tagLoving WivesVictoriaslice Licked Out His Wife

Victoriaslice Licked Out His Wife


The holidays I went to see Kelly at her house. I had taken a few days off work and when I met with her I was feeling completely worked up, especially when she started to tell me about the sex that she and her husband had the night before. It had been ages since Kelly and I had enjoyed each other. I took the coffee out of her hand and started to kiss her as I sat on her lap with my legs straddling her.

Her lips were soft and sweet and her tongue was warm and supple in my mouth. I unbuttoned her blouse and exposed her fair skinned breasts. Her nipples were hard and her boobs being huge were easy to caress with my hands and they loved sliding into my mouth where I sucked them and teased them gently.

She whispered in my ear to lick her clit, as she pushed my head down to her pussy. I struggled with her jeans and together we managed to pull them down. Her pussy was shaved and I could see how wet her cunt was as it glistened in the light.

With her hand she opened her pussy lips revealing her clit ring for me to see. She pulled my head in and guided me to lick her. Her pussy smelled musky and she tasted good and sweet, she was very, very wet and my hungry tongue could hardly keep up with her juices in my mouth.

I pulled her to the edge of the couch pushing her legs back so that I could get my face right into her pussy. I opened the lips with my fingers and stroked her clit and liked her at the same time. Her pussy is very pink and it twitched at me with pleasure as I played with her.

Rather suddenly she jammed my head into her cunt and she came onto my tongue. I didn't even have time to slide a finger in. But I know that Kelly can cum more than once easily so I wasn't deterred. Her pussy was soft and open and I could see it was very red and swollen. It was very sensitive as I gently licked her where she had just cum.

I wanted to pleasure her again and again. I was so wet myself and my cum was soaking through my casual trousers as I rubbed myself against the material just to tease my pussy but not enough to make me cum. I fingered her pussy with just my middle finger and then a couple more, she felt good and her muscles were strong on my fingers as I fucked her supple hole.

I pushed her right back and licked her arse hole as I fingered her, she started to scream with pleasure and wanked her clitty too, I was in no doubt about her orgasm as she came her pussy pulled at my fingers milking them hard.

Suddenly the living room door opened and there was her husband not looking very happy as I licked her juices from my face. We said nothing and both looked at the ground like naughty school girls.

He said he always knew that something had been going on. He was really angry and he is not the sort of man you upset, he's quite rough and good looking but rugged. He asked me if his wife's cunt tasted good and I said 'yes' much like a petulant child.

He said that there was nothing for it but to teach us a lesson and he started to unbutton his trousers and take his belt off. I felt a bit frightened as he was shouting quite a lot as he pulled his enormous cock out of his pants and started to wank. He said we were going to do as he told us.

Kelly looked at me and smiled and we were rather excited, if not a bit frightened! He told her to get on her knees along side me, and he spanked her arse with his belt. He asked me if I wanted some and I said no, and that I would do anything else he wanted.

He made me strip off and lay naked on my back whilst he kneeled in front of me putting his cock into my mouth. It felt good. Then he told Kelly to lick my cunt so he could watch. I'm afraid that Kelly being forced to lick me out made me so aroused that I came very quickly as I sucked him. His cock was so wet and my saliva dribbled down the shaft and made his heavy duty balls glisten.

The next thing I knew he had pulled away and gone round behind Kelly. She licked my arsehole really well and I watched him fucking her cunt from behind. He was telling her if she didn't do as he said she wouldn't be allowed to see me again.

I was very willing to keep in with his commands as I would miss our dirty lesbian sessions when he wasn't around. Then he told her to get up and go and sit on my face, but facing the same way as me so that as I lay on the floor, he could watch her open cunt as I licked her out.

I rather enjoyed eating out her cunt and arse hole whilst she wanked herself for him. He loomed over me and told me to open my legs wide so that I could take all of his hard cock as punishment for fucking his wife behind his back.

I did as I was told (unlike me) and he smacked my arse with his hand! He then pushed his cock into me and it felt fantastic, he didn't even need to pump it into me for it to feel divine. His balls felt heavy and erotic as his sack slapped into my arse whilst he fucked me, very hard actually and it was just what I needed after a few days without cock.

The next thing I knew he had pushed my legs back, spat on my arsehole and forced his cock into me. It was a bit painful to start with, I think it was the shock more than anything and then he gave me a good hard fuck in the arse hole which I loved. I adored being done like that with Kelly cumming into my mouth at the same time. I must have cum three times that afternoon. He pulled his cock out and shot his cum all over my face and Kelly's dirty wet cunt that I was licking at the time. It was the best session I have had in a long time. I will have to pop over there and piss him off on the next bank holiday too!

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