tagNovels and NovellasVillage Tales: Alexia Pt. 04

Village Tales: Alexia Pt. 04


Village Tales Book 1 A Measure of Breeding
Alexia: Persuasions and Passions
Part 4

6. The Slave Market

Alexia awakened to find herself and other women she had travelled with, in a large bare warehouse. She was saddened that Wanda, the only person in her wagon she knew, was no longer with them. Wanda had been taken from the wagon one night by a brutish looking man and never returned. Although she realized that Wanda was probably better off now than being here in this cold building, it would have been nice to see a familiar face.

It had been a harrowing two week journey. They had been unloaded from the wagon late in the night and she could vaguely remember being scrubbed down and clothed in a crude peasant dress before being prodded into this barn. The tall blonde barbarian had visited her and, although this time he had not possessed her as was his practice, had massaged his tormenting ointment into her. He had spared her nipples because she was to be clothed and he said that he didn't want to expose her to further irritation.

She remembered the journey vividly. Her capture and original humiliation at the hands of the tall raider; the captured women being forced to disrobe and herded into wagons. The further humiliation of being crudely shackled in a way that not only ensured their inability to escape but had crudely displayed their naked bodies. Her ravisher had visited her that first night and carried her into a screened area in the wagon, as it was impossible to walk with the leg restraints. He laid her on the pillows that covered the ground and then squatted beside her, scrutinizing her.

"What is your name, pretty one?" He had asked.

She didn't answer him at first, which prompted him to take a nipple between finger and thumb, stretching and twisting it sharply until she cried out.

"Your name?"

"Alexia." She whispered.

"Alexia? Very pretty. Well, Alexia you must forget about your past life now, you are a slave. Your duty from now on is to give and receive pleasure."

He leaned forward and took her aching nipple into his mouth and gently nibbled and teased it. Even though she felt humiliated by her helpless predicament, libidinous stirrings mounted in her chest and thighs. His hand reached down and cupped her pulsing sex.

"This split peach will learn to unfold like a flower and leak its pearly dew for me. I will train it to recognize its master, to be ready for me when I want it. To obey my desires."

While he talked he separated the still sticky folds and kneaded her rampant nub. She felt her self restraint weaken as he released his knob and pierced her. He was a skilled seducer and soon she experienced a prolonged climax that left her drained and mortified. Again she felt the guilt of surrendering to his skillful seductions. Before he returned her to the other women he rubbed ointment into her soaking slit, nearly setting off another orgasm as he urged it deep into her vagina and smeared it thickly over her clitoris.

He concluded by working it into her breasts and nipples. She appreciated its soothing balm, though it was later that evening, when her sex began to get feverish and aroused, that she discovered its true nature. Her nipples stiffened reflexively and projected unbidden from throbbing breasts. Bound as she was, she could do nothing to relieve her unrelenting itch. She struggled vainly to give herself relief but her bonds made this impossible.

The next day the urges continued, becoming increasingly pervasive with each passing hour. The man who served their meals, noticing her blatantly erect nipples, pinched and teased them furtively as he positioned her in front of the food. His touch was maddening and she could not resist pressing her chest against his hands. She experienced an almost irresistible urge to fall on her back and beg him to relieve her smoldering lust, but she checked herself as he moved on to the next person.

Throughout the day she could feel her slippery juices trickling from her quivering sex down into the narrow cleft of her bottom.

She sobbed uncontrollably when her tormentor arrived that evening and carried her to the screened area.

"Please," she whispered "don't torture me this way."

"Do you want me to relieve you?"

She couldn't answer. She wanted relief but she could not succumb to his indecent strategies. He seemed to take her silence as assent and parted the folds to her sex, gently stroking her aching nub. She was lost. Her hips heaved violently, with unsuppressed enthusiasm she was unable to stifle as she groaned erotically.

"I am going to release your hands, but you must not touch yourself, or I will tie them again. Nod your head if that is what you want."

She nodded feebly and he released her hands. The temptation to allay her urges was now almost unbearable.

"Sit up" he said.

She obeyed.

"I want you to kneel facing away from me."

Once again she complied willingly, sobbing uncontrollably as he parted her thighs and with the ease of one well used to this position, poked his cock into her impatient orifice. One hand unfolded the delicate folds of flesh which protected her virtue whilst his other caught her clitoris and stroked it between finger and thumb.

Her senses were overcome by desperate yearning. She wanted him to continue his caresses she wanted him to finish his ravishment and leave her alone. She pressed herself against both his fierce invasion and his fingers until intense feelings of lust ignited like a flame and spread through her like a grass fire in spring.

His searing touch finally moderated to gentle heat and she collapsed under him. He retied her hands and turned her again to her back. She could not look at him. She could not give him the satisfaction of recognizing his power over her. He seemed not to care. Again he rubbed his devilish ointment into her palpitating sex and over her sensitive nipples temporarily cooling and easing them.

Days passed in a blur as her mind dreaded though her body ached for his nightly visits. Each day she abandoned more and more of herself to his domination. She would do anything to gain those few moments of release. She took him in her mouth and eventually her bottom. She displayed herself played with herself for his entertainment.

Finally, on the final night of their wagon ride, he released her completely. She was so thankful that she voluntarily opened his pants, releasing his stiff cock and, after entertaining it in her mouth, eagerly impaled her aching sex on it and rode him wildly until she came. She mistakenly thought her corruption to be complete.

Her reverie vanished when a man, whom she had not seen before entered the room and said.

"Welcome to Ovrig. This is the end of your travels but only the beginning of your journey. I want you to all sit with your backs to the wall, legs spread wide, as you learnt to do on your journey. In a few minutes prospective owners will be visiting you. They are all important buyers and I want you to be cooperative. You can probably guess the penalties for disobedience. Be nice to them and perhaps you will be bought by a rich buyer."

He left the room and closed the door. In several minutes, four men entered. Two of the men were fat and swarthy, another tall, thin and ratfaced. The last man was dark haired and handsome, but his face showed a mean hardness that he could not disguise beneath his shallow smile.

Alexia watched as the men walked slowly past the women. One or another of the men would pause at a woman and survey her. Unfastening the bodices and pulling up the women's shifts they examined their soft breasts and tender mounds between their thighs, which they stroked and handled freely.

After their initial survey, the handsome man approached a pretty young woman called Lauran that Alexia didn't recognize from her own wagon. From quiet conversation between the captured women Alexia had discovered that Lauran had been abducted from another village close to her own.

Eighteen years old she had been married just over two months to the the village blacksmith when their lovemaking one morning had been interrupted by the raiders. Creeping quietly into their cottage the invaders had found Lauran being well corked by her young husband.

Precoccupied with their passion they were unaware of the intruders who had watched their revels for some minutes before, inflamed by the sight of Laurans well stretched vagina they had forced her husband to watch as Lauran was ravished by each intruder in his turn. Like Alexia, she did not know whether her husband was alive or dead.

"Stand up" he ordered.

The woman stood slowly. The man ran his hand through her hair and examined her face. The woman seemed afraid, but did not obstruct his examination.

"Show me your tits" the man ordered.

The woman looked shocked and hesitated. The man lunged at her and ripped her bodice down to her waist.

"Come, come I don't have all day for this you know".

He stroked and kneaded her breasts until the nipples protruded provocatively.

"Do you like it when I do this to you?"

The woman blushed and did not answer. The man grabbed her hair and pulled her to him.

"You like this don't you?"

The woman answered with a faint affirmative.

"Don't lie to me you hate me for making you feel wanton you want to kill me. But, that is immaterial, soon you will want to be stroked this way. Your husband did this to you many times didn't he?"

Again she answered with a mute nod.

"Take off the rest of your clothes and show me what other secrets you only shared with your husband."

This time the woman needed no second bidding and she soon stood naked above the dress at her feet. The man brushed his hand through the hair between her thighs whilst he bent to take a nipple into his mouth. His hand rubbed vigorously between her legs for several minutes. He stood back to see the effect of his dexterity. Her quim was slightly parted and her face was flushed. Moving to her again, the man thrust a finger into her exposed box.

"Did you let your husband do this?" said the man as he thrust his finger in and out of her.

"Yes" she grunted.

"I'm sure you did" he said as he continued his attack on her defenseless slit.

Drawing back again, the man said.

"Turn around and place your hands on the wall and keep your legs apart."

With the woman facing away from him, the man placed his hands over her stomach and stroked it suggestively before dropping them to the furry mound below.

"And how many babies dropped from this voluptuous belly?"

"None." She whispered.

"Ah, but they will soon. Though not your husband's. In fact you will never know for certain which of the many cocks you wriggle beneath, has sowed its seed in you. When did you last bleed?"

"Three weeks ago."

"And your husband when did he last fill this eager little slot with gism."

"Two weeks ago."

He stroked the broad globes of her bottom and pulling the hemispheres apart said.

"Yes a very tantalizing sight." As he tickled the tumescent lips of her quim from behind. He then placed two fingers into her slot and thrust and stretched her delicate slot. His fingers shone with slippery exudate oozing from her. With this undeniable proof of her amorousness he took his fingers away and inserted his stiff cock into the warm slippery sheath of her vagina.

"What a delicious slit you have. Warm and slippery, and yet still snug and taut from limited use. Press yourself against me. Yes, you like that, I can tell. Your little button is hard and amorous. But we cannot waste time with this right now, there will be plenty of time to fill this hole when you are mine."

He removed his cock and parted the tight globes of her bum.

"And what about this little hole?" he asked stroking his finger over the tight opening in her fundament which he then penetrated "Did he ever do this?"

Her eyes became wide and her head shook in unreserved negation.

"What a shame for him. But what luck for me".

He kneeled behind her and touched his tongue to her dark orifice. She gasped audibly as he began licking her nether hole noisily whilst thrusting his fingers into her sex. Her face was flushed and her body seemed about to collapse.

"I must inspect this virgin cleft more closely." He said, again releasing his stiff poker.

A strangled groan rose from the woman from pain or desire as her tight sphincter expanded to receive his rigid organ. He withdrew his phallus to half its length and relished the snug embrace of her expanded orifice.

"You." He said to the woman sitting next to her. "Get between her legs and lick her while I exercise her virgin bottom."

The woman quickly scuttled sideways and got between her legs. With his hands he stretched and pulled the labia of his well corked partner apart and pulled the other woman's head against the pink flesh.

"Make sure you attend closely to this little twig." He said as he indicated her glossy little clitoris.

With the other woman buried between his partners legs, he grasped his initiate by the hips and plunged his cock deeply into her virginal vent, forcing her hips forward against the kneeling woman's face. His cock shone, as it flashed in and out of the snug opening. Her short gasps and cries revealed both her enjoyment and distress. Soon, her shame and embarrassment were overwhelmed by the expanding passion that converged between her thighs and finally radiated through her whole body.

The man gave one last heave and discharged his hot sperm deep into her responsive bottom. Alexia was shocked at the crudity of this society but was not impervious to sympathetic feelings issuing from her own tender parts. She looked at the two other men. They were concentrating on the performance. She could tell that they had stiff erections.

Once the darkhaired man had completed his ravishment of the woman the others hastened over to her, examining her distended bottom hole and teasing her nipples and sex. The sight was too much for one man who released his weapon and repossessing her newly emancipated bottom hole continued its erotic schooling. Another man stood in front of the woman who had assisted the defloration and forced his cock into her mouth.

The darkhaired man now slowly walked past the other women, examining their faces and figures. He stopped as he arrived in front of Alexia.

"Now here is a real jewel in the grass." He enthused.

Alexia looked up at him fearfully noting the hard bulge in his pantaloons and was unable to check the involuntary tightening in her chest or the insistent longing between her thighs.

The slave master walked over and said, "More than you can afford Lurgus, she's been tagged."

"Tagged! No-one gets to tag slaves before me."

"Trust me Lurgus you would not want to cross her future master. He told me to allow no-one to touch her before the sale."

"I must see her Gracko. Such beauty is rare."

Lurgus suited action to his words and lifting her to her feet, fumbled her dress over her head.

He stood in front of her, stunned by the vision of her nakedness. Her nipples stretched unbidden into his hand as he stroked her softly. Her raging slit yawned, warm and moist to his touch. His middle finger entered her slippery maw effortlessly. To Alexia, his contact was torment and she could feel herself instinctively pressing her afflicted mount against his hand.

"How hot you are" he whispered to her

"That's enough Lurgus." Said Gracko, putting his hand on her shoulder. Alexia screamed as Lurgus slapped her impulsively between the legs and then saw Lurgus lifted from the floor and thrown against the wall.

"This inspection is over." Shouted Gracko and forcefully extricated the men from their depredations and swept them out of the door.

Released from her torments, Alexia put her dress on and sat down again with the other captives. Gracko returned after some minutes with pieces of rope which he used to bind the hands of the women. He then took them one by one to another room that was, although as austere as the first, warmer than the other.

Alexia was the last to be moved. Gracko finally came for her, but instead of taking her away as he had the other women he squatted in front of her and said.

"I'm sorry about what happened Miss, I had my orders to keep you safe. I'm afraid I failed."

He placed a pot of unguent, which Alexia recognized as the same her captor had used so freely during her journey to this place, onto the floor.

"I have one last task that I must perform before you are moved. I'm going to release your hands now, so don't try anything, I wouldn't want to hurt you" He warned as he released her bonds and opened the pot.

"I understand you know what this is, so pull up your dress and we can get this over with quickly."

Alexia eager to relieve the fever in her loins, if only temporarily, slid her dress up to her hips. Gracko stared at her swollen mount greedily. He was unable to resist the seduction of her slit and parted the pink lips gingerly. He saw her eyes close and realized that she was consumed with desire. Her stiff little nub glowed moistly as he ran his finger over it and her body stiffened convulsively as she moaned audibly.

"You poor thing," he said compassionately "you ache for it don't you? That's right my dear, open your legs. You're so wet, so eager. Good, push yourself against my fingers. Harder my dear, harder. I know what you need, but you must tell no-one."

He released his rampant cock from his pants and pushing her to her back entered her desperately. Sliding her dress higher he grasped her taut breasts with his hands and captured stiffened nipples between his lips. Her abject moans and gyrations spurred him to heights of passion that he hadn't experienced with his wife since they had been young lovers. Soon, her body stiffened and she gave a muted cry as her pent up orgasm washed over her. Gracko, caught up in the performance, filled her with his seed as he too reached the pinnacle of pleasure.

He withdrew with a faint slurp and left the room. Alexia lay, spent yet satisfied. She was ashamed of her shamelessness, but knew that her submission was motivated by the effects of the devilish concoction. Gracko returned with a poultry baster and a bucket of water.

"It wouldn't be seemly to be discovered to have done this Miss, so I'll have to clean you up."

Inserting the baster into the water he filled it.

"Now lie back my dear, this won't hurt. Done it with me wife many times to prevent babies."

Alexia lay still as he inserted the thick tube into her inflamed vagina and filled her with cool water. He repeated this several times until she could feel fresh stirrings in her loins. Fortunately he stopped before she betrayed herself further. He dried her vigorously with a cloth he had brought until her delicate slit glowed and the profuse hair bushed out.

Once he had completed her cleansing, he scooped a generous amount of lotion from the pot and rubbed it into her slit. His gentle touch stimulated sympathetic yearnings again but she was able to resist them. Turning her face down he continued his ministrations on her tight bottom hole. His finger pressed into her, carrying its insidious charge deep into her. Again she almost lost her composure, especially when he inserted two fingers to open the tight orifice whilst using a finger on the other hand to deeply insert the lotion.

"You're a beautiful lady Miss. You must have made your husband proud. I would wish you luck at the sale but in your case you are lucky. Lord Oscar is a kind and generous master." He said when he was finished with his not unpleasant task. Again he bound her and led her to the other room with the women. He prided himself on being an honest man and gave the women his parting words of advice.

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