tagFetishVictoria Ch. 01

Victoria Ch. 01


Chapter 1: Victoria

"How would you like a bedtime snack?" Victoria asked me.

I looked at her, long legs, small, perky breasts, beautiful dark hair. I could still get a hardon just from looking at her. Although we had been married for over twenty years, she was always Victoria, as in victorious, never Vicky.

"You know I love bedtime snacks," I smiled. The snacks were always for me, kneeling between those long legs and munching on her pussy. For the past five or six months we hardly ever fucked. Instead I licked her pussy while I played with my cock. At one time I used to eat her out before we had regular sex. Then about six months ago I had asked, "Would it excite you if I played with my cock while I licked your cunt?"

"You naughty boy," she answered, "you want to play with you little willie?"

"Yes, I want to do that while I suck you off."

Since then two or three times a week I would kneel between her legs and run my tongue over her pussy while I jerked off.

As we got ready for bed that night, Victoria showed me a piece of clothes line two or three feet long. "Put you hands behind," she ordered. Here was a new kink, something fresh from the mind of my delightfully perverse darling. I put my hands behind me, and she used the line to tie them tightly together.

She told me to stand in front of the bed. "I want you to get in the right mood to do some serious pussy sucking," she said. Then she knelt in front of me and wrapped her lips around my cock. It was already hard from anticipation. I love to have my cock in her mouth. I love the way she runs her tongue around the head and then swoops down to take as much of it as possible into her mouth. Victoria is a talented fellatrix. In just a few minutes I was right on the edge, ready to shoot my load into her waiting mouth.

But it was not to be. "My turn now," she said, sitting on the edge of the bed and spreading her legs. "I wanted you to be really horny while you suck me off."

"Aren't you going to untie me?"

"I'm going to keep you tied up while you lick my pussy. When I let you jerk off, you get too excited and come too soon. After you come, you lose interest in taking care of me."

My disappointment in not being able to masturbate soon went away as I reveled in the perverse games we were playing. I knelt between Victoria's long legs and plunged my tongue into her savory cunt. I ran my tongue in a long sweep, back and forth from her clit to her asshole, just the way she likes it.

"That's it, you cunt lapper. Keep your tongue in my pussy."

I kept eating her snatch, my cock sticking out rigidly in front of me, so hard that it almost hurt.

"I want you fuck me with your tongue. Put your tongue in my hole. Use it like a cock."

I pushed my tongue as deeply as I could into her pussy, moving it in an out, fucking her with it.

"Are you really hot? Is your cock dying for some attention? Do you like sucking me off while your hands are tied behind you?"

"Mmmm," was all I said. I knew she didn't want me to move my tongue from its nest.

"Now my clit! I want your tongue on my clit!" I moved my tongue in circles around her clit and then began sucking on it.

"Oh god! Yes! Yes! Yes!" On hands were on her tits. Then they came down and pulled my face into her crotch, humping my face as she yelled. I thought for a minute I was going to drown in pussy juice, but I didn't mind. What a way that would be to go.

She lay back on the bed, still breathing heavily. She looked so beautiful, so serene. I wondered what would happen next.

Soon enough she let me know. "That was wonderful, lover." She sat up and leaned over, kissing me, plunging her tongue into my mouth and licking the pussy juice off me face. "There's something else I want you to do," she said. "I want you to lick my ass."

I had licked her ass once before, but I wasn't sure whether she liked it or not. I was eager to do it again. She turned over onto her stomach and reached back to hold her ass cheeks apart for me. I leaned forward and started running my tongue along the crack of her ass, stopping when I came to her rosebud and circling her crinkly asshole with my tongue.

"Oh, yes, that's nice. I just love having you lick my asshole after you've sucked me off. Do you like having your tongue in my ass?"


"I want you to fuck me in the ass," she said.

Her words electrified me. We had tried it once before, but it hurt her too much, so we had never tired it again. The thought of having my cock in her tight ass thrilled me.

"I want you to fuck me in the ass with your tongue," she said.

Strangely, I was not really disappointed when I realized that she wanted my tongue rather than my cock in her ass. I probed her ass with my tongue until I felt the end of it go inside. I knew that's what I wanted to do, kneel between her legs with my tongue in her sweet ass.

"It's so relaxing to have you lick my ass," she said. "Maybe I'll have you do it every night."

That was all right with me. It was very exciting for me to rim her asshole. She turned around and sat up on the bed. I was ready then for my reward. "Are you going to untie me?" I asked.

"No, I'm going to keep you tied up for a while." Once she had tied my hands behind me and knelt on the bed while I stood behind and fucked her with my hands tied. I liked that. Maybe she would do that again. Or maybe she wanted to suck my cock while I was tied up. Whatever she wanted, I was ready for it.

"Get into the bed and lie down on your side," she ordered. She climbed into the bed behind me and spooned herself against me. She reached her arm around and grasped my hard cock. She just held it and squeezed it a few times, nothing more. After a while I started moving my hips, trying to fuck her hand.

"Lie still," she said. "I just want to hold you cock while I go to sleep." She had done that before, but when she held my cock, I couldn't just lie there. We had ended up fucking. "Now that I have you tied up, I can stop you from trying to take advantage of me." She gave my cock another squeeze.

"But I' so horny, Victoria. I need to come."

"It won't hurt you to go to sleep without shooting your stuff out. If you're good, I let you jerk off while I watch in the morning."

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