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Vietnam Delta Sexual Pleasure


The heat could be unbearable at times, the delta of Vietnam was like a natural sauna. It would rain almost every day during the summer, keeping everything lush but the humidity was almost 100% without the rain. The mud was always there, red, sticky and everywhere. The vegetation was like nothing we had ever seen before, tall, cutting and scary. It smelled, always that same musty smell.

Moc Hoa was a camp in the rice bowl region on the banks of the Song Vam river, but far from anywhere interesting. There were a total of 12 men assigned to this camp, two officers and 10 enlisted men. Just a short distance from the camp was the remains of a French Foreign Legion camp, now rotted and in ruins. We were not the first reluctant warriors to the area. Just to the north of the camp lay Cambodia, the Viet Cong's R&R center.

The nights were filled with flares and gunfire, some much closer than they should have been. During the day some of these people were doing business with the Army, but at night, some had a different business. They all dressed and looked alike, making us forever suspicious. There were signs at Moc Hoa saying, "Kill Them All, Let God Sort Them Out". This seemed to permeate the thinking of the 12 men assigned at the camp.

When there are only 12 men assigned to a team, you got to know each very well. Your very life depended upon your comrades. You got to know about their families, just as though you had actually met them. Yet, as always there would be secrets, sometimes these secrets were never divulged. All of these men had endured the year of training that you had, each with their own area of specialization. Rank was fast in the unit, this was the elite of the Army, so they rewarded all of us with fast rank.

Most of the men were very masculine, confident and skilled. The engineering assistant was a little different, more artistic, interested in literature and classical music. I think we all felt that he was slightly effeminate because of his preferences. He did his job well, so there were never any questions.

There was no privacy in the camp, everything was open, communal. The heavy weapons NCO was all of maybe 23 and every time he took a shower he would jack off. This was no easy feat, even though the sun baked the water tank all day, it was still like taking a cold shower. No one seemed to pay any attention to him, it was just something that happened. Most just waited until night, laid in bed and made time with their own cock. The women in the immediate area were not attractive, most were older, attached and seemed to chew beetle nut, which made their teeth black and rotted. Even for a horny soldier, mounting someone with a black tooth smile was not inviting.

We had to make a trip into the regional headquarters in Can Tho one hot, sunny day. This was always done by chopper, it was not safe to travel on the area roads in a vehicle. A jeep or ¾ ton truck was a moving target in the area, always taking fire. It was a little after noon when we arrived in Can Tho and made our way over to the headquarters. The meeting seemed to last longer than normal, but there was a change in mission for the team, now a hatchet team. The team was now going to be more on the offensive than we had with our original mission.

We made our way to the closest bar and sat the quietly with a semi cold beer, contemplating what this new mission meant for all of us. The heat made you sweat, your jungle fatigues looked as though you had been in a rain storm. The 3 of us said very little for some time, just lost in our thoughts. The lieutenant finally said he was going to see a friend in Can Tho and left the engineering assistant and myself in the bar. After some time a man sat down beside us at the bar and asked if we would like a woman. We asked how much and his price was not bad, so we said we would like to see the women. The man escorted us to a house not far away.

The two women were young, attractive and sexy, so we paid the man what he had asked for. They appeared to be sisters, very similar features which made me wonder if the man at the bar was their father. We went to a single room, with 2 hard Vietnamese beds in it. The girls started to take off their clothes and we were not far behind. The one I was with had small firm breasts, with very erect nipples. She had a gorgeous triangle, making her mond stand out. She was short, very petite, but had a wonderful shape to her.

I was very hard just looking at her, it had been sometime since I had been with a woman. We lay down beside each other on one of the beds, her hands stroking my cock. I rolled over on top of her, as she guided my cock inside of her. She was still rather tight and had great muscle control, so she had not had a lot of men. She moved very good, I had a feeling that she actually enjoyed sex.

I could see my companion fucking the woman he was with, his tempo was quick and he was rather vocal as he fucked her. After a few minutes I heard him grunt loudly and could tell that he was shooting his load inside of her. It was only a few short minutes later that I was at the edge, knowing that I was going to cum. I whispered to her that I was cumming. As I started to cum I felt her become so wet, she was cumming as well. I shot my load inside of her, humping until I was so sensitive that I could not stand it and I was starting to go soft. The girls were up and gone in a matter of seconds, leaving us to get dressed.

We made our way back to a bar, relaxed and ready for a cold beer or semi cold at best. We actually talked about the women, how good it was to have sex for a change. We had a couple of beers and set about looking for a place to get something to eat. As the night was getting late we had to find a place to spend the night. It would be mid morning before we would get a flight back to Moc Hoa. We found a room at a small hotel that was typical Vietnamese, hard beds and a cold shower.

My companion went straight to the shower. When he came out I made my into the shower and felt the day's heat leave my body, the dust melted away. There were times we would go days without a shower when we were out of camp. Having a shower had become a luxury in Vietnam. I came out of the shower and he was lying on a bed, naked, relaxed. I felt his eyes looking me over, staring at my cock. I felt my cock throb, knowing that someone was looking at me. It was impossible to hide the fact, I started to get hard as I was toweling off.

I made a joke about it and laid down on one of the beds, my cock standing in the air. I could see that he was now hard, his cock standing proud. He was about the same size as I was, cut, straight, rather thick. His balls were so tight, the were almost pulled up into his groin. He had sparse pubic hair, which was actually attractive. He had a gorgeous mushroom head on his cock, which was slightly red from the mental stimulation. I got up and turned the lights off and lay back down. My mind was thinking of the pussy I had earlier in the evening. For a Vietnamese, she was a very good fuck, still tight and had great muscle control. My eyes closed, the day had been a long one and I felt the stress drain from my body.

I felt something brush my cock, it made my cock jump as it was still somewhat hard. It was then that I realized that is was my travel companion that brushed my cock. I didn't move, I just lay there, my cock now fully erect. It was pitch dark in the room, and I could feel his breath close to my cock. Then I felt his tongue flick the tip on my cock, right on my pee hole. I reached down and felt his head, I gently pushed down on it, letting him know that I was ok with him sucking my cock. I felt his mouth surround my cock and slide down its shaft. God, it felt so good, the feel of his tongue running around the head of my cock.

His rhythm was great, it was slow and easy, letting his wet mouth pleasure me. He knew how to please a man, he was very good at sucking cock. His mouth was so wet, yet it touched my cock so softly, just the right amount of pressure being applied. The way his tongue played with the head of my cock, while letting is slide down his throat was very satisfying. His hands fondled my balls so lightly, yet so effective. After a little while I felt him kissing my stomach, but I needed something for my cock. I moved my way around behind him, feeling his ass with my hands. He spread his legs, getting a solid position. My cock was wet with his saliva, so I rubbed it against his ass. I pushed gently and my cock slide inside a little at a time, feeling his tight hole.

It was obvious that he had been fucked before, enough to know how to let me inside of him. I slowly let me cock go further inside him, not wanting to hurt him. I felt my balls touch his ass, then I pulled back, slowly. He moaned as I pulled my cock back, so this was something that he truly enjoyed. I started to hump him, slowly, feeling my cock surrounded inside his ass. He was a great fuck, I started to speed up my rhythm, his ass in motion with my thrusts. My balls slapped against his ass now that my tempo was faster and harder, he was rotating his ass, letting it grip my cock. He was moaning with each stroke and his rotation was a good indication that I was pleasing him.

I felt him jerking, he was shooting his load, as he was on all fours and he was cumming, never touching his cock. He had no way to touch his cock, yet he was shooting his load. He was sending spurts of cum onto the hard bed, several were already there and he was still cumming. I could see his cock spasm and his nectar shoot out in a white, hot stream.

This sent a hot shock wave through my body, it was incredible, knowing how turned on he was. I started to shoot my load inside his ass, one spurt after the other, filling his ass with my cum. I soon collapsed on his back, my cock sliding out of his ass with a pop. I rolled off, lying on my back as he got up to get a wet cloth and a towel. He wiped my cock off and then kissed it softly on the tip. He then cleaned up his cum from the bed, just the thought of how it got there was exciting. He dropped the towels on the floor and lay down on the bed beside me. He was slowly licking my shaft, up the underside to the head, causing it to start to respond again. His finger had found its way to my anus and was probing my ass. I felt his warm wet mouth cover the head of my cock, my mind was now filled with passion.

I started to hump back into his mouth, fucking his face. He responded by going down so far, pressing his lips hard against my pubic hair. His tongue continued to work my cock, swirling around it, trying to enter my pee hole. I grasp his head, and held on as it bobbed up and down on my cock. I felt my cock starting to swell, knowing that I was close to cumming. I told him I was about to cum, he worked the head of my cock, resulting to me starting to cum. I felt my stomach wrench as I shot my load, which really surprised me since I had already cum twice before that day. As I was shooting my load, I felt something hot on my thighs and leg, he was shooting his load again. It was obvious that my companion loved what he was doing. He let my cock free from his mouth and slid over to his bed. I used the towel on the floor to clean his cum off of my legs and the bed.

I fell asleep quickly, so relaxed and sated. The next morning we were on our way to the landing strip, waiting for the chopper to arrive. My mind was full of yesterday's events, it had been a great day. As we sat there waiting, I thanked him for a great night and told him I would love to do it again. He smiled, nodded and said we would, very soon. Then we became silent as the lieutenant arrived.

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