tagNonHumanVictoria's Beast Ch. 01

Victoria's Beast Ch. 01


Victoria stood trembling before the creature that called itself General Morant. She tried desperately to make sense of what had happened, of what this beast had told her.

After a long, hard week of work she had climbed into bed in her small townhouse and gone to sleep late Friday night. Sometime later, assumably only an hour or so after she'd fallen asleep, she'd been awakened by a weird, golden light and soft humming filling her bedroom. Moments after she'd batted her sleepy eyes at this oddity the golden glow suddenly exploded in a blast of brilliant red after which she'd found herself here. In this weird place and in front of the animal now towering over her.

The place itself, Morant told her, was the world of Ecklo, a world filled by magic and in the turmoil of war. She had been transported to one of the many dining rooms of King Jafftel by the royal wizard as a reward for the General himself . . . Itself. It seemed that the General had recently led the king's army to victory in a great battle during which Morant himself . . . itself . . . had personally killed the enemy's greatest and most revered warrior with his bare hands.

And looking at the creature Victoria held little doubt of its boast.

It was huge, standing well over seven feet tall, with a massive chest, arms that reminded her of cannons, and hands that resembled baseball gloves. Despite its height its legs seemed short, its waist seemingly set low on its body. But the lower limbs looked just as powerful as its arms. In addition to its non-human dimensions, the reason she kept referring to it as "it" in her mind, was that it was covered completely with fur. A collage of grays, light browns and deep, dark blacks covered its entire body.

Then there was its head and face, which were just as coated by the fur as the rest of him. Its features were sharp and well defined, starting with a solid chin which jutted out just slightly below a mouth that was something between a cat-like snout and a human mouth. The high, strong forehead and short, pointy ears, set toward the top sides of its head, were tinged and edged by the blackest of fur. At the center of all this sat a wide, firm nose with flaring nostrils. Then there was the eyes, wide, curved slits filled by extremely bright white surrounding round, shimmering gold pupils.

And they were staring at her intently, sliding slowly up and down over her body with a hunger in them that she knew well.

Along with the magical transportation to this off kilter world in which she found herself, the royal wizard had seen fit to change her clothing as well. Instead of her usual sleeping attire of a big, loose t-shirt and panties, which she'd gone to bed in, she was wearing a short peasant dress which reminded her of something from the middle ages, or at least the movie versions of such. The sleeves were poofy and short, barely reaching her biceps. The top of it dipped down and ran straight across her breasts, the white, tied shut material hugging the mounds and leaving the tops exposed. From there the material was a small checker pattern and clung into her waist before puffing outward in a skirt that barely reached her knees. Without actually reaching under the dress and feeling around she could also tell she was braless and her normal panties had been replaced by a pair that were much smaller, skimpier and tighter.

And on top of all of this her hair was not hanging loose and free as it had been when she'd climbed beneath her covers, but was now pulled back and held in a loose pony tail.

Together her and Morant stood inside a large, open room with massive rock walls decorated by numerous sconces holding flickering candles. The floor was also stone, but smoother and polished, with several large, decorative rugs scattered about. Near the center set a wooden table twenty feet long and six feet wide with several high backed, wide seated chairs around it. In the walls were bare open windows, high off the floor, and two large wooden doors through one of which she had watched the creature enter the room, his . . . its . . . size filling even that large of opening. In one wall, behind her at present, sat a huge fireplace filled by powerful flames, the fingers of it snapping and dancing. And a short distance to the right of this lay a pile of large, fur covered pillows looking both comfortable and inviting.

"I could have chosen several woman from your world as my reward," it told her, its voice deep, firm. "But I chose you. I chose you not only because of your beauty, but because of your strength."

"Yea, well, thanks," she replied, forcing herself to stand straight and rigid, looking up into its face. "But I don't think I'm interested. You just aren't my type, ya know."

Her response brought a heavy chuckle from the throat of the creature, its lips curled up in an amused grin.

"It is not for you to make that decision," it smirked. "You do not have a say in the matter."

With that it took a single step forward. His approach made Victoria shiver with fear and she found herself stepping back away from it.

"You are my reward and I mean to have it," Morant told her.

He stepped forward again. Victoria took another step backwards as well. The heat from the fire behind her increased, she felt it starting to sting.

"Come here wench!" Morant suddenly growled.

With lightning speed it reached out and grabbed her arm, jerking her toward it and causing her to loose her balance for a moment. It drew her to it, pulling her to within a couple short feet of it. With fear filled eyes she looked up into its face, saw the hunger in its eyes growing, saw its thick tongue lick at its lips.

In her peripheral vision she saw its other arm move, saw that hand coming up and forward. A second later the meaty, fur covered appendage was cupping one of her breasts through the dress she wore, its powerful fingers gently squeezing her soft mound.

A shudder ran through Victoria's mind as this lone action confirmed the fears she'd been having but until now had not been confirmed. The creature meant to ravage her, meant to have its way with her body. That was its reward, just as she had feared, and she knew there was nothing she could do about it. The thing was too large, too strong and powerful for her to stop it from doing whatever it might desire. She could only hope and pray that the beast would not literally devour her afterwards.

Standing there, her shaking legs holding her balance precariously, she felt the hand cupping and squeezing her breast, felt the force of its fingers being withheld as it gently massaged her hidden mound. The other hand, the one holding her arm, was also gripping her with restrained strength, making sure she didn't flee but not hurting her. Its eyes were glued on her chest, watching the manipulations of its hand and the ample cleavage being displayed by the dress.

"It has been so long," it moaned deep in its throat. "So very long."

Victoria wasn't really sure what it meant by that, but she believe she knew the feeling. It had been a long time for her too. Months since she had felt the love of a man, had tasted a cock or felt hard flesh penetrating her sex. So long in fact that even this thing's attentions were starting to effect her.

Under its touch she felt her nipples growing hard, felt her sex growing warm as her lustful embers were fanned within her loins. She stared up at its face, tried to make her own expression one of strength and determination, attempted to convey her displeasure with the situation to it by her glare. She watched as the anger in its eyes softened, the glimmer of lustful hunger growing there instead. It was entranced by her breasts and its pawing hand.

Its fingers squeezed and plied at her hidden flesh, pushing it in here and there, cupping and fondling it within the dress. It played with one breast for several minutes than switched to the other, caressing it for even longer.

"Oh yes," it sighed every few moments, staring fixated by her flowing flesh.

Under its attentions Victoria's nipples grew harder and firmer, blood flowing to the heated areolas and making them stick out, pushing into the dress material. Eventually they were pushing so firmly into the white cloth that the outline of them became obvious.

Hidden even deeper from view she felt her loins warming more and more as the creature continued to play with her breasts, happily sighing as the outline of her nipples appeared. She felt her embers starting to glow with the desire of her body and her juices begin to dampen her vagina. It was only a little at the moment, just slightly, but she knew herself well enough to understand that his continued attentions to her breasts were sure to make her wet eventually.

The thought of this bothered her. She struggled with the idea of herself being stimulated by this creature, the idea that she could be excited by its touch. Some things just weren't meant to happen and this was definitely one of them. But she also could not deny what was truly happening.

Morant covered one of her breast with its hand and flattened the hard nipple beneath it as it squeezed and massaged the entire mound at once. The feel of it sent a shock of electricity racing through her body.

"Mmm-hhmm," Victoria heard herself mew quietly in her throat.

Towering above her Morant smirked at the response. He applied slightly more pressure to her breast, his fingers gripping and squeezing the delicate mound as he rubbed at the protrusion her nipple made in the dress.

"Sooo long," it sighed.

Victoria stood teetering on her feet, her shaking legs growing weaker with each moment of the attentions it showed to her breasts. Her breathing started to grow heavy, air rasping past her lips as she started to pant lightly. Between her legs her loins grew warmer too, her own desire being fueled by the manipulations of her tits. She stared up at it, watching its face as its expression grew more and more pleased, its eyes glowed with more hunger. Gradually, without her realizing it, she began to see the animal as handsome, attractive. Its strong features and the short, soft fur giving it a little bit of a royal, debonair appearance, strong and confident.

Beneath the breast she felt a soft sharpness scratch at the flesh through the dress material, felt its nail scratch carefully along the shape of her mound. As another bolt of electricity raced through her body she closed her eyes, her lids dropping slowly as she sucked in air.

"Mmm-hhmm," she mewed again, her body shivering.

She didn't feel the hand release her arm, her mind too occupied by the other sensations running along her nerves. But she did feel the hand stop cupping her breasts, felt the fingers dip into the top of her dress. A loud ripping filled her ears. Her body was jerked forward, her precarious balance upon her shaky legs tested. The dress top was torn open, shredded down the center, throwing her breasts into view. Released from their confines the twin mounds rolled and jiggled. Cool air brushed her flesh.

"Oohh," she gasped with surprise.

The shock of it made her eyes pop open, dropping to look at herself and the torn dress. Atop her fleshy mounds her areolas stood out hard and swollen, shimmering pink in color.

Even as her eyes adjusted to the sight of it she saw both of Morant's hands come up from the torn edges of her dress, each of them cupping a breast. Its thumbs slid across her flesh, swiped over her swollen nipples, rubbing and bumping the hard nubs sticking out. The feel of it sent another shiver through her.

"Aahhh," she sighed reflexively.

She watched its fur covered thumbs slide back and forth a few times, watched them brush across her sensitized nipples. Each time they did another shiver would tingle its way along her nerves and she would mew quietly. At the sides of her breasts its nails stuck out from its fingertips, sharp, hard pieces of flesh lightly scratching at her skin. They delicately made small trails across her tits, digging gentle flesh trenches that filled themselves in behind the action.

This kindled the flames growing in her loins, stoked their heated passion. She felt herself growing damper.

Then something else caught her attention. Standing there, her chest instinctively pushed forward helping to press her tits into its hands and touch, her eyes staring at the sight of it, she saw something at its waist. Her eyes were drawn to it, her chin rising slightly so that they could peer past the open space between its arms and get a better look at it.

"Aaahhhhh," she whimpered as her mind registered what she was seeing.

Its cock was growing. Previously hidden within the fur of its crotch, the phallus was now showing itself. And it was huge. Huge and furless. It hung out from Morant's waist bare and light colored, jumping slightly and gradually growing as blood rushed to it, pumping through its veins. Victoria stared at it, watching it throb and grow with each manipulation of her breasts, with each brushing of her aching nipples.

"Mmm-hhmmm," she whimpered again as a warm glow flushed through her, sparks shooting through her loins.

"Rrrr," the low growl rumbled in Morant's throat.

Hearing this while staring at its growing cock, the hardening, furless appendage near to standing directly out from its body, while her breasts were being caressed, her nipples tantalized, made more electricity wash through her own loins. Victoria felt herself getting wetter, felt her juices flowing, her loins burning even hotter with the growing flames.

"Rrrrr," Morant growled again. "Rrrrrrr."

Its hands grew heavier on her breasts, the squeezing becoming hungrier, more needful. It pawed at the milky mounds, its fingers gripping and plying her flesh while its thumbs continued to brush and caress her swollen nipples, swiping the hard nubs back and forth, pressing them into her tits. Its nails continued to lightly scratch at her flesh as well, their light pressure running across her nerves to send tingling sensations through her body.

Victoria's legs began to shake, the heat in her loins sending short, electrical shocks throughout her nerves. Her breathing grew heavier, air gasping past her open lips.

At its crotch its cock now stood fully erect, hard and throbbing as it pointed out from its body. Victoria had never seen a cock so large, at least not in real life. It stroked out from Morant's crotch rigidly, the veins protruding as the blood rushed through them. The head of it shimmered with precum. Staring at it she started to worry, began to grow frightened in a different way than before. No longer was she as worried about the fact that this beast was going to ravage her but instead she was frightened by the fact that it would be ravaging her with that monster of a cock.

"Mmm-hhmmm," she whimpered with fear at the thought of it.

"Rrrrr," it growled again.

That was when it released her breasts. The sudden loss of attentions caused her a moment's worth of sadness. Its meaty hands came up to grab at her shoulders then quickly led her toward the large dining table and chairs. She was forced to follow the creature across the short distance on shaky legs, her knees threatening to give out. As they walked her breasts rolled, her sensitive nipples being further stimulated by the feel of cool air rushing across them. The top of the dress, torn as it was, flapped loosely with her movements, and her hair flowed behind her.

At the table Morant pulled one of the chairs out and sat down in it while making her stand in front of him. He leaned back against the chair's high back rest and gazed upon her standing there, her swollen nipples shimmering on the front of her precious tits, her eyes, slightly glazed behind heavy lids from the desire filling her body, staring at the rigid cock standing up from its crotch. She sucked in heavy breaths through her partially open lips, nearly panting as her mind raced with the thought of the sizable tool being stuffed inside her pussy.

"Rrrr," its voice rumbled low once more, then ordered. "Service me wench."

Victoria felt a shock of disbelief shoot across her mind at what she heard. She understood what he meant but didn't see how he could expect such a thing. Still, even as her mind told her this was impossible, screamed with the sheer insanity of it, the burning embers of her loins were fanned by a desire she knew all to well. She felt her knees quake a little more, felt warmth wash through her body as she stared at the large cock and imagined what it was going to feel like.

"Wh- What?" She managed to gasp after a moment.

"I said service me," Morant growled. "Service my cock with your mouth, you little wench. Pleasure me now."

The last words said were filled with desire fueled anger and his body tensed as if to lunge up from the seat at her. The thought of it hurting her frightened Victoria into action. She instinctively dropped to her knees between the creatures open legs, her hands already reaching out for the cock at its waist. She grabbed at the thing, wrapped her fingers around it with a gentle touch.

"Rrrrrr," it sighed.

Victoria found that she could not get the fingers of one hand completely around the shaft, that they fell short as she gripped the flesh pole. She ended up gripping it with both hands in kind of an overlapping fashion. Working the two together she started to stroke the rigid cock, pumping it up and down while squeezing it gently. Surprisingly she found that the feel of it seemed human, the texture of its skin quite familiar.

"Rrrrrr," Morant sighed again as she stroked his cock. "Service me wench. Use your mouth on my cock."

One of its big hands came up and laid on the back of her head. The sheer weight of the paw made her bend forward, made her lean in toward its crotch, and it removed the hand to lay its arm once more on the chair's armrest.

Closing her eyes Victoria tentatively stuck her tongue out and licked the bottom of the shaft she held. Her senses were shocked with the familiar taste of cock flesh. Still gripping the massive erection with both hands she began to lick up and down along the top half of the shaft, rolling her tongue over the fleshy pole and kissing it with her lips.

Kneeling between its legs she felt the soft fur brushing against her skin where it was exposed, felt the warmth of its body enveloping her. She leaned in a little closer and her breasts were pressed against the insides of its thighs, the small hairs tickling and caressing her flesh as she moved and shifted. Her swollen, hard nipples were also being touched, the fur of the animal tickling them as well, and the sensation of it sent small shock waves of desire running along her nerves.

Pumping and stroking the cock she held, she licked and kissed it for several minutes. She ran her tongue up one side than down the other, swirling and lapping at the cock flesh that was fueling the fires burning in her loins. As she rose up and swirled her tongue across the glistening head of the cock, the taste of precum assaulting her senses, she felt her pussy grow wet, her juices flow freer. Her own actions were causing her arousal to build.

"Mmmmmm," she mewed as she licked and kissed the cock, her hands stroking and squeezing at the rigid flesh.

Above her she felt Morant shift in the chair a little as he settled back against the high backrest. This action pushed his crotch closer to the chairs edge and his thighs harder into her rolling breasts. The fur swirled around her nipples, stroked them with a fine touch. A shiver ran down Victoria's spine as she mewed quietly, licking and lapping at the cock.

The beast was laid back into the chair, its arms resting on the side rails, its head back, eyes closed, lips curled in a pleased smile. It kept growling in its throat, happy "Rrrrr's" vibrating away.

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