tagFetishVictoria's Surprise for Sylvia

Victoria's Surprise for Sylvia


Sylvia had only ever told one person of her disgusting play and that was Victoria, her 20-year-old friend who was well-known for her large butt. Victoria was interested in the kind of play, but had never indulged in the same pleasures as Sylvia did, she normally stayed with BDSM and didn't get much more into things than that. But one day, that all changed...

I had been cleaning the house all day, from floor to the ceiling, it was spotless and I was tired. When I finished stocking the dishwasher, I plopped down on the couch with a relaxing sigh and noticed my cell phone was lighted up. Quickly grabbing it and flipping it open, I found that I had one text from Victoria that immediately made me become aroused - she was always sending me dirty text messages. I opened the text and read the following:

Sylvia, I don't care what you're doing; I want you to unlock your door, strip naked, put on your collar and leash, and wait at the door for me to arrive. Oh, and be blindfolded, that's an order.

With a new-found burst of energy, I leaped from the couch and ran into my room, hurriedly trying to strip my clothes off as I did. Once I was in my room, I finished shedding my clothes and got out my collar, buckled it around my neck and attaching the leash to the single O-ring in the middle, then grabbing the blindfold from my box of toys and bringing it with me to the living room. I made sure the door was unlocked and I got on all fours a good distance away from the door, putting on the blindfold and putting some of the chain in my mouth to hold it.

About 10 minutes slowly went by until I heard the door to Victoria's car shut and the sound of her high-heels clicking on the sidewalk. I had not touched myself at all this whole time and just wondering whether I was going to be brutishly spanked or get a rough fucking from a strap-on, or both, had caused my pussy to ache with delight until finally Victoria opened my front door and spoke with the tone of a highly-experienced mistress.

"Good little slut, you did just as I had instructed and didn't leave anything out. But I will be adding one thing," she said, taking the leash from my mouth and replacing it with a ball-gag that she fastened on tight.

Victoria walked ahead of me and tugged on the leash for me to follow, walking on all fours after her until she led me to...The bathroom? Soon enough, my theory was proven correct when I stopped directly in front of the toilet and heard Victoria slide down her pants to sit on it.

"Surprised yet?" She asked with a pleased tone. "Well, the thing is that my toilet broke three days ago and I haven't shit since! So i'm going to borrow yours," Victoria paused, "oh, it doesn't seem you have any toilet paper either, I guess it's because you prefer to not use the toilet, isn't it? Oh well, your tongue will have to do."

She grunted, pushing out a loud fart following a large splash.

What Victoria had said mixed with the pungent smell of her fart made my pussy soaked with delight. Once she finished with her shit; she undid the ball-gag, stood, turned, and pressed her ass against my face.

"Lick it clean, slut!" Victoria ordered and I immediately began licking with delight at her dirty asshole. Scraping it all off with my tongue and swallowing until she was clean.

"Good, slave, but now it's all wet and that bothers me. Oh, well I guess I could just use your face for that," she teased and grabbed hold of my head, grinding the crack of her ass against it for a bit until she was done then putting my ball-gag back in place before kicking off her pants and sliding up her panties.

Victoria picked up my leash once more and lead me across the house to my bedroom, right in front of my bed. "Now jump up and lay flat on your back," she instructed and I did so immediately. Victoria got on the bed as well, I was completely unaware of her intentions until she sat on my face, the cotton fabric of her panties was the only thing I could feel, and the still-lingering odor of the shit I just had finished licking off was the only thing I could smell, until she eased up just enough so I could hear her.

"I'm still kind of gassy, but I don't want to smell any of it, so you're going to have to for me," she said and plopped back down on my face, I could feel her pushing a bit before a small burst of odorous gas came from her asshole and I inhaled it graciously. More and more came until she finished with a very long and very smelly fart and she got up.

"You really do love my farts, don't you? Such a disgusting little slut, I can only imagine how horny you are after this. But I supposed I will relieve that from you," Victoria said and shuffled around some things until I heard the familiar buckles of her strap-on being fastened. She positioned me where my lower body was hanging off the bed and began slapping the fake dick against my pussy before shoving it all in at once.

The one thing I always liked about Victoria was that when she brought out the strap-on, she never wasted time. She began fucking you like a piston and didn't stop until you were moaning loud from the huge orgasm caused by it. Which is exactly what I did, or tried to do as loud as I could considering the ball-gag, but nevertheless, the orgasm she brought me to was the best one to date. It was so intense that what happened next seemed like a blur - Victoria diapering me, giving me the orders to not change until it was full and sagging too much to keep it on, and her hinting at a much bigger surprise in the future, before she took her leave and left me on the bed, drifting off to sleep and wondering what she had in store for me after this.

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