearmint, and Wild Cherry. What would flavor would you like?"

Edward blushed and sputtered, "I'll take Wild Cherry." Everyone laughed. I quickly handed out the rest of the bowls and outlined the rules of the evening. Each bowl contained two condoms allowing for two releases. I reminded all present that there was to be no ass play and that safety and respect were the key ingredients to everyone's pleasure.

With the rules out of the way, I turned back to Edward who seemed to have shrunk into his chair. I reached out and touched his face. "However, for you sweetie there is something special." With that, I bent forward. My deeply V'ed black cocktail dress gapped and revealed almost all of my breasts to his gaze. "Reach in honey, you will find a surprise." His eyes were as big as saucers, as his trembling fingers tentatively searched between my breasts to find the waiting offering. His hot skin felt good against mine. I could feel my nipples begin to react to the touch of his hand against my breasts. Edward pulled out a plain condom. "That's your extra surprise," I cooed as I bent closer to him and brushed my lips over his ear and his cheek. I could feel his breath against my breasts as I explained to him that he could use the special condom for himself or he could offer it to one of his friends.

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