tagExhibitionist & VoyeurView From A Site Ch. 01

View From A Site Ch. 01


This story is dedicated to a fellow New Zealand author KJTatts.

It makes life very enjoyable when you can enjoy your work, and life gets very pleasurable when there are nice surprises at work as well.

I work as a Project Manager on a construction site in Auckland, New Zealand, and I often start work at 5am as it gives me a couple of hours of uninterrupted time to do paperwork in the site office, before the site lads arrive for a 7am start, and from then on I get very little time to work on planning, etc.

During the winter it is pitch dark outside the site cabin that I work in alongside the main road where the site is enclosed by a wire security fence. Opposite my office is a row of bungalows (Single storey homes for our American cousins), which are quite close to the road.

One morning about 6am I noticed the bedroom light come on in one of the bungalows across the road and a young woman of about 25 to 30 looked out of the window before turning & heading out of sight, when after a brief pause the bathroom light came on at the end of the house.

Thinking nothing of it I got back on with clearing the various faxes & other paperwork that I needed to catch up on. Ten minutes later the bedroom light came back on and the woman stood close to the window again. Just as I was about to turn my attention back to my boring paperwork, I suddenly thought I had seen her disrobe as she walked away from the window. I couldn’t have been that lucky surely?

When it comes to the choice between doing paperwork and checking out if you had seen a woman become naked, then the latter wins hands down; so I got the theodolite out of its box & set it up on my desk. A theodolite is basically a surveyor’s telescope that reads angles & distances for setting out our building works. Fortunately our construction site is on raised ground above the road, and the ground falls away as it reaches the bungalows, so I am sitting at a higher level looking downwards into the bedroom

Sitting at my desk looking through the 100 power telescope I had a clear view through the illuminated window and yes there was a naked lady drying herself off with a fluffy bath towel while standing in front of her full length mirror on the far wall. Shit I couldn’t believe my luck.

The young lady was about 5’5” with long black hair that tumbled down onto her lightly tanned shoulders that had a tattoo of a snake easing its way across her shoulder. Running the telescope down her back I could just start to see the top of her hips slightly flaring outwards as she passed the towel across her arse drying herself as she went. As the towel moved upwards across her back it revealed a lovely inverted heart shaped arse that looked firm with well shaped buttocks that made me want to reach out and grasp them there & then. Looking slightly to her left I could see the reflection of her breasts in the mirror. Focusing the theodolite telescope a bit gave a better view via the mirror of her firm perky breasts that bounced slightly as she moved with the towel. Just as I was trying to work out the size of her breasts she turned and bent down, probably to dry her legs. A minute later her head bobbed back up to show her rubbing the towel under her breasts, pushing up a breast alternatively as she dried.

“What a fucking beautiful sight”, I whispered to myself as I stayed there with one eye glued to the eyepiece.

The field of view through the telescope nicely showcased the upper part of her body filling the view with her breasts swaying across the sighting crosshairs of the scope. As she stood still, facing the window, she gently toweled over one breast at a time, giving me time to notice that she had pierced nipples with rings through them, something I had never seen before on a woman. She also had a small spiders web tattoo just below her shoulder with the spider climbing towards the top of the web to meet the snake coming up over her shoulder from her back. Seeing this I nicknamed my naked lady “Tatts” as everyone should be called by a name. Taking my eyes off her tattoos gave me time to assess that her firm breasts were probably a firm 34C, which looked great on her slim frame. They stood high & firm on her chest pouting forward with a “Suck Me” look to my eyes. I could imagine & longed to, run my rough hands on her tender skin of the underside of these perky beauties, before running up the side cupping them together, and finally bringing the flat of my hand down the firm slope of her breasts to the wonderful pierced nipples. What a shame there was a road & a couple of windows between us!!

Well all good things come to an end, and Tatts moved out of sight, probably to her wardrobe to get dressed. Despite having a great view through the window I could only catch glimpse of her reflection in the mirror as she dressed & finally left the room, turning the light off as she went. So I was just sat there with a raging hard on and a desk full of paperwork. I adjusted my uncomfortable prick so I could stand up & pack away the theodolite and try to gather together some concentration for doing me paperwork.

When the lads arrived for work I didn’t mention my special treat as they would probably claim I was bullshitting them, and also if there was a repeat performance in the future I didn’t want to have to share the theodolite view of Tatts.

I found it hard to concentrate the rest of the day as I relived in my mind the images I had viewed that morning.

The following two mornings the light came on again at the same time and I quickly grabbed the theodolite to repeat watching Tatts give me an unknown show. She must have just moved into the house that weekend as I hadn’t notice this happen previously. I watched each morning the same repeat performance as I sat rubbing my cock through my trousers to try & ease the discomfort. Tatts show made my balls boil inside my trousers & I desperately wanted some relieve somehow after each show.

On the Thursday morning I got a surprise as I watched Tatts dry herself in front of the mirror. Instead of turning to dry her legs she stayed facing the mirror & started to run her fingers over her nipple rings, before cupping & squeezing her breasts together.

“Christ, she’s playing with herself,” I said to myself under my breath. I held my breath as I saw her right hand drop down across her flat stomach & slid through her lovely trimmed black bush. Her forefinger extended & ran over the top of her pussy lips, before cupping under her mound to touch the bottom of her lips. Tatts stroked up & down a few times & I thought I got a glimpse of some jewelry glinting in her bush.

Tatts delved one finger into her pussy sliding it up & down her slit a few times before pushing it deep within her now soaked pussy lips. First one finger, then a second delved in and out with her juices showing on her fingers as they pulled out. The pace picked up as her thumb came up through her bush to rub her clit. As her lips parted there was definitely something glinting on her pussy lips but I couldn’t see what it was at that distance.

I rubbed my hand hard across my crotch under the desk to ease a very confined hard cock. I needed to ease my swelling balls & cock, but didn’t want to miss the show.

As I continued looking through the scope I saw Tatts swaying slightly as she became more excited, which wasn’t surprising as her fingers plunged in & out, her thumb rubbed her clit into heaven; and her left hand squeezed & abused her right breast with her left breast heaving up & down on top of her forearm as it played with her right breast.

We were both fast approached a wonderful orgasm, but only Tatts could indulge herself openly in the pleasure of masturbation. At this point Tatts suddenly dived on her back on to the bed with her legs facing me directly she brought herself off on her fingers & thumbs while her other hand kept mauling her breasts & pulling on her nipple rings. I must admit I winced at the thought of the pain that must induce, but Tatts seemed to be lost in either pain or pleasure, or possibly both!!!

Her fingers were a blur of movement ploughing in & out of her swollen pussy, as her hips started to buck up & down; she exploded into her orgasm, with her slightly tanned body arched backwards on the bed and a nipple pointing skywards through her clenched hand. Her hips were thrust in the air as she shook with the power of an unbelievable, all consuming orgasm, which must have nearly broken her fingers inside her clenching pussy. Juices flowed out of her pussy, off her fingers & down the crack of her arse onto the bed. I bet her room smelt both sweet & musky at the same time as this wanton young beautiful woman took the utmost pleasure in herself. I could imagine her screams & panting of orgasm waking up the neighbours each side.

I couldn’t hold on any longer, I rushed out into the adjacent site toilets & locked the cubicle door as I struggled to pull out of confinement my swollen & bursting prick. Two swift strokes and my seed exploded out of my tortured prick and sprayed into the toilet. My mind & eyesight seemed to swirl with the immense sense of release. My balls throbbed as a long further spurt shot out. I hadn’t come like that in ages. The sense of release & unwinding was amazing. I quickly cleaned & zipped myself up before heading back into the office. I was just in time to see Tatts sit up as I passed in front of my office window while heading to my desk.

A very wicked thought crossed my mind, so I stood in front of my office window and turned the light on & off in quick succession with my body silhouetted between the light & the window. On the fifth flash of the light, I suddenly saw Tatts’ head snap upwards in recognition that someone had a view across into her bedroom. She could only see my outline, but not the smile on my face as I saw the look of horror on her face as she realized that I had seen her display of solo pleasure, little realizing that it was more a case of mutual pleasure.

…….. To be continued.

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