tagGroup SexVicky Gets Taken

Vicky Gets Taken


Vicky had Matt drop her off a couple blocks from home so that her parents wouldn't know she was out with him. She was 18 and he was 20 so her parents didn't approve of him. She kissed him good bye and began to walk towards her house. As she walked a minivan drove by slowly. It went around the block and came up behind her again. She was only a block from home when they grabbed her. She tried to scream but one of them put his hand around her mouth. There were five of them. They put her on the floor of the van stepping on her to keep her down.

They dragged her out and into an apartment. She wasn't sure what part of town she was in but it was only about ten minutes from her house. Once inside they wasted no time undressing her. She wasn't attractive for the most part. She weighed 150 lbs and stood 5'5. She had a plain face and modest B cup breasts. Her only notable feature was her ass. It was big but not too big and had a great shape to it.

"Please why are you doing this?" she sobbed at them.

The men said nothing at first. Once she was naked they began grabbing at her tits. Pushing her from one to the next. Each grabbing her tits or pussy. As they touched her she felt a warmth growing in her cunt. She had blown Matt earlier and it left her unfulfilled. They were all laughing as they took turns groping her.

One grabbed her tits very hard and said "Listen if you do what we tell you maybe you won't get hurt too bad".

He was a big man, about 6'4. She nodded. Her tears had stopped flowing. She was still very scared but was beginning to enjoy the attention. He dragged her by her tits to a couch. He sat down and made her kneel in front of him.

He unzipped his pants and brought out his dick. It was the largest she had ever seen (although she had only seen 3 including her little brothers) at about 8 inches.

"Suck it" he said.

She took his dick in her mouth. She tried to do it like in the porn movies her and her sister had watched. The big man didn't like it so he grabbed the back of her head and started pumping. While he was fucking her face she felt someone's fingers at her pussy. She was already wet and this sent her over the edge. She needed a dick in her now.

She didn't have to wait long. The man behind her began pressing his cock to her pussy. Vicky began moaning around the dick in her throat.

"She must like it" the one behind her said.

She didn't want them to know but she did like it. Very much actually. The man behind her pressed harder and his dick entered her. He wasted no time fucking her hard. Making her choke on the cock in her mouth. The big man loved the feel of her throat and grabbed her head forcing her all the way down his shaft. He began spurting cum straight down her throat. She tried her best to relax and let it all flow down her throat.

The big man was quickly replaced by another. She took his dick into her mouth like she was starving for it. There she was on her knees with a cock in each end of her. Her B cup tits bounced back and forth as she tried to keep a rhythm with the guy fucking her. She could feel his pace quicken and knew he was going to cum. He bit her shoulder and blew his load deep into her.

He got up and another replaced him. His dick must have been huge. It filled her up in a way she had never imagined. He was in her less than a minute when she had her first orgasm of the night.

Vicky was still reeling from her orgasm when the guy in her mouth came. She wasn't ready for him and wasn't able to swallow all his cum before some of it leaked out and down her chin. She had just wiped if off and licked it off her hand when another dick was presented to her face. She took it in her mouth and could taste her own pussy juices on it. Vicky assumed it was the first guy that fucked her. He was soft when she started but quickly hardened within her mouth.

The guy in her pussy blew huge load into her. The feeling of it cause Vicky to cum a second time. He left his dick in her for a minute as it softened. When he removed it she felt another man come up behind her.

She waited to feel his dick at her pussy opening. Instead she felt it press at her asshole. She considered protesting but was too consumed by the passion of the night. The guy pressed hard once and was in her. Vicky was amazed at how quickly and easily her anal virginity was lost.

At first it hurt. For the first time since this started tears formed in her eyes. For the first few minutes she thought she was going to be torn in two. But very slowly she started to enjoy the cock in her ass. She didn't have much time to enjoy it though as he shot his load into her ass after about only five minutes.

The guy in her mouth lasted a few minutes after that. As she blew him she could see the other guys getting dressed. He shot his second load of the night. She was ready for it and swallowed it all down.

Vicky got dressed with all the guys watching her. They drove her back to the spot they found her. This time she was allowed to sit normally. Neither the guys nor her said a word the whole way back.

"Thanks." one of the guys said. Then he gave her a peck on the cheek and they drove off.

Vicky walked the block to her house. She found the night surreal. If not for the throbbing in her pussy she would have thought it all a dream. She wondered if Matt would ever be enough for her after this.

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