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Video Of Kim


This story is loosely based on a true story. Special thanks to Marriedpervs for the excellent editing work. As always this is just fantasy. No words were harmed in the writing of this story. Practice safe sex and enjoy.

When I clicked on the image it jumped right up at me. I know her! The only thing I could think of was I know her. Her name was Kim. She worked in a different department at the college where we both. Kim was 23 and I was 48, but we got along from the first time we met. She would always talk about her boy friend trouble and I would live vicariously through her sexy stories. We seemed to connect from the beginning.

Kim had light brown hair and a smoking body. Her tits were not huge, just a good hand full and very firm. Her ass was her best asset (no pun intended), but the rest of her was also very hot. She had what I call bedroom eyes. There was always some sexual tension when we both would flirt with each other but it never went any further.

Well I clicked on the video to down load it and there she was. I noticed a small butterfly tattoo on her left back shoulder blade. She also had a small double birth mark on her ass. Kim was sucking his cock for all it was worth. The young guy in the video was lying down and Kim was sitting on his face in a 69 position. They were both sucking each other off with great results.

Kim started to scream as her orgasm hit home. Her lover was driving his tongue in and out of her wet pussy rubbing her clit. Kim started to grind her pussy into the guy's face and scream. She stopped after about a minute and she looked spent. The guy was not about to stop. He took his hands off her ass and reached up to her head. He grabbed her hair with both hands and forced her to put her mouth back on his hard and ready cock. She only needed a little prodding and got back into giving a beautiful blowjob.

Kim sucked very hard and long almost swallowing his whole cock. He was very big, about 8" and knew how to use it. He pushed and she would suck. In a few minutes the guy grunts and screams "Kim take my cum! Suck my dick real good ...that's it SLUT, TAKE IT!" The boyfriend grabs her hair and holds on until he is in the back of her mouth as far as it will go. You can see him push all the cum out of his cock and into Kim's waiting mouth. She swallows most of it but much of it is starting to run down her chin and neck.

Exhausted they both lay down next to each other and rested. "Tommy that was so fucking hot. Rest up and we can fuck each others brains out all night. Your room mate is not going to be back tonight, right?" Kim asked.

"He is at his girlfriends all night" Tommy said. As he said this though I noticed him give a secret thumbs up to the camera and the camera moved and nodded back in return. He just smiled and reached over to squeeze and suck her hard nipples. I think his room mate was the secret camera man in the closet. I then realized it was not a stationary camera but had an operator. He started to get a close up of Kim's boyfriend fingering her pussy.

The video was edited and the next scene was Kim on her hands and knees looking right into the camera with a very naughty expression. Her boyfriend was right behind her slamming his cock into her fast and hard. He would lift himself up on his legs so the angle was right at pussy level. He grabbed her hips and pushed into her very deep. Every time he would push, Kim's eyes would get wide and she got this expression of pure lust.

He had Kim turn around and lay down on the bed. This gave the cameraman a direct shot of Kim's pussy getting fucked really hard. Tommy would lift up his body and plunge his cock into her with all his weight. This caused Kim to give a little scream with every push of his cock. He was holding her legs back and to the side. She was almost bent in half.

Well this stud starts to go to town on her pussy. He gave full strokes with each thrust and starts to speed up. He is finally pushing down on her with all his weight and cock size. I just realized again I knew this girl who was being a total slut on camera. Kim was even hotter in this position. She was totally open to his cock and anything he wanted to do with it. Tommy started to grunt and moved in and out of Kim's pussy super fast.

Finally Tommy screams out "I'm Cumming! You uhhhh...feel so uhhhh...fucking good... take it ALL BITCH!" The rest of his conversation was just incoherent grunts and screams. He buried his cock all the way into Kim and let go.

Kim must have liked the show, because she started to cum in waves also. She shook her head from side to side trying to get control of her body. Tommy slowly pulled out and his roommate moved in for a close up of her pussy. Tommy's cum was starting to run out her pussy and down between her ass cheeks very slowly.

He then lifted his body so his cock was right in Kim's face. With no breath in her lungs, she starts to clean off Tommy with her tongue and mouth. He could only keep his cock in her mouth for so long before he was spent. They both lay next to each other and the camera showed them hugging and kissing each other.

I couldn't believe what I just saw. Kim was now going to fuck me somehow, I just knew it. The real question was how to accomplish this feat. I burned a copy to a disc and put a copy on my hard drive for safe keeping. A plan to get Kim's body was now starting to form. I think asking a few questions first will peak her interest, and honesty seems to be the best approach.

The next day at work I visited her dept. and found her going out the door to mail some inter-department letters. I asked her if I could come along and she quickly agreed. We started to talk about movies and TV as I had planned.

"Did you see Jay Leno's show last night? He was playing a game called 'Tattoo or No Tattoo' on his show. He interviews people on the street, asks them basic life questions and the audience screams out their votes to decide if they have a tattoo or not." I told Kim as we walked.

I stopped and looked at her as she stopped with me. "Kim I bet you have a tattoo if I had to guess. Probably a butterfly tattoo on your left back. Did I guess right?" I asked her.

She seemed taken back a few seconds and then she smiled at me. "How do you know I have a butterfly tattoo on my left back? Kim asked me.

"Just a lucky guess" I told her.

"Bullshit, you have been talking to someone" she stated with half a smile.

"No I haven't. You just seem the type to have one with a butterfly". I told her.

"Bullshit, you have been talking to someone". Kim stated again this time with a little curiosity in her voice.

"I want to tell you something before I give you something" I informed Kim.

"I have been having sex longer than you have been alive. No, I have been having wild, hot sex since longer than you have been alive!" I told Kim. She looked like she was going to interrupt, but I put up a finger to her mouth to quiet her.

"I have made it a life study to become great at sensual massage. If we got together you would be fucked better than anyone you ever been with before. I am clean, caring and passionate. I have also lusted after you since the first day I meet you" I told her in almost one breath.

The next thing I did was give her a copy of the video her boyfriend made of her.

"I held back from doing anything to myself as I watched this. If I can't have the real thing then I don't want a video copy. My cell number is in the sleeve of the DVD jacket as well as the website the DVD came from. Call me later to talk if you want. Oh by the way, I have been told I am awesome in bed too!" I informed her with a smile.

Kim gave me a strange look that I couldn't read as she took the DVD with a little hesitation. She almost looked like the disc would hurt her in some way.

"No one has seen this or been told about it on campus. I like you too much to do anything to ever hurt you. I just thought you should at least be informed and I also wanted to tell you how I feel about you." I told her.

With that last line she took the DVD with a strange look on her face. I walked away without another word.

Later that night I got a call from Kim. She gave me an address to write down and asked if I could be there in an hour.

"Sure I can be there, but where am I going?" I asked her.

"What do you think, it's my apartment silly." Kim told me.

I smiled and told her "I'll be over shortly". My plan might be working, but she might just want to talk and find out more info on where on the net I got the video from. I could also be in trouble if she started to get weird on me. I never thought about her causing trouble at work because of the disc I gave her. Our H.R. Dept would have a field day with me if I was exposed. Somehow I don't think Kim would go that route. I would soon find the answers to my questions.

The drive to Kim's place was short and I was there in about 45 minutes after her call. She lived in a nice place with an average size apartment. I walked up to the door and knocked.

Kim answered the door right away and told me to follow her into her bedroom. Her computer was on the corner desk and the bed was made.

"I wanted to show you something on my computer." Kim told me.

My disappointment must have shown on my face. Kim turned to me and waved me over to her desk and gave me a small smile.

"Don't be so sad, you might have a good time after all!" Kim told me with energy in her voice.

I followed her and stood right next to her and the computer. She signed in and started to get on line.

"I have put this site on my favorites for right now. I want you to see some other video's besides mine." Kim informed me.

There were other videos I thought to myself. I should have looked more on the site. I was just so excited to find the one video that it never occurred to me there might be more. She clicked on the site and the page I got the DVD from and there she was. Kim clicked on a few tabs and a video called 'Tommy & Kim 2' came up.

"This is one you didn't see. Just look at this." Kim instructed me.

The video started with a living room I did not recognize. She then entered the shot with her old boyfriend Tommy holding hands. He pushed her down on the couch and started to undress her very roughly. He pulled off her shirt and grabs her tits still in her bra. Kim squealed with delight and unhooked her bra and let her beautiful tits just hang there. Hang is a bad word, they stood straight out and her nipples were super hard. As I have said her tits were firm and they were just begging to be sucked.

Tommy started to do what I had just been thinking about. He grabbed her right tit and put his mouth on it to suck. Kim grabbed his head and pulled him in closer. Tommy started to alternate on each one as he helped Kim off with her shorts and panties. This foreplay did not last long however. Tommy got to his feet and striped his clothes off in record time. He then pushed his hard 8" cock into her face.

Right on cue, Kim opened her mouth and started to give her boyfriend a world class blow job. Tommy only lasted a short time before he told her to get up and leaned her over the arm of the couch. With no hesitation he put his cock to her pussy lips and slipped his hard cock into her roughly. Kim had her feet on the floor and her hands on the couch cushion. You could hear her moan very slow and sexy as Tommy entered her.

"Kim I have been waiting to fuck you all day. Your pussy is ripe for a serious fucking, and I'm just the man to do it." Tommy bragged to her.

"Enough talk! Just fuck my pussy hard until my legs are weak." Kim managed to tell him between short breaths.

For the next 10 minutes Tommy fucked her hard on the arm of the couch. I think Kim came twice before Tommy roared and let go his load deep in her pussy.

"Turn around and clean me off you slut!" Tommy yelled at her.

Now don't get me wrong. I love a good hard fucking just like the next guy, but this guy was an asshole who didn't seem to care about Kim at all. I think she was of the same opinion as me when she looked up at me.

"Tommy was good in bed, but he was such an asshole sometimes." Kim confessed to me.

I had a huge hardon that could not be hidden. Kim looked at my crotch which was at her eye level. She smiled and asked "See anything you like on the video"

I couldn't speak. I was sort of dumb founded at her question. I liked everything I saw on the video and wanted to fuck her myself.

Kim laughed and told me to watch the screen. She clicked on a different page she had on her favorites and up came a video of Tommy and another girl called 'Tommy & Crystal'.

"This is Tommy's current fiancée. Her name is Crystal Howe and her dad was a big lawyer in the area. You have probably seen the commercial for the Dewey, Screwum & Howe law firm on TV." Kim informed me.

We watched about 5 minutes of this and Kim said that was enough. I wanted to tell her to let the video keep playing, but knew I should just go with the flow. Kim then handed me a letter she had written before I got there. It was addressed to Mr. Howe at the law firm he ran. This is what the letter said.

Mr. Howe,

This letter is to inform you that your daughter's fiancée is not what he appears. If you will click on the website link listed at the bottom of this letter, you will find out that your daughter was put on the web by Tommy Smith in ALL her glory. Please don't get mad at her, as he did the same to me without my knowledge. I am sure he did it to Crystal too. I used to date Tommy until he dropped me for someone else he said "had money and was a bigger slut then me". This is a first hand account as I saw them at a mutual friend's party over the summer and he stated this exact quote.

I would request you contact the website and the webmaster to have them remove ALL video that contains me or your daughter. The video clips are listed as 'Tommy & Kim', 'Tommy & Kim 2' and 'Tommy & Crystal'. I have no idea if this is the only video he has exposed on the internet, but suggest you ask him yourself. I don't want any problems, just thought you should be fully informed about you son-in-law to be.


Kim (last name withheld)

P.S. I meet your daughter at that party I mentioned and she seemed like a good person. I don't want this to ruin her reputation or yours.

I looked at Kim with new respect and lust all at the same time. She turned off the computer and looked up at me still standing next to her with a huge hardon.

"That should take care of Tommy for a while. I hope he thinks twice about messing with me again. His fiancée is a major slut, but I thought I should take the high road when talking about her." Kim told me.

"Now for your part in this episode" Kim said as she looked me right in the eyes.

The moment of truth was at hand. What was going to happen to me now that she dealt with Tommy? I wasn't really sure.

"I want to thank you for not giving this to everyone on campus and keeping it quiet. I know you could have made it bad at work if you really wanted to. I also wanted to thank you for being so honest. It's not to often I find a man with class and morals." Kim told me.

"I just think you are special, and wanted to save you some embarrassment". I told her.

"Well after all the bragging you did this morning you peaked my curiosity. Now come hee and show me some of your techniques and talents." Kim said to me with a big smile.

Kim proceeded to unzip my pants and pull out my very hard cock. She put it in her mouth and began to give me a blowjob better than on the videos we just watched. I just stood there with weak knees enjoying the show and the feel of her warm mouth. She stopped and looked up.

"Let's get on the bed and get more comfortable." Kim instructed me.


We both agreed the next day it was the best sex we ever had. Oh by the way, all the videos of Kim and Crystal were gone the next day, and I think Tommy is still running from Mr. Howe.

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