tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersVicky's Pink Diary 02

Vicky's Pink Diary 02


Hi everyone thanks for your comments. My Pink diaries are real, by that I mean they do exist, but now on my computer. Some of the things I shall write in the future have really happened to me, and some of the things I wish had happened to me, which are all in Vicky's Pink Diary, so there will be different fantasies, stories, and real events. My thoughts in general that run through my writing are true thoughts. Hopefully other TV's can associate with some of these thoughts and dreams.


Part two

His cock is back in his trousers, and we walk back home. I'm still in a daze, and wondering if I'm going to wake up in my bed and find this has all been a dream. No, this is Vicky walking home, on her Uncle's arm again. My hand still tingles where it was jerking his cock, and my wrist aches too. My head is down under the umbrella again, and my stride is slower than before, and not as unsure as it was when we first set off.

Car headlights pass illuminating my legs in my black tights. Now that isn't so scary, now it is quite a thrill, is this me getting used to showing my self off?

His hand is on my ass again, and for the moment I'm not too bothered. I can feel my self rolling my ass on purpose now, and savouring the feel of his hand. I just wish it was someone else, someone I fancy, like Sean, or the window cleaner. I'm talking about Vicky fancying them here, of course Kevin doesn't think of guys like that. Kevin although not really butch, likes girls. But I'm Vicky, and as my usual thoughts about being Vicky permanently flash through my head, I can't help wishing I had always been a girl. These thoughts are interrupted by something I've tried to put out of my mind since we started walking back. I've kissed with my uncle, and then jerked his cock, and now he is taking me home, but does he really expect me to suck him off?!

Vicky is scared, but deep down would it be so bad? Okay I don't fancy my Uncle, but I like the way he has treated me. This is the way Vicky wants to be treated. That is the way I've written about being treated in my diaries. I've written about the usual sexy boyfriend too, but because I'm with my Uncle, my thoughts are more about him. So what will happen when we get in the house, will Kevin take over because Vicky is shitting herself?

I've practiced on things, sucking things I mean, like a banana, a courgette, and even the end of my cricket bat, which didn't taste very nice. I've experimented opening my mouth as wide as I could around things, and I've taken things as deep as I could. But this is my Uncle's cock that I might have to suck, a real live fucking cock!

Going up the drive I hear next door locking their door, probably before going to bed. My god, they could have been coming out or whatever, how lucky was that!

My chest is rising and falling, as my Uncle shuts the door, and then turns to face me. Where the fuck is Kevin when you want him, why doesn't he tell my Uncle to sod off?

Even as my Uncle pulls the zip down on his trousers, Kevin won't come to my rescue. Kevin has fucked off for the night. Vicky is stood in front of her uncle with what must be a very worried expression on her face. I look down at his cock, for the first time I'm actually looking at the thing I was jerking under the bridge. He is circumcised like me, so at least I don't have to worry about a foreskin.

"You know what I want."

"Fuck it...really?" I gasp.

"Yes, really, now quit buggering about and suck me off, Vicky."

"I, I, I don't know, if, if I can."

"Perhaps you need an incentive?"

He pulls out a carrier bag from under the coat rack. My head is full of what he has in there, a knife, a whip, a pair of handcuffs, or will my fucking stepmother come jumping out and stretch to full size! Okay the last one isn't likely to happen, but this evening has been so strange, I don't know if I should laugh or cry.

He pulls out a box, and I'm still nervous, but too nervous to go running upstairs. He puts it down on the telephone table.

"Well, open it."

My trembling hands reach for the lid, and I nervously lick my lips, still with the smudged lipstick from kissing my Uncle. The lid drops back and I move the tissues out of the way. I just stare, and gawp at the contents. Even my Uncle's hand lifting my skirt over my ass doesn't really cause me too much concern.

Does he expect me to blow him for the contents of this box? Nothing in the world would make me do that, nothing, accept what I'm staring at.

"Well, they cost me a lot of money. Now I could get a refund, or you could earn them? You dream about them Vicky, I've read your diary and I know how much you want them. You'll never afford them not for a while. So what do you say, how badly do you want a pair?"

This is torture, this is so fucking cruel, but I can't resist the temptation. I have to try. Finally words come from my mouth that I never ever expected to hear, "You won't choke me, will you?"

"No, but I expect you to at least let me come in your mouth, you can spit it out after, if you want."

I have to try...I really have to try!

"Can I wear them, now?"

"No, not until I get what I want."

They are the latest ones, aren't they?"


I'm still staring in the box. I love putting them on when I go to the TV shop. They are the first thing I put on, and the last thing I take off. But these are mine, my very own. They have never been worn before. Fucking hell my uncle is so darn cruel!

"This is real isn't it? They will be my breast forms, my tits, if I suck you, won't they?"

"Well, I certainly won't wear them. They cost me £300, and with the adhesive patches you can wear them without a bra. I must admit they do look good, even the nipples are supposed to react to heat or something. These are the ones you banged on about in your diary, aren't they?"

Of course they are, and he knows full well.

If Kevin takes over now I'll bloody throttle him. I want these tits I want them so very much!

He smiles his sick little smile as I get to my knees. I'm level with his cock, and my trembling hand reaches out. I start jerking him bringing it to life. My mouth opens slowly, and I move forward.

"Kiss it first."

I do wish he had kept quiet. I was thinking of anyone other than him. I kiss it, for the first time I'm actually kissing a cock! My lips have come into contact with a real live dick. I guess it isn't so bad, but I've only kissed it. I haven't done anything else yet. My tongue comes out, and I lick the under side of his cock head. Now I get the taste of skin, slightly sweaty, and a little rubbery, but I can deal with it, it isn't so bad.

"I like that Vicky I like that, my niece."

Fucking hell, his niece! Well I won't spoil his dream, and it does have a certain odd appeal to me.

I kiss and lick, kiss and lick, tentatively. My hand jerks him slowly, and then I go for my prize, my very own breast forms, my tits, mine!

I close my mouth around his cock. The taste is now in my mouth, big time. His cock fills my mouth, but not so much that I don't have a little room left. I guess this is a nice size, slightly thicker than the banana, but real, so very real, warm and real!

I can hear him panting a little, but I try to blot him out of my head, I can't though. I can't because his hand is on my head. His breathing is becoming more intense, and he is groaning now.

I bob my head, gradually taking a little more of his hard dick in my mouth. Two hands are now on my head, and they grip my head as the cock in my mouth explodes!

"Easy slut.....easy.......fucking...swallow...it...Vicky."

Panic is filling my head like the spunk is filling my mouth. I choke and cough and finally I get away. He holds my head and another jet of spunk hits my cheek. I pull out of his grip and cough. I spit his spunk onto the carrier bag on the floor. I swallowed some I know I did!

I can taste his spunk in my mouth, and I can see it pooled on the bag. Salty like mine, but not as unpleasant as I thought it would be, considering where it has come from, my creepy uncle that is!

I look up at him from the floor. He is still panting, but he has recovered some of his composure. I stagger to my feet, and stare at the tits in the box. I'm almost afraid to grab them in case he snatches them away.

"They are your's, don't worry. But don't think you can get away with just one blowjob. You belong to me now Vicky, just like you dream about."

I scrunch up the spunk stained bag and take it to the bin. 20 minutes later I walk into the lounge in my red stockings, red suspender belt, red knickers, and red bra, with of course my newest addition securely in place, my wonderful breasts!

"Are those your stepmother's mules?"

"Yes, they are a size too small really, but they are lower than my shoes."

He grunts a little chuckle, and then pats the couch next to him. Right now I just want to be on my own, but he has promised no more blowjobs tonight, just a little sitting around and talking. My face has fresh make up, and my wig needed a brush put through it, oh and I brushed my teeth and swilled some mouthwash around, until I nearly choked and had to spit it in the sink.

His hand goes on my leg, and I stiffen slightly.

"You won't touch my, cock, will you?"

"Vicky, I haven't got an interest in that. Anyway I can't see the damn thing, are you sure you've got one?"

He starts giggling, which I ignore, and I tell him how it is tucked away.

He sits stroking my leg, "So, do you want your dick cut off, and have a pussy there instead?"

I cringe at the way he just comes out with it like that. For a few seconds I think about what I have thought about so many times before, "Maybe, one day."

He chuckles again, "That will cost you a bit, and don't they make blokes like you live as a women first? Mind you, I expect you could get it done somewhere where they don't worry about all that shit first."

I find his conversation strange, well how he just comes out with things like that. I don't want to answer his questions, or comment on what he is saying. So I go to the kitchen and make us both a coffee.

Maybe one day I'll get enough money to have a sex change. But for the moment I'm just taking stock of things. I've read magazines in the TV shop where I go. One thing that I'm really keen on is finding someone to talk to, a guy who likes a chick with a dick as they say. TV admirers have fascinated me since I first found out about them, why would a guy like a bloke in a dress? I guess I'm finding out through my uncle. He isn't really my uncle as such; he is my stepmother's older brother, so I guess he is, but what does he see in me? Am I an experiment for him, or is he just fucking me about?

I take the coffee in, "I have college, so I really should go to bed. I've got to clean my makeup off and put things away, lock them away I mean."

He sighs, "Yes, I guess you're right. Don't I get a good night kiss from my niece first?"

His beard scratches my face again, but I don't pull away too soon.

"Nice tits," he says as a sort of joke.

"Goodnight," I mumble.

"Oh, I won't be home until 7 tomorrow night. So you'll have plenty of time to turn into Vicky, and cook us something to eat, won't you?"

I feel a little awkward about that, but what else can I do? As I head up the stairs I stop halfway. I realise my Uncle Creep, has taken in quite a lot of my diaries. I remember a while ago I wrote about cooking for a man, I can't remember all of the details, but I do remember he brought a friend home from the pub! Would my Uncle actually do that?!

Would my Uncle expect me to give the man a blowjob, and then my uncle like I seem to remember writing? Or it could be the one I wrote after that. That one involved my Uncle too. I cooked dinner, and as I severed my uncle and his gross mate Ben, they both had a feel, and then I ended up sucking off my Uncle as his mate fucked my ass!

By the time I have cleaned my make up off, and found one of my stepmother's sexy nightdresses to wear to bed, I have relaxed a little, until I jump and gasp as my uncle taps my bedroom door. I just lay there as still as I can, hoping he would think I was asleep.

"Hey, I've got you another present, I almost forgot it. Can I come in? Don't worry I don't want anything."

The door opens even before I can respond.

"It, it is just you and m, me for dinner tomorrow night, isn't it?" I stammer.

He stops and thinks, and then his face turns into a sick little grin, "Oh yes, I see what you mean. No I haven't invited anyone else. It'll be just Vicky and her uncle tomorrow, but I do expect my slut to blow me again. Here I bought this today," he throws a bag on the bed. "I think you should start a new diary now. I think you should write about what really happens to you now your secret is out. I'll be in it quite a bit too, looking after my little tranny sex slave."

He goes back out of the room, leaving me with those thoughts in my head. I pick up the bag, and pull out a note. For Vicky, from her owner, Uncle Des.

The light outside my room goes off and I hear my uncle get into bed. I reach into the bag again, and I pull out, a new pink diary!

College isn't very interesting for me as Kevin, but as Vicky, well that would be a different story. As Kevin I listen to the guys talk about who has shagged who. Who is cheating on whom, and who is next on their lists. Of course I join in, but even some of the boys suspect I'm a little odd. Is it that obvious I sometimes wonder to my self? The parties are fun, don't get me wrong, but I'm usually the lemon on the couch, watching the kissing and groping going on, and the couples disappearing to various rooms and dark corners. I have had sex before with girls, one of them, Donna, is a real slag, she is one of the 3 girls I've screwed, well, nearly. We were all at a house and she started chatting to me, she asked me if I wanted to fuck her, after she had looked round for someone else before finally settling for me. We went off to a bedroom and she got her tits out, she bounced them up and down, and asked me what I thought of them? Kevin was quite impressed, but Vicky was as jealous as hell! As Vicky I wanted those beauties on my chest, I wanted to grab a boy, any boy, and offer them to him.

Donna was getting bored, she asked me if I wanted a feel, I did, but I was exploring them not as Kevin, but as Vicky, by that I mean, if they were my breasts. She just looked at me as if I had crawled out from under a rock. "Fuck this," she said, "you are way weird, just fuck me and get it over with."

She made me stop halfway, and told me it wasn't working for her....well it was more like, "Fucking hell Kevin...stop! If you are queer why are you bothering, Dickhead?"

I tried to tell her I wasn't gay, in the end she believed me, I think. She got dressed and left, leaving her knickers on the floor. Yes I stuffed them in my pocket, but not for Kevin, for Vicky. Vicky wears Donna's knickers to bed. I imagine all those boys who have had a hand up inside her knickers, maybe the exact same knickers that I wear. They are really sexy, black with a little lace pink panel, and a little pink bow on each hip. The next day in college she asked if I had her knickers, I just shrugged and told her I hadn't seen them. The fact that I was wearing them under my trousers gave me such a thrill.

So I curl up and stare at the moonlight coming through my window. It has been one hell of a night, and thinking about what has happened between Uncle Des and me, has me wondering if I should push a chair against my bedroom door!

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