tagIncest/TabooVictoria and Billy Ch. 01

Victoria and Billy Ch. 01


Chapter 01 - Victoria's education all about naked boys and their needs

Victoria Smith developed an interest in male anatomy at a fairly young age. She was an early bloomer, already quite buxom and curvy, and by the end of high school her body had filled out into young womanhood.

She enjoyed the looks she got from boys. And she liked to look back.

At the age of 18, she stayed for a summer month at her Aunt Melissa's cottage at the edge of a pretty lake. Aunty Mel was quite the vixen, a 40-something stunner with a voluptuous body, raven hair, and shocking grey eyes. Males of all ages swooned over her and she used it quite to her advantage.

On her first visit, Vicky was a little taken aback to see that Melissa's home sported many small sculptures of muscular men. Nude muscular men, with clearly exhibited genitalia. There were also several paintings of nude males scattered throughout the rambling home.

On her first evening, Victoria stumbled upon some of Aunty Mel's Playgirl magazines in a cupboard in the den, and was quite intrigued with the explicit educational opportunities that the magazines afforded. While Vicky was examining her third magazine, Aunt Mel walked in.

"I see you found something nice to read," she said.

"Oh," said Vicky, "I didn't hear you come in..."

"No worries, dear, I'm happy for you to look at all of them. Playgirl is a wonderfully educational magazine for young ladies. Take your time, there are some very nice looking men in some of the later issues, don't you agree?"

"Well, uh, yes..."

Mel smiled, "Have you seen any naked men before, dear? I mean, live nude men, not just pictures."

"Only my brother Billy..."

"I see. Well last I saw, Billy was becoming very manly. Can you imagine him posing nude? But don't worry, I'm sure you'll have more opportunities to see young men's bodies soon. I'm having some college boys over to swim tomorrow."

Vicky didn't really understand, but she just smiled and went back to turning the pages of Playgirl. She really liked Aunty Mel's attitude and was greatly enjoying the pictures in the magazine. She secretly liked the pictures of men with erect penises the best - they looked so big and thick and powerful...and made things feel tight in Vicky's tummy...

True to her word, the next evening Mel entertained some young gentlemen, inviting them to swim and sun at the secluded lakeshore. Aunty Mel had rules about boys at her house - and on the lake shore - all boys were to check their clothing at her door. In return for which, Aunty Mel would wear only the bottoms of her bikini. The boys always thought it was a fair trade, and gladly left their shorts at the door in order to feast their eyes on Aunt Melissa's gorgeous DD breasts - so pale and with large brown areolas and succulent nipples.

So the next afternoon, Victoria found herself topless as well, lying on a chaise in only her bikini bottoms next to her mature topless Aunt, and surrounded by no less than five naked boys from the nearby college. Mel had given Vicky a pair of very dark glasses so that she could look at the boys without being too obvious - and look she did.

She had never seen such big boys before, they were all between the ages of 19 and 20 and their muscular bodies were a delight, as were the fascinating things dangling and swinging between their muscular thighs.

Victoria found herself becoming quite aroused not only seeing the boys' genitals, but also seeing their male eyes devouring her pert young C-cup breasts. She was quite happy to ogle and be ogled during the barbeque and was sad when the boys had to put on their shorts and leave.

Later that evening, one of the boys returned to visit Mel after Victoria was in bed in her room. She heard hushed voices and snuck out to watch what transpired in the living room.

There was Timothy, sitting on the sofa with his pants down around his knees. His erect penis was standing up and he was rubbing it with his hand. Melissa was sitting beside him with her robe open to let him see her breasts as she whispered softly to the boy.

"Is Timmy going to make nice cummy-spurts for mommy? Such a good boy. Be sure to tell mommy when you're ready to spurt and mommy will take care of her boy..."

The young man was rubbing his penis fast and hard, gasping for breath, and then he let go of his throbbing penis and whimpered, "Please mommy..."

Melissa gripped the boy's penis and stroked it fast, coaxing him with her sultry words.

"Yes, my good little boy. Make spurts for mommy now Timmy, make mommy happy with her little boy's big cummy spurts! Look at mommy's breasts, Timmy, and imagine how nice it will be to suckle mommy's nipples after you make your cute little cummy-spurts. That's a good boy, come for mommy like a good boy..."

Victoria then witnessed her first ejaculation. Her hand flew to her mouth to stifle a startled squeal as she watched a big spurt of semen fly out of Timothy's penis and land on his chest.

"Oh, good boy!" whispered Aunt Melissa, "Yes, that's it, make spurts for mommy! Such pretty cummy-spurts from your big-boy penis! Keep spurting, honey, don't stop until mommy tells you. That's right, spurt again for mommy, yes, again, good boy..."

He kept spurting again and again as Melissa's hand milked his young shaft, forcing the young man to writhe and moan and spurt semen every few strokes. After many delicious ejaculations, Timothy fell back in the sofa completely drained and spent.

Aunt Melissa continued to gently stroke his softening penis, coaxing the last few drops from the head and continuing to assert her maternal dominance as she drew the boy's head into her arm and nestled his face to her breast.

"Good boy, Timothy," she cooed, "now you can gently suckle mommy's nipple while mommy takes care of your precious little penis..."

Victoria didn't think the boy's penis was small at all, though she definitely thought it was precious. It was nice and thick even as it softened, but she noted that Aunty Mel's words had excited the boy fiercely and that he seemed to be like putty in her hands... This was very interesting.

Victoria quietly sneaked back into her room and slipped under the covers of her bed. She slipped her hand down the front of her panties and immediately found her engorged clitoris between her puffy vulva lips and began to wiggle her fingers.

Her pleasure was immense and immediate, driving her right over the edge of orgasm quickly. Her mind was filled with the images of her Aunt Mel rubbing the young man's penis and cooing "come for mommy" over and over.

It was the most erotic thing she had ever experienced and her orgasm was long and intense.

When she finally relaxed, she tried to imagine herself in Aunt Mel's position, controlling a boy, playing with his penis and making him come for her. And her words were so erotic, treating the boy as if her were a child, and she his 'mommy'. It was erotic and exciting to Victoria to imagine herself doing the same thing.

She loved the idea of controlling a boy like that, controlling his penis, being in charge, and making him spurt his semen at her word.

Victoria Smith drifted off to dreamland filled with sensual thoughts and feelings. "Come for mommy like a good boy," was the last thought as she fell asleep.

The next day was like any other. Victoria swam in the lake, laid in the sunshine with Aunty Mel, topless of course, and they had lunch about 2pm on the veranda.

The evening was calm and they watched a DVD of Beaches, read a little bit in silence, and bid each other goodnight to an early bed time.

Vicky found herself fondling her labia sensually, feeling the pleasure of her soft fingertips tease around her clitoris as she thought about boys and their beautiful penises. She imagined having a penis in her hand, stroking it, and watching it spurt. And she realized that she was imagining her brother Billy's penis.

In her mind's eye, she had Billy on her sofa at home, with his pants down and his penis and testicles exposed to her. Just like her Aunt, she imagined coaching him like a little boy as he masturbated close to orgasm, and then she would take over and make him come for her.

Just like Aunty Mel, she would tell him his penis was 'precious' and 'little', and coach him to 'come for mommy like a good little boy'.

Victoria had an orgasm for the first time thinking about her little brother, who was not little at all, and would turn 18 the week she was to return home. She began to think that she would actually do it. Masturbate her brother and make him ejaculate. The thought was exciting and oh so naughty...

She loved her brother and they were very close. She had caught him masturbating several times, but had always crept away with embarrassment. Now she regretted not watching him spurt. Now she definitely wanted to see her brother spurt. She thought how much she would like to make her darling little brother, now a grown young man, 'come for mommy like a good boy' just as she fell asleep.

Victoria was awakened by the sound of the front door opening. Hushed voices from the living room. She looked at her clock and it read 1AM. She knew Aunt Melissa had another visitor.

Vicky snuck down the hall and saw what she expected. Mel had another boy, Andy, on the sofa with his pants down. Andy's penis was quite long and thick and he was stroking it feverishly as Mel coached him.

"Good boy, Andy, rub your pretty penis for mommy. That's right, make your penis long and stiff for mommy, and tell me when you're ready to make cummy-spurts. Yes, such a good boy."

Aunt Melissa had her arm around him, and was caressing the boy's face with her hand. Her robe was open again and not only could Victoria see her Aunt's breasts, she could also see that Aunty Mel had on no panties. And she had no pubic hair either!

Vicky almost gasped at that revelation, but she couldn't help but let her eyes wander back and forth between Andy's turgid penis and Aunt Mel's shaved pussy. Her pussy lips were big and fat, just like Vicky's, and she saw that Andy's eyes were glued to her Aunt's naked vulva. Obviously, the boy found Mel's shaved pussy to be very fascinating too.

Soon young Andy was gasping and moaning and he let go of his penis. But Aunt Melissa just continued to caress his face and watch the boy's big penis throb and pulse.

She cooed, "Does my good boy want mommy to rub his penis and make him spurt?"

"Yes, please mommy, please rub my penis so I can spurt for you." he whispered.

"Does little Andy promise to make his biggest ever cummy-spurts for mommy?"

"Yes, please rub my penis mommy. I promise to make my biggest cummy-spurts for you," the desperate boy begged.

"Alright, since you asked so nicely..." Mel casually reached her hand into her pocket and took out a white lacey thong panty and dangled it in front of the boy's face. "Does mommy's naughty good boy want to smell mommy's warm panties while he makes his cummy-spurts? Will he be a good boy with mommy's panties?"

"Oh yes, mommy, please let me smell your wonderful panties. I promise to be a very good boy for you."

She laid the crotch of the panty over his face and then reached down and rubbed the boy's penis. She rubbed hard and fast.

She said, "Come for mommy now, Andy. Smell mommy's pretty pussy smell on her pretty panties, and make nice big Cummy spurts for mommy like a good boy."

"Yes, mommy," he whispered.

In short order, the boy's hips were jerking, and he struggled to hold still under Aunt Mel's relentless stroking of his swollen purple penis.

"That's a good boy," said Melissa, "almost there, just breathe deeply and think about mommy's pretty pussy. Yes, that's it, just let it happen. Let mommy's hand tingle your precious little penis so you can make cummy-spurts for mommy like a good boy..."

Victoria watched as Andy's body stiffened a moment, and then his penis erupted in a stream of fresh warm semen up into the air and landing on his naked belly as Mel cooed at him that he was a good boy.

"Yes, that's my good little boy," she said, "Now let's get all of your semen up and out, honey, just keep spurting for mommy and let mommy take care of you..."

Spurt after spurt came out of the boy's penis as he gasped and moaned and whimpered in complete surrender to the mature woman's skilled hand. Mel milked him fiercely, forcing every last drop from the sated boy's genitals until he could give her no more.

After a final, "Good boy," Melissa drew his face to her breast and suckled the exhausted boy as she casually massaged his testes and his penis became soft as Vicky watched.

Victoria withdrew and once again slipped under her covers and into her soaked panties. She fantasized about her brother Billy again, imagining that she guided her beloved brother to ejaculation just as Mel had done for Andy.

Vicky imagined controlling her little brother's big muscular body with just her hand on his penis and her lips whispering in his ear. Telling him he had a precious little penis, making him beg her to touch and fondle his genitals, perhaps letting him be a naughty boy and see her pussy and smell her panties, and finally commanding him to 'come for mommy like a good boy...'

Obviously, boys must like it, she thought. After all, it seems like Aunt Mel does this for her young male friends. Maybe I'll see her do it to all of them.

Vicky began to orgasm, feeling the power and control she would have over her brother if she played with his penis. She knew he would be easy to seduce and would cooperate fully. She imagined a fountain of hot white semen spurting from Billy's swollen head as she coached him to 'come for mommy like a good boy.'

It was an exhausting orgasm, and she fell again to sleep.

Several days later, after all four boys had visited Aunt Melissa and had ejaculations on her couch, Aunty Mel surprised Victoria at lunch by asking, "So, have you enjoyed my little shows the last few nights Vicky?"

Victoria looked up in shock and blushed, not knowing what to say.

Mel smiled, "Of course I know you watched me handle each of the boys, dear. I wanted you to see how I take care of these young men." She paused and then looked Vicky in the eyes, "So, do you have any questions?"

"Uh, well..."

"Don't be shy, dear, just ask away.."

"Um, do all boys like it? Uh, I mean, the way you talk to them - the way you make them do it, you know begging and 'mommy' and all that."

"Yes, good question," said Melissa, "The answer is sort of complicated, but yes, boys really like it. Some don't know it until it happens, but they all like to be little boys."

"How did you find out?"

"Well," it was Mel's turn to blush now, "I'm not sure I should tell you this. Are you mature enough to handle some adult information without getting upset and acting weird?"

"Yes," said Vicky straightening up in her chair. "I can certainly handle it."

"Well, in my case, it started with my brother. Your dad. He's two years younger than me and I babysat him a lot so he was used to me being in charge. One day, when he'd just turned 18, I walked in on him masturbating in his room. Shall I go on?"

Vicky took a deep breath, "Wow, that's sort of creepy. But I guess I should hear it all now that you've started."

"Remember, you promised to be mature and not act weird. Your father is a completely normal man and I love him very much. He's my kid brother and a girl must always take care of her kid brother."

Vicky thought about her brother Billy. "I agree, we sisters must take care of our brothers. Please continue."

"Well, he was rubbing his penis, which all young men do - they can't help it and we older sisters have to be mature and compassionate about our little brothers, don't we?"

"Absolutely," said Vicky in a very mature voice.

"Good. So anyway, there he was on the bed completely naked with his legs spread wide and his hand stroking up and down his penis. Perfectly normal. And he was doing another thing that is pretty common among boys, dear, he was smelling a pair of my panties. The ones I'd just taken off when I'd gone into the shower."

"Oh, my," said Vicky, and the two women shared a knowing giggle. "What did you do?"

"I did what any good sister would do. We can't let a boy just masturbate anytime he pleases and steal our panties whenever he wants to. That's just not polite. So I took control of the situation and helped my little brother. Sometimes the big sister needs to take charge for her brother's own good."

"I guess, I still don't know what you did next, but I guess I understand about taking charge."

"Yes, well, I closed the door and locked it, even though our parents weren't home at the time. This sound made Paul stop and look up. It was so cute how he tried to use my panties to cover his penis and testicles. He failed of course because the panties were a tiny thong."

Another shared giggle.

Mel continued. "So I boldly walked over and sat down on the bed beside him. I took my panties back and made him put his hands at his sides. I just sat there and looked at his naked genitals for a while, noting how big and stiff he was, and understanding the real needs that a young man has. You know their bodies are constantly producing semen and sperm and it simply must have an outlet.

"So, I very calmly explained to him that I understood his need to ejaculate often, and that it was fine with me and that I would, from that day forward help him. But it was rude for him to steal my panties, and I made him apologize and promise never to do it again. I then told him I would allow him to borrow a fresh pair of panties whenever he asked, but that I would accompany him and take care of him when he did."

"Wow, that was mighty nice of you," said Vicky.

"Thanks, I thought so too. So anyway, I made him ask for permission smell my panties, which I generously gave by slipping off my fresh pair from under my skirt and letting him smell those. I then told him to resume masturbating, but that he must stop before he spurted and ask me to help him.

"So that was the first time that I helped my little brother masturbate. He rubbed himself until he was ready to spurt, and then I finished him with my own hand. This became our 'normal' ritual, and we did it once or twice a day until he met your mother. We had a 'little talk' just between us girls, and she took over for me."

"That's amazing," said Vicky, "You made my dad come every day?"

"Often twice a day. Occasionally three times. You have no idea how much semen a young boy can make. But sometimes I couldn't help him, so I just insisted that he call me and get permission to go it alone. We did this until he graduated from college. It's been so many years, and I've missed it so much that I've rounded up some local college boys, and now I enjoy taking care of them, as you can see."

Vicky sat back in her chair, "Unbelievable. I mean, how many boys have you...uh...taken care of?"

"Oh, hundreds I suppose," said Aunt Mel, "I really do adore boys and their penises. It fills me with pleasure to make them spurt. Don't you agree it's quite a power rush?"

"From what I've seen, it certainly is."

"Well then," said Mel with a smirk, "What's going on with Billy?"

"What do you mean?"

"You know, I mean, are you interested in taking care of your little brother so he doesn't accidentally go out and get some little slut pregnant?"

"I hadn't thought of it, really."

"The hell you haven't," laughed Mel, "You know exactly what's down his pants and what you'd like to do with it. If his sister, who loves him, won't take care of him, who will?"

This was food for thought for Vicky. She was now more determined than ever to start helping her brother Billy. She called him the next day, since it was his 18th birthday, and promised him a surprise when she got home.

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