Victoria walked down the street on a brisk September day of 1922. A new doctor had just moved his office into the town and she had volunteered to be the first of his patients. This type of doctor had never been in the town before, but she read somewhere that gynecologists were practicing their medicine in larger towns. She didn’t know exactly what would happen, but she had talked to him at the last town social and decided she could trust the nice man.

She opened the apartment building door, and walked up to the second floor. She knocked on his office door. He answered the door and let her in, locking the door behind her. He greeted her warmly and asked her about her medical history. She answered all of his questions, and then he asked, “When was the last time you had relations with your husband?”

Victoria was taken aback, for she had never before been asked about her sex life. She answered, “Last month. A month ago.” She started to get red in the face.

“Don’t get embarrassed, Mrs. Reynolds, I need to know such things.” The doctor explained. “Please tell me, does he always bring you to orgasm?”

“No, not always. Sometimes.”

“And does he give you anal sex?”

“He tried, once, but I told him to never do it again because it hurt badly.”

“How many children have you given birth to?”

“None. We are trying to avoid children until we are prepared.”

“Finally, when was your last period?”

“A week and a half ago, I think.”

“Thank you for answering all of my questions, Mrs. Reynolds.” The doctor pointed to the next room. “Please step in there, and remove all of your clothing. You find a gown to wear. When you are ready, come back out.” He began to set up the table and some equipment while she slowly went and closed the door.

She expected to remove most of her clothing, but she kept her panties on, which is what her regular doctor always let her do. She slipped the gown over her head, and let it drop into place, going half-way down her thighs. The new chill of the cold stiffened her nipples and gave her goosebumps as she returned to the main room.

The doctor was ready for her and asked her to sit on the table. He brought his cold stethoscope to her beating heart, and paused to listen. She could feel herself get cold and her breath sped up a little. He put the device on her back and listened to her breathing. He then asked her to unbutton the gown. She had wondered about the buttons going down the front, and slowly fiddled with each one, until the gown was open to her navel. He put his hand inside and felt each breast, then opened the gown as far as it would go. She closed her eyes, and felt him touch her breasts all over, and then her nipples. She rarely felt this turned on, and showed it with a slight sigh. He asked her to close her gown now, and lie back on the table. She complied, to see what else this doctor had to offer.

He reached up the gown just enough to grab the top of her panties and pull them down. She didn’t know what to expect now, and her underpants were sliding down her legs and off her ankles. She heard him say, “Just relax. Close your eyes, and relax. If something hurts you, please tell me.” She nodded, and he began his examination.

He lifted the gown and moved it up to her navel, so he could see her pubic mound. He palpated it quickly, then asked her to scoot down to the end of the table. After she did, he gently pushed her legs apart and put them on his shoulders. He touched her vaginal lips, slowly, and rubbed her clit for a second. She gasped and convulsed against the table. Again he told her to relax.

He pushed his fingers into her pussy, one at a time, until she could feel three inside her. This man was invading her most private place, and she was sexually excited for the first time in a long time. Her moistness showed that fact to the doctor, who began to slowly feel around inside. Then in and out, slowly at first, then a bit faster. He finger fucked Victoria, who was feeling the orgasm coming and grasped the table with her hands. Then she came, and he smiled as she breathed heavily, sweaty and satisfied on the table. “Thank you, doctor.” She managed to push out.

“We are not through.” Said the doctor. “But I have another appointment soon. Can you return tonight, around 8 o’clock?”

She had to pause and come down from her bliss for a moment before she could think. “Yes. That’s fine.” She was eager to return and do the same routine over again. It had been the most mind-blowing orgasm she had ever had. She returned to the other room to put her clothes back on, and then she left, promising the doctor she would return.

She knocked on the door just after 8 o’clock that night, and the doctor wasted no time in opening it for her, and showing her inside. The table had changed since she had left, there were now more apparatuses attached to it. The doctor asked her to remove all of her clothes, that this time she would not require a gown. She unzipped her dress, letting it slide off, and unclasped her full-support brassiere. She dropped it on the floor, and then slid off her panties. Stepping away from the pile of clothes, she sat on the table as she had done before she had left. He told her to relax once more, and she laid back as far as the now-inclined table would let her.

He began, “You were not completely relaxed before. I wanted another chance to finish the examination without having you moving around so much. So I need to strap you down to the table in a few places so you do not move. Understand?” She nodded. “Good.” He said, and began to lift her naked legs into stirrups that spread her legs wide open. He strapped her ankles into the holsters. Then he moved to her waist, and strapped a leather belt across her navel and made sure it held her tightly to the table. The last straps were by her head, and her brought her arms up behind her head to fasten them into place. She felt a little vulnerable, but safe because she was with the doctor.

He started his vaginal examination again, and she felt herself becoming wet again. He spread her lips apart, glaring inside of her as far as possible. Then he stood up, and dropped his pants. She had a horrified look on her face when he held his erection in his hand and guided it towards her open crotch. She tried to move, but alas, it was no use. He had successfully strapped her down tight enough that she couldn’t move at all.

She felt his member push her way inside, which wasn’t too hard because she was already wet. He filled her up more than her husband ever had, and it was like she could feel nothing but him. He fucked her wildly, and when he was through he grabbed her head and forced his seed into her mouth. He clamped her mouth shut and told her to swallow, which she reluctantly did. Then he redressed himself and left. She laid there for hours, yelling, before someone else in the building found her, still naked and strapped down. The doctor was never seen again.

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