tagInterracial LoveVictorian Ch. 2

Victorian Ch. 2


I left the lake a little later, quietly walking back to the barn and stables. I heard leaves rustling, thinking it the wind I continued on my way. Little did I know, we had been seen. And little did I know that we would be happy that we had been.

A few days later, I was summoned to see the master of the house, a tall, distinguished man a few years my elder. He informed me that I would accompany Joy to a local monastery, and, remain with her until her return. He showed me a letter, and having been taught to read and write, an infrequent happening in this time, It requested the presence of Joy to do a little work for the fathers of a Monastery, a days ride away, on their ledgers. Having assisted me with my accounts, a strange experience for a slave of birth, and the household ledgers for her mother I was not surprised by the request or her fathers easy acceptance.

The next day, having prepared a small travelling carriage, we set off. Joy wearing a travelling suit, bonnet, and carrying a pretty little carry bag. I was dressed in the only travel clothes I own, breeches, silken shirt and leather riding boots. We stopped midday at a little brook far from the estate, and ate cakes and drank a wine made in the vineyard of home. looking at her seated on a blanket, in the sun, caused my member to swell. She kissed me gently as we sat next to each other, and touched her sweet tongue to mine. But, alas, I cooled our passion by stating we must continue on. The touch of her tongue, her lips, remained with me and left me feeling my lips with my tongue to gather and savor every drop of her taste.

Early evening we arrived at the monastery and were met by a friar or brother as they requested to be called. We were shown into a large office with sturdy wood desk and leather bound chairs. The brother who greeted and showed us in was wearing a brown coarse habit of woolen material with hood, down at this time, and belt tied at the waist. He was a tall golden haired man about my age, with a handsome dispositon I thought interesting in a man of the cloth, pretty he was.

We were given a local brewed tea, and met with the head friar, a large ,raw boned, fierce looking man, almost ugly of face but radiating an unmistakeable power.

I sat near the door, Joy at the desk, as I thought this my place and as a servant. He began quickly, telling us, " We observed you in your actions at the lake." I stood, Joy seemed to slump in her chair, I reached for my sword and dagger, thinking, I'll not be beat nor my lady. He quickly reassured us, "we have no desire to dishonor you or be indiscrete." "We here,honor the body and feel the heavens above give us these feelings and parts to please." Still unsure I remained standing, but felt a strange lethargy overtaking me. Joy seemed to waver before my eyes and I could see she too felt the same lethargic feeling.

I sat, the friar, Brendan, asked, "do you like our herbal tea, hemp it is, we bake with it, burn it, and it does have such relaxing medicinal uses." He smiled, and I saw lick his thick lips a little , very thick lips, wide mouth and an almost devilish smile. I shivered and saw Joy do the same. I drifted off with that smile in my head. I awoke in a different room and immediately reached again for my sword and dagger, relieved to feel them next to me on a large goose down mattress, sitting up, I looked around to see where I was and locate Joy. She too was just awekening on a slighty smaller bed next to mine. Each bed was very large, but this one was enormous with large pillows and inlaid wood railings.

I groggily went to her and she came to my arms as a natural place to seek comfort and shelter. We clung to each other, and to my suprise she kissed me deeply, sighing, and touching her tongue to me. "I wanted to taste you so bad, even now " she murmured. We took in our surrounding, 6 beds total, in a large hall like room. Her shoes, and my boots, we noticed had been removed and sat by the door.

I went and tested the latch and knob, unlocked, I thought this strange but returned to her and again we clung together. Only to be interrupted by the entrance of Br.Brandon, and 5 others, all wearing the brown frocks most with hoods off, some on. Also, 2 servant girls, in white gowns of a thin material that was almost transparent, cut low in front and up the side to reveal glimpses of their legs up to the top of their knees. The girls, appeared no older than in their eighteen years. But both very womanly with swollen breasts and ample hips, each carried a large tray with wine, cakes, bottled oil, candles and the smell of roasted meats. One girl had a red tint to her dark hair, auburn it is, and the other had a cap of dark curls surrounding her face, each looked absolutely serene, and smiled quietly and easily at us and all.

The golden-haired brother, Pierre, as he was called arranged each tray on stands in an open area, and all ate lightly and in a relaxed manner. Br. Brandon addressed us, "I apologize for your discomfort, the tea you know, being herbal caused you to sleep." "And I again say, we mean not to be indiscrete, but only to tell you we too cherish the pleasure heaven has given us for the flesh."

"Eat if you are hungry, the cakes are of a Turkish blend, hashish, I believe they call it, as is one of our tea recipes. It tends to relax and helps the body feel its wants strongly. " He smiled tenderly, and seemed almost gentle. "We ask that you observe us and feel free to join" To the others, he turned, smiled and said, "begin."

Only that word, and the others , each different, short, stocky, tall ,slim, golden hair, dark hair, even red hair, began to touch the servant girls in a lusty manner. Touching their breasts, buttocks, rubbing their backs and thighs, kissing them easily. The girls responded in kind, kissing back, tonguing the mouth that touched them, sucking their tongues. Sighing and moaning, from both men and women. Soon the distended frocks began to fall. as did the gowns revealing to beautiful bodies, with breast large and ample, nipples erect, and I started, shaved mounds, the slit of each cunt clearly visible.

I heard Joys' intake of breath in an "Ohh," and looked on her to see her eyes begin the familiar now, sparkle and shine. She looked down at Br. Brendan's smock and the distention was unmistakable, it was enormous. Pushing his frock out more than the length of a woman's' forearm. My dagger is at least a foot and it was its equal I am sure. Soon we saw for ourselves, he walked over and joined the others, still touching and caressing on a bed, and the dark curled girl still standing. She immediately went to him and removed his frock, and out sprang a member a horse in the stables might have. Thick as my wrist, with a knob the size of a lemon, she cried a small, "ohhhhhh" and dropping to her knees took the head in her widely opened mouth.

She could take no more than this nut, and worked her tongue on and it seemed, in, his cock slit. Soon all were naked, and embracing and fondling. We noticed that the brothers touched and pulled each others cocks as well and none seemed offended. The auburn-haired one was surrounded by four of the brothers who ran their hands over her entirely, opening and fingering her hairless slit, squeezing her breasts and buttocks, opening her and fingering her bum hole. She in turn, pulled their members and some times leaned at the waist to take a member that struck her fancy, in her rosy lips.

The door opened and another young woman entered, older than the others it appeared but wearing a gown of light blue. She appeared no older than in her twenties, but had hair of a dark golden color, and a more mature muscular body. She carried another tray of wash basins and water jugs, and rags of rich cloth folded neatly. She immediately stripped and her body, firmer, with a generous bum and smaller breasts than the other 2 was very comely. The dark-haired one had released Dr. Brandon, and was now on a side bed being entered from behind by a short swarthy brother called 'the Portuguese'.

The new arrival went immediately to Sr. randon and taking his very large member in 2 hands, kissed and licked its ruby nut. Pulling him by his member to the bed we remained at, she took a bottle of oil and generously poured it over him. It was thick and looked of liquid honey, as it slowing coursed from his cock head to his large cods. Then to our utter amazement she poured oil onto each of her own hands and rubbed them on and in between her butt cheeks, touching a generous amount to her bum hole.

I thought no, but when she knelt on the bed with her wide hips and generous bum on the edge of the bed, Dr. Brandon placed himself behind her and aimed his horse cock tip at her tiny looking bumhole. Pushing gently her pink hole accepted his cock head almost easily. But as it entered and the nut was half in, he pulled back and stopped. Again aiming at this tiny pink hole, he pushed forward as she pushed back and the nut popped into her bum, she moaned, "aaaaahhhhh" and he was sheathed. Pushing forward he stopped more than halfway out, and she convulsed and gave down a rapid flow of her spunk as she spent. Br. Brandon gave a small push and pulled back to the nut, sliding in again, he went no further but commenced an in and out pumping that caused the lady to spend repeatedly almost with each thrust.

Joy reached for me and taking my hand I felt her naked thighs, I looked and she had removed her suit and was now naked also. She touched my hand to her naked slit and I felt an overwhelming flow of sweet juice. It covered the inside of her thighs, and I new she had spent. She undressed me taking my breeches down, and off and sucked my member once into her velvety mouth. I stood wearing nothing but my silken blouse shirt unbuttoned. She turned, still standing, and pushed her bum to me, and raising slightly she took me inside her flowing slit, and immediately spent again, with a sigh of "aahhhh." She pulled away and took my throbbing member in her hand as she leaned her back and bum against me. Br. Brandon withdrew slowly from the hole he had entered and with slightly rubber legs, the girl/woman wet a cloth and thoroughly cleaned him. Joy looked at me with questioning eyes, and said, "I, please," and I knew she wanted to feel him, "Yes," I whispered in her ear. Turning she kissed me, and to my surprise said, "I think I may love you."

Br. Brandon was laid on the bed on his back with his member standing, as Joy approached him and touched his cock. He smiled his gentle smile, and without a word, watched as Joy climbed over him on her knees and took hold of him. She raised herself to the tip of his swollen member and rubbing the lemon sized head once on her slit, began to lower herself onto his horse cock. Halfway in she spent on him as a flow of her spunk juice oozed over him. She, on her knees, raised and then lowered herself taking more than half of his member, again she raised and lowering herself slowly took 3quarters of him in her distended slit and again she spasmed. She looked at me, and smiled an angelic smile of happiness and leaned forward resting with her bum high, and the enormous cock still buried in her.

I was inflamed by the sight, and as I watched I felt a small hand encircle my member, it was the auburn-haired girl, she smiled at me and kissed my mouth, tasting me with her tongue. In a pretty accent, she said, "like candy" and began to inhale me , sniffing my chest, and down to my cods. She sniffed my like trying to learn the sent of this dark stranger, and took my member between her red lips and lowered her hot mouth to take as much as she could. She gently pushed back until I 2 was laying on my back with my member pointing up, taking oil she poured a generous amount over my nut. Turning her back and mounting over me as one would ride a horse with a foot on each side, she squatted and lowered herself to me and to my surprise taking my member sheathed it in over the nut in her hot and receptive bumhole. She did this by simply pushing down on my rigid member, and began to lower herself until it was fairly buried in her. She then rode me up and down on her haunches caused me to push up to meet her downward thrusts.

She commenced a side to side movement with me deep inside of her and she too poured out a torrent of juice as she spasmed and shook. Laying back, I looked past her to see Joy watching enthralled. She raised off Br.Brandon and was immediately surrounded by the others and she looked to be in heaven as their hands stroked her satiny naked body. The dark-gold-haired one approached us and buried her face in the slit of the auburn one riding me taking her clit in her lips and sucking it in. This caused her to spasm and buck on me, as she again gave down her tribute to Venus.

I could hold no longer and shot a torrent of boiling spunk deep into the rectum of her. She raised off me and I too was washed and given wine and a hash cake to nibble. Joy rejoined me, and laying and holding each other we watched as the dark-haired girl was taken by the red head brother from below and the blond brother in her bum at the same time. She wriggled between them lowering to take the member of the redhead, and pushing back each time she raised to take the blond, their cods tightened and she accepted their spunk in each hole seconding them with her own small scream of pleasure and spending.

Joy clung to me and we shared our snack and kissing and tonguing mouths murmuring words of love to each other. As the action slowly fading on our drowsing eyes, I turned to her lips and kissing said, "And I love you too, my sweet." We slept.

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