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Viking Vacation


Lucia wandered through the old parts of Copenhagen all morning, travelling the cobblestone streets and taking in the beautiful architecture of the city. It was her first time In Denmark, a detour from the main purpose of her European trip, visiting France and Italy with a group of friends and family. For a quick weekend getaway, she had booked a cheap flight from Paris to Copenhagen in order to visit a friend; one she had never met in person, but had talked with online for ages. She fully expected the detour to be the highlight of her whole trip, even more memorable than seeing the Louvre, the Colosseum, or the leaning tower of Pisa. After the first few hours, Lucia travelled mostly in a daze, her thoughts elsewhere, thinking about the evening to come. In fact didn't really even snap out of her haze until Martin arrived at her hotel room, knocking loudly on the room's door.

Lucia greeted him warmly, giving him a hug and kiss on the cheek and ushering him inside the room. Almost giddy with excitement, she stammered and struggled to find words of welcome appropriate to the situation. Despite her copious experience being on the receiving end of a hard cock, she had nothing in her repertoire as appropriate conversation for travelling half way around the globe to suck on a dick. For his part, Martin was nothing but a gentleman, soothing her nerves with light small talk, asking about her flight, if she had enjoyed touring Copenhagen, and how her trip was going overall. She answered him with pleasure, settling down as she did so, and quickly growing comfortable with him despite it being their first "official" meeting. After a few more minutes of conversation, she chose a natural pause to tell him she would go and change into something more comfortable and scurried off to the washroom.

Lucia's hands trembled as she undressed in the small hotel bathroom, and changed into the lingerie she had pre-positioned there. Picked up in Paris, the expensive outfit was typical of French lingerie, in that the less material was used in its making, the higher the price. She stripped naked before slipping into the sheer red and black negligee, straightening her hair as she examined herself in the mirror. She liberally applied makeup, much more than she would normally wear, complete with dark lip gloss and eye liner. She put her hair back into a quick braid towards the left side of her head, and topped it all off with a frilly black choker with a small golden pendant. Taking one last look at herself in the mirror, she smiled and walked out of the bathroom, hoping to knock Martin's socks off.

She was more than rewarded by the massive grin on his face as she exited. His mouth opened, but no words left his lips as he took her in. She stopped five feet in front of him and posed provocatively, one hip thrust curvaceously to the side, and her breasts heaving heavily under the sheer fabric. Her nipples were already rock hard as she paraded herself for him, and she found herself growing wet already. After a few moments, Martin found his voice.

"You look absolutely stunning." He stammered, his voice filled with awe.

"Thank you." She replied. "I have honestly been looking forward to this moment all month."

"Well then," Martin responded "Let us not delay you any longer."

Reaching out, Martin picked up a pillow from the bed, and placed it at his feet on the floor. Hiding the quiver in his hands, he took off his shirt, and placed it on the table. As he started to undo his belt, Lucia stepped forward, placing a hand on his to stop him.

"No." she said. "Let me."

Without protest, Martin watched as Lucia sank slowly to her knees in front of him, landing squarely on the pillow at his feet. She blushed slightly as she looked up at him through long lashes, as if asking permission to move forward. Martin nodded his head unconsciously and her hands reached gingerly to his belt. Her hands shook slightly, but she was able to undo the belt , button and fly on his pants without trouble. She let gravity drag them down, and then paused while he stepped out of them. Reaching up for the band of his underwear, she paused, taking a deep breath to steady herself. Martin's hand reached out to touch her cheek. Responding to his touch, she looked up, meeting his eyes. He rewarded her gaze with a large and honest smile; she could tell that he was as excited and apprehensive as she was. Somehow, that thought calmed her, and without further ado, she pulled down the elastic band, coming suddenly face to face with the entire reason for her trip to Denmark.

Dangling half-hard before her face, Lucia gazed with awe at Martin's long, thick cock. Already, despite not being fully hard, it was the most impressive cock she had ever seen, if anything even bigger than the incredible pictures that had drawn her this far. With a slight gasp, Lucia's eyes fluttered upwards as she said a silent prayer of thanks to Odin, Thor, or whatever Norse God had so blessed the earth with such an impressive specimen of male anatomy. Reaching out with one, hand she gently lifted his heavy shaft, stroking it up and down twice as a test. She moaned unconsciously as she watched the foreskin slide smoothly back and forth, revealing his bulbous crown with each stroke. His cock filled her hand making it look comically small as she grasped it, his thick shaft hardening slightly in her grip. She marvelled as the large veins began to stand out from his shaft, a slight blue tinge against the flesh tone of its skin.

"You are a God." Lucia muttered, unable to restrain herself.

Martin was unable to find an answer to her statement, and merely stroked her hair as she continued her examination. Leaning in and lifting his stiffening shaft upwards, Lucia planted a wet kiss onto his heavy and smooth-shaven balls. They hung low, and her tongue snaked out to slather their underside, licking and flicking, using the flat of her tongue to balance one by one. Martin moaned as she leaned closer, sucking first his right, and then his left testicle into her mouth gently, letting her teeth drag slightly as she released it. She let go of his shaft, letting it rest against her nose and forehead as she buried herself deeply into his crotch, lifting his balls slightly to lick behind the sack, running her tongue up, down, and all around his balls.

After a minute or two, she slowly pulled, back, letting his cock fall off of her face. It did not fall far, as it reached nearly its full hardness, standing straight out from Martin's crotch to point directly at her face. His balls glistened with saliva, a droplet forming at their bottom-most part. Reaching her left hand out to cup them, Lucia used her right to once again stroke his cock slowly, revealing his dark pink cock head on each down stroke. She smiled widely as the first bead of precum formed at the tip, and began to ooze down the underside of his shaft. Reacting on instinct, she extended her tongue, catching the drop and pulling her mouth away, forming a strand that connected her mouth to his cock. Smoothly, she sucked it into her pursed lips, smiling and licking them clean as Martin watched. Leaning in, she planted a very wet kiss on the head, bringing forth another bead of clear fluid.

Holding his now fully erect cock by the shaft, Lucia began to make out with the head of his cock, kissing it, rubbing it all over her mouth, and running her tongue occasionally around the revealed head. Martin moaned aloud as she began to take his head slightly into her mouth. Lucia moaned as well, savouring the taste of his copious precum as it flowed freely into her mouth and all over her face. Lucia rubbed his cock onto her lips like a lip gloss applicator, applying it messily all around her mouth so that her whole face from the nose down gleamed with spit and seminal fluid. She began to stroke him as she kissed and licked, occasionally pausing to run her tongue from the base all the way to the head. She slathered the underside of his cock, cupping it with her lips and running her mouth up and down the length, the vibrations of her moans sending shivers up Martin's spine. She pulled back finally, her face a wet mess, to examine him again.

Martin's whole cock shone with her saliva and his own fluid, matching her mouth and chin. She licked her lips, tasting him, while using two hands, one stacked on top of the other, to stroke his shaft. She marvelled that even with both fists wrapped around his cock, 2-3 inches poked out of her grip. Looking up into his eyes again, Lucia told Martin exactly how her cock made her feel.

"You make me so wet. I love kneeling here, staring at your huge cock. I love kissing it, stroking it, rubbing it all over me." She effused. "And now, I want to suck you until you fill me with your cum."

"Believe me," Martin answered "the pleasure is all mine."

Holding eye contact, Lucia leaned in, taking the whole fat head into her mouth in one deft motion. Her eyes fluttered shut as she stroked him and felt his precum roll out to coat her tongue. She swallowed around the huge head, amazed at how full her mouth already felt. She marvelled at his immense thickness as it stretched her mouth, and taking in a deep breath through her nose, she slowly lowered her lips down his shaft. Placing her hands on her knees, she looked up at him, reaching only about half way down before his cock began to bend slightly as it encountered the entrance to her throat. Abandoning eye contact, she repositioned her head, coming at his cock from a more downwards angle, this time pressing forward to reach three quarters of the way down his shaft before hitting the wall. She pressed forward slightly, but was unable to force his wide head into her throat. Pulling back, she let his cock exit her mouth, sucking on the tip as she did to produce an audible *POP*.

Martin caressed her shoulder as she started to work on him in earnest, her eagerness finally getting the better of her. In no time, her right hand was stroking up and down his length, well-lubricated by the copious saliva pouring from her loosely held lips as they bobbed up and down on him. She took him a little more than half way into her mouth on each down stroke, using her hand to create the illusion of going deeper by maintaining constant pressure around his cock. Her left hand tickled his heavy balls, growing wet as her spit travelled down the underside of his dick to drip from his sack. She moaned with pleasure as she sucked and stroked him, one in time with the other, her hand rotating in quarter-turns on each stroke to create more friction.

Maintaining the brisk pace of a professional cocksucker, Lucia began to mix in deep thrusts of her head forward, making herself gag on the end of his cock, then backing off for 3-4 strokes before repeating herself. She began to feel thick, sticky saliva start to work its way from her throat to her mouth, forming a soupy lubricant for his cock that increased the wet slurping sounds she made as she worshipped him. Foamy bubbles formed around her hand and mouth as she continued to suck is cock with a purpose. Suddenly, Martin felt himself begin to peak and approach orgasm. Just as suddenly, and before he could warn her, Lucia stopped cold, pulling back off his cock and instead blowing lightly on it, her breath feeling cool on his sopping wet meat. Martin gasped for air as her climax subsided, his cock throbbing angrily at being withheld climax. Looking up, Lucia waited until Martin's eyes reopened, and met his gaze with her own before running her fingernails up and down the front of his legs, lightly scratching him while leaning in, slowly bringing her lips to his head. Moving at a snail's pace, she kept eye contact until his cock was half-buried in her mouth, then readjusted her angle for another attempt at getting his cock down her throat.

She paused as she reached the three quarters mark, just before his cock would enter her throat, taking a deep breath in around the edges of his shaft and through her nose. Slowly but forcefully, she then pushed her head forward with purpose. This time, his cock well lubricated by her spit, he felt the distinctive tightness of her throat begin to give way. She stifled a gag, and pushed again, swallowing as she did so. Immediately, he felt himself drive deep, past her throat opening. Reaching down to cup her chin, he felt her oesophagus expand as he entered her, pushing all the way until her lips reached his stomach and balls. She held herself there, as deep as possible, for moments that seemed to drag into hours. She began to gag, subdued at first, but eventually in almost convulsions as her chest heaved and begged for air. Finally, after a soft prompting from Martin, she pulled back off of him, gasping for breath and drooling thick saliva all over the front of her negligee.

"Oh my god that was amazing!" Martin exclaimed.

As Lucia gasped for air, he grasped his thick, heavy meat by the base and began to slap it wetly onto her open mouth, lips and forehead. Lucia smiled and chuckled in response, urging him on.

"Yes! Slap me with that big, huge cock of yours!"

"You like that? You liked how it feels?" he asked, knowing the answer already.

"Oh god yes!" She responded. "I love feeling your heavy cock rubbing all over my face!"

Martin smeared his whole shaft back and forth like a windshield wiper, rubbing shining saliva all over her face, mangling her makeup in the process. Lucia moaned, reaching down with both hands to touch herself. With one hand she split her pussy lips slightly open, giving the other unfettered access to her clit. Almost immediately, she convulsed in the throes of orgasm, biting her lower lips to half-stifle a scream of pleasure. She never stopped rubbing as she began to come down off her high, and instead seemed to be instantly building towards her next orgasm.

"Fuck my throat while I rub my pussy!" Lucia gasped. "Please fuck my wet mouth!"

Martin, ever the gentleman, was only too happy to give her what she wanted. Slowly and firmly, he reached out, putting his hands on either side of her head. He held her in place while he thrust his cock forward into her mouth, pushing past her open lips and swirling tongue. Lucia moaned with impatience as he paused there, collecting himself for a moment with his cock head tantalising her taste buds at the tip of her tongue. Her eyes closed involuntarily as he pushed himself deeper, and she fought the urge to try and pull away as she felt the pressure on her throat's opening begin to mount. Even if she had tried, Martin's hands held her like a vice, while her own hands continued to vigorously rub her soaking wet pussy. She gagged as his rigid dick finally pushed its way into her throat, pulling back almost immediately, only to reinsert again. He started to thrust, moving his cock and out of the opening to her throat, but always maintaining himself deep in her mouth between thrusts. Lucia gagged involuntarily, but never flinched as her fucked her mouth, even picking up the pace of her self-pleasure as she began to feel euphoria from lack of oxygen set in. Before long, she found herself wracked with yet another orgasm, and Martin backed off, thrusting his head shallowly in and out of her mouth while she gasped and writhed, kneeling at his feet.

Looking up, her eyes filled with lust and gratitude, Lucia reached both of her hands up to cup Martin's butt from behind. Digging in her nails slightly, she urged him back deeper into her mouth, and with her blessing, he began to face fuck her in earnest, this time thrusting the entire length of his cock in and out on each stroke. Every 5-6 thrusts, he pulled out of her mouth momentarily to let her take a deep breath in, and evacuate the copious saliva from her mouth, letting it drool down her chin and chest. Sloppily, he took her mouth, gagging her over and over on the enormous girth of his cock. His breath began to come in ragged gasps as he approached the point of no return. Sensing this, Lucia tapped his bum and backed off slightly, kissing and sucking the head of his cock with gusto.

Replacing his thrusts, she now reached up with both hands, stacked one on the other and began to stroke his cock with both at once. She used the same rotational strokes as before, but this time, her hands moved in opposite directions, adding even more sensation to the handjob. She moaned with desire as she told him how badly she wanted to taste his cum. As she felt his body tense, she held her mouth open, less than an inch from the end of his cock, eagerly awaiting her reward, and the reason she had made the long trip.

Martin's cum began with two small jets, fired in quick succession, which flew upward to ricochet off of her right cheek and over her shoulder. As she adjusted to try and catch the next shot, his next heavy blast, thick and sticky, bounced off of her top lip, where it formed a distinct rope under her nose towards her left eye. Moving her mouth back to the center, she caught the majority of his next three shots, which catapulted into her mouth, coating her tongue with their salty fluid. She closed her mouth and began to swallow, but pursed her lips and pressed them into the head of his cock, looking into Martin's eyes as his cum basted her mouth and chin. It began to drip off of her face, and after an audible swallow, she took his cock head back into her mouth to suck out the rest of his cum. Martin's legs quivered as his head grew sensitive, but Lucia was merciless in removing the remaining quantity of cum from his shaft.

Lucia remained there, on her knees, gently milking Martin's cock with her lips until he grew mostly soft in her mouth. He stroked her hair, praising her work in English and Danish alternately, amazed at her insatiable love of cum. When she finally pulled off of his cock, she went to work cleaning him up with her tongue, and used her fingers to push the cum on her top lip into her mouth, moaning for Martin's benefit as she swallowed it down. His cock sagged, soft by still large and heavy between his legs as Martin collapsed onto the hotel room bed. Lucia stood, pulling off the soaked and clingy fabric of her negligee, and tossing it aside. Naked, she curled up beside him on the bed, resting her head on his stomach and planting a wet kiss on his shaft. Slowly, they both drifted off to sleep.

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