Living in the Midlands, in a rural village, most would say was not an exciting lifestyle, with just two pubs a few shops and the post office, but we do have beautiful countryside to amble through, good friends and neighbours. My husband David, has a small business locally, which has kept us in a style we enjoy, I would call it comfortable. Our sex life has always been once or twice a week, and very basic, which had suited us both.

I suppose it was about two years ago when I turned forty-three years old, I started noticing changes in my needs. I had a dildo hidden in my drawer for quite a while, and I used it maybe once every three months, but suddenly it became once a week and some mornings I would wake up with erotic thoughts in my mind and I would play with myself until I had an orgasm.

My next-door neighbor, Rebecca was a good friend and we would have morning coffee together twice a week and chat about everything. Sex had rarely come up in our conversations, but one morning I was feeling hornier than usual, she was about same age as me, and I asked her if her sexual libido has increased as she entered her forties.

"Not you as well Julia? It happened when Paul (husband) asked me to shave my pubes off; he loved the look so much he could not stop touching me and fucking me, and of course, the more he did, the hornier I became, now I have a box full of toys as well."

"Maybe I should do the same, do you think about other men as well in your fantasies." I replied.

"Older men, young boys, even other women, my imagination knows no bounds." She said laughing.

I walked back home, ran a bath, and while that was filling, trimmed off as much as I could with scissors, then soaked in the bath with a new razor and very carefully got myself clean shaven. I got out of the bath and dried myself, soothed the skin with some body lotion and stood in front of the full length mirror to admire the new look. I started to touch myself, and was amazed how clearly I could see my clit coming out, how wet I was, my nipples that are large, seemed to be stretching out even more, I was so sexually hot. I quickly laid on the bed with my knees raised, leaned over and got my dildo from the drawer, switched in on and teased my clit until I was trembling and then inserted it inside myself, imaging it was a cock pulsating inside of me. I could not wait to show David, and hoping it would make him, as hot as I felt.

We went to bed as usual around ten pm, as soon as we settled down, I grabbed his hand and put it on my pussy to see his reaction.

"You shaved you pubes, why? Is it to keep cooler in the summer?" He asked.

'Yes dear." I replied, feeling a bit let down. I turned over and went to sleep, still with an image of a man touching, sucking and fucking me.

I woke up to a bright summer's day, putting on just shorts and a T-shirt, I grabbed a coffee and sat outside on the patio with my list of things to get sorted, first of which was to telephone Adrian, the local handyman, to fit a new light unit in the kitchen, David was supposed to do it but never seemed to get around to any of these little household jobs. I spoke to Adrian, told him I already had the unit and it just needed fitted. Fortunately, he was working nearby and would arrive in about an hour.

"Good morning Julia." Adrian called out as he came through the back gate with steps and tool bag in hand.

'Good to see you Adrian would you like some tea before or after the job."

"I always have a cuppa and a cigarette after the job." He said with a smirk on his face.

Adrian was a powerfully built man with a great sense of humour and often made jokes with a sexual innuendo, he often gave me compliment about my big blue eyes and my slim figure and I always enjoyed the banter between us. Within an hour, the new unit was fitted and we sat down at the kitchen table to have some tea.

"Adrian can I borrow your steps to put these old recipe book with my others on the top of the cabinets and I need to get a few down as well."

"Sure, let me hold the bottom of them, to keep it steady."

I grabbed the books and went up the steps; I needed to be slightly more to the right, I put one foot on the countertop, leaving one foot on the steps while I looked through the old books to see which ones needed to come down, not even realizing that my legs were open and Adrian had a perfect view up my shorts, and without underwear could see my pussy quite clearly.

"That's beautiful, sorry I cannot resist." I heard Adrian say.

I felt his hand touch my leg at the bottom of my shorts and creep up my leg slowly until his fingers were touching my labia lips, I froze, my heart was pounding as his fingers starting rubbing my clit, one, then two fingers went inside me. I flooded, soaking Adrian's hand.

"Don't stop, bring me off." I called out.

I was clinging to the top of the cabinet as the orgasm hit me like a bolt of electric going through me; I was scared I was going to fall of the steps.

"You taste good."

I looked down at Adrian to see him licking my juices off his hand. He help me down the down the steps and sat back down to drink his tea. I went to the sink, facing away from him trying to get some composure back. I mumbled.

"More tea Adrian." I said and turned toward him.

"Yes please. And show me those." He said pointing at my chest.

I looked down, to see my nipples really sticking out, I lifted my T-shirt, my breast are not large but very firm, with nipples that grow a lot when stimulated, I used my hands to stroke them, as he watched, he stood up, picked me up and sat me on the countertop. He licked and sucked both with great vigour, which again I really enjoyed.

"Can I do something for you Adrian," I whimpered as he sucked.

"Same time tomorrow you can, I have to come back to replace your wall switch."

I sat back in my chair cradling my cup of tea after he left, reliving the pleasure and excitement I just had, knowing there was going to be more tomorrow, the tingle was already there. The next twenty hours thankfully flew by, deciding what to wear was difficult, I decided on just a long T-shirt, it was another hot day so it did not look to forward, I needed to make it obvious I need to be fucked though. At three pm I heard him whistling as he came through the kitchen door with a new switch in his hand.

"Afternoon Julia, this will not take a minute, you can watch and learn." He said, laughing.

He replaced the old switch and without saying a word turned toward me, pulled my T-shirt up and off, picked me up and sat me on the kitchen counter again, leaned down grabbed my ankle and lifted them to his shoulders bent down taking my whole pussy in his mouth while battering my clit with his tongue. I leaned back and pulled his head into me, but my fucking need was overpowering.

"Fuck me Adrian, now!"

Adrian stood up, dropped his trouser and stepped between my legs, his cock was sticking straight up, and very hard, I grabbed it with my hand and bent it down to slide it straight in my wetness, I could feel every bulging vein as it entered me. There was no finesse in this fuck; it was pure lust on both our parts. My juices were flowing madly as Adrian just kept slamming into me and at the same time pulling and twisting my nipples to the point of real pain, which made this fuck all the more enjoyable. I wrapped my legs around him circling his waist and pulling him harder into me just as I felt him start to cum; I could feel every spurt that flowed deep inside of me. I held onto him even after he stopped, just to keep the feeling of a cock inside of me and to let my orgasms slowly die down. Adrian withdrew after my legs stopped holding him. Then stepped back and quickly pulled his trousers up.

"Thank Julia. That was hot and steamy sex at its best. Was it a one off?"

"I have regular needs, Can you help?" I said smiling at him.

"I did notice your outside tap need replacing, give me a call when you NEED that fixing, we do not want to have it dripping for too long." He replied.

I nodded in agreement and the innuendo was not lost on me. Adrian grabbed his tools and left, as I headed for a hot shower and a nap, I was exhausted, but fulfilled for the moment. I slept well that night and the next day was a shopping day so things that are more mundane were on my mind. By the following day, my mind has started to wander again; I was sunning myself in the garden in the afternoon, wearing just panties trying to get a little tan, my hand of course was inside my panties stroking myself as my mind was thinking of cocks as usual, until I snapped awake hearing a voice say.

"Can I help you with that?" I looked up to see Rebecca staring at me.

"Yes." I stammered.

A woman has never sexually touched me before, nor had I ever touched a woman, but my pussy was aching to be touched by anybody at that moment. Rebecca leaned over the sun lounger and pulled my panties off. She leaned over me to reach my sun oil and applied it all over my body with smooth strokes, as soon as she touched my nipples they leapt up to greet her touch and she applied lots of oil to them, her hands then went down toward my stomach and continued down to my lust pot. The moment her finger touched my clit and went inside me, I felt a jolt of ecstasy through my body, causing me to thrust my hips upwards off the bed and give me more penetration of her fingers inside of me. She pulled her hand away after a minute and moved to the bottom of the sun lounger. Opening my legs wider she got her head between my legs, and started to tantalize my clit with her tongue, at the same time two of her slim finger penetrated inside of me and began thrusting in and out while her other hand reached up to tease my nipples.

"Oh Rebecca! You are so good at this." I whispered.

Eventually I had my third orgasm at Rebecca's hand, and I lay back totally exhausted. Rebecca got up and lay next to me on the other sun lounger; we laid there in silence for five minutes before Rebecca got up and said.

"Sorry got to go, work to be done, I hope you enjoyed that experience, perhaps you will do the same for me sometime!"

"Thank you so much, I really did enjoy it, I am not sure if I can do the same for you, but I will certainly try sometime.

I was starting to notice a pattern in my cycle of lust; it seemed that my body needed fucking every two days to keep me satisfied and sure enough two days later, the urges resurfaced, it would have to be David. As soon as we went to bed, I run my hand down his body and started to wank him, which fortunately got him going, I got him hard, went down on him, and sucked his balls, my pussy was already flooding so I moved up on him and sat astride him. Lowering myself on him, his cock went fully home as I controlled the pace, slowly at first, then building up speed until I could feel him getting close to cumming then slowing down again, until he could hold it no longer and he unloaded inside of me with three thrusts, mashing against my clit, which gave me my desire relief.

"Wow Julia, you are a bit rampant tonight, you're not usually that wet and horny, but I do love the new smooth look and feel."

"Must be the warm weather." I said as I rolled off him. We both slept well that night.

Two days later I was ready and needed fucking again, I had already phoned Adrian but he was working two villages away, and Rebecca was not at home. My plastic friend will have to do today I thought, perhaps later this afternoon. Midday came and feeling a bit overheated sitting outside reading. I was just about to go upstairs for a cool shower and a change of clothes, when the doorbell rang, I opened it to find young Ben, who was the oldest son of one of David's employees, we had met at various functions but I hardly knew him.

"Sorry to bother you," he said. "Your husband asked me to come over and clear the attics of old boxes and rubbish he has been storing up there."

"Thank you Ben, he did mention sometime ago, by all means go ahead, I hope they are old clothes you are wearing its very dusty and dirt up there.

"Yes just old short and T-shirt." He said smiling.

I led him to the attic entrance and let him get on with it, I decided to go back outside and sun myself again while Ben brought all the rubbish down. Two hours later Ben appeared in the garden absolutely covered in dust and dirt and filthy.

"All done, I made a pile down the side of the house and will get a van in a few days to take it away."

"Ben! You cannot go home like that, come and take a shower, while I rinse your clothes out. Follow me."

I led him to the bathroom, he passed his clothes out by cracking the door open, I took them and put them all in the washer, then went back to the bathroom to see how he was doing. The fact there was a naked man/boy in there with a cock had already gone through my mind, 'How old was he' flashed through my mind, but the lust in me was coming to the fore as I opened the bathroom door. The shower was a large one with two showerheads and clear glass panels, I had expected with the hot water to see the panels steamed up but they were clear, he was using just cold water. Ben saw me enter and coved his cock with his hand.

"I cannot get the hot water to come through," he said with his hand still covering his manhood.

"Let me show you." I said with a huge smile on my face.

I opened the shower door and stepped in, I adjusting the thermostatic valve until the water was the right temperature of course my clothes were getting soaked.

"I might as well join you, plenty of room." I said as I took all of my clothes off and threw them out of the shower.

"I will soap you; you can soap me, afterwards."

I started on his back with a sponge and the liquid soap and worked down his legs.I then told him to turn round as I stood up to start on his chest, his hands were still covering his cock, so I told him to raise him arms, and it came in too view, and a very nice one it was too, sticking straight out as solid as a rock. I washed down over his stomach and from there, went to his feet and worked back up his legs. At this point, I was on my knees in front of him, I took his lovely cock in my hand and I could feel the throbbing of his hardness in my hand, I slowly washed and played with it, knowing it was going to end up inside of me.

"Turn around and wash all the soap off." I said.

Ben turned fully around and came back to the same position, The water washing all the soap off him as he turned, he was still hard as ever as I put my mouth around him and sucked him and cupped his balls, my tongue twirling around the end. In less than one minute he was jetting his cum into my throat, I swallowed as fast as I could to get my protein. Ben kept thanking me as I released his cock from my mouth.

"There had better be more in you." I said. He smiled.

We finished in the shower and stepped out to dry each other. Once dried, Ben leaned in too kiss me very tenderly, but my interest was in the fact that his cock was hard again and pressing into my stomach. I sat him down on the toilet seat and got astride his legs and lowered myself down on his erection, his mouth latched on to my left nipple and he sucked and twirled it before also attending to the right one.

"You have such big nipples, I cannot resist them," he whispered

My juices were flowing madly as I felt him go fully home with his beautiful your hard cock throbbing inside of me. It put me in heaven as I increased the pace of my lunging up and down. My first orgasm came as he entered me, the second was on its way, and I felt him getting ready to explode his young seed inside of me. I could feel his heart pumping in his chest and then he came with such force, I had to hold onto him, it seemed to never stop pumping inside of me and my second orgasm came while he was forcing it all inside of me.

We stopped moving to get our breath back, before I jumped back in the shower to clean up again. I came out and Ben was still sitting there, I reminded him that this must be a secret and he must not tell anybody, he agreed, and then asked.

"Will this ever happen again?"

"Leave me your cell number and I will text you with the code 'service required' if I need you again." Then I added, "I probably will."

I retrieved Ben's clothes from the washer/dryer, he dressed and left. I started to prepare dinner feeling the day had been a great success and I was sated again for a while. The following day was mainly a shopping day for me, which meant a trip to the next town, and really takes ups the whole day. But my day was improved when I got home to find a message left by Adrian on the answering machine apologizing for not be able to make it sooner but he would be over the next day to repair the dripping tap.

The following morning I was ready, really ready for Adrian's 7up bottle, my nickname for his cock, it was a good seven inches and wide as a bottle and fitted my pussy so well.

I was walking down the stair with a bundle of washing to put in the washer and saw Adrian arrive him but was annoyed to see his young helper Tim with him and could not help but wonder if this was going to ruin my day. They both walked into the kitchen, sat down asked for a cuppa. I poured them both tea, and continued to load the washing machine, I finished and returned to the kitchen, Tim had finished his tea and Adrian sent him outside to repair the dripping tap. Adrian stood up and dragged me toward the laundry room, with one pull, he had my short around my ankles, and I stepped out of them Adrian lifted me up and sat me on the corner of the washing machine.

"Time to plug this leak, or would you prefer it up your arse today," he said laughing.

"Your far too big for me, find me somebody smaller for that entry." I said smiling, but meant it.

He dropped his shorts and stepped in between my legs with his 7up standing up, hard and ready, I was already so aroused I felt like I was steaming, With the vibration of the washer moving sided to side it took him a few second to get fully in me, and when he did, the washer took over the movement; neither of us had to move anything. It was the perfect pace; I was leaning back slightly, with my eyes closed, with my legs around Adrian hips holding him into me as the vibration continued. I suddenly opened my eyes when I heard a sound to see my neighbor Rebecca, standing in the doorway watching us.

She was wearing a white dress, which was lifted to the waist allowing her to play with her clit as she watched.

"Join in." I said softly to her."

Rebecca came behind Adrian and reached around and played with is balls, squeezing them gently and trying without much success to get her hands on me. Young Tim suddenly appeared in the doorway and quickly assessed the situation it seemed. He grabbed Rebecca and moved her over to the dryer, which was alongside the washer, and bent her body over it, pulled her dress up over her waist and was pleased to see she had no panties on. He opened her legs while dropping his shorts, and thrust straight into her pussy which was obviously as wet as mine was earlier. He slowly, but with pressure pumped into her and she gasped with every push.

Adrian and I were fascinated; we just watched them as the vibrating washer continue to stimulate us both in a wonderful slow pace. Tim suddenly reached over to a bottle of Fairy liquid on the shelf above the dryer and poured the soapy liquid between the crack of Rebecca's arse. He pulled his cock out of her pussy and nudged her ass with his erection while holding her arse cheeks apart.

"Very slowly." she called out.

It took me a few moments to understand what was happening as I was studying Tim's cock; it was about the same length as Adrian's, but a lot slimmer. Tim slowly got his cock all the way inside of her and from the noises she was making she was thoroughly filled.

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