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Fresh out of college, with my degree in Mechanical Engineering in my hand, I felt like I had the world by the short hairs.

Six months later I was working in the local gas station, pumping gas and fixing cars in the dirty two bay back room.

My Dad had grinned at me and shook my hand, happy that I had graduated. Then he told me what he expected me to pay for my share of living at home "until" I found a place of my own.

I was a little fed up with all the rules Dad had anyway. I knew exactly what would happen if I were to bring a lady friend home, and stopping at a bar for a beer was a nono.

I moved out within a month, I had a few hundred dollars left over and figured I would land a neat job with a fat 5 figure income in no time.

Roughly 100 resumes later there were no phone calls, except for one company that wanted to "consider" me for an entry level position which turned out to be mostly pushing the mail cart, and another one that sounded good until they told me it was in Afghanistan.

I happened to stop at the local fuel station, asking for $4 worth of gas for my ratty little Toyota pickup. Martin, the old bald headed guy that ran the place watched me count out $4 in change, then he grinned at me and asked me if I wanted a job.

"$8 per hour, can you fix cars too?" He asked. "If you can, I can maybe add a percentage."

Yea, I could fix cars, I thought. What the hell, the government and the bank would be on my ass before long, something about wanting payments towards those loans. My bank account was still five figures but there was a decimal point after the third digit and rent was coming up.

So I went to work, it was easy stuff. Pump some gas, chat with the customers, once in awhile someone would need a tire fixed or an alternator repaired. It was all minor stuff and I actually enjoyed the job. Martin even had an old valve grinding machine in the back, it hadn't been touched in years so I cleaned that up and in short order we were getting in some cylinder heads to fix. True to his word he tacked on a piece of the action to my paycheck so I actually was doing fairly well.

At least my bank account wasn't still getting smaller.

I really liked the housewife types that rolled in for fuel, obviously bored. There was about a half dozen that delighted in flirting with me, a few made sure I got some nice peeks at bare flesh and I didn't mind that one bit, either. There was one older lady that drove a tiny little red sports car. You had to look real close to tell that she was easily in her 50's, her hair was long and flowing and she was always made up perfectly. From behind she could pass for mid 20's easily.

The one odd thing about her was that she was homely as a mud fence, but that wasn't really noticeable because she was always well made up, nicely dressed, her hair perfect. She looked and acted like a woman with experience and money, and she managed to make the best of every feature.

And without fail one or both of her tits were hanging out and they were fine. She had solid tan lines, and freckles that I saw many times. She would turn this way and that, fussing with her purse or poking around in the glove compartment as I serviced and gassed her car. Her nice round breasts were capped with long nipples and she made sure I got a real good look at them. A couple of times she wore a skirt, although usually it was tight slacks or shorts on hot days. Those skirts had slits that she used to show off her legs and I even got a good look at the crotch of her panties. The ones I really liked had a small shadow panel right at the crotch but the upper part might as well have been saran wrap. I actually saw her clit poking out over the top of the shadow panel one day while I carefully buffed her window. There was a thin strip of dark hair just above it and that was all. She knew that I could see too, her face was slightly red and her lips pursed out as she pretended to not notice me.

It popped in my mind to perhaps take a chance and hit on her but I really didn't feel secure about that, after all she was much older than me and she wore this giant diamond on her ring finger so I knew there was a husband somewhere.

So I just looked and enjoyed.

I kept right on sending out those applications, too.

Then I happened to mention to Martin that my rathole apartment rent was eating up almost everything I made. He looked at me and grinned.

"Hey, why not rent one of mine?" He said.

"You have apartments?" I asked.

"Yea, I bought some rentals over on Halton avenue, check them out. I can make you a better deal, let's call it part of the job. You are a good worker!"

I drove over after work to take a look. The place consisted of 8 units, three down one row, two across the back, and three up the other side. It was obviously once a motel complex. There was nice cement sidewalks, the units on each side faced each other. That created a very nice area for sitting outside in the evenings, and nice and private too with the big bushes lining the front. The grass was neat and weedfree, freshly mowed. There was even a tiny fish pond with a couple of fish in there, they would poke their heads out waiting for us to feed them something. Each unit had a living room, kitchen, one bedroom and one bath, on the small side but clean and neat as a pin.

And half what I was paying for a 2nd floor walkup with a struggle for anywhere to park within a half mile. The damn floors weren't level and the boards squeaked when I walked on them, which the fat broad that lived below me complained about constantly.

Hell, she called management one day when I was playing my electric guitar with the power shut off! Since the crabby old fart that managed the place was hosing the fat broad, of course I got told to keep it down.

She kept me pissed off all the time, it got so I would wait until I heard her shower running, hell, I could hear her take a dump the place was so thin.

I would then flush the toilet, wait until it filled and then go turn on the hot water full blast.

The first couple of times I did that I got a nice shriek for a response, oddly she never showered when I was home after that.

So I happily took unit number seven, smack in the middle between two little houses exactly alike, facing three others across the courtyard, also exactly alike.

I moved in a month later. Things were looking up.

The day I moved in I came walking up the sidewalk carrying a huge box. Two young women were sitting on lawn chairs out front. They smiled at me, I smiled back. Nothing really out of the ordinary there, both of them were wearing blue jeans and T-shirts.

I was carrying the last items, my guitar and my amp, one of them asked me if I played.

"Yea, a little." I answered.

"Us, too, we like to play and sing a little. What do you play?"

"Oh, about anything I want, if I hear it I can play it."

"Cool! Let's get together, jam some?"

"Sure, any time." I went ahead and put my stuff away.

I was bent over one of the cartons, digging out my matched cutlery set, consisting of three knives, forks, spoons etc when I heard a voice from the doorway.

"Need any help?"

One of the girls was standing there. She was blonde, and very nicely rounded out from what I could see.

"No, thanks though. I got it about all handled, I don't have much stuff yet."

"I'm Shelly, I live in number two..with my boyfriend." She added.

"I'm Dan. Who is your friend?" I could see the other girl still sitting in one of the lawnchairs, watching us intently.

"That's Kathy, she is in 8." I knew number 8 was the one on the end next to mine.

"Well, if I can't give you a hand I guess I will go sit on my butt. Come join us when you get done, we have some beer." With that she turned and walked back outside, giving me a nice peek at her well filled our behind.

I was done in 10 minutes, so I went out to join them. We had a long visit, I learned that I was the only single guy in the units. The rest were all women, just two of them couples and around my age. The other units were single women and all older than us. I asked about them, Shelly told me that all three of them liked girls. She gave a little giggle at that. Still, It looked to be a fun place to live. The other couple both worked and she said they were nearly always gone.

I met Dave, Shelly's livein a few days later, he was a tall slender guy and always had a smile on his face. The others I only knew in passing, except for Kathy. The four of us more or less hooked up as friends, although I never saw much of Dave. He was always gone someplace and came in pretty late in the evening. So it was just sit around and chat, drink some beer, pick on the guitars a little. Mostly me and two cute gals, I didn't mind that one bit.

Once in awhile I would see one of the other people come in or go out, they just nodded and left us alone.

The first out of the ordinary thing was when I came home an hour early and walked up the steps to see Kathy and Shelly quickly pull towels over their breasts. They had obviously been sunning themselves. I got a tiny flash of skin and nipples but that was all.

"Sorry." I said. "Just coming home."

"Why are you sorry? Don't you like girls?" Shelly teased. Shelly was always teasing, even wearing a T-shirt her big nipples poked out like headlights. I don't think she even owned a bra, I never saw her wear one.

"Uhh...Yea, but I...." I went into mild discomfort.

She sat up, holding the towel to her front as I walked by. She had a big smile on her face, she knew she was getting to me. I went inside my place, leaving them to whatever they were doing. I did peek out through the curtains but they had both put their tops back on.

The next incident was late at night, I was in my bedroom getting ready for bed. I looked up at the window and there was Kathy, she had just slipped off her blouse. She wore a lacey pink bra that her breasts barely nestled in, it was soft looking. Our bedrooms faced each other, with a narrow walkway between them to a tiny back yard, no more than five feet wide. So unless the curtains were closed we could both see right into each other's bedrooms.

She noticed I was there, turned my way and smiled just as I closed the curtain. I didn't want to be caught peeking, besides, I was wearing just my briefs. I had been about to remove them to take a shower when I realized she was there and could see right in.

The next day was Saturday and I had the day off. By late afternoon both Kathy and Shelly were out there in the lawn chairs when I came out on my porch. They had on bikinis, just normal looking types. I waved and they waved. I went back inside and made a pitcher of iced tea, got some glasses and went out to join them. I had on shorts and a T-shirt, it was hot as hell so I stripped the T-shirt off and sat down.

"Wow, he is pretty ripped!" Shelly said to Kathy, like I wasn't there.

"Yea, I saw him the other night." Kathy said, grinning. That got a blush from me.

"Sorry, I didn't realize the bedrooms faced each other."

"Oh, it's OK. No big deal, we all have to live here." She waved her hand like she was dismissing that.

"We want to get some Sun." Shelly said.

"Yea, and you are sitting right here." Kathy added.

I just looked at them, slightly confused.

"We need to tan...these." Shelly added, her hands moving over her bust without quite touching. She had a big grin on her face.

"Oh....Sorry. I can go back inside."

"No, that's all right. You live here too." She said again.

"If we take off our tops, will you be offended?"

"Uhh...No, but I can give you privacy if you....."

Shelly reached down and tugged the string of her top and slipped it off, setting it aside.

"Too late." She said, with a giggle.

Kathy looked at Shelly, laughed. Her top was off also before I could open my mouth. She laid back, letting the Sun hit her upper body and closed her eyes. Shelly had big round breasts with huge dark nipples, Kathy was smaller and more ski slope shaped, her nipples were flat looking with tiny tips. I was looking from one to the other in surprise. Then I had to roll over on my side to hide the bulge that was growing in my shorts.

"I think we got him all fussed up!" Shelly said with a giggle.

"Sorry, it's just that I am not used to...."

"You will get used to it, relax. Besides, it's a compliment." She grinned at me. She was still sitting upright, her breasts hanging forward.

After about a half hour I did get used to it, I even managed to doze a little. I woke up to the sound of a lawnmower, a hispanic man was starting to cut the grass. Both of the girls were gone, so I got up and went inside.

Visions of them sitting there half naked filled my head, I felt myself beginning to erect again. I decided to take care of that. I was feeling pretty hot, I glanced at the curtain and it was pulled part way but there was a gap. It was getting dark outside so I couldn't really see if the other room had the curtains open. I stood there and then reached down, slipped my pants and briefs off. Naked and partly erect, I reached down and stroked myself a few times. That was a glorious feeling, I knew I could be caught and for some reason that made me hard as a rock.

I was just getting ready to explode when I heard a tapping at the side window.

Startled, I quickly grabbed my briefs and shorts, tugged them on and fastened them. Then I looked out the window, my face flaming. Kathy was there, leaning out her open window. I opened mine, expecting to be chastised.

"Want some company?" She asked.

"Uh..... sure, come on over."

She reached down and picked up a wide board, it was about 5 feet long. She lifted it, pushed the end my way.

"Catch this!" She said.

I reached down and grabbed the end, she set her end on the windowsill, looked at me.

I stood there holding the dang board with my mind blank for a moment.

"Well?" She said.

I put the other end on my own windowsill. She hopped up on the board and crawled across, scooting down to slide into my bedroom. She reached behind her and pulled the board in, set it down.

"Nobody will know I am over here this way." She smiled.

"So what is up?" I asked, stupidly.

"I just figured that by now you might need a little help." She was grinning ear to ear.

"Help with what?"

"This! We teased you and caused it so let me fix it." She put her hand against my chest and pushed gently, the back of my knees bumped the bed and I sat down. She reached down and tripped the catch on my pants. Reaching inside she fondled me for a few seconds, getting an almost instant reaction.

"I thought so." She said, kneeling down and using both hands to start stroking me. It didn't take her very long, either, she alternated between soft and firm, then as I started to erupt she squeezed, continuing the strokes again. Her breath came in short little gasps, she was really getting off on this.

It almost took the top of my head off. Just as I blasted off into the air one of her hands came up and covered the end, to catch the spurts. As I started to calm down, I reached out for her but she slipped back out of my reach.

"Nononono." She said.


"I don't fuck. Not yet anyway." She said bluntly. Then she reached out and wiped her hands on my pants that were still down past my knees.

"But you...we..."

"I like to do that, it's fun." She smiled. Then she went over and with a bit of a struggle managed to get the board back up on the windowsills. I just sat there and watched and she crawled back across on her hands and knees. There was another struggle and she pulled the board inside, waved at me and shut the window.

I sat there almost in shock, not sure what the hell had just happened. Finally I managed to calm down and took a shower, but I had to get myself off the 2nd time in the shower from thinking about what Kathy had just done.

Funny thing is I had never in my life ever even thought about exhibitionism, but I had just done it. Partly an accident, I honestly didn't think Kathy was over there but the idea that she might be had really gotten me going.

I also thought about that, thinking she had probably done something like that before with someone else. I had no idea who had lived there before me, though.

I thought maybe Kathy might climb over and do that some more but for days she acted like nothing had happened. I was a bit bashful at first when I saw her or talked to the two of them in the yard but soon I got over that.

They both had great big grins every time they saw me too. I figured Kathy had probably told Shelly all about that incident.

I was also hoping for some more of them sunning themselves but it rained for an entire week so that ended any thought of that.

Then one night I was coming home from being down at a local club. There had been some dancing and drinking and I was a little bit buzzed, enough so that I left my rig there and walked home. I had spent the night hitting on a sweet looking gal a few years older than me but when it came time to ask her over for a nightcap she told me she was married and had to go home to her husband.

This after my hands had been all over her butt and we had shared several long kisses.

Just my luck to pick the married one in the bunch, and a tease at that.

I noticed the lights were on in the room right across from me, not thinking, I glanced in as I went by. The curtains were wide open.

Shelly was on top of Dave on their couch, and both of them were naked! Her big bare breasts were bouncing up and down from her efforts, I could just see Dave's lower body from my angle. I saw Shelly's pubic hair slip up into view each time she lifted up.

I went inside my unit and closed the door. Then without turning on the lights I slipped the front curtains aside. They were still going at it, in a few moments Shelly got up and turned around. Dave got up on his knees and started in again from behind as she shoved her behind up in the air to take it.

What a sight! I couldn't help myself, I sat there and watched, my rock hard cock now in my hand. They went at it for a very long time, finally Shelly rolled over again and spread her legs. I got a perfect view of her hairy pussy with the pink peeking out. She was abviously turned on, her lips looked all swollen up and wet.

Just as Dave threw his head back I let fly, too. My sperm flew out and all over the curtain, making a mess. I finished up and thought that I had better go get some soap and water and clean up, then as I glanced up at the other house I saw Shelly looking out the window in my direction. I didn't think she could see me with the lights out though.

She grinned and gave a little wave, then closed the curtains. I knew right then that she knew I was there.

I was finishing cleaning up the mess I had made when my phone rang.

Thinking it was probably Shelly, or even Dave, I picked it up. It was Kathy.

"How was the show?" She said with a giggle.


"Hey, I know you saw them too." She laughed.

"Yea, I really couldn't miss that."

"Can I come over?"

"Sure." I went to my front door but then I heard the tap on the window from the other room. I went in there and opened the window, up came the board and she crawled across.

"Why don't you just use the front door?" I asked her.

"I don't want anybody to know I am over here."

"Oh. Ok. But that seems odd."

"Well, how did you like the show?"

"That was fun I guess, I think they know we are watching."

"Yep, They know! Dave has a nice one, almost as nice as yours!" She purred.

I reached out for her thinking maybe she was ready but she slipped away.

"No touch!" She said.

I just shrugged.

"I would take care of that for you but I think you already did." She gave me a wicked grin.

I just shrugged again, not really knowing what to say.

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