tagInterracial LoveVictorious Pt. 06

Victorious Pt. 06


The morning after their first threesome was awkward. Victor awoke with morning wood stuck in between Jan's voluminous breasts. Looking down, he saw the tall blonde curled up hugging her massive chest as she dozed. Meredith stirred behind her, and awoke with him and moved in for a kiss over the blonde which awoke Jan.

Confused, she pushed back away from his cock like it was poisonous but Meredith caught her hands and rolled them over onto her back. Like a wrestler, she pulled Jan flat, and kept open her legs by hooking them with her own.

"Please! What are you doing?" Jan pleaded as Victor shifted to his knees before her. He watched curiously and stroked his hardened cock. His gaze burnt her whole body as he sat between her legs.

Meredith whispered to her ear. "You're not going to deny my husband in our bed. You'll want to be here again, and I can't have selfishness here in the heart of our home. You're going to share with him, and then you can stay with us, and be here with me." Her insidious words had an effect and Jan relaxed.

Victor moved over them slowly and looked down on her. Fear was apparent but so was lust, her body remembered last night despite her drinking.

"You'll like this. You want this. You want to stay don't you? Don't you want to be with me?" Meredith asked.

"Yes." Jan hissed. Already tears were starting.

Victor took it as tears of joy at being found, or something to do with too much estrogen. Her legs spread wider on their own as he dropped into her. Predictably, there was a moment of struggle as Jan and Jan's body realized what was being asked of them by Meredith and Victor's cock.

Victor stroked lightly, and pushed through pleas and groaning into gasps and moaning. As he gave her the practiced six short one deep stroke, he found that the lesbian's wider hips, and wide tract pussy was much more capable of taking him than he originally guessed. Jan's body enveloped him as her back bowed for her to kiss him and her long limbs hesitantly moved on instinct to enclose him.

Meredith released her grip and rubbed Jan's pussy as Victor gave her full deep strokes ensuring a strong orgasm. The blonde almost passed out from the intensity. Huffing as her body tightened, she squeezed Victor tightly and buried her head in his shoulder.

She fell back satiated and huffed into Meredith's hair. Foolishly trying to nuzzle her lover's neck she unwittingly provoked Meredith. Like a snake, Meredith moved from under her, to on top of her pushing down her shoulders. Carefully, she timed Victor and swung her legs and hips around on top of Jan. She hunched back pushing Victor out from the blondes way and brought up Jan's legs to hook under her shoulders. She looked back with a nod and got Victor to come over to them again. Once his cock came around, she guided it into Jan's ass.

Before the blonde could do more than gasp, he was well on his way up her rectum. Meredith fell over her as she gasped and struggled. She looked her eye to eye and licked her face as she clenched her eyes and pursed her lips under Victor's deep assault. Unable to stop them, she came again and was shocked when Meredith bit her face.

She realized her submission as she was held through her climax with the feeling of Victor starting to spurt up her bowels using her like a mere cum rag. Again, she lay very still and quietly as the two regrouped themselves. Victor slipped away first and showered and Meredith stayed over her keeping the blonde warm.

"Now you can stay with us." Meredith whispered to her after Victor left the bed. "You understand don't you? What we have is more than feelings. It is agreed and structured, no one else but Victor could give me this, and I'll allow you to share because you've seen it."

As Victor returned and got dressed, he was able to find a tie he had left behind from earlier and he thanked the gods of male fashion design because now he arguably didn't look like he was wearing the clothes from the day before.

When Meredith's moaning in the shower stopped, she guided Jan by the hand to her walk-in closet. As she dressed, she and allowed Jan to pick out things that fit her similarly tall though busty frame.

Jan came out in a satin crème colored blouse with a purple business suit that buttoned low under her chest. She had a matching skirt and black hose. Her purple nun shoes fit the color but Meredith seemed to prefer her in pumps. She of course acquiesced to her choice, and wore them down to the kitchen where Victor made breakfast for them quickly.

Meredith came down in a similar green and black business suit that she was able to wear with a black silk blouse. She waited just outside the kitchen with the dogs as breakfast was made. She stood with Victor in the kitchen and ate, as Jan and the dogs ate in the dining room. Quickly, they cleaned up, scrubbed the pots, and made their way to the car. Meredith drove them down to the restaurant and waited for Jan to get her Audi. Meredith then led the convoy to the office and they got in at eight. Wordlessly, they rode up the elevator to the office where they found that only Carmen and Misty the receptionist were in at the early hour.

Victor looked around shocked. He usually arrived at the office first at seven and by his memory, Carmen was earlier than usual by at least a half hour.

The day went by slowly. Meredith got Victor and Jan out for lunch. She drove over to a café where in no uncertain terms she laid out Jan's role in the house. Meredith wanted to keep her around for educational and sexual purposes like a human pet after her mother left. Jan merely nodded her head to Meredith's demands. Victor listened quietly as the odd fantasy was built before him. That night he returned to his apartment and let the two women get closer. Meredith had plans to train Jan and it was best if he wasn't there for a distraction.

Taris had left a letter on his door and as he opened it to find tickets for free drinks at the Clairvoyant. Pocketing them he wondered why she worked at a strip club, she didn't seem that bright but her apartment wasn't the obvious stripper digs.

Victor only knew one person who would go to the strip club with him and not let word get back to the office it was his only friend he still had in town. He shrugged and got out his phone hoping he could just leave a message. But, it was not to be. "Hey Marcos it's Victor..."

Quietly alone in his apartment Victor set up the clandestine meeting in the city's premier gentleman's club. Marcos knew of the place of course and they arranged to meet at ten to see what Taris had in mind.

Victor's ride over was an anxious rollercoaster. His eye's flicked over his phone wondering if he was doing wrong. He knew Meredith wasn't married to him yet, but something just didn't feel right.

Parking in the club was easy despite the crowd on a Tuesday night. Getting in, he found the club served food in buffet of finger food. Victor snacked and ordered a beer while he waited for Marcos. At ten after Marcos came in like a adolescent staring and pointing at everything. He came up and led Victor to a corner booth near the platform.

After they were served drinks wordlessly, and dancers came up hugging and kissing Marcos Victor suddenly realized Marcos was a regular at the club. When the bouncers came over and a greasy Manager stopped by he realized Marcos was more than just a weekday sugar daddy.

"You own this place?" Victor said shocked

"Ya it seemed like a good idea." Marcos shrugged. "Kaarthen and I have these friends... and a lot of them work here."

Taris interrupted him when she squeal and streaked over onto Victor. She wore very little but nothing less than beach attire. The blond had on a navy string bikini and a hip skirt that displayed her body. Her larger than usual ass looked well presented and she wriggled it onto Victor to grab his attention.

"Looks like she wants to dance for you!!" Marcos shouted.

"Ya come on..." She tugged him out. "Don't worry, this is my thank you thing it won't cost you."

Victor let himself be pulled away along the wall into an alcove filled with bright white light. In it, they passed a drunken man fumbling for money under the gaze of a bored looking stripper and went into a dark area with a row of private booths. Each booth was darker than the next and as they passed them, semi illegal activities were happening in one after another. Taris pulled him all the way to the end of the booths. At the end, instead of a booth a darkened hall took them further back to a pillow room.

"What is this?" Victor said looking around. The dark room seemed circular with a purple and ultraviolet neon light accents. A recess in back held a small wet bar.

Taris turned, pounced on him, and dropped them into the pillows before going in for a soul-searching kiss. "This is where I prove I'm better."

Her hands busied themselves finding and releasing his trouser's belt and cock. She sat up higher and without any other movements, she dropped down onto him and took half his length as she sank down.

"Yes..." She hissed looking up at the ceiling.

Victor felt the tight pussy stretched tight over his cock. It felt amazing being burrowed so deep. In building tempo, she grinded bounced as her tight pussy pulsed and clutched. She made sure to push her chest to his face as she rolled her hips trying to get him to climax.

With a loud moan, and several pussy contractions, she came and dropped her head to his shoulder. She feebly tried to continue moving her hips, then snapped up and put her back into the effort fucking him roughly as she caught her second wind.

She built up to a hard sweat as she fucked him and her rhythm faltered as she rode into another climax. "Cum baby...Don't I..." Taris climaxed again over him.

Victor rolled her over into the pillows. From on top, Victor plowed down into her and re-stretched her to take more of his cock. Unconsciously the driving bass from the music outside gave him his tempo. As he held her down and thrust into her, he absently looked about the room.

Below him, Taris was fighting for breath in almost a panic as his huge cock plowed into her gushing pussy, and squeezed her lungs from the inside. Victor on the other hand was calm and detached. Her wetness made it easy for him to keep up the hard merciless pace that battered her. He reveled in the pleasure but his body was on auto pilot and the strokes he gave her were only getting to him slowly.

Taris alternated between clutching him tight with arms and legs as she came, and relaxing to allow him total control as she flopped and flailed. As she felt him swell in the beginnings of release she pleaded under him in a mute whisper that the music drowned out.

Victor didn't know what she said so he played it safe, raised up out of her, and blew his load across her stomach and chest. He rose and slid off of her completely before moving over to the bar for some water as she struggled to reset herself.

He walked over with his drink and stood over her as she rolled to her feet finally. "Ah... was that illegal?" He asked.

She looked at him in the universal expression of guilty bullshit. "No but...You didn't pay me, so..." She walked over to the bar, wiped her self down, and licked her fingers.

"Oh." It did make sense actually. She led them back out at a much more leisurely pace to the table.

Marcos was gone now and they sat and watched a floor show.

Victor turned to her once the dancer left the stage and the music slowed. "I didn't know you were a stripper. I thought you were..."

Taris turned. "What?"

"I thought I saw you in a cop's uniform but..."

She nodded. "Oh...Ya it was just for this..."

Marcos came back at the end of the song. A woman with dark hair and playful green eyes followed him back. Victor was drawn to her ass, the curve of it was hypnotizing. Another woman with pale blue eyes and straight black hair hopped into Marcos lap as soon as he was seated. She lay back comfortably in his lap and stroked him affectionately.

After a moment of silence, Victor remembered some thing about her car. "What about the decals on your car?" Victor suddenly remembered the windshield tags.

"Oh?" Taris said tensing up.

Victor knew a lie before he heard it. "You can tell me. What's up?"

"Umm, well if you won't tell." Taris shouted over the music. "This place has a way of making people disappear. Supposedly 'Mara' is here."

Victor laughed. "What? That's like an urban legend! The stripper whore who sucks men to death?"

Marcos leaned over quizzically. "How much does that cost?"

Taris laughed. "No really, there're bodies that show up places and we linked them here." She turned to him. "You better watch out, she's a master of disguise."

Marcos giggled and stroked his girls. "No one can sneak up on me I got eyes everywhere."

Victor smiled. "I have to get out of here before it gets too late."

Taris busted out the obvious bait. "I won't see you again?"

"I dunno, maybe I'll bring Meredith here, and maybe she'll like you." Victor said honestly.

Victor didn't notice in the low light how at the mention of her name Taris' face flashed a micro expression before relaxing.

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