tagNonConsent/ReluctanceVictoria's Blackmail Ch. 01

Victoria's Blackmail Ch. 01


It's been a while since I've posted a story. This story was based on a newpaper story I read about an art teacher whose students found topless photos of her on a flashdrive. The photos were artistic rather than pornographic. They passed the photos around amongst themselves and things got a little out of hand with her leaving, understandably very upset about the whole incident, the media got involved. Even the headmaster of the school was on her side. It made me think how else it could have turned out if the photos were not so artistic, or if one of the students decided not to share the pictures he had.

Victoria sat at her desk and stretched her shapely legs. This was her 5th year at the private school and she was their art teacher. She fitted in well with the students and the teachers. Her and her husband had just bought a beautiful large house, and were now thinking of starting their family now that they were both settled. The only dampener on her life at the moment was that her husband's law firm were in difficulty, but with the money she was earning from being an art teacher at the private school helped secure their future. It would be tough if he lost his job, but they would be able to cope. Just.

She slipped her shoes back on her nylon covered feet and surveyed her class. The class was small, smaller than most only about 15 pupils in here, 18/19 years of age; all boys. Victoria had caught a couple of them looking at her a few times and had simply placed it down as a 'school boy crush'. What she hadn't known was what was going through one of the boy's mind right now.

Michael sat at the back of the class, and turned on his phone, flicking through the screens until his teacher was portrayed on the screen. This wasn't some candid snap he had taken, these were his treasures.

A few weeks back, he had come into the classroom to find his teacher, Victoria Salley, had left her laptop at the side of her desk, unguarded. Curious and hopeful, he had taken the laptop to the IT room and quickly copied the contents to examine later, and returned the laptop. What he discovered was a series of folders going back a few years, but her system was password protected. It had taken some time, a lot of late nights staring at his laptop, a lot of trawling the internet to find the right password crackers but he had managed it. Most were bills, credit card details, some pleasant photos. One of the oldest folders held the best treasure. Now he would confront the teacher, alone.

The bell rang. Friday 3:30pm. It was what everyone had waited for. Students filed out, talking amongst themselves about plans for Friday and the coming weekend, and Victoria sat back in her chair wishing them all a pleasant weekend. She looked around and saw Michael still putting his things away into his rucksack.

"Come on slow coach!" Victoria smiled pleasantly "It's Friday. Go home and let me finish up!" She put her hands above her head and stretched, shrugging her shoulders.

Michael nodded as he put the last of his work away and slung his rucksack over his shoulder. He went to walk out, his nerves excited. Should he? Shouldn't he?

"Miss? Can I ask you a question?"

Victoria eased her chair round to view Michael. He was in his final year, 18, a little awkward, always seemed a little nervous, and suffering from a little acne. Nothing a damn good wash wouldn't put right or a dose of some spot cream. After that he might at lease look, not handsome, but at least decent for someone. She noted that his eyes went to her legs, but she had worn a knee length skirt with dark pantyhose, so there was no chance of her showing anything else off. She again put it down to teenage hormones.

"Sure Michael, what is it?" She asked.

Miachel swallowed, and fished his phone out of his pocket and opened the photo gallery. He pressed the screen to start a slide show and turned and passed it to her. He'd remember the expression on her face when she saw herself

When she had been training to be a teacher, she had ran out of money. Too proud to ask for a loan from her family or friends, she had relied on what she had, and ended up using her body. It was nothing too sordid; there were plenty of worst things on the internet. What she had ended up doing, was a soft porn shoot. Stripping down to her underwear on a photo shoot; a couple of photos of her boobs and a few of her backside, nothing more. She had hated every moment of the shoot but her thought had been on the money. It had been just enough to help her over the rough patch until she got herself back on her feet. The guy had sent her a copy of the photos. She didn't realise that they had saved to a folder on her computer when she had unzipped them.

"Michael, where...where did you get those?" she asked as the screen showed more of the photos

"Friend of mine passed them me" he lied. "Got to admit, you did a really good shoot!"

"Just delete them, and we'll forget that you showed them me."

"No way! These are superb!" Michael grinned at her as the screen displayed more.

"Do you know what will happen if the headmaster finds these things on your phone? You'll be suspended from school. You know they have the zero tolerance policy!" She stared at him, a look of control on her face.

"Yeah" he replied. "So what will he think when he finds one of his teachers has been involved in it?"

"And that's why its in both of our interests that you delete them. Understood?"

Michael nodded. "Yeah, but I'll get suspended, sent to another school." He paused for a second. "But you won't will you?"

There it was on her face, just for a split second. The crack he was looking for. He pushed forward. "You'll get fired, and it's doubtful you'll find a school like this one again. Probably some inner-city school desperate for anyone."

Victoria looked at him, trying to counter his argument. Damn the little bastard!

"So, what would you suggest?" she asked keeping her voice sounding cool.

Michael looked her up and down. "I want a blow job."

She burst out laughing. "Oh my God! Are you serious?"

Michael kept his cool, and just nodded.

"Well Michael, 10 out of 10 for guts, but you can push that right out of your mind. That's not going to happen!"

Michael sat on the corner of her desk, knowing he still held all the cards. "I think you have that new house you were talking to Mrs Cooper about."

Victoria thought about it; the new house, how she had lied on the application, over stretched her and her husband's budget just to get that house she had wanted. She knew her husband's job wasn't enough to carry them both and this new place, but she wasn't going to submit to this little creep.

"I'll tell you what I offer; you get to pass the year, no effort."

Michael looked at her smiling and shook his head 'no'. "I'm not bothered about passing this class."

"Well that's the best you'll get out of me." She answered coolly.

Michael nodded and turned the phone back to him. Victoria thought he was thinking perhaps of her offer and what she had said. She hoped he was.

Michael accessed the school wifi and started to post the pictures online.

"Well Michael? Do we have an agreement?" She had to push him for an answer.

Michael shook his head. "No, I thought you would reject me, so I had to think of some way to convince you. I'm uploading your pictures onto the school forum"

"What!?!" Victoria grabbed the phone from his hands. He had already made 3 posts onto the forum. As she frantically pressed at the screen, it showed the 4th post as being successful. She forced the phone back to him. "OK OK, stop them now. Delete the posts!"

Michael took the phone back and looked at her. "You know what I want."

Victoria looked at him, her heart beating fast. "I ..I can't, I'm married."

"Then don't tell your husband."

"Please Michael, this is my life you're messing with. Please!"

"Kneel down – the longer you argue, the longer it will take me to delete those posts"

Victoria could feel the tears of fear and anger welling inside her, but she wasn't going to show them to this little bastard. She knelt.

Michael eased himself off the desk and unzipped his pants.

"You best hurry Miss" he said easing his hard on out of his pants.

Victoria looked at the cock waiting for her and placed her hands on it, and started to stroke it, hating herself.

"No. I said blowjob. Open your mouth."

She looked up at him, tears welling in her eyes. He showed no sign of breaking, so she opened her mouth and took him in.

Victoria slowly worked his cock, trying to keep her tongue away from him.

Michael groaned above her, looking down at her dark hair and his cock in her mouth. "Oh God yessss. The longer you take the more chance the pictures have of being discovered."

Victoria realised he meant online, but she also realised she was in her classroom, on the floor in front of one of her students. She closed her eyes and imagined her husband.

Michael gasped as he felt her tongue sliding along his length and her mouth sucking his cock harder. He leaned back against the wall, and she turned with him, desperate for him to cum quickly. Her hand moved around his length, jerking him off into her mouth as her tongue lapped at his cock head.

Victoria knelt there, using her best moves on him, using things she knew excited her husband. She cupped Michael's ball in one hand, gently squeezing them, and heard him yelp above her. She tried it again, and tasted his precum and felt his cock swell. She quickly pulled her mouth from him but not before the first wad hit the back of her tongue. As she tried to get the cum out of her mouth, another wave splattered across her face, hitting her right eye and across her nose. Turning her head the next shot splashed across her dark hair. Pointing the cock away from her, the final shot hit her blouse, and the cock slowly began pumping the last of the cum onto her hand.

Michael groaned and slumped against the wall more. He closed his eyes in bliss, and heard his teacher trying to hack up the cum she had taken in her mouth. She spat it out, but he knew she had tasted it, if not swallowed some, and he grinned at the thought. He had cum in and on his pretty teacher.

"Clean it up. I don't want cum on my pants."

Victoria looked at him, the taste of cum in her mouth. She always hated the tasted of it. She quickly reached over and wiped the cum off his cock with the palm of her hand, but another glob oozed from the tip to replace it. Swallowing her pride, she wrapped her lips around his end and gave it a small lick and suck. Turning her head, she spat the foul cum onto the floor and went around cleaning herself up instead, wiping what she could from her face and blouse.

"You got your way. Now delete them" she hissed at him.

Michael stood up and grabbed his phone, working the screen and deleting the posts. "You're in luck. No views!"

She felt the wave of relief wash over her and she turned her head so he wouldn't see her tears. "And..." Victoria felt her voice breaking. She swallowed, forcing herself to control her feelings. "And delete the pictures."

"As agreed" he said putting the phone away. Adjusting himself, he put his cock away and grabbed his bag. Michael looked at his teacher on the floor, her head still turned to the side. The wad of cum, wet in her hair. 'I had you!' he thought. Leaving the room, he left her motionless, kneeling there.

Michael walked home, remembering what had happened. There had been no real chance of anyone viewing the pictures online. He had created a fake school forum that had the same template. If she had looked at the address bar, she might have seen that. He reached inside his bag and tore the tape that secured the hidden camera. It had witnessed everything through a tear in the side of his rucksack. He had agreed to delete the photos, and as far as she would be concerned, he would. He had much better pictures now. On the walk home, he though about how he would use the new footage, and her.

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