Victoria's Lucky Day At Work


"Erm, actually," Victoria was in her game, "I still am a little desperate."

"Anything I could do?" the man asked hesitantly.

The brazenfaced slut lowered her eyes slowly to his crotch and made big eyes.

"Hmm, as a matter of fact, I suppose you could," she said and smacked her lips again. "Do you have some quiet place here where I could state my needs?"

"Go to the service elevator and wait. I'll join you in a minute."

"But don't keep me waiting. My lunch break's coming to an end," she answered and strutted in the direction he indicated. He joined her there soon in a deserted side-corridor, looking behind his shoulder to make sure there was nobody to see him open a small service room to let her in. The man was anxious. Not only did that white slut excite him, but also he was also scared somebody should see that. He was the shift master, but should any customer spot them together and complain to the management, it would certainly cost him his job. Oh, God. The wicked selfish whore was tempting him to perdition and he was doing her bidding like a supine fool.

The moment the mechanical door clicked shut behind him and he turned on the light, the woman sat on some box and pulled him to her by the belt. She quickly unzipped his trousers to pull out his tool while he reached to her pert breasts. She slapped him on the hand and said:

"You'll handle me another time, darling. I'm in a hurry now."

The cock-crazed slut didn't lose time indeed. She didn't stop to caress the dick, just took a good look at it to appreciate its chocolate beauty and took it in her ever-hungry mouth to give her pharynx yet another massage. Even if she didn't have much time for him, she was intent on proving to him that she could give him a blowjob no one else could. She therefore deepthroated him properly, risking another incident with her blouse. When the man lost control and started fucking her face totally lost in his unexpected bliss, she let him. She could always say in the office that she had an incident with tea during lunch. The happy guard was riding her face no longer minding the fact that somebody might hear his loud groans and moaning. He actually cried out the moment his jism exploded into her slutty mouth flooding it with a generous amount of delicious black nut juice.

Victoria swallowed quickly and scrupulously, stood up, straightened her skirt, looked at her blouse critically, pulled out her make up compact and looking at her reflection in the mirror said:

"Oh my gosh! You've ruined my lipstick."

The big man almost looked repentant. Victoria caressed his cheek and said:

"It's okay, darling. I'm not angry. You must tell me when you're on duty so I can service you properly."

Victoria arrived in her office ten minutes later than she had said she would. Luckily nobody seemed to notice and her blouse had nearly dried by then. She sat in front of her computer and started pondering the events of the morning. She couldn't believe her luck! The day had barely started and she had already taken three good offerings of black cum. On top of that she had befriended the top guard at the mall and would from now on be able to service his cock at her leisure and in the security of the service room too. With time, she was sure, she could persuade him to let her suck the cocks of the other black guards at the place. Her prospects seemed bright and the afternoon looked promising too. She was going to her usual tavern where black cocks were in big supply and there was always some nice cock to pick up not to mention the regulars and the personnel both of whom she sucked on the daily basis and sometimes fucked too. Ah, what a life, Victoria smiled at her belly where three nice helpings of the precious Negro nectar were swiveling!

Then she thought about the Saturday party she was throwing. The idea had come as an inspiration after the four black studs fucked her and fed her their jism so dutifully the day before. Tonight in the tavern she would invite a few of her regulars to the party. How many guys could turn up? She was sure that at least ten. "Yes, you horny cum eater," she said to herself, "it's time you went for more." Oh, the thought of pleasing so many black cocks and devouring so much of their cum on Saturday evening started moistening her ever-hungry pussy again. Of course she would have to get supplies for the party. She would do it on Saturday morning and, what a lucky coincidence, she would do it in the shopping arcade where Brandon, the head guard worked. That way she would get a supply of fresh jism to keep her going until the party!

Her happy train of thoughts was interrupted by a colleague. Shit! In her happy state she had completely forgotten about the business dinner she was supposed to have after work today. So much for her plans for more jism to satisfy her hunger that afternoon! She would try and cut the dinner short, but of course would only be able to get to the tavern pretty late. She would get some cock nevertheless, but the question was how to survive until that late without another helping? The three loads she had already received that day were unlikely to carry her through the whole afternoon. When pressed, Victoria's slutty mind could usually come up with a solution, though. She would take her business contact to the restaurant where Axel, one of her recently enlisted donors, worked. She would excuse herself and get Axel's jism during dinner. Victoria smiled at the thought.

Reinforced with this resolution, she hurried to the restaurant where she had arranged the dinner with the prospective new client. It was nearly five. She had changed into more official attire: a black, pin-striped business jacket on top of a beige semi-gloss blouse and a more modest black pencil skirt ending three inches above her knees. However, the corset with garter straps remained. To make up for her more sober attire, the slut inside Victoria decided she should change the stockings to bolder natural contrast with black Cuban Heel, Foot, Seam and Welt. The shoes? The slut inside her made the choice again: Empire! She had hardly worn these shoes yet even though she bought them a month ago. They were a perfect match to the contrast stockings: red patent, with red soles and black 7-inch stiletto heels that required ankle straps as walking in these pumps was practically on tiptoes! She fell in love with those shoes the moment she saw them and now wondered why she hadn't worn them yet.

Business dinners will be business dinners. Hard to concentrate your attention on a sterile conversation with a smallish man in his fifties who is finding it difficult not to salivate ogling the slut pretending to be a woman of business seated opposite him. And this is especially difficult if at the next table, facing you, sits a most gorgeous, clean-shaven-sculled example of a coal-black stud that keeps eyeing you and sending you cute smiles ignoring the white call girl with whom he's having dinner. The slut in Victoria was on edge all the time. So much so that she nearly forgot to direct herself to the place where Axel was waiting. As she walked past the coal-black man she made sure he would have a good look at her hip sway, her seamed stockings and killer shoes. Their eyes held contact until she nearly bumped into another table. She minced forward attracting more attention from other men in the place. Walking in such shoes takes some skill and Victoria had plenty of that. She loves her stilettos.

Axel was in the recess off the main lobby, near the telephone booths. He quickly let Victoria into a small service room. He was pretty nervous, poor thing. It was the first time he was going to offer his dick to his white cum-bitch to suck in his place of employment. The slut inside Victoria appreciated it. It meant he valued her cock-sucking skills very highly. Today, however, she would only give him a quick blowjob. Victoria was driven by selfish motives – she needed his hot cum to last to the evening when more supply would be available. Furthermore, she would only deepthroat him a few times so as not to get any spittle on her blouse again and that was no good during an official business dinner. She kissed and licked Axel's dick to arousal and jerked him off with her throat cavity until he swayed on his legs. Then she locked her cock-sucking lips on his glans to make sure no cum would be spilt and the happy young man filled the white whore with his jism.

Victoria ate the delectable goo even if a little tangy in taste, but the texture was lumpy, which made her mouth jump with joy!

"Thanks, darling. You've no idea how much you helped me. I'll reward you for this treat, but have to be going now." She kissed his cheek and opened the door of the service room. There was the tall, bald-headed black man standing in the recess by the telephone booths. The sight of him arrested Victoria's progress and brought a fuck-me-silly smile to her face. She was looking at the man shamelessly as she moved past him, her legs suddenly wobbly.

"You've kept me waiting, whore," the man suddenly said.

Victoria stopped shocked, but the cum slut inside her was squealing and jumping with delight at the way she was spoken to! She stood there with that silly smirk glued to her face as if she didn't comprehend what he was saying.

"What do you have to say, white whore?" the man demanded and Victoria almost swooned.

"Oh, I'm sorry, sir," she finally managed to say. "I was...busy."

"Busy servicing that kid's dick? Do you only go for kids' dicks? Is that all you're worth?"

Now Victoria definitely swooned. She was speechless with delight! The man didn't wait for her to speak, though. He continued in a dominating voice:

"Get rid of that dude you're dining with and wait for me at the main entrance. You've got half an hour and you'll get your true food." And he was gone to join the girl he was sitting with. Victoria went back to her table, her legs shaky. As she was going past that man's table, he bent to the girl and said something. The girl laughed and looked at Victoria with disdain.

Victoria joined her business contact, but after twenty minutes excused herself with a headache. The man escorted her gallantly to the lobby where she said she wanted to use the restroom and he went his way. Victoria took her position at the main entry and waited for the black-like-coal stud. This time he kept her waiting. Ten minutes passed, then another ten before the man finally appeared in company with the white girl. Victoria smirked stupidly as her lust swept away all her dignity. The man seemed to be ignoring her. He kissed the girl good-bye and helped her into a coat. Then the girl approached Victoria and said loud enough for the people around to hear:

"Have fun, slut!"

And of course a few people looked making the slut inside Victoria roar with delight! The girl left and the man bent his finger at Victoria. She followed him into the street where he was first to get into a taxi leaving the door open for her. She followed him into the car and noticed that the driver was black too. In the car Victoria tried to start chitchat with the man. He, however, remained unresponsive. There was something dominant about his self-confident manner, something that made goose bumps form on Victoria's skin. She had never before found herself confronted with such a man and was ecstatic with anticipation. Something in her wanted to subjugate her to him and it was clear that the man could see that something in her from the onset.

"Cabby," he suddenly turned to the driver, "how about we make a deal you and me? You take this here white whore and use her instead of the usual fare."

The cabby, a young Senegalese in dreadlocks, was surprised, but more than that aroused. He had kept stealing looks at the woman in the rear view mirror ever since she entered his car. At the traffic lights he looked around and studied her openly with an assumed expression of sophistication and connoisseurship.

"Tell him you're a good whore," the tall man turned to Victoria. This was extremely degrading for her, but she wanted to please this man and besides, it was a question of ambition not to be turned down by a black stud so she said with a lustful smile:

"I'm a good whore that loves eating black dick and is an expert at deepthroating." The situation where she was forced to offer herself to a taxi driver as a product of value equivalent to some twenty dollars made her pussy and ass even wetter!

"How long can I use her for?" the driver asked.

"Twenty minutes," the man responded. "And you can use her in my compartment. Agreed?"

"What can I do with the bitch?"

"What can he do with you, bitch?" the man turned to his white slut.

"Anything you like," the dirty whore offered the cabby her most masturbatory, whorish smile that made the man almost reel.

"But you fuck her only in the ass. The twat's mine," the tall guy made the one restriction.

"Okay, agreed," the cabby blurted out and sped on.

They arrived at a modern apartment block, all covered in red tiles, with large patios. The man, whose name Victoria still didn't know, gave the driver his apartment number and entered the building with the slut woman by his side. At the door a uniformed porter – yet another black man, this one a little overweight, welcomed him.

"What time are you off your shift, Baron?" Victoria's guide asked.

"In two hours. Why, Mr. Kendrix, sir?" Baron answered staring at the white slut at Kendrix's side.

"Just an idea. How do you like this slut?" Mr. Kendrix returned.

"Well, since you ask me, I like her very much. Looks like a good whore." His eyes wandered down Victoria's hip, legs and stopped on her feet adorned with her 7-inch red ultra glossy patent pumps.

"I say, why don't drop in and see how good she is?"

"Oh, shit. Mr. Kendrix, can I really?"

"Sure, man. She'll be ready and waiting."

Baron looked like a man who had hit the jackpot. They had barely entered the apartment when the cabby turned up to collect his fare. Kendrix led him and Victoria into the guest room telling them not to soil the bed. The dreadlocked driver put his hands on her and started feeling her body sending electric thrills through her flesh. His hands were on her hips and the slut dropped her skirt to the floor. Looked like she was going to be used heavily and she preferred not to have her skirt creased.

"Oh shit! You're a royal slut!" the man exclaimed running his hands over her hips, garters and stocking tops. He had never seen a woman so dressed up for fucking and his dick was striving to get out of his pats and use the bitch. Victoria saw that and put her hands on his bulge. She sat down on the bed and pulled his tool out. About 7 ½ inches, a standard thing, but a cock is a cock and Victoria is willing to pleasure any cock, as long as it's black. She didn't have to work on it with her hands as it was already more erect than it had ever been before. The black cock slut Victoria has a unique knack at standing cocks so that their owners wouldn't forget the size of their tools.

She pulled him to her by the balls for some preliminary sucking before he was going to fuck her. The first step is always get the precum so Victoria locked her slutty glossy red lips on the urethra and sucked the slimy ooze into her mouth. Next she licked the whole rod and finally took the head into her mouth and circled her tongue slowly around it giving special attention to his frenulum band before kissing the corona ridge and gliding the tip of her tongue along its sensitive flesh.

"Oh shit! Oh fuck!" the man could hardly control his hip movement.

"Umm...(kiss) lovely...(smack)...but stand still, darling...(kiss)... such a big black boy and dances his ass like a baby," the unblushing whore was teasing him. That was only the foreplay, though. Victoria wanted to get the feeling of a black dick in her pharynx again. She started swallowing the Senegalese cock twisting her head from left to right for better fit and better feel of having her throat filled. The man's dick was no challenge for the expert deepthroating slut, and she was taking her time toying with that piece of manmeat as it slowly snaked its way into her food passageway. The whole dick had disappeared in her face and her nose was buried in the dark bush of the Senegalese stud. She showed no inclination to remove him from her horny throat and kept twisting her head. Eventually, however, even a slut of that skill has to get a little more air so she removed the penis from her throat hold and a lot of spittle ran down her chin onto the front of her blouse. Victoria didn't mind that this time though – it actually made her look even more like a filthy whore and only excited her more in consequence.

She introduced the man's organ back into her mouth and throat and pulled his hips to indicate that he should start fucking her face. There was no way he couldn't comply and the pole of hard African flesh filling and stretching her pharynx and esphogus went into regular movement in and out. Her eyes watered slighty, more spittle dribbled down to her blouse, but the slut didn't seem to notice that. She was happy to be face-fucked and wouldn't risk terminating the pleasure of it until her lover was nearing ejaculation. Despite the overwhelming delight of being face fucked, Victoria remained in control and the moment the Senegalese started breathing heavily and accelerated the speed of his action in her pharynx, she ejected him from her throat. There was something else she wanted before getting his helping of fresh black semen.

"Darling, now that we've got the preliminaries behind us, why don't you fuck me in the ass...please darling?" she said catching her breath.

Without removing her blouse, garter or stockings, the immodest whore took her favorite doggy style position on the bed and wiggled her big ass for her incidental lover. The Senegalese stud quickly got rid of his lower garments and jumped onto the bed. Before entering the whore hole so irresistibly presented to him, he slapped her buttocks a few times.

"Oooo darling. Yes, slap that ass! Make my juices flow! You don't know how horny you're making me!" the slut exclaimed making sure that Mr. Kendrix in the other room would hear her. She wanted that tall handsome Negro to hear what a shameless slut she really was.

The Senegalese cabby spread her ass cheeks rather brutally and put his tongue into action licking her rosette, driving the tip into her inviting, warm and soft asshole, lapping the profusion of her anal juices. Once he had lubricated the beautiful entry to her rear love tunnel, he squatted with his legs on either side of her hips, lowered his hips to her level, put his dick head to the rosette itching with anticipation, and invaded the whore woman's rear. First about one-third of his length went in, and he inched back for better momentum. He stormed in with more might and the horny slut exclaimed:

"Oooo! Yes, ride this asshole, honey! Ride it all the way in! Oh God! How I love it! Ah, Oooo!"

With his eyes wide open and his tongue hanging down, the Senegalese was fucking this white bitch in frenzy. The happy whore was shouting and squealing without restraint for the moment forgetting even about Mr. Kendrix. The young cabby was proving a worthy ass fucker. He was now accelerating and nearing climax. Victoria's slutty instinct immediately set off the alarm – the precious cum!

"Not in the ass!" she shrieked, "Give me that shit! Blow your load in my slut mouth!"

The Senegalese left her gaping rear hole with a plop and moved above her to her head. The sperm-greedy whore turned over on her back and offered him her wide-open mouth. It was mere seconds before ejaculation that she locked his cockhead in her watering mouth and the first rope hit her palate. She didn't swallow, but collected all his seed waiting for him to finish. The man produced more cum than he normally did. That was nothing unusual – the men who used her usually increased their semen production! Once he was spent, Victoria swiveled the seed with her tongue enjoying the taste. It was medium in density, very slimy and had sort of fishy-sweet taste. Victoria liked it tremendously. It was probably one of the better tasting ones she had had so far that day.

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