tagInterracial LoveVictorious Pt. 10

Victorious Pt. 10


Walking into the office, he knew something was different in how he was feeling. His cock jumped at the sight of Carmine in easy access designer sweat pants waiting alone by the door. She didn't look him in the eye, and was surprised when he snatched her up and pulled her to the back of the office after opening the door and locking it behind her.

She was docile as he took her straight to his desk and pushed her down over it. Without a word, he pulled her pants over her ass and down her legs. The Latina's pussy was burning and the scent alone almost made him cum. Without any warning, he stood over her and plunged his cock into the sweltering pool of her sex.

She was almost as hot as Meredith, and with no more than a surprised squeal she took nearly his full length as he burrowed into her. Unrestrained he built up a bruising pace and thrusted into his current partner without any kind of gentleness. His mind was in a different world and he noted her orgasms with sadistic glee as her body tried to keep up.

Trapped as she was, she had no say when he started prying her ass apart. He sent his fingers into her back hole as she reached back to swat his hand away while protesting in broken gibberish.

Pulling back out of her pussy, he rammed his cock into her ass. Carmine screamed but was stifled by Victor as he jammed his forearm across her open mouth like a riding bit and used his arm to pull her back and take more of her ass.

He crept along in her ass and gave her short thrusts making her grunt with effort as he continually pushed into her. Leaning heavily over her, he gave a few final thrusts and exploded into her ass. She gasped in surprise at the volume of his outpouring that swelled his cock in her ass and warmed her whole rectum.

Pulling back, he stood over Carmine and straightened up his clothes. He noticed her looking askance at him as she lay still. "Get dressed. You deserve that for getting your work in early, good job."

Victor offered her a hand up but she slid away and scurried to her desk without looking at him.

Only Mist had arrived while they were fucking and she didn't even seem awake enough to notice Carmine working at the desk.

The day passed un-eventfully until lunch time, when Carmine found her way over to Victor's desk. Victor was glad he didn't have to call her and wordlessly he got up and led her to the storage room behind the office's kitchen.

Once in there, he unbuckled his pants and brought out his cock. Carmine looked from him to his cock, and fell to her knees. Trying to imitate Meredith, she opted to flutter her tongue around his cock and kiss the sides and bottom of his cock. Victor groaned from the feeling. Without any real stimulation, he couldn't cum despite how good he felt.

He let her continue licking and kissing him and eventually she noticed that despite how hard he was she was getting nowhere. Changing tactics, she slobbered over his cock and tried to take it into her mouth then further into her throat.

Victor seized on the feeling and grabbed her up and started to fuck her face. Mindless of the noise she made as she struggled he continued until they were interrupted.

"Hello? Oh snap!" Victor spun and saw Nessi standing in the doorway.

The caramel black woman blocked the doorway and studied the room before she fixated on Victor's cock.

"Well, well," She muttered stepping in and closing the door. "Look what mama found. I bet I cou—"

Victor snatched her to him as soon as she got close enough. She looked at him with fear in her eyes and without any more than a growl, he pushed her down to her knees as they stared at each other eye to eye.

Carmine watched as he shoved his cock straight back to Nessi's throat and fucked her face. Nessi was too shocked to fight or protest and raised her shoulders as she was made to blow him. Soon the shock wore off, and she got into a rhythm and used a hand on his shaft to help out Victor as he throat fucked her.

Pulling her up, his shiny cock slung around spit as it wagged around. He grabbed the back of her neck and bent her forward on her knees as Victor came around behind her.

"Gimme that pussy." He barked in her ear.

Carmine looked confused, but Nessi knew what to do. She popped out her ass, and slowly pulled down her pants. The cheeks of her bubbly ass were exposed slowly as she struggled in the awkward position.

"No panties huh?" Victor noted as she slid her pants down further revealing more of her crack until finally they popped over the hump and dropped down to her knees.

Victor dropped to his knees behind Nessi and looked her over. His straining cock pointed at her sex with awareness of what it could be doing. Her narrow waist ballooned out to the wide hips of a woman. Viewed from behind it was spectacular how her back strained to hold up her body.

Victor flushed looking her over. "Put your hands on the wall." He urged quietly.

Pushing his hips forward he rubbed his cock into the underside of her pussy illicting a moan from both women. Nessi's pussy made a wet slapping sound as he hit her with it, and she pushed back into him seeking out the heavy rod her beat her with.

Without a word, Victor straightened his cock to point at her core and pushed. Nessi hissed in her breath as she felt him move into her. Unlike Carmine, her pussy was long long tight. Victor didn't reach her end until he was more than halfway into her. She pushed back feeling him at her womb and Victor pushed in with her so they fucked his cock into her cervix continually.

Keeping his cock against the puckered hole, the pair built up a harder and harsher rhythm that sent the black woman's cheeks colliding into each other as they wobbled. All at once the cervix started to give, and Victor fell deeper into Nessi. As the head of his cock pushed into a hole it wasn't meant to cross, Nessi froze and her back twitched.

Victor's heavy balls hadn't even reached the end of her tunnel before he found the absolute end of her. Sliding into the womb, an odd nub aligned with his pisshole. She clenched feeling him tickle her deep inside her body. The movement was satisfying for Victor, making him push in further as the nub vibrated oddly inside the head his cock along the back of his urethra.

With no warning, his cock immediately spit out a hot load. The single spurt wasn't an orgasm for Victor. As usual however, it did feel good. It was not unlike pumping a large spurt of potent pre-cum.

Feeling his cock twitch and load her up, Nessi pushed back and a small sympathetic climax. He had caught her off guard as the warm spurt gushed out. With the nub driven into his pisshole again, Nessi clenched, making it vibrate in his pisshole, so it stimulated Victor's cock gush again, which in turn made Nessi drive back again even harder as she climaxed yet again.

Victor rode along the cycle they were trapped in unaware of the larger orgasm he was being pushed too. When he released his cum in a tremendous orgasm, he gave a shout, thrust into Nessi wildy a few times, and began to spurt a heavy load that seemed make his abdomen pulse. Countless drawn out crontractions pumped gobs of potent thick stick sperm out into her womb. He could feel every thick clump travel down his cock and splash inside her where it contributed to the wetness and warmth already inside her.

Nessi took his spending with an orgasm of her own as she felt the sensations of his large penis run wild within her. She got a cold sweat, as her womb was whitewashed in jets of warmth.

For a moment, Victor leaned over her as she fell into the wall. Next to them, Carmine continued to masturbate frantically. As he moved to stand, Carmine kept her eyes on his oddly still hard cock.

She pushed him back and knelt to take it in her mouth as he tried to catch his breath. Victor looked down at her as she gobbled his cock. The trickle he had left in his balls was barely enough to satisfy her. After he came, she stood and straightened herself. Ignoring Nessi, who was still against the wall, she left quietly without looking back.

The day was slow after lunch. Victor went to make his rounds and gave a nod to Nessi and Carmine before he left for the day.

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