Victoria and Billy Ch. 03


"And we could do that with CFNM in our house, in our family?"

"Yes, dear, don't you think that would feel good to you?"

Vicky thought again, and then smiled. "Yes, I think it would!"

Andrea hugged her daughter, happy that they would embark on this adventure together to make their female-led home a more clear reality. They sat back down and drank more tea.

Andrea said, "There are a couple things that we'll need to get out of the way before we can really begin to live this lifestyle."

"Oh?" said Vicky, "What do we need to do?"

"Well, dear, I know from experience that in a CFNM environment, there can be unneeded sexual tension - probably more for the boys than for us girls - but the tension must be lifted. To have our boys comfortable walking around submissive and naked, and for us to comfortably enjoy the constant reminder of our superior position, I think we need to break through a couple barriers."

"I suppose that makes sense. How do we make the tension relax?"

"I think there will be tension between you and your father, and between Billy and me. When you see Billy naked now, do you feel tense, or does it feel natural to you?"

"Oh, well, natural I guess. I feel happy, confident, secure when he's naked and I'm not."

"And how did you feel when you just saw your father naked?"

"Ah, I think I see your point. I felt embarrassed, and wicked for looking, and kind of 'ohmygod'," she grinned and giggled. "Definitely not natural."

Andrea smiled, "I can tell you, that the tension you felt was felt by your dad too. And from experience I know that there is really only one way to make the tension go away for both of you, and let you feel happy and confident and secure around your dad when he is naked."

"Oh?" said Vicky, looking at her mom and beginning to guess what she might say next...

Andrea sipped her tea, then continued. "It would be necessary for us to move forward into the female-led lifestyle for to acquaint yourself with your father's genitals, um, shall we say, more intimately. It's sort of like a milestone that must be passed, so that there won't be any more wondering or 'taboo' feelings. Besides, a girl your age should know what a fully grown and mature man is like too."

Vicky's mind was spinning. She wasn't sure it was 'ok' to want to examine her father's naked body, let alone touch him intimately, though she had to admit it was an attractive concept even if it was her dad at issue.

Andrea said, "What's bothering you, honey?"

Vicky said, "I don't know, exactly. I love dad and I don't want to hurt his feelings. It seems weird for you to offer your husband's... my father's... um... well you know, for me to look at ...and ...well... wouldn't dad be upset at the idea?"

"I've spoken with your father about this at length, letting him know that someday I would want to make our relationship more advanced. Surely, he is a little embarrassed about the idea, but I convinced him it would be for the best for our family to live a more open female-led lifestyle. It would be simplest for all of us if both your father and your brother became comfortable being undressed with both of us, and there is only one way to create that comfort level."

"What do you mean?" asked Vicky.

"Well, for a long time I've had the desire that men in our home should be free to undress. I would like it very much if your dad and your brother would be able to practice home nudity, they can just remain undressed whenever they are home. It would be very freeing for all of us and I think we'd all find it far better."

"Ok, so you're saying dad is on board with this. That's kind of amazing," said Vicky. Having been indoctrinated, so to speak, into the world of naked men by her visit to her Aunt Melissa, and then having recently begun to care for her brother's ejaculatory needs, she had to admit that it did seem strangely 'right' to practice male home nudity as her mother was suggesting.

Vicky figured her mother had some experience in this arena that she wasn't aware of, but she let it go for now. "Well, then, what do you suggest as the first step?"

Amanda smiled as her daughter now seemed won over to her idea. "Well, I suppose that we'll need to break the last remaining barriers where there is embarrassment for all parties."

"How would that work?"

"We'll both need to achieve a new level of intimacy with the boys, so that they no longer feel embarrassed to be naked with us both. It has to be that they no longer have any secrets, so there's nothing for them to be embarrassed about. It's basically simple - you will need to take over some responsibilities with your father, and I with Billy and the spell will be broken. Then both our boys will be set free from any feelings of embarrassment or humiliation."

Vicky said, "You mean by 'responsibilities' that I'll have to make daddy spurt and you'll make Billy spurt?"

"Of course dear, as the women of the house, we can share the duties of genital care for our boys. Don't you think that's reasonable?"

"Uh, I guess, so..."

"And it's definitely time that you explore the genitals of a mature male, so that you will be ready when the opportunity arises in the future for you to care for other mature men."

Vicky hadn't really thought about that, but she couldn't help it - the ideas her mother was proposing did make her tingle in her tummy with excitement. She imagined herself in a room with several naked men, waiting patiently with erect penises to take their turn being milked by her skilled hands... She felt wetness between her legs and blushed.

"Ok, um, I'll think about it mom," she said.

"I'm sure it seems unusual, for you. I just want you to think about it, sleep on it. We can talk more tomorrow. But I'm sure once you think it through, you'll see that it's perfectly fine and natural for you to handle and care for your father's genitals- after all, he's your dad and it's perfectly safe and practical."

"Ok, I'll think about it." Vicky and her mom hugged, "goodnight mom," said Vicky, as she went off to sleep in her room.

As Vicky lay alone in her bed thinking about young boys, older men, and their naked penises and testicles. The visions in her mind of her time with Aunt Melissa, looking at the playgirl magazines, going topless by the pool while Mel's college boys walked around bottomless, with their gorgeous genitals dangling all around her. Seeing Mel rubbing the boys' penises and making them spurt. Rubbing some of those same boys' penises herself.

She suddenly had the thought that she was 'cock-crazy'.

And now at home, the beginnings of her care of her brother Billy's ejaculatory needs. Rubbing Billy's penis and making him spurt two or three times a day. And this evening, getting to baby sit for the Johnson's and taking care of their son Tim. Timmy had a cute little penis and he spurted very nicely for her...

Accidentally seeing her father's naked genitals, and then, her mother's talk about introducing CFNM and open female-dominance into their home. Suggesting that dad and Billy be allowed to remain undressed in the house. Just the idea of the boys in her house being made to walk around naked all the time! And suggesting that Vicky should actually touch her father's penis - and make him spurt!

Vicky had a conscious moment in the midst of her reverie, and realized that her fingers were at play upon her clitoris inside her pink panty, sending wave after wave of intense pleasure coursing through her body. She thought about big penises, stiff and proud, jutting from taut male abdomens with enormous swollen testes below...

Her orgasm wracked her and she gasped and moaned in abandon, shaking on the bed as her fingers flitted deliciously against the wet and tender flesh of her labia and danced upon the nub of her swollen clitoris. She came and came to the vision of spurting penises, puddles of semen, all over her body...

It was just too much to process. Vicky collapsed into unconsciousness and fell into a fitful sleep full of dreams of penises spurting everywhere...

The next morning, Vicky awoke to the sunshine coming through her window. It was a bright new day and full of promise. Sunday mornings were always nice.

She got up and went down stairs. It occurred to her that it might be naughty of her to wear just her sheer pink nightie and matching panties, but she liked feeling naughty. It felt powerful. She knew that when Billy saw the faint outline of her nipples on her full but pert 'C'-cup breasts, he would soon be sheepishly unable to meet her eyes as he asked for her help with his stiffening penis.

She smiled thinking about her brother's cute body, and her new role as his masturbatrix. She looked forward to taking his first spurts of the day, as she popped a bagel into the toaster.

Hearing footsteps, she turned to see her mom, Andrea, coming into the kitchen wearing a sheer pink robe through which Vicky could make out the outlines of pink panties and bra. Seems mom has changed into something even more comfortable... she thought.

"Hi mom," said Vicky brightly.

"Hi honey," said her mom, "did you sleep well?"

"Ok, I guess. You?"

"Very well, thanks."

Vicky asked, "Have you seen Billy? He's usually up by now."

"Yes, I got him up early and gave him a long shopping list. I'm sure he'll be gone for quite some time as he'll have to visit at least three stores to fulfill the list."

Vicky detected a glint of mischief in her mom's eyes.

Vicky's eyes narrowed, "What's up, mom?"

"Well, have you thought about what we talked about last night?"

Vicky blushed, "More than you can imagine..."


"Well, I guess we could, um give it a try, or something..."

"That's my girl," said Andrea happily. "I anticipated your response, and I think it's a perfect opportunity with Billy out of the house for us girls to take care of a little business - to bring our female-led household out into the open where it belongs."

Vicky blushed, "You mean with dad?"

"Of course dear," said Andrea calmly. "I have had a nice talk with your father this morning, and though he is still a little bit embarrassed by the idea, he understands it will be for the best for all of us. He loves you, you love him, and we all love each other. This will give you both an opportunity to show your love for each other - him by offering himself to you for your growth and experience, and you can show your love by caring for his genital needs. It's really quite beautiful."

As Vicky thought about what was going to happen she looked down at what she was wearing. She thought it was one thing to tease her little brother with her body, but it seemed inappropriate to tease her dad.

"Should I put a robe on or something?" she asked.

Andrea smiled, "Yes, dear, I think that would be a good idea. I'm glad you're thinking clearly like a wise young woman."

"Thanks mom," said Vicky, "I'll be right back."

Vicky's heart was racing as she went to her room and put on a silky little robe that would keep her breasts and panties out of view of her dad. She didn't know what was going to happen, exactly, but couldn't help but be excited. She had the feeling it was a big, life-changing day for her and her family.

When she came back into the kitchen, her mom and dad were seated at the kitchen table. Her father was wearing a pair of small white briefs, and was keeping his head down, unable to look Vicky in the eyes.

Andrea motioned to a chair, "Vicky, why don't you sit down, and Paul, please stand in front of Vicky for me."

Wow, this was getting started quickly, thought Vicky.

She watched as her dad obediently came to stand in front of his daughter, and Vicky's eyes were drawn to the full pouch of his briefs right in front of her eyes. Once she caught herself staring, she looked up to see the nervousness in her father's face.

Andrea said, "It's important to take these first steps to bring our relationship into the open, Paul. Vicky knows that you are my submissive husband, and that I am your dominant wife. She knows that I want our female-led relationship to blossom into a female-led home. Vicky needs to hear you agree with me. Do you submit to my judgment and are you willing to obey me and be naked from now on in our home?"

"Yes, dear," he whispered.

"And do you now offer yourself to your daughter, Victoria, freely and submissively?"

"Yes, dear," he whispered again.

Vicky didn't know why she said it, but it just popped out of her mouth. "It'll be ok, dad," she whispered, and her father's expression eased into a smile.

Andrea took her place behind her husband and placed her hands on his hips. "Ok Paul, please just hold still. I'm going to lower your briefs for Vicky and we'll let her have a good look at you. After that, we'll let her touch and explore you, just like we talked about. Are you ready?"

Vicky's dad closed his eyes, "Yes dear," he said, taking a deep breath.

Andrea's fingers took hold of the waistband of the briefs, and she slowly lowered them revealing her husband's naked tummy, and then his shaved genitals bit by bit. Once the pink head of Paul's penis was exposed to Vicky's attentive eyes, she let the briefs fall to his ankles and everyone was very still and silent as Vicky was given time to unhurriedly observe and examine her father's naked penis and testicles for the first time.

Vicky liked how her dad's penis was sort of fat, and she was very interested in how the head of his penis looked full and pink with a pronounced ridge and the delicate opening at the tip. His testicles hung loose and low in his relaxed hairless scrotum. Every detail of vein and wrinkle was clearly visible, unhindered by any hair.

Again, the thought of hairless male genitals seemed so clean and wholesome, and she decided she would require regular shaving of her boys whenever possible, and that she would shave Billy at her earliest opportunity.

Her father's penis pulsed slightly, and she began to see his heartbeat in the rhythm of his penis. She knew he was beginning to become erect under her gaze, and it made her blush.

After a good long time, Andrea whispered, "It's ok to touch him now, Vicky..."

Very gently, Vicky took her father's penis in her hand, not squeezing, but simply capturing his member so that she could feel it pulse and thicken and lengthen as she watched. As a few minutes went by, Vicky experienced her father's erecting penis with the complete intimacy of participation - knowing that she had felt every pulse of his erectile tissue filling in arousal, and that it was in fact her gaze and touch that had brought her father's penis to excitement.

Vicky blushed red and looked up to see her mom and dad's faces as they watched her. They both smiled - her mother's face showed encouragement and her father's showed a mixture of love, willingness, and embarrassment. She adored her dad more than ever.

She returned her eyes to the nice big penis in her hand, now throbbing in full stiffness. It was so big she could no longer wrap her fingers around it, and it was so stiff underneath the velvet sheath of skin. The fingertips of her other hand gently explored the shape and softness of the bulging pink head, now darker pink in arousal, feeling the texture and sponginess of the ridges and the pouting mouth of his urethra opening.

After examining his glans, she moved her hand to his testes. The cupped them and weighed them, feeling their satisfying mass in her palm. Her fingers explored the softness of his scrotum and then the full egg-shape of each testicle, even feeling the ridge where the vas deferens attached. She gently squeezed and pulled the testes down, eliciting a soft moan from her father's through.

Mistaking it for pain, she let go.

Andrea said, "That wasn't pain, dear. Men react to testicle play because their testes are so vulnerable and they attach and transmit sensation deep into his abdomen. It's only pain if the man pulls away, otherwise, he's just showing that you have his complete attention..." Her mom giggled and her dad smiled.

Encouraged, Vicky took hold of her father's engorged penis once more, and continued her examination of his fascinating testicles. As she did so, her mom said a few more instructive things.

"Think of your ovaries, dear," said Andrea. "Imagine that they were dangling between your legs in a soft sack of skin - so tender, so vulnerable - that is why we always treat a man's testicles gently and with love."

"Yes, mom," said Vicky, agreeing that her ovaries seemed quite delicate and she was glad they were inside her body instead of hanging outside like a boy's testes.

She lifted her father's penis, leaned forward, and turning her eyes up to her parents' faces, gave each of her father's testes a soft little kiss of affection, as her mother giggled and her dad smiled.

Vicky took her time probing, feeling, examining, and exploring her father's nakedness until she had satisfied every last ounce of her curiosity. She sat back, gave the penis and testes each an affectionate pat, and said to her mother, "I think I've examined dad fully," then to her father, "thanks, daddy."

Mother and father smiled down upon their mature and wise daughter with pride. Then Andrea said something that made her husband blush.

"Paul, I think you should go lie down on the sofa and relax..."

Vicky pursed her lips to try to hid the smile that played at the edges of her mouth as she saw her father's face blush and become again completely embarrassed.

Andrea smiled and said, "Paul, you know that it's important for Vicky to share this one more intimacy with you. You need to lie down and let her care for your beautiful erection honey - after that, there won't be any more secrets between you, and no need for embarrassment or modesty in the future."

Vicky's dad kept his eyes on the floor as he walked off to the living room, his erect penis wiggling with each step, and laid down in the sofa, closing his eyes. Vicky and her mom stood nearby, looking down at the fit and handsome man with his erect penis jutting proud and needy from his bare groin.

Andrea whispered, "Go on, dear, you know what to do..." and then she added, "Make the most of your first time, because you will both always remember this day..."

Vicky approached and knelt beside her father's body. She leaned up and whispered in his ear. "Thanks for doing this daddy," she said, "I love you and I'll try to do a good job - now please just relax and let me take good care of you."

Her father smiled and whispered back, "I love you too, honey..."

Vicky put her hand on her father's penis, taking a firm grip, and began to stroke him firmly as her mom looked on with pride. Vicky wanted to bring her dad to ejaculation as quickly as possible, but without seeming to rush too much. She still felt a little embarrassed for her dad, and wanted to help him with his morning ejaculation without teasing or playing with him like a toy.

After a few minutes of steady rubbing, she began to massage his testicles with her free hand, and her dad's hips began to wiggle involuntarily at the pleasure she was studiously applying to his genitals.

Vicky was fascinated by the way the head of her daddy's penis pulsed and reddened in anticipation of spurting under her expert care, and this spurred her on to faster and firmer strokes. Vicky smiled as a nice bead of pre-seminal fluid formed at the tip of her father's glans, always a good sign...

She caught a whiff of clean male scent, fresh from a morning shower. Underneath the freshness of the soap was the distinct smell of man - testosterone, maybe some sweat - but the best male scent of all was that special smell of genitals. She didn't know if it was penis, testes, or both, but she breathed deeply, enjoying the smell of male arousal that made her heart beat faster.

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