tagMatureVictor and Carly Pt. 02

Victor and Carly Pt. 02


I knocked on Victor's door holding my book in my arms. I tapped my foot impatiently as I waited for Victor to answer the door. It had been a week since our not so private tryst in the lecture theatre and Victor hadn't breathed a word about it. I was growing annoyed at his nonchalance and swore to put an end to it today.

Just as I was about to knock again the door swung open revealing a shirtless Victor with tousled hair and bleary eyes like he'd just rolled out of bed. Victor wasn't too muscled and I eyed the sparse hair on his chest and the line of hair that trailed down from his navel to beneath his loose pants. I couldn't wait to lick my way down to his cock.

"Hey Carly..." Victor trailed off as he took in my outfit. I wore a buttoned up shirt leaving the top two unbuttoned, revealing my cleavage and a hint of the lace of my black bra. I also wore a very short skirt that hardly covered my ass. I grinned at the stunned expression on his face.

"Hi Victor! I hope I'm not intruding on anything but I thought you could help me study for the test we have tomorrow," I said. It was true. We did have a test in Anatomy tomorrow which conveniently happened to be the reproductive system and I figured that studies happened to be the way to Victor's heart and hopefully his dick. The things a girl has to do while dating a nerd!

My request shook him out of his reverie, though I could see the tent in his pants. "Uh... Come in. We can study together," he said as he moved aside to let me through. I sashayed my way into his room purposefully brushing my hand against his cock. He hissed at my touch and I hid a smirk.

"Thanks Victor!" I said cheerfully.

"No problem," he gritted out and I placed my book on the table and sat on the bed. I crossed my legs which caused the skirt to inch up a little more. I spread my hands behind me and leaned back which accidentally pushed out my chest and I sighed. Victor's eyes followed my every movement and I could swear I heard a low growl emitted from his throat.

"Come on Victor! We have a lot to learn!" I said to him.

"Yes we do have much to cover," he said giving my chest and legs a pointed look. I giggled at the double meaning. Swearing under his breath he went to put on a shirt and I pouted a little at that. Victor saw me and smirked. He then picked up my book and came to sit near me. He flipped open the pages. "I need a pencil," he said and got up to get it.

"Sit down. I'll get it,"I said as the table was closer to me. The pencil in a not so accidental manner slipped from my hand and I bent slowly down to retrieve it, revealing my bare ass. I heard Victor gulp loudly. I forgot to wear my panties. It was an honest mistake, really.

I turned around and handed the pencil over to him. His eyes were narrowed at me and he snatched the pencil from my hand, gripping it so tightly I was afraid it might break. He closed his eyes and tried to calm his breathing, not that it helped taming his massive stubborn erection. If only Victor wasn't quite so stubborn and would just fuck me already.

Grumbling under his breath he opened the book. "Which topic do you want to read first?" He asked.

"How about the female reproductive system?"I said. After all I did have a quite thorough knowledge about the male reproductive tract from last weeks lesson.

"Okay. Let's start then," Victor said and started reading the lesson out loud and explaining it to me. I listened to his teaching at first. Then I grew restless and shifted closer to Victor and inhaled his unique spicy scent. Victor ignored me and continued with his teaching. The grip on his pencil seemed to have tightened even more if that was even possible. I put my arm around his shoulder, leaning closer to him with my face very close to his. I tugged gently at his soft brown hair which I believed was an obsession of mine. Victor tensed but didn't say a word. Growing annoyed I began nibbling his ear.

Suddenly Victor slammed the book shut loudly and got up, pushing me away. His face was flushed and he was breathing heavily. My breath quickened at the hungry look in his eyes though his mouth was twisted into a frown.

"Carly you weren't paying attention!" he shouted.

"I was listening to you!" I yelled back stubbornly.

"Is that so? Then I need to test your knowledge," he said as he pushed me onto the bed. Before I could question him, he shut me up a scorching kiss that my toes curl. My hands slipped under his shirt running across his chest. Then as I moved my hands towards his pants he stopped me.

"No. We are going to continue the lesson," he said grinning wickedly at my frustrated expression. My boyfriend's priorities were very much skewed! Before I could protest, he pulled my tiny skirt down and spread my legs to reveal my wet glistening pussy. His hands moved slowly scorching a path from my ankles to my thigh. Just before touching my wet folds he stopped. I tried shifting my hips to make him touch me where I wanted it but he held me down firmly. Holding me down with one hand, he used his other to trace my shaved mound.

"Name this region," he demanded. I glared at him. How could he seriously be thinking about Anatomy with my wet pussy staring at him in the face.

"My mound," I said defiantly. He popped me on the inner side of my thigh and I gaped at him incredulously. It stung but I also liked it as I could feel a shot of heat to my core.

"The anatomical name," he growled at me as his hand moved closer to my clit. God I just wanted to feel his touch there.

"Mons pubis," I moaned. Victor ducked down and sucked on my clit. I screamed at the sensation it caused. All too quickly he moved away making me groan at the loss. He smirked at me and said,"Now the next question. Name these parts," he said fingering my folds.

Lost in the sensation of his hands I just moaned. He withdrew his fingers and I yelled, "Victor don't stop!"

"You didn't answer my question," he said cocking an eyebrow at me. I was panting and I would have agreed to just about anything now. "Labia majora and Labia minora," I answered and was awarded with a lick of my clitoris. And so this torture continued, Victor would bring me very close to orgasm and then stop while asking another question. Every cell in my body was begging for a release and I could feel my thigh muscles clench. I could see this was affecting Victor too. His dick was rock hard and I could see the huge bulge in his pants. My hands itched to it but Victor wouldn't let me.

"Bonus question. Name this spot," he said curving his finger up into my pussy and stroking it. I gasped at the incredible sensation it produced. "The G-spot," I squeaked out and Victor smiled wickedly.

"You are right Carly," he complemented and awarded me with a kiss. He dropped his pants and I got up to stroke his hard dick in my hands. His groaned at my touch. He took a condom and rolled it over his dick. Then he slammed into my pussy and stilled as we both took a minute to feel the sensation of it. I then rocked my hips urging him to move. He slammed into me repeatedly and my sensitive nerve endings sent sparks of pleasure throughout my body. His hands were gripping my hips so tightly as he pound into me. He brought his mouth to my chest and sucked on one of nipples through my shirt. He gently bit the exposed skin of my boob and I moaned loudly at the sensation. I could feel the familiar pressure build up in my abdomen and with one hard thrust I came screaming Victor's name. I could feel the walls of my pussy clench his dick and Victor came at the very same time with a shout. He then collapsed on top of me panting. He rolled off of me to get rid of the used condom and I watched his naked ass walk across the room.

He crawled into bed next to me and laid my head on his shoulder.

"That was the best study session ever!" I exclaimed.

"It was," Victor agreed.

"You know what we should do next time?" I asked.


"We should make sure we don't wear clothes," I said eyeing our half dressed state. Victor laughed at that.

The door slammed open startling us and Victor's roommate Tony walked in and stumbled to a stop at our disheveled state and glanced at the Anatomy book at the foot of the bed and my skirt on the floor. He raised a brow at us. "I'm sorry if I was interrupting anything," he said not sounding so sorry at all as he focused on my boobs. I covered my legs with Victor's pillow. Victor blushed.

"We were just studying man," he replied.

Tony grew amused at this answer. "Really?" He drawled out. "Maybe I could join you guys next time. To study of course," he asked.

Victor and I glanced at each other. I grew more and more excited by the prospect and Victor sensing my excitement just shook his head. "We'll think about it," he finally said.

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