Village Tales: Alexia Pt. 03


She cast off the cobwebs and continued her walk back to her house. She entered by the back and hanging her wrap on the hook went into the kitchen to prepare the mid morning meal for herself. Suddenly she found herself being lifted bodily off the ground, her skirts swept over her head so she could neither see nor shout. She was dropped unceremoniously on a bed and a cock swiftly found its mark in her still slippery sanctuary. After several thrusts, her skirts were removed from her eyes to reveal the handsome features of Sovig.

"Sovig!" she gasped "I did not expect you till later. You scared me. I thought you were one of the raiders who attack the border villages."

"Be honest Alicia, you have been thinking of me. You are as wet as if you had been riding horses all morning."

"Sovig, how could you say that, you know that you are the only person who has had their way with me excepting Vosta."

"Ah, the lucky dog".

Sovig increased his tempo as he approached his climax. Alicia remembered her dream. The real Sovig did not seem as passionate, neither was his cock as massive as in her dream and although quickly raised her lust to boiling after his climax she caught herself feeling slightly disappointed. What had Sovig in her dreams told her? Something about Ulric ... yes ... how Ulric was well formed though plain. Had Sovig told her that or was it part of the dream?

"You seem distracted Alicia." said Sovig as he pulled his tool out of her sopping slot "Are you so bored with me then?"

"Of course not, silly" she said "I was merely surprised to see you. I have a question for you."


"You know Ulric right?"

"Oh yes we were best friends when we were young, why?"

"I heard one of the women saying he was very well-endowed."

"Oh ho, that is the rumour."

"Is it true?"

"Actually, it is only a little larger than mine. You are not thinking of propositining him are you? I wouldn't be happy about that."

"Of course not I just wanted to know whether she was telling the truth." Her face colouring hotly.

"Well that's fine then. Anyway, I found out I had to go to Ranheim this afternoon, so I thought I would come over and give you a taste of what you can expect when Vosta goes to Arla next week. But I can't stay, I must get going".

He gave her damp womanhood a quick squeeze as he kissed her goodbye, and was gone. Alicia found she was not disappointed at his leaving early. After he had left, her passions mounted as she daydreamed of monstrous members stretching her slit to its limit.

Alicia emerged from her reveries and remembered that she had promised Vosta that she would pick up a lamb haunch at the butcher's shop. She hastily dressed and hurried out of the house.

The butcher's shop was at the further end of the village and she ran quickly, knowing that Vosta would be unhappy if she arrived after the butcher had gone home. She arrived at the shop just as the butcher was locking up, but he had always valued Vosta and his wife as customers and was happy to get the meat for her. She loaded it into her bag and started her return journey.

She was now in no hurry and was soon preoccupied with her fantasies. She rose out of dreams briefly and noted she was close to the Ulric's stable and was seized with a desire to observe him at home. She remembered that Sovig had told her that there was a rear window she might see through without much fear of detection.

She approached the back of his house warily and found that it was as Sovig had described. A tree grew close to the window and concealed her from the road and camouflaged her from observation from the window. She approached the window and peered through.

Alicia was disappointed to discover that Ulric did not appear to be at home. She examined his room that was surprisingly neat for a single man. Like most houses in the village there was only one room on the main level; his bed tucked into one corner. His clothes were laid out neatly on a chair and the table was set in preparation for his next meal.

She was just drawing away from the window when Ulric burst noisily through the door into his stable and rushed over to the bed. Drawing a chamber pot from under it he extracted his cock from his trousers and commenced urinating into it. Alicia's eyes were drawn to his member which was surprisingly thick and long. It was almost two hand spans long in its limp state. It was as big she thought, and maybe larger, than the member of her sister Alexia's husband, Ingemar. Her mind cast back to that day when she had first seen it.

Alexia had been courted by Ingemar for some weeks. Ingemar was a carpenter from a village some miles north and was working in the village with their father. He had been immediately struck with the beauty, grace and innocence of Alexia and had approached their father to ask for permission to meet her. Alexia was initially flattered by his attentions, but soon grew to love him. One day while their father was visiting a neighbouring village; Alicia had come home from shopping in the village.

After storing the goods she had purchased, she went upstairs to change out of her travel clothes. She and Alexia shared the same room but as she approached it, she could hear peculiar gasping noises as though Alexia was having trouble breathing. Worried that she may be in distress, Alicia opened the door and was met with the startling sight of Alexia, her skirts around her waist gasping and moaning as Ingemar thrust his massive cock into the slippery crease between her thighs. The labia clung to his member as his massive organ ploughed into her and her exposed breasts quivered indecently with each lunge.

Engrossed as they were, Alicia was able to retreat unnoticed. Closing the door to a crack she watched as their tempo increased and Alexia now moaned uncontrollably, her thighs arching to meet each thrust. In minutes Alexia thighs shook violently and she squealed excitedly as she climaxed. Alicia had never seen a man and a woman making love before and was shocked when a copious flow of fluid ran from her glowing slit to form a pool on the bed between her legs. Alicia closed the door quietly and hurried back downstairs.

Almost a half hour passed before the two lovers came downstairs. Alexia looked flushed and happy, whilst Ingemar had a foolish grin on his face as his hand extended around her shoulder. They seemed somewhat embarrassed to find Alicia there, although Alicia tried to appear as though she did not suspect anything.

For Alicia this had been a turning point in her life. That long past evening, as she had contemplated what she had seen, she discovered her own slit becoming wet and itchy. Rubbing it with her fingers she experienced her first orgasm. After that she would shadow Alexia and Ingemar when they went out and often observed them engaged in similar play.

As she returned from these dreams Alicia found herself imagining Ulric's cock pushing between her thighs into her clinging nest; spreading the lips wide and stretching her sensitive slot around its massive form. Her hand slipped between the folds of her dress and pressed against her bush. Her labia were already parted and slippery; a response to her erotic musings. Too soon Ulric completed his ablutions and hid away his manhood. Alicia waited until he had left the room and slipped back to the road and home.

Vosta arrived home late. Alicia had prepared the leg of lamb that was soon ravenously consumed by the two of them. Vosta had had a successful business trip and as a consequence felt worked up. After eating he pulled Alicia onto his knee and thrust his hand between her thighs. He interpreted the engorged and slippery state of her slot as her passion for him.

Alicia quickly warmed to his expert touches and soon felt the hot rush of her climax consuming her. Vosta laid her gently on the floor and was soon plunging his prick into her accommodating cleft. Although Vosta's member was of average size his skill at firing her passions soon had her in further throes of lust. Vosta filled her slippery hole with a copious gush of semen sending her into further throes of pleasure. Her heightened passion, caused by her sensuous daydreams, conjured a confusion of images in her mind. The face of Vosta faded into the face of Ulric and then reformed into the face of Vosta again.

"My God Alicia, you are like a volcano tonight. If only I were younger when we met, perhaps I could have kept up with you."

He rolled to one side, exhausted by his exertions.

"I need to go to Asberg tomorrow and I need you to do something for me. I need to rent the horse and wagon from Ulric so that I can carry some wood on Thursday. I would like you to go to his stable and arrange it. He is a hard bargainer, but maybe if you bat your eyelids he will give you a better deal than he normally gives me. He normally charges me 1 silver. If you can get it for anything less than that you will have made an excellent bargain and you can have any money we don't have to spend."

Alicia blushed as her mind pictured Ulric holding his thick prick over the pot. Vosta saw the blush and interpreted it as shyness.

"Don't worry my dear, Ulric seems hard but he is fair. And I suspect he is kinder than he appears. If he tries to rent the horse for more than a silver, tell him we will rent Eric's old nag, which I can get for next to nothing."

Alicia's mouth was dry as she nodded mutely in acquiescence.

"Good, then I suggest we retire to bed. I should get an early start tomorrow."

Alicia woke slowly as the sunlight moved across her face. She was alone. Vosta had already left for his assignment. She slid out from the covers and stood admiring the smooth contours of her body. She threw on a thin cotton gown and went out to the well and drew some water. Vosta as usual had left a pot on the fire that was bubbling when she went into the living room. Tugging off her shift she emptied some of the hot water into a small bath, cooling it with well water and entered it. She washed herself slowly, finishing with her long red hair.

She dried herself off and dabbed perfume on her neck and under her armpits. As an afterthought she sprinkled some between her legs. She dressed in a simple yet elegant dress that she realized, as she viewed herself in the mirror, called attention to her prominent breasts and well rounded body.

After her morning meal she decided that it would perhaps be better to carry out her negotiations with Ulric in the morning while she was still fresh. Alicia arrived at the stables about an hour and a half before midday and knocked on the back door of his house. She was half hoping he wouldn't be there and she could delay the negotiations. A bolt rattled and the door was opened by Ulric.

"Alicia" he said "this is a pleasant surprise."

Alicia observed the man. Although not a handsome man, his eyes suggested a humour that he rarely displayed in public. He was broad shouldered and well muscled from his work in the stable. Her eyes were drawn almost unconsciously to the bulge at his groin. She blushed as she met his eyes and realized he had caught her quick glance.

"Vosta asked me to see whether we could rent your horse and cart. We would need it on Thursday."

"Come in" he said "I will check my schedule for Thursday and see if it is available."

He already knew it was not booked but his stalling tactic had two benefits. It gave the customer the impression that the horse and cart were in high demand and also he would get the opportunity to talk longer with Alicia.

"If you could sit here" he said indicating a couch in the living room. He went into the back room to check his horse rental schedule. Once out of sight he went to a shelf and retrieved what was left of his love philtres. Discovering that he had only a small amount of lotion left, he applied what was left to his neck and ears and reentered the room.

"It seems that the horse and cart is available".

"So all that is left to agree on a price" blurted Alicia.

"Please, there is plenty of time to talk of business. Can I offer you something to eat or drink. I have an excellent mead".

"Thank you, mead with water would be nice".

She did not want to overly indulge as she felt it would dull her senses and her bargaining position. Ulric half filled two glasses from an jug in the kitchen and added water to one. He also piled a plate with scones and brought glasses and scones into the living room and placed them on a small table.

"Have a scone" he offered as he gave her the glass of mead. Alicia felt her mouth dry and her nipples strain against the fabric of her dress as he approached and took both the glass and a scone with mumbled thanks.

Ulric sat uncomfortably close to her on the couch.

"So, what is Vosta doing today that he needs to delegate his chores?"

"Oh, he had work in Asberg".

"And how is Vosta".

"He's well. Very busy as always".

"You must find it hard with all this time on your hands" volunteered Ulric.

This prompted a blush from Alicia as she said.

"No I have many things to do".

"And how is Sovig?"

Alicia almost choked on her scone as her face approximated the colour of a ripe tomato.

"A very indiscreet fellow, Sovig" Ulric added.

"What do you mean" stammered Alicia.

"I think you know" said Ulric moving closer to her.

"No, I don't".

"Sovig and I are good friends. He tells me everything. Do you remember his visit yesterday" said Ulric reaching his hand toward Alicia.

"He wouldn't," she said uncertainly.

"Are you sure Alicia?" said Ulric as his right hand now rested on the swell of her breast while his other hand fumbled with the buttons on her gown. Alicia was confused. His close presence excited her in a way she would have thought impossible. She knew she should attempt to stop him but she seemed incapable of movement. The mere touch of his hands sent thrills through her and she felt an overwhelming excitement spread through her loins that she was reluctant to check.

She felt almost like a spectator as she looked down and saw her bodice open and Ulric stroking and kneading her throbbing naked breasts. She glanced with growing unease at his groin and the massive bulge there, straining against his pants. Ulric pressed his lips first to one breast and then the other. She was overwhelmed with a lust she could neither comprehend nor control.

He now slid her gown over her hips and tickled his fingers through her increasingly wet slit. His prick, when he released it, was enormous, fully two and a half spans long and as thick as a young child's wrist. It swayed lazily; the knob already glistening with a slick coating of semen. She watched its serpentine motions as though she was under the mesmeric influence of a cobra.

Ulric spread her legs apart, to which she offered no resistance, and placed his shaft at the yawning mouth of her sex. Placing his hands under her bottom he lifted her hips slowly, his stationary prick seemingly engulfed by her voracious pit. Her cleft stretched taut around his rod revealing the tight nub above her slot that stood out stiff and red. At each thrust, her clitoris buried into his pubic hair and she felt prickles of enjoyment as the coarse hair caressed it.

The mounting tightness she experienced sent ever more thrilling ripples of pleasure through her body. Ulric increased the tempo as her tight and moist slot expanded to absorb him completely. The sharp slap as their bellies collided sent ripples through Alicia's body. Her breasts swung freely at each thrust and her tongue rolled over her lips in a truly licentious fashion. Her climax was achieved rapidly and her hips undulated wildly as wave after wave of unrepentant delight surged through her loins and spread through her.

Ulric lifted her from the couch and without withdrawing carried the impaled Alicia to his bed where he lay her panting body and recommenced reaming her. Alicia was in his thrall and encouraged his advances by thrusting her hips out to him as he freely probed her warm and inviting sex.

Alicia was amazed as she recognized the mounting tension in her legs that heralded the onset of another orgasm. This time it seemed to go on for an eternity, mounting ever more desperately until she could feel the pulses from Ulric which marked his own climax. The enormous gush of his male seed filled her to surfeit; running between her thighs in rivulets. She lay exhausted as he rolled off her and completed her disrobing.

As her senses came back to her, she felt embarrassed and guilty. She had only come to negotiate a horse price and instead had herself been ridden like a mare in heat. Yet as Ulric's hand stroked through the crushed and matted hair between her legs she felt again the flutterings of desire blossom in her loins and she made no move to prevent his nimble fingers from fulfilling their fateful duty. Her eyes closed as she allowed the flush of excitement wash over her.

Putting his arms around her he spun her onto her stomach whilst thrusting two fingers into her accommodating slit. She felt the warmth of his breath as his mouth approached her exposed bottom and she started slightly as his tongue squirmed between the uncovered half moons of her most secret of places.

She writhed sensuously as the tip of his tongue flickered across the tight ring of muscle which she had never allowed anyone, even Vosta to enter. She made no protest as the tongue pushed and pressed against the hole until it opened enough for it to partly penetrate. Although concerned, the sensation aroused her and she lay perfectly still revelling in the excitement it poused inside her.

Ulric raised her to her knees, constantly probing her slippery slot with his fingers while his tongue probed and licked her nether hole. He removed his tongue and now she felt a finger press against her bottom hole. She now attempted to escape his advances but was prevented by his arm around her thigh. As his finger slipped into her and she found the sensation not displeasing, in fact it heightened her arousal.

Alicia felt spasms of pleasure radiate from her bottom as Ulric's finger probed and stretched the tight ring of muscle. She sensed what Ulric was about to do to her and recalled the times she had watched Ingemar and Alexia engaged in this way and imagined herself in the place of Alexia. She now no longer attempted to escape and soon felt the soft prodding of his stiff poker knocking at her the portals of her rear virginity.

He was gentle and there was but one brief twinge as he achieved penetration that was soon overcome by a feeling of release as his cock pushed into her and his fingers rubbed and teased her tender clitoris. He moved with slow thrusts until her bottom hole adjusted to his massive member before thrusting ever deeper. Her breasts slapped loudly against her chest as he probed her unplumbed depths and she found herself reaching a boiling climax.

Lust driven, she screamed as Ulric emptied his spawn into her glorious behind. They lay spent and sweating, Ulric making no attempt to withdraw his monster from its tight sheath. Finally the taut muscles expelled him with a thick trickle of spunk.

All restraint lost, Alicia heaved her hips to his constantly rampant cock when he turned her over and thrust it into her slippery red grotto. Their lovemaking was now less frenetic, more measured and her spasms when they came were long and intense. They lay spent and tired for some minutes before Ulric spoke.

"We must, I think, discuss the price for the horse and wagon".

"Yes, we should", said Alicia standing up and shrugging her dress over her shoulders.

"I think, given the circumstances," said Ulric that I could let you have it for nine coppers. Eight, if you agree to meet me at the junction of Common Path and Eil's Mile tomorrow at noon".

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