Victoria and Billy Ch. 02


After she had satisfied herself that he was sufficiently cleaned up, she took her panties away and snuggled at his side.

Vicky said, "Billy, from now on, I don't want you to masturbate alone any more. From now on, it is important that you let me take care of your penis properly, like a big sister should. When you feel the need to ejaculate, I want you to tell me so that I can help you. Will you do that for mommy?"

"Yes, mommy," he said.

"Good boy."

Vicky snuggled her head on his shoulder and they both fell asleep.

Sometime later, their mother cracked the door slightly open and peered inside with a warm smile. She saw her fully dressed daughter snuggled up to her naked son, whose legs were spread wide to display his genitals without restraint. She saw that her daughter's damp panties were on the nightstand nearby. She could see small spots of semen on her son's spent penis and his belly that glistened in the moonlight from the nearby window.

As she softly closed the door again, her husband approached and whispered, "Is everything alright?"

His wife smiled and took his hand, "Everything is fine, honey. Now come to our room and let's get your pants down so mommy can take care of your penis before bedtime."

"Yes, mommy," he said.

Vicky's mother soon had her husband right where she liked him best - naked and lying on her bed while she remained fully clothed as a proper lady should be. She kicked off her heels and approached him, laying her hand softly on his fat penis as it began to throb and thicken with anticipation.

She sat down next to him, remembering the first time she had done so. They had just enjoyed a nice evening out, and her husband had been a perfect gentleman in front of her friends which always made her feel satisfied as a wife.

She now had his penis in her hands, getting him hard. She knew it would be a short time and she would be treated to the joy of making her man spurt his semen for her. She loved him and loved to watch him ejaculate. It just never got old to watch a penis spurt semen...

She admired his freshly shaved genitals - not a wisp of hair anywhere to hinder her view or reduce the intimacy of his nakedness - and she spoke softly, "Does my good boy remember the first time he had his pants down for me?"

"Yes, dear," he whispered as she removed her hand from his now-stiff penis and he replaced it with his own and began to masturbate. Vicky's and Billy's mom watched her husband rub his penis for her for the upteen-thousandth time.

She recalled the evening of their third date, so many years ago, when Melissa had sent her brother Paul to bed, made coffee, and the two girls had talked about boys until the wee hours of the morning. It was then that Mel had told her all about how she had kept her little brother a wholesome and pure virgin boy, waiting for the right girl to come along.

Andrea, Vicky's mom, had been shocked at first, but Mel won her over with her calmness and sincerity, and it did seem nice to know that the young man she was falling in love with had never been with a woman. The secret, as Melissa had put it, was that she had started early to take charge of her brother's masturbatory needs and to guide him so that he looked to the woman in his life to fulfill his sexual requirements. This had kept him away from any slutty girls at school...

That night, Mel had handed Andrea the responsibility for taking care of Paul's penis. Melissa had helped her with Paul a couple times, and once she got the hang of it, he was hers alone.

Andrea had taken her new responsibilities to heart, and had masturbated her boyfriend at least once each day until they were married. On their marriage night, she had first masturbated him to relieve any 'quickness' that young grooms are plagued with, and a little later she was able to make love with him slowly and pleasurably for her first time.

They had lived happily ever since, perhaps having intercourse once or twice a week, but she had kept up her duties to see that her husband was properly masturbated on a daily basis. She had also trained him to be a 'cunning linguist', which was quite to her liking.

Now she heard her man whisper, "Oh, please, mommy..." as he let go of his penis.

Andrea gripped her husband's shaft and stroked him, making him spurt quickly as she cooed to him that he was a 'good boy..." and that he should "come for mommy..."

After Paul had finished ejaculating for his wife, she snuggled against him and they whispered in conversation. It was then that she let him know that Victoria had taken over duties to care for Billy's penis and ejaculations, just as Melissa had done for him. They smiled and were content that Billy would grow up to be a good boy.

Andrea glanced in the mirror to see her daughter Vicky peeking in through the partially open door of their bedroom.

Mother and daughter smiled at each other with knowing looks.

Secrets kept among wise women for the benefit of men past silently between them, in the near darkness of the moonlight.

As Paul slept naked and spent on the bed, Andrea gently rose and went to her daughter. The two women smiled knowingly again as she shared a lingering glance at the naked man on the bed. Vicky liked how her father looked, so peaceful and beautiful in his nudity.

Mother and daughter crept to Billy's room, and peered through the door together. They shared another picture of a nude sleeping male, this time younger, but no less loved by each of the ladies.

Andrea and her daughter Victoria went down to the kitchen and made tea. They then sat up for hours, talking together about the proper care of a boy's, and a man's, genitals. Andrea gave Vicky several tips and Vicky asked many questions.

Of particular interest to Vicky, was whether her mother had 'taken care of' boys...the way Aunt Melissa did.

Andrea said, "Do you mean, have I taken care of boys besides your father?"

"Well, yes, mom."

"Are you sure you want to know the answer?"

"Yes mom, I'm a grown up girl and I can take it," Vicky smiled.

Her mom smiled back. "Then the answer is, yes. I suppose it's because there are so few women like us, and your Aunt Mel, who understand a boy's needs and are willing to take them in hand, so to speak."

They shared a giggle, and then Andrea continued. "Once I was dating, and taking care of, your father while we finished college, I had other opportunities arise. One thing led to another, and my then-18-year-old cousin Tim and I were alone together for a couple weeks..."

Andrea told the story...

Tim was a cute and bashful boy, having just turned 18, and spent spring break of his high school senior year at Andrea's house, since his parents had gone to Europe for two weeks. Expecting as much, she had kept an eye out and caught her young cousin touching his penis.

She had a talk with him and convinced him not to touch himself alone any longer. For the next ten days, she had supervised his youthful vigor two or three times a day, much to their mutual enjoyment. Over the ensuing years, whenever they were together at a family affair, they'd take time out to renew their relationship and Andrea would help her cousin with his genital care and see to it that he made a very nice ejaculation.

After Andrea and Paul married, one of Paul's best friends stayed a few days in their apartment. Andrea had been shocked when Paul's college friend sheepishly asked her to 'help him like she did for Paul," which she undertook. After that, Edward would come by in the evenings a few times a week so that Andrea could see to his needs properly.

Even now in their 40's, whenever Paul had his friends over for a card game, Andrea would take each man into the spare bedroom, one at a time, and see that he was properly ejaculated. Vicky was surprised that she had never noticed this, and Andrea smiled, "A wise woman has her ways..." she said.

Then Andrea said, "Vic, now that you know how to properly ejaculate a boy, you may find yourself asked by other boys for help. Always remember these three rules and you'll do fine: First - you keep your clothes on. Second - the boy must take his clothes off. And third - always use the 'mommy - little boy' language - no matter how old a man gets, that will excite him and make him spurt very hard for you."

"Ok, mom, thanks. Mel told me the same, but it's good to hear from two experts."

Vicky's mom looked at her watch. 2 AM. She smiled as she stood up to go to bed. She said, "I'll bet you'd enjoy masturbating your brother in his sleep, it's the most fun if they don't really wake up. I'm going to take care of your father again before turning in, because he was such a good boy for me tonight. You might want to see to your young brother's needs as well..." She smiled. "Perhaps you should tag a long and pick up some pointers..."

Vicky grinned, "Ok mom, I'll look in on Billy after I observe and learn. That will be fun."

Andrea led the way into her bedroom with Vicky behind her. She motioned Vicky to perch at the foot of the bed as she sat next to her husband's hip and began to massage his genitals. Vicky was surprised how quickly her father's penis began to get plump and then throb to stiffness.

Now that she was closer, she saw that her dad had no pubic hair. That was a revelation, and she thought it looked lovely. In short order of a few well-spent minutes, Andrea had her unconscious husband writhing on the bed, and soon his penis spurted several puddles of semen to the sound of his sleeping moans.

Vicky's mom smiled wickedly as she bent over her husband's groin and licked up his semen with practiced grace, finally returning his softening penis to rest clean upon his hairless scrotum. Having finished, she led Vicky by the hand and shooed her out of her bedroom toward her son's room.

"Now go be a good sister and have a good night dear," whispered Andrea, "I think it's fairly obvious how to handle Billy."

"Goodnight mom," whispered Vicky, "and thanks for the lesson."

Vicky's mind was awhirl with ideas about 'lending a hand' to more boys than just her brother. After all, her own mother apparently masturbated a lot of men besides her dad. She really liked doing it and was determined to take charge of the genital care of many boys, starting with the continuing care of her brother, of course.

The power rush of making a boy come, of being clothed while the boy was naked, of being 'mommy', making him beg, and watching how helpless he looked when his little penis spurted...

Vicky sat down at her brother's side again, admiring his relaxed genitals and listening to his soft breathing. As she lay her hand upon his groin, cupping his soft penis and testicles and beginning to massage them to life.

"Yes," she whispered to herself, "I can do this for a lot of boys..."

Vicky was very pleased with herself when it took her less than four minutes to milk her little brother of a few more little spurts. He was so cute when he came. She felt quite powerful, making him come...

She would hatch a plan to make her helping hands available to all of Billy's friends...

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