Terry stepped off the shuttle bus, walked around to the back, grabbed his bag while handing the driver a dollar tip. With his laptop bag over his shoulder, he grabbed the extended handle to his roller bag and headed through the automatic doors into the hotel lobby. Smiling at the desk clerk he said in a quiet voice, "I have reservations for Anders, Terry Anders."

As the clerk entered the name in her computer he pulled out his wallet and grabbed his credit card. In a few moments the clerk handed him a card and asked him to initial in two places and then sign at the bottom. Terry handed her his credit card and then grabbed the pen, confirmed the room rate and the length of his stay and then initialed and signed the card.

The desk clerk then efficiently handed him back his credit card, retrieved the signature card from him and then handed him a folder with the room key card tucked in a precut slot. She waited for Terry to slip the credit card back into his wallet and then said, "You'll be in room fifteen oh four, just take the elevators at the back of the lobby." She pointed to the elevators while he took the folder from her and then grabbed his bag.

Checking his watch as he headed toward the elevators he saw it was still before four pm so he'd have an hour or so to relax before dinner time. He'd have time to research some of the surrounding restaurants before heading out. As the doors slid open he stepped into the shiny chrome trimmed elevator and pressed 15. The doors quickly slid shut and the elevator moved quickly upward.

When the elevator reached his floor, the doors opened and Terry stepped into the hallway and confirming the direction of his room, headed to the right and then slipped his key card into the door. The small light flashed green and he pushed the door inward, dragging his rolling back behind him. He moved the bag into the closet and stepped further into the room letting the door close behind him.

He eased the computer bag off his shoulder, zipped it open, pulled out his laptop computer and placed it on the desk. He opened it up, plugged the mouse cord into the USB port and turned on the computer. Reaching back into the bag, he grabbed a flash drive and placed it next to the computer. As the computer started up he kicked off his shoes, pulled off his shirt and pants and then sat down into the desk chair.

Remembering something, he spun in his chair, pulled a small set of earphones out of the computer back and plugged those into the computer. Once they were plugged in and he saw the computer had finished its startup ritual, he turned on the sound and then plugged in his flash drive. When the window popped up, he clicked through several layers of folders until he found the exact file he wanted.

With a double click he started the video file and then put the earphones in his ear, waiting for the video to begin. When it showed up in a small window, he clicked an arrow and the window expanded to full screen where he could see a slightly grainy view of a naked woman. She was in bed, on her back with her legs spread open.

Terry looked over the woman, her large breasts sagging a bit, her nipples jutting outward toward the viewer, her slightly paunched stomach rising and falling slowly as she breathed. Pausing the video, Terry smiled, admiring the familiar territory of his wife's body, remembering it as he saw it last a few days earlier. Yeah, he could have turned on the TV to a porn movie featuring some twenty year old actresses with tight little bodies, firm breasts and eager pussies, but somehow, this was so much more erotic to him. Certainly so much more real.

Clicking on play he watched as his wife's hand moved down between her legs, her fingers parting her lips slightly, slipping inside and coating them in her wetness. As her fingers then moved up to her slit again, opening it and finding her clit, Terry took his palms and began circling them over his nipples. With just a bit of movement he could feel his nipples and cock harden.

His wife paused a moment, moving her fingers back and forth until comfortably on her clit and then she began a slow circling movement. Terry watched intently as her hand continued to move, quickening the pace a bit. After a few moments he watched her move her hips just a bit, lifting herself, pushing up to her fingers. As she continued, she began to move her hips a bit more, reminding him how she moved when they made love, as she lifted herself up to him.

A little later, Terry could hear a sound, a faint coo that was soon followed by a louder moan. He cock was hard by now, but teasing himself he only touched his nipples, leaving his cock throbbing wantonly against his jockey shorts. His wife moaned again loudly and lifted her hips, moving her legs in and out. Yes, he could see and hear it now, she was coming and she whined loudly, quickly pulled her fingers from her clit and closed her legs.

The video looped back to the beginning and as Terry slipped off his jockey shorts freeing his cock he could see his wife's fingers dip once again into her pussy and then move glistening up to her clit. Wrapping his fingers around his cock he began moving his hand up and down his shaft as he intently watched his wife's fingers move over her clit. As she lifted her hips for the first time, Terry lifted his, remembering how turned on he was filming his wife doing this.

Terry savored the sensations that were building in his cock as he continued stroking, lifting his hips and thrusting forward whenever his wife lifted hers. As he listened to her first moan he had to slow down his stroke a bit, wanting to time himself perfectly. His hand moved slowly now as he felt himself on the edge, hanging there, waiting for that special moment. Another moan and he stroked a bit faster, yes, the feeling was so good as it ran down his cock to his balls.

And then it happened, she began her whine, that incredibly beautiful sound she made when she came, when her body felt the intense pleasure shoot from her clit and take her completely. Terry's hand moved quickly and he felt the hot splash of his come as it hit his stomach once, and then again. He continued stroking as he watched his wife pull her hand from her clit and close her legs, simply enjoying the sensations that filled her. Terry slowed his hand as the cum continued oozing down over his fist.

He grabbed a nearby towel and cleaned himself up as he watched the video loop once again and his wife's fingers slip into her pussy. The video continued playing as Terry sat back catching his breath as his wife once again began lifting her hips. He left the video playing until she came again, then he clicked it off and got dressed for dinner. After dinner he'd give her a call and perhaps tell her of the wonderful video he watched that afternoon.

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