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Video Tapes Don't Lie


My wife Regina was on a diet. As an incentive to help keep her from eating she told me that every time she broke her diet that she would give me a 10 minute massage. I was sure that she was breaking her diet while I was at work so I decided to video tape the house while I was gone to catch her.

Regina is a very pretty woman. She has put on a few pounds over the years and having two kids has left her with a bit of a pouch, but she still looks good. She has 40DD tits and a great ass.

Anyway as I was saying I set up the camera and went off to work. All day long I kept thinking about the massage that I had coming to me as soon as I busted her eating on tape. 5PM finally rolled around and I shot out of the door to head home.

When I got home I found a note that said she and the kids had gone school shopping and that they would be back around 7PM. Cool I thought that gives me enough time to watch the tape and catch her red handed.

I put the tape in and opened a beer then hit play and began to giggle to myself. There she was cleaning up the house, watching the soaps, and just relaxing. I hit fast forward until I got to a part where she was on the phone. I pushed play so I could here her conversation. Are you coming over I heard her say. The kids wont be home from school until around 3:30 so you will have to hurry. That peaked my curiosity, who could that possibly be. I fast forwarded the tape further and noticed her brushing her hair and putting on make up.

I couldn't believe my eyes! There was some guy walking in to my house and tongue kissing my wife. This fucking bitch I thought! I cant believe this shit. After all this years how could she do this to me. As the tape rolled on I heard her say I love your cock so much Dan. The guy on the tape then told her how much he loved fucking her with it.

This seemed to arouse her even more because she started massaging his crouch. He then sat on the couch and she pulled his cock out. DAMN! I Thought it had to be at least 11 inches. She got between his legs and started jerking his cock with perfect rhythm to her sucking its head. I love the way you suck my cock baby he said. She started bobbing up and down on it. I was very angry but turned on at the same time. Here was my little innocent house wife on her knees giving an 11 inch cock an expert blowjob.

Dan then told her to get on all fours and spank her own ass cheeks and ask for his cock. Regina got into the doggy position and started slapping her ass and saying please fuck me Dan I need it bad. Dan then started teasing her pussy by rubbing his massive cock head against her pussy which was driving her wild. Please Dan fuck me she was begging I wanna come on your beautiful cock so bad she begged as she rocked back and forth on her knees. only if you let me cum in your mouth this time, you never suck me off he said. Baby you know I don't like cum in my mouth I've never let my husband do that before she said.

Damn if the bitch wasn't telling the truth. Regina would always suck me to the brink of an orgasms but start jerking me off when I came. Then fuck it Dan said IM not fucking you with this cock anymore. As Dan got up and started to put his underwear on I heard my wife say ok baby ok. I'll suck you if real good just please make me cum with all of that cock. I was hard as a brick by now, I have to admit that I wanted to see her take all that cock. That's more like it Dan said.

Dan then got behind her and put about 6 inches of his massive cock inside of Regina. I had never heard her make the sounds that she was making as he fucked her. He was grinding his cock in and out of her in circular motions which was driving her crazy. All at once he started long stroking her while spanking her ass cheek. Regina started cumming violently her body was trembling as Dan kept pumping her with all 11 inches of his cock. Yes baby I heard Regina whimpering, take this pussy take it baby. She then collapsed on the floor her whole body trembling as she was coming down from the orgasms that Dan had just given her.

Dan then rolled her over onto her back and started titty fucking her. Seeing his big cock stroke my wife's DD tits and watching her suck the head of it was to much for me. I pulled out my 7 inch cock and started jerking it. Dan titty fucked her for about 2 minutes and then turned over on his back and told Regina to keep up her end of the bargain. Regina took his meat into her mouth like a pro. She then stopped and looked him in the eyes and told him how much she loved his cock and begged him to always be around to fuck her.

She then resumed sucking his cock. She got it really lubricated with her saliva which she is real good at. Regina can get so much lubrication on your cock until her saliva sometimes drips down your balls. She then started jerking him with her hand in a twisting motion while she sucked his cock. I heard Dan yell that he was cumming and then saw him explode in my wife's mouth. Cum started dripping out of the sides of her cheeks but she kept sucking. That was great baby ILL see you on Friday right Regina said as Dan was putting on his jeans. Oh ya, Friday its a date he replied as he left out the door.

I thought to myself and my new found fetish, Yea I'll see you to on Friday.

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