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Victoria's Fall


Please note that this story is a sequel to Holly's Winter, Cecee's Spring and Jenny's Summer. Cecee's Spring has not been written as yet.

I appreciate all votes, comments and feedback. I am looking for an editor.


I find I must begin my own story with someone else's.

Her name was Victoria Smart. She was a very beautiful woman of average height and slim, with long, dark hair, dark eyes with long lashes, full, pink lips and delicate facial features. Her body had an elegant and very female beauty that in ages past would have made her a rival to Helen or Cleopatra in the desire that she inspired.

In addition to this, she was no mere empty shell. Her mind was clear and quick and her character was beyond reproach. Perhaps some might think her promiscuous, or even a slut, when reviewing her past relationships, but she was the type of woman that men dreamed of and she knew it and she saw no reason not to enjoy herself and bring pleasure to others while she sought what life had to offer. In some ways she was an innocent, even though she was already in her early twenties when I first encountered her.

It was her fine character that induced Santa Claus to show up at her apartment on Christmas Eve and whisk her away to the North Pole. It was an invitation she relished, as it took her away from her boring job at a municipal library in Halifax.

Once at the North Pole, she settled in with the other women Santa had chosen to be his companions. She embraced the opportunity to have sex with this legendary figure, thinking it was a chance for her to find love. Despite the warnings of her friend Holly, Victoria believed the lies of an elf woman named Titania. It wasn't until everything was out in the open that Victoria realized what good friends Holly and the others had been to her. At that point, her life took a turn for the better as she and the other young women cooperated to protect the North Pole from invading Russian sailors. Victoria was a key part of the four woman team that infiltrated the submarine and then commandeered it. She was also instrumental in ensuring that Holly and Doug, the new Santa Claus, discovered how much they really cared for each other.

Victoria Smart was quite a woman. She still is.


Sergei was becoming adept at recognizing the signs of melancholy in a young woman that pointed towards a need for a lifestyle change. First it happened with Jennifer and then with Victoria. However, Sergei was also the type of man that understood long-term happiness often did not coincide with short-term happiness.

"You need a change...a vacation, Victoria." They were both dressing for breakfast. The morning meal at the North Pole was communal and relaxed and as a result, there was no hurry to begin breakfast by a certain time each day.

"Like Jenny did? I don't want to leave you in the lurch, Sergei. I've liked being with you. I've liked it a lot."

As Victoria brushed her hair, Sergei came up behind her and rested his hands on her shoulders. "I know. But neither of us is going to like the other's company for much longer, I fear. It is time for us to move on."

Victoria sighed. "I know. I'll talk to Doug after breakfast and see if he can take me back to Halifax. I haven't seen my folks since I first came up here eight months ago. They're probably worried sick about me."

"You did call them in the spring to tell them you were all right. Also, I am sure they saw you on the news during all the trouble that Cecee and Yuri had at the United Nations."

"Yes, that certainly convinced me that I just wasn't cut out for being an ambassador, although Holly and Doug did offer me a position." Victoria sighed again. "I feel so useless sometimes, Sergei. Holly helps Doug in so many ways and she came up with the plan to take over your submarine."

"Oh, the hard work of her soldiers should have paid off in a medal for each," said Sergei with a wink.

She set her brush down in front of the mirror and pushed his hands from her shoulders. "They don't give medals for having sex with the enemy, Sergei."

"You used what weapons you had available."

"Besides, Cecee is doing so much at the U.N. and Jenny and her friends stopped that horrible monster. What have I done? Nothing! I should be contributing but I don't know how best to do so." She hugged herself.

Sergei lifted her chin. "Victoria, you ask too much of yourself. You are only twenty-four. Soon, you will come to a realization about what your purpose should be and then you will do it. Be patient. But do go visit your family and recharge yourself mentally. When you come back things will seem much clearer to you."

"You are a great guy, Sergei. I wish we were in love."

"Yes, it would be nice if we were, but we're not and it is best for us to part ways before the little idiosyncrasies we each have taint our mutual fondness."


Victoria did talk to Doug after breakfast and late in the afternoon they both loaded up Santa's sleigh with her belongings and after several tearful goodbyes, the reindeer pulled them into the sky.

Neither Victoria nor Doug felt like talking as they flew southwards to the Maritime Provinces. Victoria, bundled up against the cold, had time to think about how to say goodbye to Doug. She had made a play for him when they had first met and he had turned her down politely but effectively. That had been a first for her and though she would never act on it, she often wondered what being with Doug would be like. He was as good a man as Sergei and Yuri. Two of them were out of her reach and the third she had not fallen in love with and likely wasn't going to.

She was still brooding over these thoughts when she saw the lights of Halifax in the darkness below. She directed Doug to the suburb where her parent's home was and he landed on the street directly in front of the old house.

Victoria pulled back the hood and undid the buttons on her long, grey, winter coat, given to her by the ancient elf woman, Breeleigh. Doug set her suitcases on the sidewalk and then hesitated.

"I felt so sad saying goodbye to everyone at the North Pole, Doug. And now I have to say goodbye to you. When I first met you I hoped that maybe we could have been a couple."

"Maybe, but Holly had my heart from the first night I met her."

"Yes, your 'lingerie model'. If I'd known that was what it took..." she teased.

"You'll be missed, Vicky. If or when you ever decide to return to the North Pole, please let us know. You will always be welcome there. Also, Jenny and Cecee both wanted me to pass on invitations to visit them. And, Breeleigh and Puckrin also wanted me to inform you that there will always be a faerie nearby keeping an eye on you, so if you ever need help simply call out for it."

Doug stepped forward and hugged Vicky tightly. "You're a brave and smart woman, Vicky. Whatever you set your mind to accomplish you will succeed at. And if we at the North Pole can be of any help, simply let us know."

Victoria hugged him back and then heard a commotion behind her. She let go of Doug and turned to find her middle-aged parents standing on their porch and staring at the two in wonder. Neighbours were staring out open doors and windows of their own houses. She could hear a couple of excited children shouting, "it's Santa Clause! He's early!"

She and Doug laughed and then he climbed back up onto his red sleigh. He waved at the houses around them, and then he gave Victoria a wink as he flicked the reigns to urge the reindeer to pull the sleigh away into the night sky.

Everyone silently watched the magical vehicle disappear. Then Victoria picked up her bags and walked up to her parent's house.

They greeted her warmly and had a thousand questions for her. The three talked late into the night and Victoria nearly fell sleep in her chair before her mom and dad sent her off to her old room. She changed into a nightgown, snuggled into the bed and quickly went to sleep, untroubled by doubts.

The next day the family had several visitors, all of them curious about Victoria's involvement at the North Pole. She found the attention uncomfortable, but politely answered what questions she could.

Late in the day, one of her old friends came by to invite her out for drinks and dancing. Victoria was eager for the change of pace. She had always enjoyed being out at local bars with her friends and sure enough, she found herself having a wonderful time at the pub that her friends had picked out for their reunion party.

The music was loud and the dance floor was full. The mix of men and women was about equal and Victoria managed to find herself quite a few dance partners. One in particular held her attention. He was tall, fairly well built, fair-haired, blue eyed and well groomed. He was articulate and confident and she saw a few of the other ladies frowning when he asked her for a second dance. He wasn't a great dancer, but he was enthusiastic and laughed at his own occasional clumsiness. After their second dance, she brought him back to her friends to chat a short while.

"Oh, we all know Bob," said Lizzy, rolling her eyes. "He's my cousin from Fredericton. He's a business lawyer."

At Victoria's questioning glance, Bob nodded.

"So what brings you down to Halifax, Bob?" Vicky asked, speaking into his ear.

"I'm opening up another firm here. Business is good. So what do you do for a living, Vicky?"

Victoria gave him a look and then stared at her friends, who were all hiding their laughter behind their hands. Bob looked a little uncomfortable that they were all having a joke, apparently at his expense.

"I don't have a job right now. I've been unemployed since last Christmas." Can he really not know, she wondered?

"Oh." Victoria immediately regretted bringing their conversation to a potentially sad topic. She opened her mouth to explain, but Bob interrupted her.

"They're playing a slower song, now. What say we find a nice spot on the dance floor and chat a little more?"

She smiled and offered her hand. He led her to the middle of the dance floor and then gave her a crafty look. Victoria stood innocently, holding his hand and hoping he would find a more private dancing area so they could cuddle while they danced. He seemed to read her mind. He diverted her to the edge of the dance floor, where there was more shadow then lighting.

He put his hands on her hips and pulled her close.

"That's sad that you don't have a job right now."

"It's not too bad. I've just moved in with my folks and I'll find something to get by."

Victoria moved her hands up his arms, over his broad shoulders and up to his neck. She let her fingers idly play with his short hair. He smiled down at her and she tugged gently on the back of his neck. Bob followed the hint, leaned down briefly and they kissed. It was a quick, tentative kiss and then their lips parted and they both looked around shyly to see if they had caught anyone's attention.

His hands moved up to her bare back. Her top was a sparkly material that covered her from the base of her throat to her jeans in the front, but in the back two strings, one around her neck and the other across her back near her lower ribs, was all that she wore. They gyrated their hips in a slow synchronized motion.

Victoria loved dancing and had very little practice over the last several months. The way Bob was smiling he seemed to be enjoying himself, as well. Victoria raised her arms over her shoulders and did a mock belly dance for him, while slowly rotating.

When she was facing away from him, his hands went to her hips and he held her in place. Her heartbeat quickened and she backed gently in to him so that her butt was rubbing against him as she continued to undulate. He held her in this position for a short while, enjoying the friction and the very suggestive contact, and then his hands rose along her hips.

She gasped, but managed to keep her rhythm as his hands slipped under her top to her stomach and then slowly continued their way up. Her bottom stayed in contact with his pelvis, now, as she let his rhythm take over the dance. Sweat beaded on her skin and she licked her lips in anticipation.

His hands met the bottom of her breasts. His fingers tentatively touched their way over her roundness until at last he cupped a breast in each hand. Victoria could feel her nipples hardening under his fingertips and let her head roll back onto his shoulder. Her eyes closed and she murmured, "that feels so good, Bob."

He played with her breasts, teasing her nipples and lifting and squeezing her boobs until she felt like her top would fall to the floor. She could feel the bulge in his pants through her own jeans. She opened her eyes and saw they were still a little isolated from the rest of the dancers, but the dance floor was not private enough for what she wanted now.

She continued to grind her butt against him as sweat dripped along her forehead and down her neck. Bob was breathing deeper and in time with the rhythm of their hips. Oh, we really have to find someplace more private, she thought.

She disengaged his hands from her breasts and turned around in his arms. She stood on her tiptoes and pulled his head to her until they kissed and this kiss was unmistakeably passionate and full of promise. She let go of his head and looked into his eyes.

As if reading her mind, he said, "why don't we find somewhere more private, Vicky?"

"Yes," she agreed, huskily. She took his hand in hers and intertwined their fingers. They moved across the dance floor, both of them full of an almost giddy anticipation. Her friends saw them and she gave them a quick and dismissive wave with her free hand. Lizzy gave her a 'thumbs up' signal and then turned to talk to a man who had just brought her a drink.

Victoria and Bob left the club and stood outside the entrance uncertainly. A few passers by were using the sidewalk, but no one seemed to notice them.

"I guess your place is out of the question?" he asked.

"Parents," she reminded him.

"My car is a block that way. The parking lot looked pretty deserted when I parked there," he suggested. At her raised eyebrow he added "I'm staying with Lizzy's folks until I move into my place at the end of the month."

"The car it is, then."

They walked quickly, with that urgency that tells your partner that you are a little afraid he or she might change their mind. Sure enough, the parking lot was poorly lit and deserted. His car was a small, expensive, European sports car that she guessed had cost him at least one hundred thousand. Victoria did wonder how they were going to be able to do anything inside the small car though. The sudden sigh from Bob made her think he had just come to the same realization.

"It is fairly warm," she suggested, "and we don't have to take everything off."

Bob smiled at her, walked her around to the back side of the car and pushed her against it. He lifted her top, exposing her large, pale globes and kissed her lips. Victoria's hands went down to his pants and she struggled with his belt and zipper.

He broke the kiss. "You know, you can live at my place once I've moved in. You don't have to find a job. I'll take care of everything."

Victoria giggled as she undid his pants and then began massaging his erection through his boxers. "No, I'm getting a job. I have to support myself. And living with you is rushing it a bit, don't you think? Maybe in a week or so I'll come visit you up in Fredericton for a weekend."

His hands stopped kneading her tits. "No. You'll have to stay in Halifax. I'll see you when I come down here. You can't visit me back home."

Victoria's hands dropped. "What are you saying, Bob? Why can't I visit you 'back home'?"

"Because I don't want my wife to find out about you? What did you think?"

"You're married."

"Of course, I just said that." He moved forward to kiss her lips and she turned away. "Now what's wrong with you? I said I'd take care of you. You would have your own place to live and a comfortable allowance. When I'm in town you'd have to spend your time with me, but when I'm away you can do whatever the hell you want. Except you're forbidden to fuck anyone else."

"You're married."

"Will you get over that? What the hell is wrong with you?" He grabbed her arms tightly. "Why were you playing up to me on the dance floor? Lizzy must have told you I was married and looking for a girlfriend while I'm down here. You can't be so na•ve as to think I'd leave my wife for you."

"You asshole! You're fucking married!" Victoria pushed him away. "God, how could I have been so stupid? I've been around such nice guys lately I'd forgotten what jerks some of you could be." She pulled her top back into place. "If Lizzy asks where I am then tell her I've gone back home." An image of the North Pole flashed through her mind when she said 'home'.

Bob fixed his pants. "Get off my car you god-dammned, stupid bitch."

Victoria moved from the car, keeping out of Bob's reach and watched as he climbed in, started the ignition and roared out of the parking lot.

She walked home. She wasn't worried about muggers, as she knew there would be a faerie around her somewhere, protecting her. When she arrived, her parents were already sleeping so she simply stripped, slid between the sheets and went to sleep.

The next day, Lizzy came by to try to 'talk some sense' into Victoria. It seemed that Bob had confided in her and he was willing to forgive Victoria's behaviour, as Lizzy had assured him that she was a great girl. When Lizzy made it plain that she was well aware that Bob merely wanted a mistress Victoria ordered her out, using some choice words that made her parents blush.

Later that afternoon, after moping around the house Victoria told her parents she was going to Ottawa for a while to visit her best friend. She called up Jenny and was surprised when Jenny told her that there would be a jet waiting for her at the Halifax airport the next day.

Sure enough, after bidding a loving farewell to her parents, who demanded she keep in touch more often, she took a taxi to the airport to find a private jet was waiting for her and only her. Even though the flight was short, Victoria found the service excellent and the crew were very accommodating. Although they would only address her as Miss Smart and absolutely refused to call her Vicky.


Once the plane reached Ottawa, it was a short walk for her from the jet to the limousine. The smartly dressed, brown skinned chauffer opened the door for.

"Welcome back, Vicky."

"Oh, Ahmed! You remembered that I prefer Vicky." She gave him a thankful smile.

"I remembered that you were very insistent when you hired me, miss. I'll have you back to the residence shortly. If you'll be seated you'll find there is juice and alcohol in the fridge and a small selection of snack food. I'll collect your bags and we'll be on our way."

"Thank you, Ahmed," she said while settling herself comfortably on the soft seat. He closed the door behind her and she took a quick look at what was available to eat and drink. She selected a Canada Dry and some small sandwiches. Soon enough, the car was moving. She would have preferred sitting up front and chatting with Ahmed while he drove, but she also remembered he was a Moslem and a little uncomfortable about being around a single, non-Moslem woman.

When they arrived at Jenny's home, Ahmed opened her door and helped her out of the car.

"If you'll go up to the door, Vicky, someone will open it for you. I called ahead to let them know we had arrived. I'll take your bags to your room."

"Thank you again, Ahmed." She hesitated. "I was meaning to ask you, how do you like working for Jenny and her partners?"

"I like it a great deal, miss. They allow me a great deal of free time and I have been able to visit all the museums here in this city at least once. I have also visited the Parliament Buildings."

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