tagInterracial LoveVictoria's Belated Birthday Present

Victoria's Belated Birthday Present


It was Sunday afternoon, two weeks after my 48th birthday, and I just returned home after a four day business trip that was littered with seven sales call visits and a one day company sales meeting. Totally exhausted, I just wanted to take a nice, long, soothing bath and jump into bed and catch up on some much needed sleep. After all, I still had to head to the office in the morning. Before retiring for the evening I poured myself a glass of zinfandel and listened to my missed calls on my home phone. Just the usual messages from a few friends and lovers. But the most intriguing message was from Kendall, from earlier this morning. Kendall, 23, is one of my young black lovers, who just happens to be Malcom's nephew. He said it was very important that I call him back. So without hesitation I did so.

"Hello Kendall, it's Victoria, how are you? I got your message and you mentioned it was important to call you."

"Hi Babe! Actually it's you. I've missed you so much. It's been close to a month since I've seen you and was wondering if you'd like to come over to my place tonight. I have a birthday present that I want to give to you."

"Oh darling, that's so sweet of you. But I just got in from a business trip and am extremely tired." It took all of my will to say no, knowing he had his 12 1/2 inch black-as-coal shaft waiting for me. Knowing this made me start to rub my pussy. "Could we make it another time, say tomorrow evening?"

"I'll be looking forward to it. And dress in something sexy, just like you always do."

"Something just for you my darling. Oh, by the way, I cut my hair and changed the color of it since I've last seen you."

"What! You shunned those long, beautiful white locks I fell in love with? What color is it now?"

"You'll have to wait and see for yourself. I'll try to be there around 7."

Of course, it seemed like forever for the work day to end on Monday. Although I did have a black cock encounter at the hotel I was staying at last Thursday, he didn't come close to measuring up to what Kendall packs. I needed a big, long, black cock to pleasure my mouth, ass and pussy so bad. And I needed it now! I headed straight home after work to prepare myself before heading over to Kendall's apartment, which is about a twenty minute drive away. I already knew what I was going to wear for him this morning and had it laid out on my bed waiting for me. A hot pink satin blouse and a tight fitting mid-thigh length shiny black vinyl skirt. I removed the nylons I had on and replaced them with a new pair of beige Hanes vintage rh&t stockings. I kept on the 12-strap garter belt and a-cup bullet bra that I wore to work. And for pumps, black-patent stiletto's with 6" heels. Then a quick touch up of my makeup and a brushing of my shoulder length platinum blonde wavy hair, along with a short spritz of hairspray to help keep it's style in place, followed by a quick look of myself in my full length mirror.

I smiled and said to myself, "Oh My Victoria! Not bad at all!" This skirt is so tight fitting that you can clearly see the outline of my garter belt trying to break through the vinyl, and that I have to practically take baby steps when I walk. It also makes my big butt look even bigger, which brought on an even larger grin. I grabbed my purse and off I went.

After picking up some ale that Kendall likes I arrived at his apartment and let myself in. I heard some racket coming from the kitchen so I quietly tip-toed my way there finding him washing dishes. I snuck up behind him and whispered, "Hello Lover!"

He spun around, and before he could say anything I kissed him, snaking my tongue into his mouth, and at the same time grabbed his mighty manhood hanging limp in his shorts. As we continued to kiss he grabbed a dish towel, quickly dried his hands, then held my tiny 20" waist and pulled me snug up against him. Then he grabbed me by the hand and twirled me around and said, "Whoa, Victoria, you really outdid yourself this evening. You look hotter than ever. And your hair, it's so...so retro, so Marilyn Monroe-ish!"

"Why thank you darling! I hear that from many a person. Do you like it?"

"I love it babe! Now come with me into the parlor. I have something for you." We sat down on the sofa and he picked up a flat, thin wrapped box and gave it to me. "Go ahead, open it up."

Inside surrounded by tissue paper were a pair of natural colored 100% pure silk stockings. "Oh Kendall, they're lovely! They must have cost you a fortune. May I put them on for you?"

"Not now beautiful. But please wear them the next time we get together. Come with me back into the kitchen as I have another present for you in the fridge."

"Another present? Oh My!" I thought to myself it must be cake or something along that line. He pointed to the kitchen table and told me to sit down and be comfortable. By now my black cock cravings were on overload and basically couldn't wait any longer to get his black anaconda in my mouth. He put before me a white box wrapped with a red bow and ribbon. I opened it up and the first thing I saw was a card that said 'Happy Birthday' with the following message inside:

"Victoria, You are by far the most beautiful woman I've ever been with and the world's best cocksucker, cumslut and anal whore there could possibly be! Please don't leave me. Love, Kendall." Then I unwrapped the inside of the box and found not baked goods but a large cellophane covered juice glass that was filled with a thick, milky colored liquid.

"Oh God! Is this what I think it is?"

"Yes Baby...I've been depositing my morning nutload in it for you for the past three weeks. You see Victoria, I wake up every morning with a raging hardon and the only thing I can think of is you, and your hot mouth pleasing me like no one else can." I was speechless. The only thing I could do was stare at the glass and lick my glossy lips. I immediately stood up, went over to the counter and put the glass in the microwave. Ten seconds should do it. "What on earth are you doing?"

"I love my cum body warm darling!" I retrieved my gift, removed the plastic wrap, stirred the contents and licked my finger off. It actually didn't taste that much different from a fresh cumshot. "Mmmm...Perfect!" Then I strutted back over to him, thanked him with a kiss on the cheek and said, "I want to remember this moment my loving stud." I put the glass on the table, stood in front of him as he sat in the chair, and peeled up my skirt and removed my panties. "Eat my pussy darling...Oh God, please eat my pussy!" His tongue and face were on my cunt lips in a flash while his hands roamed my gorgeous, smooth, stocking-clad legs. I picked up the glass, tilted my head back a bit and watched it ooze over the rim onto my outstretched tongue. Coupled with his mouth on my shaven pussy I came immediately, making my legs wobble as I stood there in my spike heels. As soon as I had a mouthful I uptilted the glass as to not spill any, cherished it in my mouth for a moment, then swallowed, letting the lumpy, slimy cock snot make it's way down my throat. Licking my lips I said, "Mmmm...Oh God Darling!...Thankyou!" and proceeded with another mouthful. Slurp, swallow, slurp, swallow, only at a faster pace now as I couldn't get enough of it. Oh God, I love eating niggercum. By now he wasn't eating my pussy anymore, but watching me devour the entire contents. When the last string entered my cum-addicted mouth I tongue-licked the inside of the glass the best I could, trying to get every delicious drop. I put the near empty glass on the table and looked down at him. He had a huge smile on his face, with his cargo shorts at his ankles and stroking his harder-than-stone 12 1/2" shaft.

"That was unbelievable slut, but you missed some" he said pointing to the glass. There was still some at the bottom that my tongue couldn't reach.

"Later darling...now, how can I repay you?" I knew and he knew. He stood up while I knelt down. I attacked his long, hard, mammoth black cock with my cock starved mouth. With the gifts he just gave me I was determined to give this young man the best possible blowjob ever. I started with licking, kissing and worshipping every exposed inch, including his mighty balls. Then when he was good and wet with my combination of cum and saliva I proceeded to deepthroat every rock hard inch, trying my best to tongue tickle his nutsack when it hit my chin. Nice and slow I deepthroated his coal black fatness, my lip glossed CSL's outturned and clamped on his bumpy, vein laden exterior, giving my esophagus walls the black cock loving it so endlessly craves.

Looking down at me and moaning he stated, "God damn it you fuckin whore, you know I meant what I told you in the card, that you're the world's best cocksucker."

I pulled him out of my sucking mouth to reply, "I don't know about that lover...(slurp, slurp, kiss, kiss)...but one thing I know for sure...(slurp, slurp, kiss, kiss)...I always want to be the best cocksucking black cock whore I can possible be!...(slurp, slurp, kiss, kiss)." Then I swallowed him again down to the root. Now it was time to really pick up the tempo and satisfy this man. I'm not removing him from hungry throat until he's close to exploding. Over and over, slowly at first, then faster, in and out, in and out, between the 5 and 12/12 inch mark. Minutes went by and I thought to myself, please don't cum yet, it feels to good letting me throat ream him. Then after a good eight to ten minutes I could feel him pulsate faster in my throat and his balls started to tighten.

"Here it comes you fuckin whore!" The first jet of his niggerjism shot out while he was still halfway down my throat as I miscalculated, a rarity with me. But not the remaining ropes, one after another, into my open, cum thirsty mouth, swallowing every rope down, and making me cum yet again. Of course I deepthroated him again a few times to try and milk him the best I could. When he finished feeding me I continued to lick and kiss his cockhead, as his hardness didn't diminish one bit. "Oh my fuckin god Victoria! That was unbelievable! God, you're so damn beautiful! You definitely don't look 48, more like 38, and I love the way you keep your pretty face so damn shiny." Oh, the wonders of makeup!

"Why thank you Kendall...(kiss, kiss)...and you're amazing yourself...(kiss, kiss)...please fuck me...(kiss, kiss)...oh please fuck me silly...(kiss, kiss)."

Although I didn't want my lips to leave his cock I just had to stand up from my squatting position. I noticed the glass and picked it up. "Oooo, let me finish this before I forget." I tilted the glass and used my finger to push the remnants on the bottom and sides together, then into my mouth, swish and swallow. Mmmm...delicious! I can never get enough niggersperm to drink.

He sat me down on the edge of the chair, placed my nylon encased legs on his shoulders, my stiletto's pointing skyward, and entered my pussy with his never-ending hardness. Within seconds he was pummeling my cunt with 10 inches of his shaft, rotating his hips trying to get the remainder in, but to no avail. It's just that my love canal isn't as deep as probably most other women. Nevertheless, it felt absolutely wonderful and caused my head to rock from side to side. He started kissing my legs while continuing his assault on my poor pussy. Oh god, the contrast of his coal black skin and my lily whiteness brought on yet another orgasm.

Our eyes made contact and he said, "Oh you beautiful, sexy slut. Why on earth didn't you ever get into doing porn? With your amazing deepthroating talent and wicked ways you would have rocked the adult film world." That statement sent me over the edge. Little did he know that I did an adult film scene five years prior with disappointing results. Should I tell him about it? Not now, maybe later. I removed my legs from his shoulders, placed my 6" spike heels on his chest and gently pushed him away. In a flash I was off the chair and on the floor on my hands and knees. I held onto the chair, placed the seat cushion under my knees as to help prevent from getting any runs in my stockings, and wiggled my big fanny in his direction.

I looked back at him over my shoulder, "Oh Kendall, I can't wait a second longer. You know where I want it, don't you babe?" With an evil grin on his face he straddled my hips and started teasing me by rubbing and slapping my ass cheeks with his gargantuan woman pleaser. I knew what he wanted. He wanted me to beg for it. "Oh Dear God! Please Baby, Please! Please fuck me in the ass! I'll do anything for you!"

He quickly replied, "Oh, Really?" Then I felt his massive cockhead spread my anal lips and slowly ease on in. I in turn started to rotate by large hips, wanting him in my ass more than ever, or so it always seems with me. In less than a minute I was cumming again and he was only half way in.

"More, Darling, More! Give me every inch you got!" And in no time at all he did, fully inserted, pall mall, his impressive black nuts up against my leaking pussy. Then he started to saw in and out of my slut ass.

"Tell me Victoria! Tell me what's the most important thing in your life."

"Big black cock darling! Oooo, only the blackest, the longest and the hardest cocks I can find. It's what I live for! Oooo, Yes! God, you feel soo good in my ass!"

"The way your big fat ass muscles grip my cock while I fuck you is unheralded. No other bitch does that to me."

"I can't help myself darling. I don't want you to leave my slutty asshole. Oooo, please ream me harder! Oh God, Baby! I love getting fucked in the ass with your massiveness. Oh...Oh...I cummming again! Don't stop baby!" I really don't know how long he gave my asshole a thorough workout, but it seemed a long time and I kept begging him to ream me harder and faster.

"I'm gonna cum in your ass this time you gorgeous bitch. Oh shit! Get ready cause here it comes!"

"Yes, Darling, Yes! Cum in my ass! Please blow your precious load in my ass!" My ass suddenly became all sloppy as he continued his full length reaming, flooding my bowels. I felt it start to leak out and drip onto my pussy and legs.

He finally pulled out spent. I quickly spun around on my knees and inhaled him into my cum hungry mouth. "Mmmm, Oh you taste soo good!" I was slurping, licking and sucking his black wetness like a starved puppy. When I lapped up every exposed drop, I spun around again and said, "Stick it back in my ass baby...I need more!" He fucked me to the hilt again with a few strokes before withdrawing, followed by my oral cleaning and worship once again. Five times more we did this ass-to-mouth scenario before he collapsed onto the other kitchen chair.

"Goddamn it Victoria! You really can't get enough cum, can you?"

"Never! By the way lover, I'm curious. How on earth did you get your cum into that glass without it splashing or spilling?"

"Take a look in the back of the fridge for yourself." I stood up, peeled my vinyl skirt back over my hips and ass, smoothed it out and clicked my way in my stiletto's over to the refrigerator. Inside on the rear of the top shelf was a beaker with a glass tube inserted with a rubber stopper on the top, along with a funnel on top of that. The beaker was a third full. I turned to Kendall and we both grinned!

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