tagNonConsent/ReluctanceViking Lord Ch. 01

Viking Lord Ch. 01


Author's Note: this is a non-consent story. The women are not being tickled. If pain makes you squeamish, look elsewhere. However, if I decide not to leave it at this chapter, it will get better.

The hall is filled with obnoxious, drunken vikings. They laugh and make crude jokes while cruelly pinching the serving girls' asses and tits. Several of the women have been grabbed by the drunken warriors and are being brutally fucked at the tables. The only woman free of this cruelty, for now, is the Lord's wife at the head of the table, Lady Vera. She was married to their Lord only a day ago and the Lord was called away before the marriage was consummated.

Vera sits quietly to the right of the large carved wooden throne, which sits empty for the moment. The surrounding noise of the hall seems not to bother her at all. She has simply accepted it as a part of her life, for her father's hall was just the same. She looks around the hall with a strange sense of detachment. Nothing seems quite real as her gaze slides over the men and women.

Suddenly, the great door to the hall is flung open, and the Lord himself swaggers inside, some twenty men following. The Lord strides to his throne and flops down, demanding food in a booming voice.

Vera discreetly studies him from beneath her eyelashes. He is a huge figure of a man, nearing seven feet tall, with wide shoulders and a barrel chest. His blonde hair and beard are matted with mud and bloody streaks run through them. He is considered handsome by many, but the women of the hall are terrified of him. They know what terrors he is capable during sex, and many of them bear the brand of his cruelty.

Once the Lord has satisfied his hunger he looks at his wife with a speculative eye. She is tall, but not unbecomingly so. Long raven black hair flows like silk to her hips. Her kirtle is tight across her full breasts and tiny waist. At eighteen years old she is a very voluptuous girl. She has fairly wide hips he remembers from their wedding day, good for childbearing. He grins as his cock stiffens. Time to take his Bitch's virginity.

The Lord stands and grabs Vera's arm with a bruising grip and shouts to his men, "I think it's time to see how this bitch's cunt feels, don't you agree?"

Cheers erupt from the brutal fighters as their Lord rips Vera's dress in half, all the way to her hem. He then pushes the pieces off her shoulders as she begins to cry in humiliation, but this only arouses the Lord more. Several more men grab wenches to fuck as they watch the show.

"Stand up on the table and let the men have a look at you." he orders Vera. She shakes her head automatically.

"Ah, yes, sweet punishment then! Very well, the whip it is!" he roars. After clearing a space on the table with a sweep of his hand, the Lord shoves her down onto the rough wood. Her arms are grabbed and held down so she can't get up. Vera's tears increase as she desperately begs the Lord not to whip her.

His response is to lay into her bare back with a riding crop. At the first lash, Vera's pleading turns to pain-filled screams. The men are all laughing now, not that she can hear it above her own shrieks. The Lord lays ten lashes onto her back before pulling her onto her feet on the table. The warriors yell with pleasure at the sight of her beautiful body.

He reaches up to pinch her nipples cruelly, making her cry out and turning her breasts red. He smiles and slaps her hard on the back, making her scream again.

"Now turn around and bend over so the boys can see you soon-to-be-stuffed pussy." Vera obey, terrified of another beating. "Pull your ass cheeks apart and give them a real good view." the Lord orders her again. Again, she does as demanded.

"Now who wants to see me turn her ass red?" he shouts across the hall. When the requisite cheer goes up, he smiles and pusshes her hands away. Grabbing her shoulder to keep her from falling over and thus out of the men's sight, he spanks Vera's ass as hard as he can. While he waits a moment to watch the large red handprint spread across her ass, several of the men laugh and make jokes about Vera's white skin. SMACK!! another one falls and he pauses between each to keep her wondering when the blows will fall.

After a while he bores of spanking her and yanks her off the table, bends her over it, and shoves his cock deep into her virgin pussy. Vera tries to scream again, but her voice has already gone hoarse from the whipping. He pulls out slowly, but not from kindness, he wants her to feel every inch of his throbbing cock. He begins fucking her torn pussy fast and hard, and for a while she cries out with each thrust until she becomes accustomed to the horrific pain of the Lord's assualt.

After a long time, it seemed like eternity to Vera, but a short while to the Lord, he climaxes and dumps his seed in her bleeding pussy. Vera screams once more as the liquid feels like acid to her insides.

The Lord smiles and shouts "Gerard, your turn, don't touch her ass though, that belongs to me." Gerard, The Lord's captain, grins hugely and dumps the wench he had been fucking into the floor. He steps up behind Vera and shoves his dick into her tortured cunt. Vera can barely summon the strength to groan at this new invasion.

Gerard moans in bliss as he thrusts in and out of the tight pussy he's filling with his cock. "This is one tight bitch you've got here. Damn that's so much better than the sloppy cunt I was fucking a minute ago." he says to the Lord before turning to Vera. "You're gonna be just like these sluts we were fucking, you know. Everyone in this hall will probably get to sink his cock into your tight little pussy at some point. My Lord has always been generous with his wives." As he spoke, Gerard's cock grew harder inside Vera and he loosed a load of cum inside her. He spat on her, bowed to the Lord, and returned to his chair with a satisfied smile.

Now the Lord had tired of watching, and left after repeating that no man was to touch her ass. The men pounced on Vera with absolute glee. After the first three, Vera passed out, unable to cope with the agony of the brutal rapes inflicted upon her.

May be continued, if I get some votes and/or comments...

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