Victoria the Cookie Girl

byRiver Otter©

While Victoria catches her breath, I reach underneath her shoulders and raise her up off of the table. She's impaled on my cock and her legs droop alongside me as I lift her body upright. I straighten up and sit down in the chair, with Victoria on top of me and my cock still submerged inside her trembling pussy.

I slip my hands underneath her butt, and lift her up so that I can work my cock around in her snatch. My hips flex as I piston my dick in and out of her hot, oily pussy, and she begins to respond to the stimulus.

"Fuck my pussy some more!" Victoria insists. "I want your come!"

Victoria leans forward so that her buxom titties are pressed against my chest, and begins to zealously bounce her snatch up and down on my prick. Her bullet-like nipples poke me in my chest, while her light-ash blonde hair swings crazily about as she fervently stuffs her pussy with my cock.

"Fuck me, Mr. Jennings!" she cries eagerly. "Fuck me with your big dick!"

Victoria sheds her blouse, and flings it around the back of my neck. She's holding onto the ends of it like they're the reins of a horse, and I'm her stallion. I grab the meaty globes of her firm, round ass and pull her forwards and backwards while she bounces on my cock, so that her clit is grinding against my crotch while she rides me.

"It's your turn to come now, Mr. Jennings!" Victoria says as her sky-blue eyes look lasciviously into mine and she enthusiastically bangs her fervid cunt onto my dick. "Come for me!"

Victoria skewers herself onto my throbbing cock, ramming it as deeply as she can into her wild and wonderful pussy. "Fuck me with that big dick, Mr. Jennings!" she lewdly urges me as she rolls her hips and grinds her clit against me. "Come in my pussy!"

Once again I feel that well-known tightness in my balls as they tense and contract prior to surrendering their second load. I involuntarily lift my hips up from the chair, and try to shove my prick even deeper inside her marvelous pussy. Her velvety snatch begins to ripple and pulse as she has another mini-orgasm, and it makes my climax even more intense.

"Aaaaaaaa..." I moan as the first shot of jism explodes into her welcoming cunt. "Aaaaaa..."

"Oh fuck yeah!" Victoria screams as I begin to come. "Cream my tight little pussy!"

Spurt after spurt of hot, sticky come vigorously spews from my cock and into Victoria's tight and juicy snatch. Victoria uses her blouse to draw my head to hers, and she kisses me passionately as I climax inside her. Her snug pussy repeatedly squeezes my gushing cock, making my jism stream into her snatch like milk from a cow's teat. Victoria sucks my tongue into her mouth as she rocks her hips back and forth and makes my furiously spewing dick slither about inside her rapidly filling tunnel. My balls throb and ache as they pump and pump and pump until there's nothing in them left to give. I haven't come this hard in years, and my orgasm is so powerful and intense it's almost painful. I'm drenched in my own sweat, and my heart feels like it's about to implode in my chest.

At last, after what seems to be an eternity, my orgasm is over. Slowly I begin to become aware of the outside world again, as my heart gradually slows its racing and I exhale a deep breath of air. My hands loosen their death grip on the cheeks of her firm, round ass, and I sag back in the chair as Victoria's luscious and built-to-fuck body collapses on top of me.

"Ummmm..." she sighs contentedly. "You're a really good fuck for an old guy!"

Suddenly I hear the sound of the electric garage door opener. Before I can say anything, Victoria jumps up off of me - my spent and flaccid prick slipping out of her jism-filled twat with a soft "PLOP", and flopping wetly against my thigh. Victoria grabs her blouse and quickly kisses me on my cheek, before she swiftly vanishes up the back kitchen staircase that leads to the upstairs bedrooms.

As the hallway door to the garage closes, I hurriedly stand up and tie my robe around me. I glance down, and see her silky maroon panties on the floor where Victoria left them. Quickly I pick them up and stuff them in the pocket of my robe, then straighten up just as my daughter Danielle walks around the corner.

"Hi Dad!" she cheerily says.

"Hi babe! How are you?"

"I'm okay, how are you? You look kinda tired and sweaty."

"I just finished mowing the lawn," I lie. "I thought I'd get something cold to drink before I get in the shower. You want anything?" I ask her as I walk toward the refrigerator.

"No thanks," she replies. "Where's Mom?"

"I think she's at the mall," while I pour myself a glass of lemonade and thirstily drink it down.

Danielle says nothing, she's too busy looking through today's stack of mail on the kitchen counter.

"I'm gonna get in the shower," I tell Danielle as I walk past her and toward the staircase.

I climb the stairs and go into our master bedroom. I hear the toilet flush, and my wife Linda emerges from our bathroom with her bathrobe on. She walks over to me, wraps her arms around me, and hugs me tightly.

"MMmmmmm..." she murmurs softly, "That was some awesome sex, Michael Jennings! You were fantastic! You haven't fucked me like that since I don't know when!"

"I haven't been that turned-on in ages! You know how much I like it when you play those games with me!" I lovingly reply as I hold her voluptuous body against mine, and look down into her beautiful sky-blue eyes. "And I especially like that you shaved your pussy... Victoria!"

"I thought you'd enjoy that," Linda chuckles. "But I got way more than I bargained for! I slosh when I walk because you came a gallon inside of me, and my poor pussy feels like it's on fire from you pounding it so hard! I won't be able to sit down for a week!" she giggles.

"I almost had a heart attack, because you made me come so hard! Now I know what its like to be ridden hard and put away wet!" I say with mock anger in my voice.

"I'm glad you liked it!" she smiles. "Next time it's your turn - I'm thinking maybe 'Pizza Delivery Boy and the Housewife'."

There's a knock at the door, and Danielle opens the bedroom door. "Hi Mom! When did you get home?"

"Just a little bit ago," Linda answers. "I guess your father was going down one staircase while I was going up the other. What's up?"

"Nothin'," Danielle replies. "What are we doing for dinner?"

"You girls decide about dinner while I go shower," I say. "Let's go out for dinner somewhere tonight."

I head into the bathroom, and turn the water on in the shower again. I hang my robe on the hook on the back of the door, remove her silk panties from the pocket and drop them into the laundry hamper – where they fall to rest on top of a little dark green plaid skirt.

"Pizza Delivery Boy..." I think to myself as I step in the shower. "She orders a pizza and when I deliver it she doesn't have her checkbook, so... Or, maybe the slutty housewife seduces the young and virginal pizza delivery boy..."

This could be fun – maybe as much fun as 'Cookie Girl'!

The End (for now)

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