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Vicky is a Handful


It all started out innocently enough. A few co-workers were standing around at work one day talking when they came to the subject of diets. "I'd like to lose 10 lbs.," Jake remarked. "Oh Jake, shut up. You don't need to lose anything," quipped Robin. Then Vicky chimed in, "I'm happy with my weight - more cushion for the pushin'!" They all laughed.

Jake had noticed Vicky before, but her remark made him think. She was about 5'6 and what one would call plesantly plump. Definitely not fat. In fact, if she lost 20 lbs., she would probably have a nice figure. Her comment got Jake thinking about her in a whole new light. She had brown hair, which went halfway down her back. Definitely very curvy and a very nice rack on top. Her tits were always emphasized by a tight fitting blouse. They looked like to very large soft pillows. Her skirts were even tighter which made her legs and ass ripe for ogling. From the way she dressed, you could tell she was in fact very proud of her body.

Now Jake couldn't stop staring. Over the next few weeks, he even found excuses to go over to the area where Vicky sat just so he could take a peak. He started talking to Vicky more all the time. She seemed very receptive and was flirtatious back at Jake. Vicky liked to tease and she was eating this up. Jake wasn't so bad on the eyes and it was nice to have some pay attention to her. He was about 5'6,

with close-cropped hair. He probably could lose a few pounds, but he definitely did not look bad. Vicky had been married for 8 years and while she loved her husband, life had gotten somewhat routine. Jake was married as well, so it was just some innocent fun. One day after work everyone decided to go out for happy hour. The group sat together at first, but eventually some people left and others seemed to break into smaller groups for conversation. Soon Jake found himself alone with Vicky. "So what's a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?" joked Jake. Vicky played along. "I'm looking to get lucky stud." This went on for several minutes. Pretty soon it got a little dirtier. They used all the old lines. "You know that dress would look great…on the floor of my bedroom," said Jake.

When the Waitress came by, she asked Jake if he'd like another beer. He ordered one and then asked, "and for you miss?" Vicky slowly licked her lips and said in a heavy voice, "I'll have a slo comfortable screw." As she ordered, Vicky placed her hand on Jake's leg and squeezed his thigh. The waitress just smiled and remarked, "I'm sure you'll get what you want honey. Perhaps after you'd enjoying a screaming orgasm as well." With that, she gave a big smile, turned and headed back to the bar to get their drinks.

Once the waitress left, Jake leaned over to Vicky and whispered, "how about a fast hard fuck instead." Vicky purred and blew a kiss through the air to Jake.

This last comment by Jake made Vicky squirm. She could feel her panties becoming moist and couldn't help but notice the rather large bulge in Jake's pants. She was finding it harder to breathe. They were taking the game too far and she had to stop. But she couldn't. "All you men are the same. You claim to be so talented but never stay long enough for a girl to get her prize," came back Vicky. Now it was Jake's turn to get nervous. Was this a game or was it real? Whatever it was, he was having fun and didn't want to stop. "I like a strong woman. You tell me how long to do it, when to do it and where to do it." There, now the ball was in Vicky's court. By now her panties were sticky and she could feel her juices running down her leg. Not realizing it, Vicki let out an audible moan. "Ooohhhh god. We have to stop. I can't take much more of this."

"Can't take the heat, huh?" laughed Jake. "Oh Jake, my pussy is on fire," is all Vicky could say. She turned red with her comment, but was glad she said it.

This was the moment of truth. Jake went for it. He placed his hand under the table where nobody could see and slowly moved his hand up Vicky's leg under her dress. Vicky slowly spread her legs and invited Jake in. She was wearing a thong so Jake had no trouble sliding his finger past her panties and into her waiting slit. This had to be the wettest pussy he ever felt. Vicky was humping Jake's hand. All of a sudden she shuddered and her whole body shook. Vicky then pulled back and let out a long breath. "Whew, that was intense," was all Vicky could say. "Do you think anybody saw?" Jake looked around. He was sure people were watching but didn't want Vicky to get too nervous. He told her that it appeared nobody was paying attention to them. "Want to get out of here?" asked Jake. Vicky couldn't grab her purse fast enough. They got into Jake's car and started driving. As soon as Jake got onto the main road, Vicky turned to him and said, "I have to return the favor." With that her head shot down and she whipped Jake's cock out of his pants. She looked at it appreciatively and began stroking. Then she slowly licked the tip. She began licking his shaft and sucking is sack.. Finally, she began to swallow him inch by inch. "Mmmfff, so, mmmfff, hard. Mmfff, tastes so, mmmf good." Soon she had his entire cock in her mouth and was bobbing here head up and down like it was the last cock on earth. Vicky loved cock and Jake could tell. His wife wouldn't suck cock and now he was being deep-throated for the first time. Jake could smell her womanhood as it permeated the car. He had to have more of Vicky.

All of a sudden the car stopped. Jake had found and empty park. They quick got out of the car and Vicky plopped herself on the ground spread eagle. Jake pushed her dress up and ripped her panties off. He started licking her pussy and fingering her at the same time. "Oh baby, that's it," screamed Vicky. "Eat my pussy. Put another finger in my hot cunt." Jake was more than happy to oblige. Vicky then wrapped her legs around Jake's head and began humping his face. Her pussy was dripping wet. The scent was intoxicating. It had been far too long since he had eaten pussy and he was remembering just how much he enjoyed it. In the meantime, Jake had slipped a third finger in her pussy. "Is that all you got," moaned Vicky. "I need more." He couldn't beleive it. Vicky was the hottest thing ever. Jake broke the headlock and slid in a fourth finger. Then he used his free had to spread Vicky's legs as far apart as they would go. Confident she was loose enough, Jake slid in thumb in and had his entire fist up Vicky's pussy. "Aaaahhhhh. Oooohhhhh" Vicky cried. "I can't believe you have your fist in me. Let me see you fuck me with your fist." Jake just kept pumping as Vicky met each of his thrusts. Vicky was just writhing on the ground and could only mange to moan in pleasure as Jake worked her pussy. He was almost up to his wrist in pussy. He thrust in and out and watched in amazement as Vicky's pussy just seemed to swallow him up.

After what seemed like a blissful eternity, Jake slowly pulled his fist out. Vicky's pussy was stretched and tingled all over. "That was

incredible," said Vicki. "But I don't know if my pussy can take your cock right now. Whatever should we do?" she asked coyly. With that, Vicky pulled her dress over her head and unfastened her bra. Her tits were everything Jake had imagined and more. They must have been 38d. They were soft and bounced as she moved. Vicky got on all fours, her tits hanging down just waiting to be squeezed. She wiggled her ass at Jake. "This give you any ideas," she asked as she rubbed her finger in her pussy and then slid it in her ass, lubing it with her own juice. Jake grabbed her ample ass and slowly entered. She tightened up at first, but Jake began rubbing her clit and she seemed to relax. "Yeah, that's it lover. Fuck my hot ass." Neither one had actually ever had anal intercourse before, but they both learned to like it very quickly. Jake held on and then leaned in so he could squeeze those lucious tits. "Oh baby, squeeze them. Pinch my nipples." Vicky must have had very sensitive nipples because this really set her off. She just kept making these guttural moans. Jake slapped her ass and this seemed to get her going even more. Jake watched as her ass jiggled and could only think that this was better than he ever imagined. Jake slapped her again and was met with a squeal of delight.

"C'mon lover, fuck my big ass." Yelled Vicky. She just kept grunting and groaning. "I'm such a baaaad girl. Spank me." Vicky normally barely made a sound during sex, but now she couldn't help herself. The dirtier she talked, the more she turned on she was and the harder Jake got. "That's it. Squeeze my big titties. Fuck me harder. Spank my ass." Jake's head was spinning. He couldn't get enough of her tits. They hung down like huge pendulums from her chest. He loved looking over and watching them jiggle back and forth as he continued to fill her ass with his cock.

Soon it was all Jake could take. "I'm gonna cuuumm Vicky." She pushed back hard and squeezed her ass around Jake's cock so he couldn't move it. That's all it took and Jake exploded inside Vicky. They both collapsed, out of breath and sweaty. They knew they both had to get home but that more adventures were in store.

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