tagMatureVictoria the Magnificent Pt. 02

Victoria the Magnificent Pt. 02


Halfway through the exit, Sara thought that it would be awkward running out of a restaurant crying your makeup off. Instead, she turned back and headed straight for the bathroom. As a woman walked out of one of the stalls, Sara quickly pushed past her and bolted the door shut.

'Rude.' the woman remarked.

The merciless world was weighing down on Sara. Why was she here? Why did she allow herself to be ensnared in one of her mother's traps? She sat crying for an indefinite period until there was a knock on the door. Sara unknowingly opened the door and looked up to find her mother standing tall.

The contrast was striking. Sara's eyes were smudged and lipstick nearly gone. Her maroon dress was stained with egg yolk in various spots. On the other hand, Victoria was dazzling in yellow and looked like she had just come out of a parlor. She was holding a giant bottle of wine in one hand and carried two vanity bags in another.

'You know it's not nice leaving without informing the host and you forgot your crummy little bag.' Victoria said as she tossed the bags beside the toilet and locked the door.

'Do exactly as I say. Take off your heels and put your jewelry in the bag. Tie your hair neatly and wipe away those tears.' Sara followed every instruction as she saw her mother opening the bottle of wine.

'That's it just relax.'

Victoria pressed the liquor bottle to Sara's mouth and watched as the crimson liquid drained into her mouth. Sara had completely surrendered and felt the alcohol drown her sorrows. Gulping an entire bottle and satisfying her mother was the only reprieve. Victoria clutched her daughter's hair and pulled it backwards, allowing the wine to flush through her system. Sara simply closed her eyes and let her arms sway by her side offering no resistance. What she couldn't see was her mother licking her lips in satisfaction as the bottle became empty. The bottle finally retracted from her mouth which allowed Sara to catch a breath of air.

'I'm impressed. I never could make you drink that much. But, an entire bottle today? Very impressive Sara.' Victoria said in a pleased voice.

Sara needed more. She wanted to be desperately drunk until she couldn't remember who she was. Victoria knew that wine would calm her daughter down and transform her into an obedient servant.

'So how do you feel now? Are you ready to discuss my relationship with Hubert now?' Victoria asked.

'I...am. H...how was he...in bed I mean?' an intoxicated Sara stuttered.

Victoria smiled. She made room for herself on the seat and wrapped her arms around her daughter.

'Well I can't really explain it. I haven't been with a man for so long that it felt overwhelming. Oh he was pretty big and passionate.'

'That's wonderful mother. I'm sure you'll make him happy. Say, do you...still carry that vape? I'm dying for some.' Sara was beyond drunk and had no clue what she was saying.

'Anything for my little girl.' Victoria reached into her purse and fulfilled her daughter's wish.

She turned on the device and watched as Sara smoked with intent. Victoria traded a few puffs and within seconds the tiny stall was engulfed in a scented cloud. Both mother and daughter were pleased in each other's company. They entertained themselves until the battery ran out.

'Wow that was incredible! So, what happened afterwards?' Sara asked.

'Not much. We had breakfast together in bed. It was so romantic when he fed me with his own hands. I wanted to make love to him again but he had work. Then I got ready and came to meet you, my dear.' Victoria explained.

'You have a lovely heart, mother. I'm sure Hubert will fulfill your every desire. Just make sure to keep some space for me over there.' Sara said, gingerly placing her hand on her mother's chest.

'Indeed my love. Nothing will ever come between me and my girl.' Victoria replied by hugging her daughter in a warm embrace.

'I wish I had real love in my life like you do. I really like this guy that lives downstairs but he barely knows I exist.' Sara said with a frown.

'Well, I for one know that if you go and TELL him how you feel he'll fall head over heels for you, darling.' Victoria said reassuringly.

'Don't worry mom, I'll make him want me.' Sara spoke with serious determination.

'That's my girl. Now, get yourself ready to meet him. You'll have a wonderful time. I promise.'

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