tagIncest/TabooVictoria and Billy Ch. 02

Victoria and Billy Ch. 02


This is a story about an 18-year-old girl playing with her brother's penis. if you don't like that sort of thing, please read some other wonderful story available on this site.



Victoria Smith returned home from her visit to her Aunty Mel. It was Friday evening about 6pm, and Vicky found a note from her mom.


I had a long talk with your Aunt Melissa on the phone this afternoon, and she got me caught up on all the fun of your visit. Dad and I have gone out for the evening and I sent Billy to take a shower about 5:30 this evening before I left. Our Billy is such a good boy, and I know you want what's best for him just as I do. I'm glad you had time with Melissa, and that the two of you talked, and... you explored a few new things...and Mel says you're ready to move ahead here at home. I know you'll be a very compassionate and understanding big sister to our Billy. Just be calm and take your time, as I'm sure he'll be ready... good luck! -Mom "

Vicky read the note several times, at first shocked, then amazed, and finally with a grin. Her mother knew about Aunty Mel's advice regarding Billy! And Mom approved!

Vicky was excited to have her mother's support, and as she put the note in her purse she was more determined than ever to take charge and help her handsome little brother with his needs. He was a good boy and she would make sure he remained so.

Vicky climbed the stairs and put her purse in her room, noting that Billy's door was slightly ajar as it often was. She looked at herself in the mirror and decided she'd put on something more relaxing to help her be confident when she went to Billy's room.

Vicky took off her jeans and tee shirt, kicked off her sandals, and removed her bra as she remembered all the boy's at Melissa's house ogling her breasts. She lifted them in her hands, hoping that her 'C's would soon grow to 'D's, but happy that her breasts stood out perkily and that her pale areolas and nipples looked soft and delicate.

She left her panties on and found a short pleated navy skirt and a v-necked sweater knitted of soft pink yarn. Her nipples, now erect with her excitement, poked playfully against the soft fabric. She adjusted the 'V' neck, pulling it down and spreading it a bit to reveal more of her breasts, and was satisfied with the result in the mirror.

She took a deep breath, and went across the hallway to Billy's room, pushing the door softly and saying, "Billy, are you there?"

As she stepped into the darkened room, she saw her cute little brother pull up the sheet on his bed and raise his knees - the sure sign that he had been touching himself. Eureka!

Vicky smiled softly and walked with casual confidence to her brother's bed, sitting down next to him and she reached out to caress his face. "How're you doing, Tiger?" she said, smiling down upon him and noting that his eyes were flitting between her face and her chest.

"Uh, ok," he mumbled, "I didn't know you were home. Mom said you might not get back until late..."

Vicky smiled, "She did, did she? Well I'm here now and I guess we're all alone since mom and dad went out for a while..." Vicky took the opportunity to adjust her position and lean forward on her arm, thereby deepening the cleavage of her breasts to attract Billy's notice.

She knew that her sweater was quite revealing in this position, but of course didn't look down and give away the fact that she knew she was displaying most of her breasts for her little brother.

She smiled warmly, "So, Billy," she said softly, "what are you doing in bed so early?" As she asked, she casually pulled the sheet down and made to peek underneath. "Are you in your pajamas already?"

Billy stumbled to hide his nakedness from his sister's eyes, "No, uh, I, uh..." he mumbled.

"Shhh," said Vicky, "I think I know what you've been up to, and I think we should have a talk about it."

"A talk?" he stammered, looking frightened as if he were caught doing something wrong. Vicky thought it was adorable.

"Yes, honey, I think we should talk about what you have been doing alone in your bed. I know that you've been touching your penis, Billy. I've seen you a few times, you know, and it's perfectly natural for an 18-year-old boy. I know you can't help it, all boys have to touch themselves. It's completely normal."

"Uh, it is?" he said. Vicky noted that he had relaxed a little, and that made her happy.

"Of course, Billy. It's perfectly normal for a boy. I know your body is developing and as a young man, you are producing a lot of semen that has to find release. So, it's perfectly normal that you need to touch your penis and spurt your semen. I understand and it's ok."

She smiled as he blushed bright red, unable to respond. His face showed embarrassment and fear, and she wanted to immediately remove it.

"Billy, I think it's time we had our little talk. You'll soon be dating lots of girls, and you'll be horny all the time and that's dangerous for everyone. I want to talk about how I can be a good big sister and help you with your needs."

Vicky took the opportunity to move around a little bit and jiggle her shapely breasts enticingly, drawing delightfully wide eyes from her little brother.

"Wha..what do you, uh, mean, um, exactly...?" he mumbled.

She took a deep breath, puffing out her chest deliciously and making her erect nipples very obvious, and then she relaxed to allow Billy a few extra moments to stare at the curvaceous creamy skin of her billowy cleavage.

"Billy, I think we can talk intimately together, don't you? And whatever we say to each other will be just between us, right?"

He nodded.

"And you won't be angry if I speak honestly and truthfully with you, will you?"

He shook his head 'no'.

"Good," she said, "then I guess I should just go ahead and tell you what I've been thinking about."

She sat up straight and let her hand fall softly on Billy's thigh. "Why don't you lay your legs back down on the bed. You'll be more comfortable."

Billy hesitated, fearing that his erect penis would be obvious under the sheet, but she pushed down on his thigh a little bit, saying "It's ok Billy, don't be embarrassed, just let your legs lie back down. I know your penis is erect, and that's perfectly ok."

Slowly, Billy let his legs fall, blushingly revealing the 'tent' made by his erection, and he looked into Vicky's eyes - pleading that she not disapprove.

"There, that's better. Good boy," she said with a smile and patted his thigh as she noticed Billy exhale and relax a little more. Vicky never took her eyes off of his face, so that he wouldn't feel uncomfortable by her glancing at his obvious erection tenting the sheets, though she could see it from the corner of her eye.

Vicky said, "Honey, I want to talk about your body, and specifically about your penis. Is that ok?"

He barely nodded, still quite nervous.

Vicky began to gently rub her soft hand up and down her brother's thigh, over the top of the sheet as she spoke calmly and lovingly.

"I know that you need to masturbate, Billy, all boys do. It's natural that a boy needs to rub his penis often, and I understand that completely. But if a boy is left on his own, he can develop bad habits. You don't want to develop bad habits do you?"

He shook his head.

"Good boy," she said soothingly as her hand moved up and down his thigh. She knew that two things were happening as her hand moved - the motion made her breasts jiggle in front of her brother's fascinated eyes, and her hand moved the sheet slightly against his already stimulated penis. She knew this would draw his arousal to higher heights and make him even more cooperative.

"Naughty boys hide in dark places all alone while they rub their penises in secret, dear. But a good boy has someone, like a big sister, to help him. I think you're a good boy, and I want to help you. Aren't you a good boy?"

He nodded.

Vicky let her hand slide up his thigh as she leaned over closer to his face, displaying even more of her breasts until the edge of her left areola was peeking out of her sweater. Her hand moved higher and came to rest just barely against his testicles as she whispered, "Do you want to let me help you, Billy? Do you want to be a good little brother?"

"Yesss..." he whispered, glancing between her face and the exposed edge of her nipple.

"Ok, then," she said, sitting up and taking hold of the sheet that covered the boy from the waist down. "Let's just lower the sheet a little bit so I can see your penis and testicles. That will be the first step for you to let me look at your penis. Just relax, honey, it's ok for me to look. I'm your big sister."

Billy's body was rigid and held perfectly still, unable to breathe, as his sister picked the sheet up and lifted it over his jutting penis and then laid it to rest at his knees. She paused for a moment to let her eyes flow over his naked genitals with a happy and approving face, then she calmly laid her hand back down on his upper thigh, her fingertips barely touching his testes.

"There, that wasn't so hard, was it? It's ok for you to let your big sister take down the sheet so she can see your penis and testicles. It's good for you to let me look, and you shouldn't feel embarrassed at all. Now just relax and we can continue our conversation, ok?"

He nodded, finally letting the breath out.

"Good boy. You have a very pretty penis, Billy, and your testicles are sweet too." She smiled as she looked down at his genitals, letting him adjust to the feeling of allowing his big sister's eyes to roam intimately over his nakedness.

Vicky looked back up to his face. "Now, then, about being a good boy... A good boy doesn't masturbate all alone any time he wants to. A good boy shares his spurts with his big sister." She watched his face and saw that he was still blushing. "A good boy is not embarrassed that he has a penis. I know you have a penis, Billy, I'm looking at it now. I like looking at it. It's ok for me to look, isn't it honey?"

Billy felt a strange combination of embarrassment and pleasure. He did like being naked in front of his beautiful sister... He couldn't help but nod 'yes'.

Vicky continued. "I know you might feel embarrassed to be exposed so intimately with me, but you'll get used to it. I'm not going to undress, Billy, because I'm not a boy and I don't have the need to ejaculate regularly like a boy does. Since you're the boy, it's ok for you to be naked. Do you understand?"

He nodded again.

"Because I'm your big sister and I love you, I'm going to help take care of your penis from now on. Do you think it's ok that I pulled the sheet down? Do you think it's ok for me to help you with your penis?"

Billy wasn't sure where it would lead, but he definitely liked the feeling of his beautiful big sister looking at him. He could feel her hand on his thigh like a warm glow, and her fingertips had started to caress against his testes ever so gently as she talked to him. There was something wonderful about the way she said 'penis' so softly and he wanted her to touch him. He liked it a lot, and he nodded 'yes'.

"Good boy!" she said delightedly, "I was hoping you'd want me to help take care of your penis. It's ok with you now if I start to touch you, isn't it?"

He nodded.

Vicky's hand began to truly massage his testicles now, very softly, but fully. As though she now had the complete right to take charge of his genitals, and Billy felt very good.

Vicky said, "Billy, what I want you to do now..." With her free hand, Vicky took Billy's right wrist and gently guided his hand to his erect penis. "...is to show me how you like to rub your penis."

Billy was hesitant and Vicky urged him on. "Be a good boy and rub your penis for me, honey, that's it, yes, Good boy."

Billy couldn't believe he was stroking his erection as his sister watched and fondled his testicles. It was the most exciting thing that had ever happened to him. He watched her face as she kept her eyes glued to his hand as it stroked his shaft. She said, "Yes, good boy, rub your penis slowly, honey.

He watched her partly exposed breasts rise and fall with each breath, further adding to his excitement.

Vicky said, "That's very nice Billy, I like the way you are rubbing your penis for me. Just take your time and masturbate for me for a while, and then, when you get close to spurting, I want you to remove your hand before you make your cute little cummy spurts for me. Can you do that Billy? Will you do that for mommy?"

Billy nodded.

Vicky sat at her brother's side, enjoying the feeling of his firm young testicles in her hand, but also watching for the tell-tale sign of his testes drawing up to his body in preparation for ejaculation. She didn't want him spurting too soon or too suddenly.

After a few minutes, Vicky cooed, "Be sure to be a good boy and tell mommy when you get close to spurting honey."

He nodded, his breathing beginning to become labored.

"Say 'yes, mommy', Billy. Will you be a good boy for mommy?"

"Yess...mommy..." he whispered.

Vicky was patient, but she also wanted to be sure to focus Billy's mind properly as he played with his penis. She whispered, "It's good for my good boy to be naked for me, and to rub his pretty little penis for me. Mommy is going to help her boy make sweet little cummy spurts. Be sure to let mommy know when you feel close to spurting, honey..."

Only moments later, Billy's hand let go of his penis as he gasped, "oh....oh....please...."

Vicky quickly gripped his shaft with her free hand and stroked her brother's erection long and fast, driving him immediately to ejaculation. His body writhed and he gasped and moaned as his penis was expertly stimulated by his big sister.

"Yes, honey, make sweet cummy spurts for mommy.... That's my good boy.... Spurt for mommy, Billy... come for mommy..."

A jet of white semen erupted from his penis as Vicky giggled, "Ohhhh... such a good boy...."

Spurt after spurt shot out onto Billy's tummy as Vicky rubbed him fast and hard. "Give mommy every drop, dear, don't hold anything back, spurt for me, make big-boy cummy spurts for mommy...."

Finally, when he could give no more, his body fell back to the bed. Vicky's face shown with pride and accomplishment, so happy was she that she had ejaculated her brother so fully. She was delighted that he had spurted so much semen for her, marveling at the quantity of white puddles on his tummy and chest, as well as the warm goo now covering her little hand.

She softly continued to milk and caress his penis, producing tiny droplets that diminished over time until she laid his spent penis on his tummy and patted his testes softly. She smiled at how excited and yet helpless he looked as she coached him like a little boy. Boy's are so simple, she thought.

"Good boy," she said, "that was a very nice ejaculation Billy. I'm so pleased with you. You made such nice spurts for me that I'm going to give you a reward."

Vicky turned on the bed so that she could lay beside him propped up on her elbow with his head at her breast. She carefully slipped the bodice of her sweater aside to reveal one of her breasts, then she daintily wiped some of the semen from her fingers onto her nipple and areola.

"Close your eyes, honey," she cooed softly, as she guided her nipple to his mouth and cradled his head in the nook of her arm.

Billy's natural aversion to tasting his own semen was overcome by his desire to suckle at his sister's breast. It seemed so warm and safe as he felt the softness of her breast in his mouth and against his face.

Over time, Vicky continued to pause and wipe up much of Billy's semen from his penis and tummy, applying it to her nipple, and gave Billy comfort as he suckled his own semen from her breast.

After a long time together, Vicky smiled as she began to see signs of life in Billy's spent penis. Boys are so delightful, she thought, as she was impressed by his youthful vigor.

She reached down and began to fondle his penis, feeling it grow again to full size in her warm hand.

"Would you like us to share another ejaculation together, Billy?" she asked, as she began to stroke his stiffening shaft.

Billy nodded, never letting her precious nipple out of his lips.

"Ok, since you've been such a good boy, let's see if we can get some more spurts out of your cute little penis..."

After a few minutes of rubbing Billy's penis, Vicky paused and said, "Billy, since we are now so intimate, do you mind if I ask you a question?"

He nodded 'no'.

She smiled, "I've heard that some boys like to look at and touch a girl's panties. Have you ever thought naughty boy things about a girl's panties?"

He was hesitant, but then barely nodded 'yes'.

Grinning, Vicky asked, "Have you ever been alone in the laundry room and touched a pair of my panties, Billy? I want you to be completely honest."

Again, after a moments' hesitation, and Vicky's hand expertly stimulating his penis, he admitted that he had done so by nodding.

Vicky said in a voice of mock scolding, "How naughty! You're a naughty boy to touch my panties without permission. I'm going to have to give you a spanking later for being such a naughty boy, but right now I want to see your pretty little penis spurt for me again..."

She sat up a little, withdrawing her nipple from Billy's pouting mouth and covering it with her sweater again, but she continued to rub his fully stiff penis.

She said, "Billy, would you like to touch and feel my panties? Would you like to smell my panties while I rub your penis?"

He nodded.

"Ok, I'm going to give you permission, since you're being a good boy for me now." She stood up at the side of the bed and said, "Rub your penis, Billy, while I do something."

Billy stroked his penis, eyes glued to his sister to see what would happen next. He watched as Vicky lifted the sides of her skirt enough to slip her hands into the waistband of her panties and wiggle them off to let a little lacey white thong pool at her ankles.

She stepped out of her tiny panties and picked them up, straightening out all the wrinkles and twists. She sat back down on the bed next to her brother and brought the crotch of the tiny thong right up to his nose.

"You have my permission to smell my panties as you rub your penis for me, Billy. I've worn these panties all day long, so they should be warm and fragrant for you, honey. If you're a good boy, we can do this again whenever you ask permission. Would you like that?"

Billy nodded enthusiastically as he inhaled his sister's scent deeply and stroked his penis more vigorously.

Vicky smiled at his reaction, "Now Billy, you should thank mommy for letting you enjoy her panties as you stroke your penis. And be sure to let mommy know when your spurts are close... Now thank mommy for her panties."

She heard him say, "Thank you, mommy," whispered through the fragrant white lace.

"Good boy," she said, as she casually massaged his testicles and watched his hand go up and down his shaft.

After a few minutes, his body was wiggling and he let go of his penis. Vicky dutifully replaced his hand with her own soft caresses, saying, "Ask mommy to make you spurt, honey."

"Please, mommy, please make me spurt," he moaned.

"Alright honey, mommy's going to make juicy little cummy spurts from her boy's pretty penis..." She stroked hard and fast, and was quickly rewarded with a few small spurts, perhaps half as large and half as many as he had made the first time.

She cooed to him as he came for her. "Oh, that's very nice, dear. Good boy. Make cummy spurts for mommy... Come for mommy, good boy...again ...yes, again, honey... what a good spurty boy you are..."

When she had thoroughly milked her little brother for the second time in an hour, Vicky cuddled up at his side again, but this time did not offer him her breast. Instead, she took up a procedure of wiping the crotch of her little thong panty in the pools of her brother's little spurts, and then having him lick and suck the warm juices from her panty.

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