tagErotic CouplingsVillage Ch. 03: The Party

Village Ch. 03: The Party


The party was at the Manor House, this was in the centre of the village, next to the church. It was a large rambling Victorian house, in large grounds and was owned by an elderly couple, Mr and Mrs Perry. The house in the twenties, when they were young, was filled with a large family, they missed that, so allowed the house to be used for a party for the school leavers at eighteen, weddings and significant birthdays.

The parents ran the party, but lightly, allowing drinking and turned a blind eye to what was universally known as the 'snogging area' out of sight, behind the garage.

The parents and teenagers quietly acknowledged that the way it worked was the best for everyone. The dads ran a shuttle service to bring everyone there, and take them home, or, more importantly, to someone's home!

A local pop group was set up in the orangery, with a small marquee just outside in the garden giving shelter and allowing a little dancing.

Stuart and Angela got out of the car and walked the short distance to the house, the local policeman stood outside, chatting to one of the fathers, who was taking the tickets.

No ticket, no entry, no gate crashers. The policeman nodded to them as they entered. Stuart heard him saying that he would be on patrol shortly, returning later. Stuart smiled, knowing that the cop wanted the message to get around.

They walked in, past the oak front door. Some mums were taking coats. They commented on Angela's dress, one remarked on Angela's attempt to pin her long hair up, and offered to tidy it up. She took her upstairs, Stuart waiting behind, one of the dads got him a beer, they stood chatting at the foot of the stairs as others arrived.

Upstairs, the mum sat Angela down in a bedroom, where the coats were placed and looked at Angela's hair. "I used to be a hairdresser," the mum said, "before I opened the beauticians. Soon sort this out. Do you want me to adjust your make up, as well?"

Angela laughed, "I've never done this before," she said, "my mum said to use a little make-up, but I think I've used too much."

"Common problem," said the mum, "now look in the mirror."

Even Angela was surprised. "What a difference!" she exclaimed.

"Go downstairs now," said the mum, "and surprise them."

Angela walked to the top of the stairs, thinking that a final glass of wine before she came out, first time in high heels, and a staircase, were not the best combination for success! She held the banister tight and walked slowly down the stairs, trying hard to be elegant for Stuart.

Stuart stood at the bottom, waiting for her, looking at her beauty. She paused, nearly at the bottom of the stairs, mainly to keep her balance. The bar was at the far end of the entrance hall, one of the fathers was serving, he looked up, "Will you feast your eyes on dat?" He said quietly, in his Irish accent, his wife beside him crossed herself. The other father serving beer reached for his camera and took the shot, as Stuart raised his hands to Angela, and she put her free hand towards him. Angela walked down into his arms and kissed him. The band could see them and broke into 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'. One mum turned to another and said, "She does look like Katherine Hepburn."

Her friend nodded agreement. "I wish I'd looked like that when I was eighteen!" She said.

Stuart got Angela a wine, they walked into the lounge and were greeted by their friends, some of the boys asked Stuart how long he had been with Angela, wishing they were him...

Stuart laughed, "Just today." He replied.

The girls were more interested in Angela's dress, jewels and make up!

Strangely, Stuart felt, there was no jealousy, just admiration.

The girls were also curious about Stuart, one asked him direct "How did a shy boy like you catch a girl like Angela?"

"She invited me to the party," he replied, "how could I refuse?"

Poppy, the girl, asked him if he was joining Angela in Australia. "No," replied Stuart, "she wants a gap year away from us. We might get back together when she returns, but there's no tie on either side."

Angela broke in, "The last one told me he was joining me in Australia, he wouldn't listen, so I dumped him, and rang Stuart."

Ann, one of the other girls, more alert than some others, said, "Stuart, you have changed, what happened, you are much more confident, I've never seen you with a girl before..."

Stuart looked at her, "It's all happened since Angela rang me to invite me here, I suddenly realised that I could not be shy for ever." He put his arm around Angela's waist and hugged her.

Ann looked at them both, "Stuart I have known you since you were nine, and that's the first time I have seen you touch a girl. I liked you, you were always ready to help us with our homework, particularly the maths. My mum was always asking me why you didn't ask me out. Something has happened to you. What?"

Stuart just looked at her, Angela came to the rescue. "My boyfriend is a hero, and he didn't want anyone to know." That started the inquisition, everyone was curious about what Angela meant. "And where are you going to university?" Angela said, looking at Stuart, Stuart knew Angela was going to tell everyone, remained silent. Angela said quietly, "Tell them about university Stuart, you promised me you would..."

Stuart cleared his throat, "I've been offered, er, got at place at Cambridge, Kings, to read medicine, I want to be a doctor." He said eventually.

Angela looked at him, and hugged him, "But's that not the only reason why I'm proud of you is it?" she said, "What else have you been keeping from us?"

Stuart remained silent, there was a chorus of "Come on tell us, what's happened,"

Angela came to the rescue, "Where did you get the award?"

"Buckingham Palace." Said Stuart, to his friends' amazement.

"And who gave it to you?" asked Angela triumphantly.

"The Queen" replied Stuart quietly.

Suddenly Stuart was the centre of attention, the boys shaking his hand, the girls hugging and kissing him.

Stuart was persuaded to tell the story. Stuart became more confident as he repeated the story, retelling it did help, he thought.

Angela at the end said, "and after I go to Australia, he needs a girlfriend, and I want to find him one, so anyone is free to have a kiss, girls that is." She continued, "Holly, you came on your own, will you be first?"

Holly was nearly as shy as Stuart, and looked appalled. "Come on Holly, you need a boyfriend, give it a go." said Angela.

Angela prodded Stuart in the back, "go on," she hissed. Stuart moved in front of Holly, he held her hands apart from her body and moved closer. Holly looked reluctant, looked at her friends and blushed. Stuart squeezed her hands, she looked down at them, and tentatively squeezed his in return, Stuart moved closer, tilted his head, paused and kissed her.

Holly had only been kissed twice before, and never had a real boyfriend, a fact she tried to keep from her friends. This kiss she enjoyed, she had liked Stuart for a long time, and was disappointed when he turned up with Angela, not asking her...

She put her arms around him, enjoying the kiss. Pulling him to her, tilting her head...

She realised that his arms were around her...

They realised Angela was talking, "Just a kiss guys, he's mine for the next month."

Holly and Stuart broke apart, Holly's hand went to her mouth. She turned and walked, nearly running off. Ann looked at Angela, "I'll go to her." she said. Following Holly.

Holly was outside, in the garden, she looked shocked. "What's wrong?" asked Ann.

"I've never been kissed... like that," said Holly. "ever."

Ann hugged her, "You've never had a boyfriend, have you, we always wanted you and Stuart to get together."

"What?" said Holly.

"You are both, were, so shy." Said Ann, "Stuart's changed, somehow, now it's your turn."

Holly looked down, "I've fancied Stuart, for ages, but he's so shy himself, never knew how to start it." She said.

"Wait until Angela leaves, then it's your chance, we'll help you." Said Ann, rather wondering if she should keep Stuart for herself! Ann and Holly returned to the group.

Holly looked Stuart in the eyes, 'not so shy now' thought Angela.

Ann whispered to her boyfriend, turned to Angela and said, "Just want to try something, if you don't mind."

She stood in front of Stuart and held his hands, looked at him, moved closer and tilted her head, waiting. Stuart moved closer, Ann squeezed his hands, Stuart smiled, squeezed in return and kissed her, gently at first, Ann responded, Stuart putting his arms around her.

Ann pulled away, returned to her boyfriend. "Good luck, Holly." she said.

Angela looked at Stuart and took his hand, "Let's go somewhere quiet." She said, leading the way. She took him into the garden, to the back of the garage. There were two other couples there. A favourite spot, away from adults, and also away from their friends. Angela stopped with her back against the wall, and pulled Stuart to her. She snogged him, enjoying the sensation. She pushed her hips forward, swaying side to side. Stuart tried to pull away, but she held him tight. "Stop," he said, gently, "I don't want to go back with an erection."

"I do," She said sexily, "it's a game the girls play, who can give their boy an erection they cannot get rid of?"

Stuart was trying to think of non-sexy things, and gave up, playing the game his own way, thrusting at her. "I could pull your pants down and shag you here!" he said, "You started this."

"They beat us to it!" said Angela's, nodding towards the couple on their left in the shadows. The girl had her skirt lifted, her pants on the floor, the boy had his trousers hanging down, his cock was obviously in her cunt, he was shagging her, thrusting hard. He came as they watched, the girl moaning with pleasure.

"It's Sally," whispered Stuart.

"Just her style." Said Angela.

She led him away, "I could have done that to you." Stuart said.

"No way," said Angela, "I do it in comfort, in bed."

"Our second time was on the floor..." replied Stuart.

"That was different," said Angela, crossly.

The got back inside, Angela's dress slightly wrinkled, Stuart trying to hide his erection.

Ann looked at them, "I know where you've been." She said brightly. "Did you leave a space for us?" she took her boyfriend by the hand and led him outside.

The band had quietened down, slow smooch music, Sturt took Angela to dance "I can't do the fast stuff." he said. They clung together through the numbers.

The singer started a Carol King number, "My mum used to listen to this, in bed with my dad, she once confessed, before they were married." Said Angela, "Everyone's got this, single, LP, CD, mp3... if you want to be a singer - songwriter, beat this. 'Will you still love me tomorrow?'" she sang to him, swaying against him. Not thinking of the reaction she would get.

"I'll always love you." He responded, what should she want him to say?

"No!" she said firmly, "No!!" turned, and walked off, into the garden.

Stuart stood there, stunned, not understanding. He followed her, outside.

Angela was crying, "I didn't mean to lead you on!" she said, "Sorry."

"You asked me how I felt, and I told you." He said, "What's wrong with that?"

"I've loved you since we met, when we were twelve!" she said, "But you cannot say that not then, we were young." Said Angela, getting her words jumbled.

He didn't know what to say, "I keep saying," she said, I'm going off for my gap year, and gap means gap."

"I want to be with you until you go, then let's see how it works out." He said gently, Angela calmed down.

"Sorry," she said, "Still getting over last boyfriend."

"Let's have an agreement." She said to him, "No talk about love."

He hugged her, "Fine by me." He said.


They went back into the party, got some more drinks, sat down for a while, enjoying the atmosphere. Angela rested her head on Stuart's shoulder. "I'm so happy," she said, "and sad at the same time, were all going off to do something else, university, college, Army. Some we may never see again, this is farewell to this life."

"Profound, but true." Said Stuart. "I'm going to be some sort of doctor, somewhere, you are going to be a physicist of some sort, somewhere!"

Angela laughed, "So we may meet up, somewhere, sometime." Stuart hugged her, wondering himself.

One of the dads passed by, told them the shuttle runs home were starting shortly.

"Let's go." said Angela, they went round saying their goodbyes and thanks.


They were taken to Angela's house, the dad left to collect others, they were glad of the lift, only less than a mile, but difficult in high heels, as Angela said.

She took them off, as soon as they entered her house. "Why do girls wear these things?" she asked.

"Yes, why?" said Stuart.

"It seemed a good idea, when my mum suggested it." Said Angela.

They look very nice." Said Stuart, loyally.

"Let's go to bed," said Angela.

"That is a good idea," said Stuart.

They went upstarts, Angela turning the lights out. The went into Angela's parents' bedroom, "Making love to you will be the ending to a wonderful day," she said.

She pulled the bedclothes back and lay down, on her back, she opened her legs slowly. "No preliminaries," she said, "We've been thinking of this all evening." He joined her on the bed, between her knees, she held her hands out to guide his cock in as he lay on top of her, he got his cock in place and she jiggled it a bit, mingling and spreading their juices, she moved her hand away, "Go in me now." She said, "mmmmm" as he did so, "Let's go for it," she said, pushing her hips towards him, putting her arms around him. He was excited and ready, he slammed his cock in and out, hard. "Give me a good shafting!" she cried, "harder."

It didn't take long until he came in her, her orgasm following. She held him close, rolling them onto their sides. She kissed him "Set the alarm clock for four am." she said gently, "time for another go then,"

They pulled the bedclothes over them, and cuddled together, falling asleep.

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by pe1er03/06/19

What has happenned to this story?

The early chapters of Gite implied there was a twist of some sort coming after they returned to England, but the story has just petered out!

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