tagExhibitionist & VoyeurView From A Site Ch. 02

View From A Site Ch. 02


My thanks to New Zealand author KJTatts for the inspiration for this story.

The following week curtains were in place & firmly drawn in the house across the road when the light came on in the mornings, which put a dampener on the start to my working day. I had got used to seeing the morning display.

Then about 8am one morning I was walking back off our construction site to my site office when I saw a young lady standing outside the office door waiting for me. As I walked up I could see that she was in her mid twenties with long black hair, wearing a leather jacket zipped up to her neck to keep warm, but with a short leather skirt & black tights, possibly stockings, that certainly wouldn't be keeping her warm as the wind blew across the site.

As I walked past some of the lads on site they were Oohing & Aarghing about the outstanding beauty standing by my office, with a couple of the lads offering to help out with whatever she wanted!!!

As I got closer I realized it was Tatts, my flashing neighbour from across the road, as I had nicknamed her after seeing her tattoos previously. I thought & nearly said out loud ‘I didn't recognize you with your clothes on', but thought better of it as it is such a corny line.

"Hi, I'm the Project Manager, Can I help you?" I asked as I introduced myself to the beauty in front of me, trying hard to keep looking straight into her eyes. I desperately wanted to look & admire her full length head to toe.

"Yes," she answered, "I live across the road and one of your workers has just left his car on my drive & walked off blocking my drive. What can you do about it?"

"Can you show me?" I asked, "And then I can get the registration and check it against our site register."

"Sure," She answered as she set off, back home with me following behind her.

As we walked out the gate, a couple of the lads wolf whistled and she turned round to look, immediately catching me staring at her wonderful legs as I followed her. I looked a bit sheepish at being caught and she just smiled.

Tatts crossed the road in front of me, as I trailed slightly behind so I could study her wonderful long shapely legs as she walked and her shapely arse as it wiggled under the leather skirt. The leather skirt had a relaxing motion as her buttocks moved in rhythm with her legs, the rhythm was as smooth as a Swiss watch, just more beautiful to look at and admire. Fortunately I didn't get run over crossing the road as I was not paying any attention to any vehicles on the road.

Once in her drive, she turned and gave me a lovely beaming smile as she asked "Can you do anything with it?"

"Most definitely," I replied, "And I'll get the car moved too!" I calmly stated as I returned her smile.

"By the way, nice curtains, do they block the view?" I asked slyly.

"I don't know, what do you reckon?" Tatts responded with a wink.

"I reckon there is a great view thorough the window early in the morning," I responded with a wink of my own.

I wrote down the car's registration number, I apologized by saying, "I'll be back in a couple of minutes with the driver to remove it, sorry for any inconvenience caused."

A quick look at the site signing in book gave me the name & company of the driver, so off I went to find him. After finding him & walking him across the road, I asked him why he parked on someone's driveway, to which he replied "It saves walking from the car park." Some people just amaze you at times.

As the guy reversed his car out of Tatts drive I knocked on the door to apologise again, and also to get another close look at Tatts from the front.

The front door opened, and before I could say anything Tatt's hand reached out & grabbed my arm pulling me into her home saying "I'm glad you called back, I need some help with these curtains."

I was quickly led into her front bedroom where Tatts quickly jumped onto a stool in front of the closed curtains, asking "Do these look okay to you?"

What a question to ask as she stood on the stool, her arms reaching up to the curtain rail to make some phoney adjustments, with her long black hair tumbling down her back over her leather jacket; and her leather skirt riding up as she stretched revealing stocking tops for the first time at the top of her outstanding legs. What answer do you give to a question like that when your prick is rapidly hardening at the sight in front of me, my eyes were growing wider, and my hands want to reach forward & caress the beautiful young woman in front of me.

"Well?" she asked.

"They look mighty fine to me, they have a wonderful shape, & look firm wrapped in beautiful material with a solid band of black around the top of each, and a nice border of slightly tanned thigh at the top. They look outstanding to me." I finally replied.

"The curtains, not my legs," she laughed "What do you think to the quality of the material?"

I boldly stepped forward and said "Feels wonderful to me," as I placed both my hands on the back of her shapely calves & slowly slid my hands up to her knees and back down again.

"Do they need adjusting" she asked.

I slid my hands up the outside of her silky smooth firm thighs and ran my finger around the top of her stockings, saying "They are nice and level across the top." Then quickly I slid my hands up her suspenders, saying "They feel firmly fixed to me."

Tatts half turned on the stool and looked down at me, "You're a cheeky bugger."

I slid my hand up further under her skirt to cup her arse cheeks, and replied "Yep."

Turning fully around, Tatts leaned down & kissed my forehead. My hands reluctantly slid out from under her skirt and reached up under her arms to lift her down so I could kiss her properly.

My mouth closed over her lips and her tongue darted deep into my mouth dispelling any fears that I was over stepping the mark. Tatts hands reached down to start undoing my trousers. I pulled her hands away & folded them behind her back as I didn't want to rush this outstanding opportunity. As I held her hands behind me, the restraint seemed to increase Tatt's passion further, as she wriggled trying to get her hands free again.

Holding both her hands behind her back with my right hand, I reached behind her & gripped her silky long black hair with my other hand & gently pulled backwards so her head tilted back. I broke our kiss & looked at the longing & passion in her dark eyes. I was determined this wasn't going to be some short quick knee trembler, however horny & desperate we both were.

Tatt's tongue arched up trying to reach my lips as I had a slow look around her room. I made her wait, holding her tightly so she couldn't move as I took in my surroundings, before finally lowering my lips to hers & gently biting her bottom lip and thrusting my tongue deep into her hungry mouth. I nearly swallowed her lips as my mouth enveloped her, kissing her as long as I could so she was breathless as I suddenly released my grip & pushed her backwards onto the bed.

As she fell I was already moving around the bed to grab a scarf from her chair & pull the waist tie out of her robe by the bed. As Tatts lay on the bed & started to pull her arms out from underneath her, I gently grasped her hands again, swinging them over her head and quickly tying a knot around each wrist and tying the other end around the timber posts of the bed head, leaving quite a bit of length between her wrists and the bed head. Her eyes opened wide in panic, probably thinking she was about to be raped in her own home.

"If you don't like this at any time just say so and I'll untie you immediately," I reassured her "the ties are just to heighten your pleasure so we don't rush this. Is that okay?"

Luckily Tatts nodded and said "Go for it," which I did.

I gently slid my hands under her thighs & pulled her down the bed up so that the ties came fairly tight and her leather encased arse rested just on the end of the bed & her feet rested on the floor. I asked Tatts if she was comfortable & she said she was fine as I leaned down to give her a reassuring kiss.

Tatts hungrily drew on my mouth & tongue as if she wanted to eat me whole.

As we kissed I ran my fingers through her lovely hair and down onto her shoulders feeling her figure through her zipped leather jacket. I broke the kiss to concentrate on giving Tatts pleasure. My open flat hands gently ran down the front of her leather jacket feeling the rise of her breasts underneath & the slight bump of her hardening nipples with the feel of the nipple rings just being felt through the jacket. I desperately wanted to open the jacket & view her firm breasts at arms length, rather than my previous view through the telescope; but I saved that pleasure for later. Tatts was arching her back trying to keep my heads on her tits as she started to get excited under my touch. My cock was also excited at this time, wanting release from its confinement.

My hands continued down Tatt's wiggling body, across her flat stomach & moved outwards on to her hips as they came on to her leather skirt. The skirt was black shiny leather with zips down each side. As my hands slid over her hips they moved onto the top of her thighs, causing a long sigh as they bypassed her pussy. The hem of her skirt just covered the tops of her stockings as the feel of leather changed to soft nylon stockings and a more sensual feeling over Tatt's warm sexy body. I gently eased her legs apart and sat on the floor between them admiring the exquisite view in front of me. Tatts was wearing some black pumps with 2 inches heels that caused her calves to stretch in her current position giving her fantastic legs even more shape & definition, encased in her stockings. Her thighs lay in a horizontal V in front of me disappearing back into her skirt to reveal a black thong covering her pussy.

I wanted to tease Tatts to orgasm as I admired her so I placed my hands on the black of her ankles, my touch making her finch as she wondered what would happen next. I didn't keep her waiting as my hand lovingly stroked up the back of her calves feeling the shape & warmth through her stockings. I massaged her calves for a couple of minutes below moving my hands upwards onto her magnificent thighs. Tatts eased her thighs wider apart to allow me free access to her warm flesh. I raised myself to my knees as I slowly rubbed my hands up & down her thighs, with my fingers reaching half an inch further up each time I stroked upwards. After a couple of minutes I unzipped the sides of her skirt as I reached the top of her stockings and Tatts was wiggling her arse on the bed enticing me to speed up & get to her thong encased pussy.

I leaned forward to kiss her knee & then started to slowly trail my kisses up her silky stockings.

"Stroke my pussy," Tatts pleaded, and I ignored her as my lips continued kissing one thigh & my hand caressed her other thigh. As my head neared her stocking tops Tatts stretched against her bonds trying to slide her pussy closer to my lips. I could smell her pussy starting to heat up as her musky scent reached my nose, turning me on even more. By now Tatts was constantly wiggling trying to ease the horny itch that was starting to build in her pussy and she was pleading with me to stroke her pussy.

As my lips moved onto the band of exposed thigh above her stockings, my hands ran across her stomach and rubbed over her leather jacket to find the humps of her tits underneath. I ran my hands in circles over & around her leather encased tits feeling them rise & fall as Tatt's passion & need increased.

"Please bring me off, please finger or suck pussy," she pleaded unable to bear the teasing.

My lips moved to her left thigh & sucked on her hot flesh as I breathed in her scent from her now steaming pussy. I reached behind me & pulled my digital camera from the pouch on my belt as I pulled my hand back & started taking photos of the wonderful scene in front of my eyes. Starting with her calves I worked the lens up her legs recording the wonderful images that filled the screen in front of me.

"Hey, what about me?" Tatts demanded as I slowly rose up from between her legs still taking photos as I went.

"Hey, what are you doing?"

"Ensuring we both have a reminder of this morning, I'll give you a copy of the CD for your viewing pleasure," I stated.

"I need an orgasm, not a fucking CD!!!"

I kept taking photos as I started to run my free hand up her thigh from her knee, feeling her arse lift off the bed as my hand ran off her stocking onto her hot bare flesh and a finger rested against the edge of cum dampened throng. I slid my cupped hand over her mound & pressed lightly on her whole throng covered mound, taking a photo of her face she started to feel that release was forthcoming.

Putting the camera down to concentrate again on Tatt's pleasure my cupped hand slid gently up & down over her mound, feeling the heat & dampness of her encased pussy through her now wet throng. Her hips arched upwards as I slid my middle finger into the valley between her clenched arse & the palm of my hand pressed down on the bottom of her pussy.

As I continued to massage her pussy I bent down to seek out her hungry mouth. As we passionately kissed I drew my finger back up along her pussy lips pushing her silky throng into her pussy as it travelled up onto her clit.

Tatts arched up off the bed, hard against my hand, as a mighty orgasm arced through her body as I continued to finger her clit through her throng & draw hungrily on her lips as she fought to draw enough breath to carry her through her thundering orgasm. I relentlessly pressed on her clit giving her unbearable pleasure until she begged me to stop.

As she lay there taking in huge gulps of air I took the opportunity to take photos of her beautiful flushed face, before working down to photograph her heaving tits as they pulsed under her jacket. I photographed my hand slowly pulling down her jacket zip, seeing her jacket ease open as the zip descended to her waist. As the jacket opened it exposed Tatt's cleavage wrapped in a black shear fine mesh blouse, her bare skin visible through it as the sides of her 36c tits came slowly into view.

"Suck my nipples please," Tatts begged as she came down from her orgasm.

I eased her jacket open, taking photos as I went, seeing her hardened nipples coming into view in close up for the first time. Her tits were an unbelievable sight to behold so I put the camera down again, releasing my hands to explore the bountiful treasures I had exposed to my eyes & fingers. Tatts had small hard dark nipples sat atop of her firm perky breasts that heaved with her breathing beneath me. Both nipples were pierced with small gold rings that slid up & down under the mesh blouse. My hands rested gently on the outside curves of her fantastic breasts as I admired them in all of their glory. Looking deep into Tatt's eyes I admired her beauty as she lay beneath me.

"Play with my nipples, bring me off again," she pleaded.

My hands curved under the soft under slope of her full breasts, with my thumbs entering the start of her cleavage. I pushed gently upwards & inwards to form a fantastic cleavage through the mesh of her blouse. The blouse rubbed on her nipples making them stand up like church organ stops. My fingers rotated so I could rub over her nipples & the gold rings.

As my fingers brushed across her pert nipples, Tatts arched & sighed deeply with pleasure as I started to tease her nipples. I wasn't sure how to play with her nipple rings as I wasn't sure if they would cause pain or not.

"Pull on them, rub them," Tatts said as she read my mind & face.

I gently eased the rings upright through her blouse and rubbed her pierced nipples between my thumbs & forefingers while my remaining fingers stroked the upper slope of her heaving breasts.

"Rougher," demanded Tatts.

I pulled upright on the rings, lengthening her nipples & slowly pulling her tits to a point, what an unbelievable sight & sensation as my cock surged again in my trousers.

"Mould them, stretch them," Tatts instructed me.

I squeezed her tits firmly into peaks as my mouth lowered onto the first nipple and sucked it into my mouth.

Her body arched off the bed, "Yes baby, suck it, chew it, squeeze it, be rough, bring me off," she instructed.

My other hand reached to her other breast & gave her nipple some firm pulls & squeezes as I sucked hard on her nipple.

Tatt's breathing rapidly increased & her tits heaved through the mesh as she neared another orgasm. I rubbed & sucked hard, feeling her hot firm flesh move under me and the orgasm grew inside her. As I felt her reach her peak I bit down hard on her tits & nipple as my hand squeezed hard on her other tit forcing her nipple & flesh between my fingers. Her body suddenly arched up forcing her tit further into my mouth as her orgasm racked through her wonderful body and she screamed out, her hips humping wanting release or a finger to play with her clit. I solely concentrated on her pulsing, heaving tits to give her concentrated pleasure solely through her tits & nipples. Tatts pulled hard on her bonds wanting to pleasure her pussy as she came, her thighs rubbing together to stimulate her hardened clit & give herself pleasure.

As her orgasm subsided I reached up to release one of her hands, which immediately shot between her legs & under her dripping thong to punder her pussy & clit.

I released her sore, swollen nipples to watch Tatt's finish herself off with her fingers as I took more photos of this wanton, steaming woman beneath my gaze. I took close up photos of her sopping pussy as the fingers moved as a blur in & out of the swollen lips, with her clit standing erect begging some attention. Finally her thumb rubbed her clit and took her over the top into another screaming orgasm that had her legs vibrating & her body bouncing on her bed, her fingers & fisting nearly lost inside her pussy.

"Yyeess, Yyeess, Yyyeeess," she screamed as her orgasm hit it's peak and her whole body shook, with her tits wobbling & heaving under her blouse. I sat & lusted at the sight before me.

As her body finally subsided I gave her a long kiss, said thank you for such a great start to the morning, grabbed my camera & started to leave her room.

Her sweat covered head came off the bed, "You haven't tried to fuck me?" She asked questioningly.

"No, I am married," I plainly stated as I left the room to find her bathroom for a well earned wank as I wouldn't be able to work all day without some relief after that wonderful experience.

…….. To be continued.

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