Victor Sylvester


I threw all the clothing he had touched, even the dress, which up till that time had been my favorite, into the trash. All I could think of was he was gone and it was over.

Now I must wait until Friday when Richard came home and we could celebrate. I decided that I would make it very special.

It was impossible not to think about the past hours with Sylvester, who had ravished me, used me, taken every pleasure he wanted, and humiliated me over and over again. But there was no question that he had made me have many orgasms because he knew every thing that would turn a woman on, even though her mind was unwilling his sexual knowledge had brought my body to fruit. I had to admit to myself he had never been rough, and I bore no marks to show what he had done to me. The first time he came I had been so tense for the first hour, and then when I realized that the power he had over my husband and I, and our future, was so absolute that while I never returned his lust, I became pliant and tried not to think about what he was doing, but only with partial success. But when he returned this morning, I was cringing with the thought of what would happen. He saw right through my unappealing dress, and quickly reduced me to being his sex toy again. I had showered for an hour trying to get the dirty feeling out of my mind. I decided that I would be so sexy for Richard on Friday when he came home to me, that he and I would start to blur the memories of my treatment at the hands of Sylvester. Richard could never know. Sylvester was right about that. It would destroy my marriage. The mental images that it would bring to Richard would be to much for us to survive together. Friday was finally here. I had iced a bottle of champagne, and I was dressed in the most provocative way that I could think of, I had even gone shopping to replace the garments that had such bad memories for me, and tonight I was showing off as much of me as I could, without being completely naked, when Richard walked in the front door. I went to him, champagne in one hand, glasses in the other, and he took one look at me and wrapped his arms around me feeling my bottom, and kissing me again and again as he fondled me.

"I really need this tonight, darling, the last two weeks have been very difficult, they named John Fitzwater president last Wednesday while I was in LA, so we'll have to wait a little longer, but tonight is ours."

Part 3

I hope that that night was memorable for Richard, as I did everything I could to please him. But all the time I was thinking about that bastard Sylvester. He never had any idea of promoting Richard; he just wanted to possess his wife. I was almost nauseous from disgust at myself for falling for his threat. But then what could I have done. He certainly could have ruined our lives.

I hope that that night was memorable for Richard, as I did everything I could to please him. But all the time I was thinking about that bastard Sylvester. He never had any idea of promoting Richard; he just wanted to possess his wife. I was almost nauseous from disgust at myself for falling for his threat. But then what could I have done. He certainly could have ruined our lives. After that our lives settled down once again. I had almost been able to put my horrible experience with Sylvester out of my mind, and then one day the phone rang. It was he.

"Mrs. Jacobson, Victor Sylvester."

"Yes." I said coldly.

"I felt I owed you an explanation. I apologize for lying to you but you must know that your husband was definitely the choice for president, until I decided to make it a competition among the four candidates wives."

"What are you saying, that you used wives to determine a promotion?"

"Yes, I thought that it was a great opportunity for me to get to know all four of you better, and it was a business decision as two of the candidates were very good, your husband being one of two favorites, and the other two perhaps less qualified, but the chance to sample the charms of four lovely ladies was to good for me to pass up."

My head was spinning in disbelief to think that I had been performing in a vile contest put together for this terrible man's pleasure.

"I am afraid one of the ladies was very forgettable, and I am sure that her husband finds her frigid. I pity him. On the other hand you were incredibly sexy, and would have won hands down if it hadn't been for one thing."

"And what would that be?" I asked coldly.

"Marilyn Fitzwater, while not possessed with your physical attributes, was very, very cooperative after the first few minutes, and was a very willing sex partner. She also wished to continue the 'relationship' with me after her husband was promoted. While not quite in your league, she certainly is extremely well put together and extremely appreciative of my attentions."

"I see."

"Oh one other thing Mrs. Jacobson. Your husband's record with Elotus is remarkable. His financial skills have made us very successful, and any idea of releasing him was out of the question. So I did lie to you. His job was never in jeopardy; in fact we constantly worry about him leaving us for greener pastures. So I must apologize for that threat. If you had refused me, I could not have followed through on my threat. I am too good a businessman to have ever entertained the thought of dismissing your husband." He laughed and went on, "and I am sure the board would have overruled any attempt to remove him. So thank you lovely lady, I will never forget the time I spent in your arms."

The phone went dead.

I sat there shaking in disbelief. I had been completely used and abused. He had extorted sexual pleasure from me and apparently three other wives. Not only that, he had to call and take away the last shred of dignity I had by telling me that I could have simply said no, but I didn't.

Then one day Richard came home in the middle of the day, He found me just as I came out of the shower with only a towel draped around me. His eyes were sparkling. It had been two months since my awful experience.

"Darling," Richard said excitedly, "We are moving to California, I have been offered the presidency of the Jerome Corporation in La Jolla. I kept it a secret from you because I was afraid it would be a huge disappointment if it didn't come through."

I was euphoric, not only had my life soured where we were, but I was always dreading another phone call that would threaten me with revealing what had happened if I didn't cooperate again.

I flung my arms around Richard with joy, and my towel dropped to the floor beneath us, He kissed me passionately and pulled me to him, with his long fingers squeezing my buttocks, and we sank to the rug and enjoyed a most delicious fuck. It was wonderful. Our celebration continued throughout the day, and on into the night. It was a time I would never forget.

A month later our family was in a beautiful home overlooking the Pacific, and Victor Sylvester was merely a bad memory

The End.

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