tagNonConsent/ReluctanceVictoria's Blackmail Ch. 03

Victoria's Blackmail Ch. 03


Chapter 3 Michael begins his humiliation

Victoria was on her knees in the stockroom. It was Friday afternoon and Michael's cock was slowly fucking her lips. Above her, he held her head still, pressed up against a shelf as he leisurely pushed his cock in and out. She couldn't believe how this had happened. How had she managed to fall into this vicious trap of being his plaything on a Friday? No matter how she thought about it, it was a trap. There was no way out, no-one she could turn to; no member of staff to confide in, no close friend that she would dare to disclose this to. She couldn't even bring herself to tell her husband. All she could think about was that the end of term was just six weeks away. Then Michael would be gone, and this nightmare would hopefully end. She didn't know if she could manage those weeks until then, but the bottles of wine had been helping her to cope. She had tried to talk to him this evening, but he had just pushed her in the small storage room and pushed her to her knees.

Michael groaned as he felt her mouth circling his cock, her little groans as he thrust his cock between her painted lips. She had gone into the stockroom with hardly any protest. A quick shove and she had gone to her knees, waiting for his cock, resigned to her fate. He looked down at her as he delighted in fucking her mouth. There she was in front of him, his favourite game. The sexy teacher, in the light blue blouse, mouth stretched wide as he took what he wanted, her eyes shut to the abuse. Her hand on his waist, slowing him and trying to stop him from going too deep. Looking further down, he could see a little of her cleavage, peaking out from the soft silky blouse, a hint of a blue bra. He wanted to yank open the blouse and see those breasts more, but it would mean taking his cock from her hot mouth.

"Open that blouse." He gasped. When she didn't move, he added "unless you want me to rip it open." Her soft brown eyes opened and looked up at him but she obeyed, unfastening the blouse to show off her satin bra. He returned to fucking her mouth, gazing down at the way her breasts pushed together.

She had to finish him, get him out, so she could try and forget this evening again. Victoria extended her tongue and rubbed it against his length, coaxing him. She didn't want to open her eyes again, as she pretended that it was her husband that stood before her, not this bastard of a student. She ignored the taste that was so different and worked his cock. Above her, she heard him groan in pleasure, and her mouth tasted a little of his precum. His cock pushed deeper and she gagged slightly as he went past her tongue, but her hands pushed him back, so she could hurry him along with her mouth. Pushing her head back against the uncomfortable shelf and pushing his waist slightly, she moved his cock back up to her mouth where she could work on him properly and let her tongue slide along his underside again. Michael gasped and thrust his hips forward, his hands keeping her head pinned in position as his cock began to pump the youth's cum into her mouth and throat. She held still, not wanting to swallow any of it. She could taste the salty cum flooding her mouth and gagged slightly as he tried to push in again, letting some of the cum spurt out of the side of her mouth. He didn't stop and tried again to push deeper with another burst and she pushed as hard as she could, trying to stop him.

Michael stood above her, his legs feeling exhausted but feeling a rush of pleasure as he finally pulled from her mouth. Letting go of her hair, he watched as she stayed on her knees, coughing up and spitting out the cum. He looked at his cock, still semi-erect and oozing the last of the cum from the tip.

"Hey, why don't you be nice and clean me up?"

Victoria's eyes glared up at him. "Fuck you. I am not your fucking whore. Clean yourself up!"

He laughed to himself, thinking how wrong she really was.

She stood now, the soft brown eyes that had looked up at him with such pleading only moments before, now were hardened against any more abuse for today. He nodded and looked at her with her blouse still open, and could see a wet lump of cum and saliva that had squirted from her mouth and landed on the bare skin of her breast. He watched as she stood defiantly in front of him, and as the cum slid along, and down between the warm breasts, soaking a little of the fabric on its journey. Unaware, she fastened her blouse, and Michael tucked his cock away into his boxers.

Outside the cupboard, Victoria looked at him as she got her bag and jacket.

"How much longer? Term ends in six weeks." She said sliding her jacket on.

Michael had his rucksack slung over his shoulder and nodded. "So?"

"So?" She repeated, "So it ends now."

Michael shook his head. "It ends when I say it ends."

"I can't keep doing this Michael. I just can't."

"OK." He thought for a moment as she looked at him with hope. "I tell you what; end of term is when we finish."

She nodded, just six weeks. Maybe a few Fridays off being ill?

"Then I get to fuck you." Michael continued.

"I told you no. I'm married, so I am not fucking you, get it through your thick head, it's not happening. No fucking way."

Michael watched as she snarled at him, he could push it, try and get what he wanted, but if she broke the wrong way, he'd have no more leverage over her. He gave her a moment to calm down.

"OK, no fucking, but, I get something special."

Victoria went to shout at him, but stopped herself. Hadn't this little shit done enough? She looked away from him, blinking back the tears of rage in her eyes, not wanting him to see them. Her fists clenched as she fought to control her emotions. She took a shuddering breath in and let it out slowly, commanding herself.

"What did you have in mind?" She asked, struggling to keep herself composed.

He shrugged at her. "Don't know yet."

Michael opened the classroom door and walked out, leaving her alone in the empty room.

She sat in her chair at her desk, and placed her head in her hands. She wanted to cry, to scream, but this wasn't the place or the time. Instead she sat there, fighting back the tears.

The following Friday, Victoria had a plan. The deal was Fridays. She had re-examined the thought of having the Friday off, but he knew where she lived and she didn't want him calling round to her place again, but what happened if he didn't show up? It wouldn't be her fault, it would be his! She sat at one of the school computers and brought up his timetable, and studied what classes he had before hers for the final period. She smiled and saw that it was Mr Goggins, the sports teacher. Nipping to the staff room, she collected a couple of coffees from the machine and took them down to his office.

Pete Goggins was a large Scottish man, and always the gentleman, even though he made it clear that he had an eye for the ladies. As soon as Victoria popped her head around the corner, he was already more than willing to help, and the coffee would be the clincher.

"No Pete, I can't say." She said smiling pleasantly at him.

Pete sipped his coffee and looked at her, a little concerned. "Well he's not a bad student. He plays football well, and he's always a good kid. Not like some of those other shits."

She nodded. "I know, well I just want you to...delay him, that's all."

Pete decided she had her own reasons and she wasn't going to say It was an odd request, and he had a good idea about how to delay him, and a couple of the shit ones as well.

As the final bell was about to go, Pete Goggins had not turned up and she could feel her stomach knotting in trepidation at what would happen if he didn't show. Another blow job. Another mouth full of his cum. She looked at the class, and saw him there, smiling. Victoria looked briefly at her watch and saw there was only a minute or so to go, when she heard the knock at the door. Pete popped his head round and gave a big smile at her.

"Ah, Mrs Salley, I hope I'm not disturbing you?" He said with his thick accent.

She decided to play along with the act. "Erm, no, no you're not. Is there something I can help you with?"

Taking this as the welcome, he entered the class room and stood there, hands on hips looking at the class, beaming his smile at them.

"Gentlemen, I need a little help, and looking for volunteers! Who wants to give me a hand?" He searched the faces for anyone that would offer to help, but he knew no-one wanted to help, not on a Friday afternoon.

"No comers hey? Right, in that case I'll have to draft you in then. Chris Gartside, you've just volunteered. Robin Moore, yes you lad." Pete Goggins looked around.

"Two more, let's see. Michael Cooper and Sean O'Reilly! Well done lads, you're all helping me to do a clear out of the sports stock room."

Victoria eyes swept the room at the chosen students, briefly meeting Michael's. She kept her face impassive.

"Well come on lads, don't sit there dawdling. Grab your things and get a move on!"

Michael, put his rucksack over his shoulder and stood there; last of the four chosen to leave the room.

"Is there a problem Michael?" asked Pete.

He looked at Victoria and then at the sports teacher. She noticed how his eyes flared at her. "No sir, no problem."

"Well get a move on then lad. Sooner you finish sooner you can go."

Victoria watched as the door closed behind the sports teacher, and then smiled at her class as the bell rang. The students filed out quickly and noisily, leaving her briefly alone. Not wanting to take any chances, she grabbed her coat and bag and followed them.

She had expected him to try and call that weekend, but her husband was home and she made a point of leaving the house with him. By the time Monday rolled around, she was feeling better about herself, she had not drank as much, and she was starting to plan for another event to happen to Michael for this Friday evening.

Michael had other ideas and cornered her in her classroom on the Monday lunch break.

"What the hell was that all about on Friday?" he hissed. Victoria knew he would be pissed at her, and she realised that she should be taking more control of the situation.

"Michael, I have no idea what you're on about. I figured you'd be about 5 minutes then..." she calmly responded, but Michael spoke over her.

"Get in the stock room. You're going to give me what I should have got on Friday!"

"No Michael. It's your rules. It's not Friday."

Michael wasn't for listening though, and started marching her to the room. He wasn't prepared for her heel coming down on his instep. He howled and limped, leaning on the desk, his eyes glaring at her.

Victoria poked him in the chest. "This is your fucking sick game; they're your fucking rules. Today's not Friday, so you don't get anything. Not my fault he chose you on Friday, so you'll just have to live with it. Got it?"

She marched past him, barging him out of the way. Inside her head she cheered and congratulated herself, as she left him alone in the class room.

When it came to Friday, she went into the school feeling better than she had the following week. Her first stop was the staff room to collect a couple of coffees and then to see Pete again. He was easy enough like last time. She smiled and winked at him as she entered the room.

"Hi Pete. Just thought I'd bring you a coffee. How are you today?"

Pete looked at her as she placed the coffees on his desk and stood before him hands behind her back looking coyly at him. She smiled at him and then looked around the room at his pictures, he took the opportunity to examine her. His eyes leisurely took her in, starting with the heels, before easing their way up her light grey pantyhose; he looked at the way her calves were shaped before they reached the hem of her long grey skirt. They moved to her thighs, and then the sweet curve of her backside. He wondered if it was as firm as it looked. He moved his eyes higher and to her chest, and the curve of her breasts through the silky purple blouse. He briefly imagined cupping them as he drove his cock into her ass from behind.

"Hello?" She smiled at him.

Pete came round from his brief daydream. "Sorry, what did you say Victoria?"

"I was just wondering if you could do me another favour?"

He reached over and took his coffee cup. "Well, I guess I can. What is it?"

She took her coffee and gently slid her finger along the lip of the cup. "I was wondering if you wouldn't mind delaying Michael again tonight?"

"It depends." He knew there was more to this than she was letting on. "Are you going to tell me what's going on?"

"Was hoping you could do this as a friend, no questions asked?" she said, her eyes staring into his, hoping that she could be as seductive as was needed.

"You did that last week. This week I want to know why."

"Michael has," she thought quickly. "well, he has a bit of crush on me."

"Well why don't you just confront him then? Just tell him it won't work out. You know it's best"

She had hoped that he wouldn't question it. "Please Pete. I know that's the best route, but so close to the end of term, I don't want to have such a confrontation."

Pete sipped the coffee and listened to her lying. Perhaps if she wouldn't tell him the truth, Michael may well be able to. If anything, it should be good for a laugh.

"OK. But you owe me on this one Victoria."

She smiled at him and winked. "Thanks Pete."

Lunchtime came and Victoria found herself at her desk. She reached under the desk and unfastened her shoes, slipping them off. She let her nylon feet slide against the cool floor and stretched her calves. She closed her eyes and pulled her arms behind her head, making her body taught. The sound of the classroom door closing brought her back to reality.

"It's Friday." Said Michael, leaning against the door, blocking her only exit.

Victoria sat up in her chair and looked at him. "Yes, but its not Friday evening. We're still in school time."

Michael walked towards her. "I never said anything about when on a Friday, I just said Friday. Don't want Goggins taking me out of class at the end again do we?"

Victoria stood up, pushing her chair from behind her as she did. "After school Michael, not during. I thought you knew this?"

He shook his head no. "Get in the cupboard. It's time for you to pay."

"No Michael!"

Michael took her by the arm and pulled her towards the cupboard. He felt her stamp on his foot again, but he had learned from last time and wore thicker shoes, and without her heels on he hardly felt her.

"Michael please? Not here, if someone walks in?" she pleaded with him, but in her nylon feet, she slid slowly across the floor.

"Same as before; you better be quick then." He said, pushing the door and pulling her into the waiting room.

"Please Michael. After school, please!"

He kicked the door shut.

Michael span her around and made her face the door. She felt him start to pull up her long grey skirt.

"Michael? What the hell are you doing?"

"What we agreed on. Bend over." He said yanking the skirt upwards. Even in the dim light of the closet, he could see her wonderfully shaped legs under the hose.

"Wait! We agreed. You said you wouldn't!"

She felt him behind, fumbling and then his cock pressing up against the back of her thigh. Victoria's hand gripped the shelf.

"Don't you move – Got it?"

Victoria nodded but gripped the waistband of her hose, stopping him from pulling them down. Michael had other ideas though.

Taking his cock, he pressed it up against the small gap at the top of her thighs.

"Open a little. Let me in."

Victoria's hand kept a grip on her nylon waistband and her other hand gripped the shelf tighter, but let her thighs part a little and felt his cock slide up against her.

Michael started to fuck his cock against her. He could feel the soft nylons press against him, and the heat coming from just under the covered pussy. His hands pushed the rest of her skirt up around her waist, letting him see the white panties pulled tight across her ass. Placing one hand on her hip, he used her. The other hand reached up and bent her over, and Victoria let him, eager for this humiliation to be over with.

David and Neil entered the classroom and looked around – there was no-one to be seen.

"Come on. No-ones in this one." David said.

They quickly walked in and placed their bags on one of the desks, away from small window in the door. They were supposed to on break, but sitting in classrooms was against the rules. David took his phone out of his pocket and selected a music track.

Victoria remained quiet. She couldn't run the risk of letting the two students know what was happening in here. Carefully, she reached behind and tried to stop Michael but he pushed her hand out of the way. Outside she could hear the faint tinny sound of the music they were playing. She stood up and moved away from him. Michael was not having that and pushed her up against the shelf.

"I've not finished with you yet" he hissed into her ear.

She couldn't run the risk of the others hearing, so Victoria gripped the shelf. She felt him guide his cock back up between her thighs and resumed fucking against her.

Neil took his phone out of his pocket and looked at it, and began scanning through a few of the pictures he had on it.

David looked over at him, and saw the slight glaze come over his eyes.

"What are you looking at?"

Neil didn't bother taking his eyes off the screen and instead flicked onto the next picture on the screen "Looking at Mrs Salley."

"Yeah? Lets see then?"

David looked at the phone and saw Mrs Salley sat behind her desk. Her shoe slightly dangling from her foot. As he watched, the screen displayed the next picture, showing her standing at the whiteboard, the centre of the screen showing the backs of her legs.

"Dude, that's fucking perverted!" Dave said, laughing at his friend.

"Just...some pictures that's all. Nothing obscene!"

"Yeah, but I bet you've had a wank over them haven't you?"

Neil didn't bother answering but just smirked at Dave.

David shook his head in disbelief. "You're unbelievable man! I mean, she got that hot body on her, why just take pictures of her feet?"

"I like her feet. They're nice"

"Yeah, but she's got those cute tits, and that amazing ass!"

Neil snorted. "You're always on about asses. That's so fucking gay!"

"What's gay about it? You saw that video where that woman got fucked up her ass and how she groaned about it."

"Yeah, but wouldn't your dick smell of shit after it?"

"Yeah" Dave laughed, "but if that bothers you, get her to suck it clean or wipe it on her."

Michael listened to the other two speak about her. He knew that Victoria kept quiet, not just waiting for him to finish, but out of fear of being discovered. How much was she prepared to be quiet? He reached around her and slid his hand up to the waistband of her pantyhose. Her hand quickly gripped his wrist as he began to slide his hand down the front. She was determined, but wasn't as strong, still he struggled to get his hand down. His hand slowly worked its way down, into her panties. She looked over her shoulder at him, shaking her head no, but he knew what he wanted. He pushed roughly down, and cupped her warm pussy.

Neil looked over at her desk, and wondered if her seat would still be warm from her previous class. As he looked at her desk, he saw that there was something underneath it, poking out slightly. He put his phone away and went over to investigate. It was her shoes, the ones she was wearing this morning. Carefully, he reached down and picked one of them up and brought it to his nose, inhaling.

David watched his friend. "Dude, just fucking leave it. Put it back."

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