tagGay MaleViking's Pledge Ch. 02

Viking's Pledge Ch. 02


just a heads up i am horrible at grammer and im looking for an excellent editor so i will get to that soon. i know the story is kinda slow at the moment but its starting to get better now. hope you like and thank you everyone who voted :)




Blackness swallowed him whole. He could see nothing, hear only the sounds of his own body reforming. Bones popped and muscles jerked, his whole body was nothing but pain.

Conall awoke to a pounding headache, quickly he grabbed his head with both hands and groaned. He tried opening his eyes but the movement seemed too exhausting. He was panting, and he could hear some things going on around him but couldn't identify what the sounds were of. His mouth was dry and his stomach felt as if it were eating itself.

"Ah, so the mighty warrior finally awakens," a cold voice taunted him. 'just wait until I get my hands on you' Conall thought. He felt a strong kick to his side that flung him through the air causing him to crash into a wall and falling back to the ground, grunting with the impact. Conall opened his eyes a crack and looked around, he glared at the skinny pale man that was dancing up and down with a high pitched chuckle.

Conall used all the energy he had to move onto his hands and knees, coughing as he did so. The pale man turned to look at him. "hmm? I guess I should let you go so you can eat," he smiled wickedly "you must be starving, they all are after being changed," the pale man grabbed a hold of Conall by his tunic and drug him out of a cave.

Conall looked around and noticed that they were not that far from his village. In fact the pale man was walking right towards the village, Conall smiled at the thought of escape being so near. His thoughts were then cut off by an amazing smell. He inhaled the scent deeply, savoring the scent that literally made his mouth water.

"Ah you smell that do you?" the man said mockingly. "stay here," he said walking off towards the villagers houses. Conall was clutching a near by tree to keep him up right.

"the hell I'm staying here" Conall said looking around. He tried taking a step away from the tree but his feet wouldn't budge. He tried moving, but failed, instead he staying still and motionless clinging to a tree. He growled in his throat and cursed under his breath. Then he heard that high pick laughter again and grimaced.

"I couldn't have you wandering away now could I, my warrior?" the man came into view dragging a struggling form behind him.

"why cant I move?! What did you do to me?!" Conall roared.

"nothing more than what you wanted... you wanted power so I gave it to you, but now your payment for that power that I so sweetly gave you, you, my warrior, are at my every command whether you are willing or not," the man smiled again now showing his fangs. He thrust a woman towards Conall. "there's your dinner try not to make a mess,"

Conall looked down at the woman, who looked at him with trust and frightened teary eyes, then back towards the man. "is this a joke?!"

The man smiled that ruthless smile then grabbed the wailing girl by the hair, "she smells delicious," he licked her neck as she tried moving away. The man took out a knife and put it right to her throat, pressing slightly letting just small amount of blood seep from the cut.

Conall inhaled the scent of the woman's blood, his eyes dilated and he dove right for the woman. His fangs lengthened automatically and punctured the skin of the woman's neck. He could hear her screaming in the background. He took deep swallows from the woman savoring the rich taste, the flow of the blood over his tongue. He was getting a sensory overload sending his brain into a frenzy. The screaming had stopped.


When he came to, the woman's cold body laid in his arms the taste of her blood fresh in his mouth. He looked down at the woman and then to the pale man who was smiling, anger rose up in him. "I told you I was not fooling with you, yet you act so surprised. Come along there is more you must learn before the sun rises," against his own will Conall followed the pale man.


It had been over a year since he was transformed into a what his Master had called a vampire. Conall couldn't go out into sunlight easily, being more of a discomfort more than anything. He could go outside while the sun was going down though. He feed off of the blood of others, although now he could control himself and trance his victims into forgetting the whole thing. He couldn't die very easily, only a silver knife through the heart or decapitation could kill him.

His life was over.


Conall had hidden his vampire nature from everyone. After he fully adjusted to his new power he went back to his village. Every one was glad to see he was ok after missing for a few weeks. He resumed leading raids, but held them at night. Tonight was another raid. He would take blood from someone during the raid, and when the others had plundered enough they would leave.

Most of his closer friends had noticed his new strength and were curious. When his best friend, Rail, saw him "necking" some one during a raid and come away with a bloody mouth he thought Conall was possessed by a demon of sorts. Conall had laughed and responded "I'm not possessed by one... I am one," he then walked away, Rail's mouth dropped but followed his leader.

A few days later Conall cornered him outside of the mead hall. "Rail, come with me," he demanded walking to outskirts of the village. He could hear Rail's heartbeat rise as the walked further away from the village.

Conall had stopped and was facing away from Rail, looking across the field to the grazing livestock. Rail stood waiting. "Why do you follow me if you know what I am?"

"you haven't killed me yet, I figure you have had enough chances to do so already, if you have not yet then you most likely aren't going to,"

Conall smiled, "good man," he said clasping his shoulder. They both walked back towards the mead hall talking about various things.

It was a few months later when Conall and his men were returning from a raid that they heard screams coming from the village. He and his men rushed back to see the pale man crunched over a body sucking the life blood from the poor soul, not to far off was a pile of bodies.

Rage rose inside of Conall and he rushed for the pale man with blind hatred. His fangs descended as his anger rose and he lashed out with all his strength. His master sensed him coming and threw him, easily tossing him over a hundred yards as if it were nothing. Conall's men stood watching, not knowing what to do as the man advanced upon them. They all knew if Conall could not fight him, then no one had a chance.

Conall stood up and saw the pale man now rushing towards his men, quickly mortally wounding one of them then jump to the next. Conall rushed with his dagger in hand as he watched one brave man hold his sword out. The pale man found this funny and stepped right into the sword, embedding the blade into his chest as the warrior watched in horror. "Nice try, what is your plan now?" the pale man had hissed to the warrior.

Conall jumped up high in the air as the pale man was distracted and thrust the dagger into his master's back where his heart would be. The pale man turned to see his protégé, as his body started to jerked violently. His eyes went wide and then started to shrivel. Conall rushed over to his men changing the men that could be saved and praying for the ones that could not.

Conall kneeled by one of the warriors that he had changed into a vampire.

"Styr, I have given you your life back, it is your choice to do what you wish now. There are consequences to this new life..."

Styr laid on the ground still, he was pale under his tan. "what are the consequences, my Lord?"

"you will be as strong as I, you can only die by silver through the heart or being beheaded, the rising sun will now be a annoyance to you..." Conall then leaned down to Styr's ear and whispered "your main diet will be on the blood of others, you are a vampire now, you will live immortally,"

Styr's eyes widened. "I am a demon?"

Conall shrugged and gave a ghostly smile, "I suppose but then again I am one too," he said straightening his arms out in a gesture that said, 'yeah I am one but am I any different when I was human than I am now?'

Styr smiled then grabbed Conall's right wrist with his right hand and with Conall's help was pulled into a standing position.

Conall gathered the bodies with Styr's help and then burned them giving the villagers a burial. After giving Styr orders to help the others adjust to their new lives, Conall jumped on his horse and walked away from the carnage.


A century had passed, Conall finally decided that it was time to turn around and head back to his homeland. Over the years he had developed a aching need to return, but did not act upon it until now. Through his travels he had become famous for a hit man, he had become wealthy in a matter of no time, When he arrived at his village, which was nothing but runes now, he bought the land immediately. He built a house near the woods a long distance from where the village would be and settled down. Although he still felt empty inside.


Conall had awaken at 5pm, the sun was going down and the cool night air nipped at his bare chest as he stood by the open window watching the sun go down. There was a light knock at the door.

"Come in,"

"Good morning, Sir" a woman came in and sat down a tray with a bag of blood in the center.

Conall eyed it a moment, then turned his attention to the woman, "Lori how many times have I asked to not to call me sir, just Conall if you will,"

She sighed and rolled her eyes, "well that's your fault, you taught me to respect my elders,"

Conall smiled, remembering the day that he went to the city and found Lori, well she found him. She was orphaned and running the streets. She was only about 6 years old then and so dirty he didn't know her skin tone. The little girl had watched Conall at a café sitting with a full plate of food in front of him. She came up to him and asked if he was going to eat, Conall gave the food to her and started asking about her parents. She was quiet didn't say a word about her family. He stood up and told her to return home, then turned and walked back towards his hotel, little Lori followed him. He stopped her and she explained she had no family. Conall then took her to the hotel and cleaned her up and feed her. He gave her one of his shirts to wear to bed and then tucked her in the massive bed, he took the couch. He woke up with the little girl curled in his arms and soundly asleep. They stayed that way throughout out their lives, Conall being her father figure. "Yes that is true but we are close thus there are no formal terms,"

Lori groaned, "should have told me that before" she stuck her tongue out at him in a childish gesture, reminding him of that little girl she used to be. She was taller now of course, she was 22 had short chin length brown hair and bright green eyes with long willowy limbs.

Conall sighed and walked towards her, "you are a menace, child,"

"thank you, daddy," she said batting her eyes and smiling sweetly. She would normally call him Conall, although he was basically her dad, she noticed the hurt in his eyes every time she had called him by the name, so she quit. The only reason she called him sir was to get a reaction out of him, so that he would stop brooding over various subjects he had running through his mind that stiffened his body from strict concentration.

Conall rolled his eyes and looked back out the window. A sudden urge swept over him as he looked at the forest. "I think a ride through the forest sounds great right now, care to join me?"

"Not today," Lori looked out the window, "It looks like it may rain at any moment, and unlike some people I know, I catch colds," she playfully glared at him.

Conall chuckled loudly and threw an arm around her shoulders and hugged her to his side. "go on then so I can eat,"


Conall loved the mist that would fall, making him feel refreshed and renewed. He often rode his horse through the forest, something that he used to do when he was a Viking. The horse was the same war horse he had back then. The pale man that changed Conall had said that he would need the horse, so he cursed the horse to live an immortal life along side Conall.

As he rode deeper into the forest he noticed there was a slight disturbance. He went off the trail to find out what was causing the wildlife to be uneasy. The deeper into the forest he rode the more he noticed that the mist turned into a light rain and the sky became darker. Conall sighed and was grateful for his enhanced vision and upgraded immune system.

He looked up at the sky and thought back to when he was changed, how he was just used as a tool by the pale man. He sighed and rubbed his face. The pale man was fighting for some land that another vampire had claimed, and thought with proper training that Conall could kill his opponent for him. The pale man had put him through some training of how to kill vampires. Conall was never really committed to the pale man's plans, which led to the village being attacked and destroyed.

Conall was jerked out of his memories when his horse reared up onto it's hind legs and started to back up. Conall was able to get the animal under control, and tried finding the source of the horse's spooked behavior. He looked ahead and saw something spotted near the path. He jumped off the horse and walked towards it slowly. It wasn't an animal it was a young boy!

Conall rushed towards him and looked at the boy's bruised and naked skin. He bent down and heaved a sigh of relief, he was still alive. The boy moaned loudly as Conall picked him up and wrapped his cloak around his frail body. Conall walked back towards his horse, who backed up and snorted at the bundle in Conall's arms. "you have been out of war to long, you beast,"

As he walked back to his home, Conall smelled the boys blood and his mouth started to water, 'ridiculous I have eaten not 3 hours ago,' he thought to himself. As he looked down at the unconscious boy he felt his fangs lengthen. Conall shook his head quickly and tried to think of something other than how the boy sparked his interest.

to be continued...

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