What started off in bed ended in the shower and afterward she remarked how she needed some new undies. She suggested 'Target'.

He said, "Let's go to Vicky's."

She mused that although Victoria Secrets has sexy stuff that she would just love to have, it would not fit her budget.

He responded with a smile and winked. "This one's on me, and for me baby."

They arrived at Vicky's just after opening. There were a couple of staff on the floor and one other customer, but in general it seemed very quiet. They looked at panties and bras together and she selected a few items to try on. He nudged her toward some of the more suggestive lingerie and asked her to try on a few items. She selected a black lace bustier, matching lace panties, and a pair of black stockings. He remarked, "Now we're talking."

"I'll be back," she said, turned on her heel, and headed for the dressing rooms at the back of the store.

She entered a booth, removed her own clothes and placed them on the bench, and dressed in her selection. She was admiring herself in the mirror above the bench when there was a knock at the door. She couldn't imagine how with all the other empty booths in the dressing room they would choose this one. "Occupied!", she quipped.

Her lover responded in a hushed voice. "It's me baby. Let me in."

She undid the latch on the door and he quickly stepped inside and closed the door behind him. "And just what do you think you're doing?" she whispered.

"I had to see the merchandise I'm buying baby," he responded. Then he said, "God, you look fuckin' hot!"

She had always fantasized about having sex in public places and decided not to let this opportunity slip by. She reached up and put her arms around his neck, drew him to her, and kissed him wetly. She disengaged from his lips and without taking her eyes off his, she slowly dropped to her knees. She deftly undid his belt and the zipper of his trousers and pulled them down around his ankles.

His cock was straining for release, and she playfully kissed it through his briefs. She reached in and withdrew his member, letting his briefs fall to his ankles as well. Still looking up at him she slowly stroked his shaft, tightening her grip with each pull. Soon, he was firm, but she wanted him hard and unable to resist her.

She looked down and was pleased to see a small drop of pre-cum resting on his slit. She stared up at him, deep into his soul, as she slowly extended her tongue to retrieve her salty prize. She savored its taste and then went to work in earnest. She lightly kissed the head of his cock.

She took his tip between her lips and encircled its edge with her tongue. With each stroke she took more and more of his shaft into her mouth. She lapped him with her tongue as she devoured him, coating him in her saliva. "Fuck baby!"

She took his cock from her mouth and put a finger to her lips. "Shhhh." And then she returned to her labor of love.

She slowly stroked him in and out of her mouth, lightly sucking on him and teasing him with her tongue. She took his member from her mouth and began applying light, wet, kisses to the shaft, all the while stroking him with her hand. She took each of his balls into her mouth and gently sucked them. Then, once again hypnotizing him with her gaze she extend her tongue and slowly let it trail up the underside of his shaft until she once again swallowed him.

She could feel his hips begin to thrust and knew that he was close but she needed more from him. She stood up and kissed him deeply as she continued to stroke him. Then she applied a wet kiss to his ear and whispered "Now it's your turn." Then she turned and leaned with her hands on the mirror and her backside to him.

He obliged her, moving in behind her, encircling her waist with his arms. He drew her up to him and began kissing her neck. She brought her arm up around his neck and pushed his head into the flesh of her neck. As he kneaded her breasts through the lace he kissed her and she sighed as the lace cut into her flesh. With one hand he reached down and cupped her mons. Her heat begged him to continue and he began petting her pussy through the lace of her panties.

He found her wet and rife with her juices. He disengaged and dropped to his knees. She again leaned forward, bracing herself against the mirror, offering her ass to him.

He kissed her ass cheeks and was intoxicated by her scent. His hand toyed with her, stroking her silk-covered inner thighs, encouraging her to spread her legs which she was only too happy to do. Next he began toying with her panties. He drew them tight until the lace bit into her flesh, then released them. He used his fingers to trace their edge as it followed the outline of her pussy. He kissed her through the panties and then let his tongue trail along her slit as his fingers came into contact with her clit.

He reached up and pulled on the waist band and her panties fell away to the floor and she stepped out of them. Now he could see her beautiful bare slit and button. She almost came as she felt his hot, wet tongue lash out at her. He ran the course of her slit, from back to front, cleansing her labia of their dew. Each lash, his tongue got a little bolder, parting her slit and causing her to release more of her lubricant. Her anus puckered as he rimmed it with his tongue and then ran it back across her slit.

He buried his head in her crack and took her lips into his and gently massaged them with his tongue. Then his lips surround her swollen clit. His tongue swirled around her as he applied gentle suction. For her, this was the tipping point and she felt every muscle in her body spasm as she exploded in orgasm. He eagerly lapped up her flowing cum and this perpetuated her release. Over and over again she felt her pussy explode with heat as her internal light blinded her through closed eyes.

Eventually, she came back to reality and realized that her lover was standing behind her, rubbing his cock head against her slit. With each stroke she lubricated his cock head with her cum, readying him to penetrate her. Her legs were still trembling from her release as he entered her and she almost collapsed.

He gently moved his member in and out of her and with each stroke her pussy coated more and more of his shaft with her cum. Craving more of him, she pushed back into him as he thrust into her and soon she had taken all of him.

It was at this moment they heard the creak of a stall door two stalls down and they both wondered if that customer knew what they were doing. They cared not, however, and returned to the business at hand. Silently he fucked her, slowly, methodically, and she him. She looked into the mirror and loved watching him fuck her from behind.

His strokes became purposeful and she could feel his member swelling inside her. He panted as he impaled her again and again, each stroke engaging the center of her womanhood. She knew it was time.

She reared up and threw her arm back around his neck. He caught her and held her close while he continued to stroke in and out of her. He cupped one of her breasts with one hand while the other played with her clit.

She looked up into his eyes with that hypnotic gaze and whispered, "Cum for me baby!" and then she kissed him. He could no longer hold back. Deep in his loins he gathered his release. With one final thrust he engaged her and his arms locked her in place.

She continued to tease the cum from him with her kiss and she could feel his cock start to spasm inside her. He was no longer in control now as nature took its course. He could feel his cock spasm uncontrollably as his hot load crawled up his shaft and erupted into her. She felt the warmth of his eruption and smiled as she continued to kiss him.

The sensation of his hot load filling her made her pussy unconsciously contracting around his shaft to enhance his release. Wave after wave of hot cum pumped into her as her pussy milked him for every last drop of his seed.

As his orgasm subsided, her pussy released his spent member. She released him from her hypnotic spell as well, and he his grip on her. Their kiss, soon ended. As he withdrew his used cock, a drop of his cum fell from her pussy and spattered on the floor. They both giggled.

He quickly dressed and quietly left the booth, heading back to the main store. She soon followed with her slightly soiled purchase and they headed to the checkout together.

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