tagGay MaleVictor and Samuel Ch. 03

Victor and Samuel Ch. 03


Spring was approaching and Victor's life was more settled than it had been in years, at least in his opinion it was. He was happily involved with Samuel. His ex-wife was dating again, though she'd not found anyone serious and according to her she wasn't looking, but she wasn't going to dry up and become a prune either. He was glad for that. He knew Pamela was special and she could make someone else very happy.

Most of all he felt very confident with the way the children were more accepting of Samuel. His lover had been included in the counseling sessions and as the whole group met, they slowly began the healing and learning process their unique situation forced upon them. It was the sound of laughter that brought Victor back to reality and he looked over to the giggling faces of his twin daughters, Alice and Abby. He chuckled, his chest rising from the motion and watched Samuel herd them back toward him and Michael, the twins' five-year-old brother.

"Pamela's late," Samuel replied. He and Victor were on their way to Florida to visit some friends of Samuel's. Pamela was to meet them at the airport before they departed and pick up the kids.

"Pam's not late. She's right here," a soft voice spoke from behind him. Both men looked, Samuel turned so he could face the voice and he grinned.

"So you are," he said with a lift to his lips.

The children ran to their mother and hugged her legs. Victor stood and gathered the small suitcase and the two bags that the kids had shoved toys and clothes in. They'd spent the first few days of Spring Break with him and would finish the rest of the week with Pamela before returning to school and the visitation schedule. "Here you go," he said after exchanging "Hellos" and "How ya' dos."

Samuel gripped Victor's shoulder and the two men watched Pamela lead the group of happy youngsters out of the airport. "Sure is nice to see that," Samuel said.

"Yea. I wasn't sure if I'd ever see them happy again. I'm thrilled beyond words," Victor agreed, picking up his suitcase just as the final boarding call to Miami was announced. The two men moved through Security and eventually made it onto the plane. They took their seats in first class and settled back for the flight.

Victor had fallen asleep a few minutes after the flight settled and it was the touch of Samuel's lips against his ear that stirred him from his slumber. "Hey sexy," Sam whispered. His had slowly traveled an invisible trail of heat along Victor's thigh. "You know we have to do it," he smirked against his friend ear before sliding his tongue over the curve.

"No, we don't," Victor said followed by a heated groan and the firm removal of Samuel's hand from his thigh. He continued to hold his partner's hand though he knew that touch was just as arousing as all the other things about Samuel. He loved his mate and he enjoyed everything about him, even this wicked naughty side. Victor knew exactly what Samuel had meant; his lover had joked about the "Mile-High Club" for the last few days as their trip grew closer.

Sam laughed and squeezed his partner's hand. His mouth still whispering against Victor's skin. "You'll love it."

"I know I would," Victor said. He shifted in his seat. His cock was already hard, the mere thought of fucking Samuel in the airplane was more desirable then he'd imagined. Samuel added to the pressure by running his tongue along Victor's neck and then telling him how badly he wanted his lover's cock.

"Come on baby. My cock is hard. I need to come. I have what we need in my jacket pocket," Samuel released Victor's hand and pretended to reach down to pick up a magazine that was lying on the floor as he did he purposely groped his lover's swollen sex. His eyes looked up into Victor's. Both men knew it was going to happen and when Samuel left, Victor followed two minutes later.

Sam ignored the looks that were tossed at him. He was used to the stares, but he was also aware that when you flew first class as often as he and his company's associates did, you weren't questioned about a lot of things. Once first class folks made it through security, you pretty much were scot-free on your movements as long as you caused no serious problems.

Victor was not as comfortable with the stares he received as he made his way to the bathroom. He was still new to the "coming out" that he'd done seven months ago. He knew in time, or he hoped in time he would become more at ease and not worry so much about what others thought. He knew Sam was good for him in that respect; it was just something else he loved about his partner.

Samuel was waiting for Victor, his cock hard and ready for his lover to enjoy. He knew though that Victor would be nervous and need further encouraging, but he didn't mind. That was one of the nice things about the newness of Vic's new life. Samuel found it arousing to bring his love to a point of need and then some situation forced his lover's cock to lose some spark. It was Sam's greatest pleasure making that spark rise back to its fullest potential.

"God, that looks nice," Victor groaned after shutting and locking the bathroom door. He gazed at Sam's dick, free from the confines of the gray pants. Those and his white briefs lay in a puddle around Sam's feet. Victor's fingers released the button and zipper of his jeans and found his hands pushed away as Samuel took over.

Sam pulled Vic's jeans and boxers down with one swift jerk and moaned when Victor's cock jerked free and bounced against Vic's stomach. Samuel smirked, "This looks nice too." The cock was not at its fullest potential and that was fine with Sam. He wrapped his fingers around his lover's dick and began to stroke the hardening meat with long motions, before settling his mouth over the head.

"Ahhh...damn, that's wonderful. Mmm...I love the way your tongue presses against... oh fuck baby," Victor muttered. One hand gripped the sink's counter the other moved into his lover's hair and held his head closer to the throbbing heat of his sex. "Deeper Sam. Take it all."

Sam's grin was felt on Victor's cock, the grazing of teeth added to his pleasure as Sam opened his mouth, removed his hand and swallowed Victor's rod with expertise.

"Oh fuck," Vic groaned. His fingers gripped the counter harder; his fingers tangled deeper into Sam's hair. "Yes, baby. Fuck yes." He felt every stroke of Sam's tongue running over his cock as his lover sucked and pulled on his hard cock. When Sam's hand moved from his hips to grab his balls, Victor muttered his approval and begged for more. Sam answered with a firm, yet gentle squeeze and began moving his head right and left as he rose up and down on Victor's dick.

Victor's blood was boiling. His testicles were begging to be savored and he pulled his lover's face off his sex and told him to suck his balls. Sam grinned and ran his tongue from the tip of Victor's cock to the base and then guided his mate's velvet package into his mouth and began to forcefully suck the twin globes. As he did he used one hand to glide over the saliva and pre cum-covered cock he'd been fucking just seconds ago.

"Harder... oh fuck stroke my cock harder. Faster... Yes... oh God Sam that's it. Right there." Victor looked down and watched his friend devour him and he felt the love that he had continue to grow. He pulled his partner from his balls and bent down to kiss him.

Their tongues merged, danced and fucked each other. Each one fought to be the winner of their battle, but each savored the victory of scent and taste of the other. Sam pulled away and gasped against Victor's lips, "I want your come baby. I need to drink it. Wear it. I want it bad."

"Take it," Victor moaned back. He leaned back again and offered his aching member to Sam's eager lips. Samuel wasted no time in taking the offering and began a series of deep-throating strokes of his mouth muscles and his tongue. He worked the swollen member into his throat, taking every inch and enjoying the way it filled his mouth. His fingers lifted and palmed Vic's balls and he knew from the way his lover's moans sounded, now more ragged, that the white honey he desired was coming.

Victor shuddered. His body grew tense and he growled deep as the pearls of his sex flowed hot from his dick and showered the back of Sam's throat. "Ohhh...," he moaned as Sam increased his sucking pressure and as the tool softened, Sam took the flesh further, dragging another shot of come, followed by a third. "God baby," he hissed, watching Sam's mouth remove itself from his cock. He shivered as his lover's tongue emerged to wash away the signs of his passion.

It took a minute, maybe two, before Victor was back on Earth with Sam and when he was there with him, he gazed down at the glistening come-soaked lips. They kissed again, sharing the salty taste of come and the sweetness of Sam's mouth. When they parted Victor looked down at his lover's sex and grinned. "My turn Sammy," he smirked.

Sam chuckled and pulled the lube from inside his jacket pocket. He squeezed a generous amount into his hand and watched Victor turn around and face the mirror of the bathroom. It was a tight fit, but the men didn't care, they wanted each other and they were just as determined as any couple in love would be, to be one with each other.

The first touch of cool lube hitting Victor's puckered entrance sent a shiver through him and he chuckled, wondering if a person ever got used to that first initial chill. It was gone soon though when he felt Sam's hands on his hips. "Sit down babe," Sam said.

Vic closed his eyes and lowered himself to his lover's lap, as he did he felt Sam's hands leave his hips, grab his ass cheeks and the two worked together to settle Vic against Sam's swollen sex.

"Damn, baby. This is hot," Samuel groaned as he slowly pressed his cock into Vic's rear. Victor relaxed and welcomed the feeling of Sam entering him. He felt the thick head, swollen and leaking with fluids. He squeezed against the hard shaft, loving the way it felt as it possessed him inch by inch.

"Ahhh...feels wonderful Sam. I love having your cock inside me."

Sam's hands gripped Victor's hips and settled him completely on the engorged member. "Yes... baby, wonderful." He began lifting and dropping Victor on his dick. They moved slowly at first, but soon it was apparent the two men needed more and they needed it quickly.

"Harder," Victor ordered. He wanted to scream and shout his demands, but he knew they'd spent more time in here then normal and being loud was pushing their luck. He ground his ass against his love's cock and felt Sam's balls slapping against him. His head fell back and he gripped the hard shaft inside him with his firm muscles.

Sam felt his balls grow tight and he knew his seed would be filling Vic's ass. "Ready? Are you ready for my come?" he asked.

"Give it to me. I need it too. I need your come."

A shot of fluids coated Victor's walls and Vic loved the hot liquid. He welcomed it with a grunt and a gasp of pleasure. Samuel delivered it with fever and drove another coat of wet silk into Vic's ass. "Ahhh...," he groaned as the fluids erupted for a final time. He eased his cock out and kissed both hard cheeks of Victor's ass before he let him move completely free of his hold.

He helped his lover repair his state of dress, licking the cock that had grown hard again, before closing the zipper on Vic's pants. "Man, you can't do that again," Vic choked on the words.

"No?" Sam laughed. He then winked. "You go on back to the seat. That cock of yours will be mine again soon."

Victor chuckled and left Sam to clean up while he returned to his seat. As he did, he squared his shoulders and faced the stares of both curiosity and disgust that greeted him. He knew he'd have those looks, it was human nature, but he didn't care he was in love and he was willing to face the looks as long as it meant he stayed with Samuel.

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