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Disclaimer: This story is an account of male/male anal intercourse.

"I've had enough," I say when he reaches over, offering to top off my wine glass once again. The dark red bitter Merlot has me warm, but hasn't gone to my head – or so I think. With a sexy grin he nods and says, "Ok, if you say so." I let him take the glass from my hand, finish it off in one swallow and set it down next to his empty glass on the table. He's playful and relaxed, but I wouldn't say drunk; he can handle his alcohol, but lucky for me, it does lower his inhibitions, quite a lot for that matter.

Instantly, he's on me as I'm leaned back in the recliner. His long hard body is on mine, and he slides both his hands under each of my shoulders, pulling us together and kisses me hard on the mouth. I groan softly as we kiss, and can feel his unmistakable excitement prodding against my thigh. The hard ridge under his jeans almost hurts as he begins to grind against me. I separate from the kiss and say, "Let's take this in the other room...no room here to get down to business."

He moves up off me, and extends his hand to pull me up. As he does, he leans down again and catches my lip between his teeth, sending a hot electric buzz right down my spine. I taste his tongue as he licks across my teeth, and then just as quickly as he does this, he stops and turns, still grasping my hand and leads me to our bedroom.

Standing by the bed in the dimly lit room, both of our shirts come off in unison, and both are tossed on the floor carelessly. Again we embrace. The feel of our warm skin connecting makes for an even hotter kiss, and now both of us are grinding our lower bodies together. I'm as hard as he, and need desperately to get out of my pants.

"Undress me," I pant as we end our kiss. He quickly begins to undo my fly, and in seconds my jeans and boxers are down around my knees, and I waste no time in kicking them off. My cock juts out and his fingers touch it, wrap around the shaft and give it a nice squeeze before he pushes me back, and I'm down on the bed. I watch him through the dark as he unzips and sheds his jeans, and in seconds he's joined me on the bed. His dick is bigger than mine; sticking out like an angry tool, ready to be used. On all fours, he moves in close and begins biting at my neck and shoulder while one hand roams across my chest, and down my belly. My cock jumps in reflex as his hand slides lower, and automatically my legs part and I bend my knees offering myself to him.

He gives my hard on a long single stroke as he continues lower, his fingers trailing over, and then under my balls. His hand now down in the hot crevice beneath my sac, I can't help but mutter a raspy "Oh, fuck me."

He bites lightly at my erect nipple and then says, "Not tonight. I have something else in mind." His big fingers stroke across my asshole before he takes his hand away, and moves it back up to my side, rolling me over on top of him. Our dicks mash together between us and I look into his eyes, and ask him what he wants.

"I'm ready. I don't want to wait – I want you in me tonight. It's your turn to give me what I've been giving you all this time." He sees the surprised but very excited look on my face and adds, reiterating the fact, "You fuck me tonight, baby. Be the first one in my virgin ass."

To myself I think: Are you sure? Are you drunk? I know he's not drunk, but because of his natural inclination as a Top, it's such an unexpected request. Quite true, he's virginal in that sense. I'd dreamed many times of being over him, my body bent over his broad back, fucking myself into him and making him come that way. I say nothing, and just slide down his body and in between his open thighs, and push them up over my shoulders. He knows just what is coming, and wiggles his ass, pushing it closer to my face.

I descend and suck onto his asshole, tonguing it with such a heated urgency, shoving my tongue inside that tight forbidden realm, through the muscular ring as it clenches at me, until it can go no further. Fucking in and out of him like that, with waves of lust crashing over me again and again, I don't stop until he squirms and hisses out in an almost submissive way, "Fuck me now. Get up here and fuck me, Curt."

Pushing up with my arms on either side of him, I crawl up and feel his raised legs rest on my lower back as he lifts his hips high, pulling us together with his legs. My mouth again connects with his in a deep kiss complete with teeth, and I reach down between us and find his wet asshole with my thumb. I push into that tight ring, easing in up to my knuckle. A heated groan escapes his lips again, and his body presses against my hand, wanting more. His movements make it very clear that he is certain about this, thankfully. It would've been nearly impossible for me to stop now, being so close to feeling myself surrounded by him like I've been in so many fantasies.

I withdraw my thumb after wriggling it, twisting it inside him, feeling the slick walls of his ass and being confident that he can take me in. I sit up and lean back on my heels, reaching behind me to the drawer where a tube of lube is kept. It was always him though, that grabbed that tube. I watched him in my mind, seeing him as he'd be above me, slathering his cock with the clear fluid, before he'd push my legs up and make contact with my hole. I spread the lube over my cockhead and halfway down my length and then swiped my greasy fingers across his hole, leaving the excess there on him.

"How do you want to be...do you want to turn over?" He says no, that he wants to watch me fuck him. I poise my swollen cock at his pink opening and squeeze it right under the head, making pre cum appear at my slit and quickly drip down onto his skin. Touching it to him, I lean into one of his lifted legs with my forearm and move forward, pushing myself inside his pure body.

I hear him suck in a breath sharply as my dick pops through his sphincter, but I keep sliding deeper. I move slow, but wasn't going to stop unless he said for me to; I know how this feels, exactly how this feels from a physical standpoint. I know that the pain he feels initially would be replaced with intense pleasure in a short time. Mentally though, I'm not sure how he feels. Obviously, it's strong enough, his desire to connect with me like this, for it to override any dark shadows in his mind. The ones that have made it take this long before he was willing to submit and be fucked. I wasn't going to question it; we both wanted this to happen. This was consensual and urgent, I wouldn't disappoint him.

I feel him open up for me as he takes my cock. I can see him biting into his lower lip as I keep on, not stopping until my balls are resting on his smooth upturned ass. This is when I do hold still, letting my sexy lover adjust and breathe again, letting his tight ass conform to my thick meat. It isn't long before he does. After a moment, staring hard at each other through the darkness, I see him nod and say "Go on, I'm so ready for you. Fuck me now, like I fuck you."

My hips jerk back and I slide out halfway, then I thrust in again. He grabs onto my shoulder and digs his nails in; they bite into my skin and spur me on. Out again, I slide back, then in again, feeling the rear bones of his pelvis against my groin as our bodies slap together. I fall into a perfect fuck rhythm right away, and now my thoughts of any pain he might be having are replaced by my indescribable pleasure. It is the most perfect feeling ever...My cock buried nut-deep inside his flesh, and him continuing to pull me in tight with his legs around my waist. So good, so good...I realize I am murmuring it with every stroke.

My cock is on fire, the friction and tightness are just too much. I thought that this must feel similar to fucking a heated and lubed-up tiny rubber glove. He humps up against me, his body meeting mine with every stroke now, and my ears are filled with our collective grunts and throaty growls. He curses me, only adding to my passion, saying "Oh, you nasty muthafucker...yeah, yeah! Fuck me like you mean it...fuck me, baby, just...like that...make me yours, all the way."

At his words, I'm brought right to the edge. No longer can I hold back, it's too much. He feels too perfect. And as he clamps his asshole tightly around my cock, I feel the burn in my lower belly begin and the churning in my balls as I started coming. I stab into him one last time, and hold my cock there, deeply buried in his guts and pant hoarsely, "Oh, I'm comin'."

I halfway hear his 'yeah yeah yeah's' as he encourages my orgasm, but mostly I just hear my pulse pounding inside my head as my bone spits out thick white ropes inside him, painting his ass with my cum. My breath catches in mid-throat until my ejaculate is over. I can't hold myself up any longer, and let my weight rest on him fully. Finally, I breathe again, panting as sweat rolls off my forehead and down my nose, leaving a wet spot in the crook of his neck where my face is rooted. It wasn't until then that I was reminded of his rock hard erection. He moves against me, pushing up into my stomach with it, rolling his hips and letting me know, that now, it was his turn. I loved my view from the top, I couldn't deny...but we both knew I belonged on the bottom.

His big hand on my side, he rolls me off of him and snarls, "Oh, that was a good fuck, baby. But you're gonna pay now." I smile up at him lazily, still half-stoned from coming so hard. Those words are music to my ears...

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