tagNonHumanVincent Ch. 01

Vincent Ch. 01


This story contains a few spoilers for my other story Trapped, nothing you wouldn't find after the escape but all it really does it tell you a few connections, and really it's a very long way into the story.

This is a story about Vincent and how his life was when he was young,I want to note now that in my stories there are no years as we know them, the months are similar, and I will have the real month in parenthesis when needed, but they don't have the years numbered like 2011, 2012, 2013 and so on.

Sorry but there would be a lot of math on my part and I would practically have to make a calendar spanning well over 3,000 years for dozens of chars and blah XD here's an idea of how many chars I have, Vincent's direct blood line has over a dozen chars and then there are around 8 or 9 families (if you count siblings as single families) with more chars being added >...<

Btw any names of cities are random ones I picked up (they aren't the real city >...<)-Icy

Vincent's story

I remember the day I lost my parents like it was yesterday. I was with my little brother, Fang, just helping our mother with chores around the house. I couldn't have been more than 12, making Fang about 9. I remember my dad ran into the house and told us to hide and not to come out for anyone. At first Fang and I didn't know what was happening, after we stood there for a moment our mom pushed us in the kitchen and told us to climb into the cabinets and to be quiet. I should mention that the only walls we had in our house separated the bedrooms, meaning we could see most the house from where we crouched.

I remember the door being kicked in and 3 men running into the house with weapons, one with a bow pointed at my dad's chest, they shouted at my parents something about evil demons and that the men were here to destroy them. My mom hissed and bared her fangs, something she rarely did, and my dad looked just as fierce, snarling and letting his large, inky black wings out. At that time it didn't click that my family all being vampires would be seen as bad by some, I thought it was normal.

I think it clicked when I saw my mother killed though, her head separated from her body from a blow from one of the men. I tried to turn Fang away but he clawed me and tried to get out to save our dad, not one to be risky I held him to me covering his mouth to quiet him.

I think when I saw her die is when I lost my childhood, I'm not really sure, all I know is that it was important to keep Fang safe and us both alive. My heart, as dead as it was, knew that trying to help would only kill us. I felt him try to scream as the only man left in the room killed our father.

It's crazy to think that in a matter of moments we went from a close family to a pair of orphans with murdered parents. The last man cut off a piece of my parents' bloodied clothes and left. The moment the door shut my brother kicked me as hard as he could making me drop him and he ran to our parents. I crawled out and sat next to him, my eyes tearing up as the truth of what happened hit me.

"Why did you stop me?! You jerk! It's your fault mom and dad are gone! Get away from me!" He screamed at me his fangs descended.

"What do you think you could've done that mom or dad didn't?!? It's because they hid us and because I held you down that we're alive at all! If they couldn't have won what chance do we have... You haven't even gotten the blood lust down and I barely know how to fly let alone win a fight against those guys..." I said screaming at first then letting my voice die down to a whisper. "We need to get out of here they may come back, come on."

"No, I'm staying here, now get away from me." He said turning back to our dad, laying his head on dad's bloody chest, growling when I came near.

He lay there for a long time, after a moment I went to our mom covering her slashed neck and laid my head on her chest like Fang. We did that until the sun had long set. I got up, my head aching from the tears.

"We need to go, those guys may come back." I said gently shaking him. He growled and I simply pulled him up with me to our room to grab clothes. I hated to think about it when I was little but my dad always told me what to do if something ever happened to them, now I was thankful I knew what to do.

"Grab some clothes and put them in a bag." I told Fang, he stood there for a moment as I went about the room grabbing clothes then leaving the room to go to our parents'. He followed me wordlessly watching me as I went into their little closet looking or the sword my dad got me to train me for my 10th birthday, my brother looked at me confused.

"Why are you taking that? Where are we going?"

"We need it and I don't know we'll have to find somewhere we can be safe."

-----10 years later on the streets of Uzès-----

I walked around looking for my next meal. One good thing about being the rare kind of vampire is that I'm immune to the sunlight and I didn't have to feed as much. The money I took 10 years ago ran out quickly as we grew out of our clothes, currently I was wearing an old black jacket I took from someone I fed from a month ago as well as his white shirt and tan pants. Fang's clothes were about the same.

A few months back I noticed a change in Fang, while he was still taking more blood then healthy from his victims he seemed to enjoy the fear in their eyes. I think he's going insane. I can see it in his eyes; though they were black they seemed to have a haze over them, but not the kind some blind people get but different...bad.

I walked in to a narrow alley way using my mental power to drag in some woman. She walked like a zombie almost, stiff, obviously not thinking. I had her stop in front of me. It's funny I was 21 years old and I was still a virgin, why? Because I didn't want to leave my brother alone that long, I had a bad feeling about doing that. Hell I was only out this long because he was asleep.

The woman I pulled wasn't bad looking, long brown hair, green eyes, and soft looking lips. I felt myself hungering for something different than what I brought her here for. While I haven't had sex that doesn't mean I haven't done some stuff with women, I've had a few blow me and I've played with a few of their breast. It didn't feel right taking advantage of them like that though; they had no control over their actions.

I couldn't help myself as I had her drop to her knees in front of me. Slipping my pants down I pulled out my large cock and she leaned forward taking it in her hands while she licked the tip. My cock was fairly large about 9 inches, I'm thankful for my vampire attributes in this way, it was fairly thick as well. I watched as the brunet sucked me off.

She seemed to have done this enough that her body knew what to do to get me groaning, I gently sat us down as she continued going down on me. Reaching out I played with her breast, I decided to try feeding from there. I groan loudly when I came hard in her mouth, having her swallow it.

I had her lay on her back as I slipped the top of her low cut dress down. My fangs were descended as I licked my way around her sizeable boob, suckling the nipple that hardened under my ministrations. Gently, I sunk my fangs into her breast, unintentionally dropping my control of her.

"Whaa... Oh gods" She moaned as the endorphins from my saliva invaded her brain. I was somewhat disappointed with the small amount of blood I got from her boobs so I quickly went to her neck after closing the old wound. I smelt the bitter scent of her fear, I didn't like it and I sent a wave of calmness over her mind and she just looked into my eyes relaxed but confused.

"Who are you?" She said groggily while I licked her neck softly.

"You don't need to know that, just relax; I'm not going to hurt you."

"Please, let me go." She muttered arching her body into mine as I suckled her neck without biting.

"You say that but your actions tell me you don't want me to." I said softly into her ear, licking it softly. "Relax."

She moaned when I gently bit into her soft, sweet neck, my belly rumbling softly when her blood flowed freely into my mouth. I was careful not to take too much, just enough to fill me. After I closed the wound I sent her to sleep and erased what happened.

After I fixed her clothes and laid her out of sight from the streets, not that I expected anyone to look.

I walked back to the abandoned building where Fang and I slept. He was still asleep, his long silver hair splayed around him with his clothes mussed up. When he was asleep you'd never know that he seemed to be insane, evil, and harsh.

It's funny our appearances are the same except for our eyes and hair. His hair was silver, we don't know why but it is. Mine's black and just as straight as his, the same was with our eyes, his were black and mine silver. We both had the same slender build and same face shape with only a few little differences, like my lips were a little thicker and darker and I was a bit taller.

He stirred and opened his eyes, he always was a heavy sleeper, I woke with the smallest sound, and it was actually really annoying. Fang sat up groggily and looked at me with the eyes of a predator; it was time for his feeding now that it was late at night.

"Come on; let's get you something to eat." I said walking to him as he got out of bed, making a sound of pleasure. I still had to go with him when he fed; he tries to drain them to death otherwise. I didn't intervene until the human was weak and fading, at that time I would stop him.

The feeding was the same as normal; I pulled him a large man so he could get more blood, and then had to stop him from killing said man. This was our way, as it had been for years now. There were times we pulled people with weapons to take them for ourselves. Currently I had a pair of mismatched daggers and Fang, even though I didn't like it, had a short sword.

"I want more." Fang said looking at me, his eyes filled with lust.

"I think you've had enough, it'd be risky to pull another." I said trying to get him to go home instead of feed more. He got worse when he fed extra I had noticed.

"I don't care, get me another." He said baring his teeth.

"Stop, you don't need another. Let's go."

I heard a loud snarl as I turned after saying that. I looked back and he was pissed. I was in a bit of shock at how easy it was to make him this pissed off. His fangs and claws were descended, his wings had torn through the back of his shirt, and his eyes bore into mine.

I could sense him trying to pull someone, turning around I saw a woman walking to us looking very confused. Fang couldn't take the full control I could but he could get people to want to do the stuff he wanted.

"Why... Who... Oh my gods is he ok?" The small woman asked not yet noticing Fang but seeing the passed out man on the ground. She looked up at us and gasped.

"No... this isn't happening is it..?" She said her eyes wide in terror and shock. "Please don't hurt me." She whispered softly as waves of fear emanated from her body.

Fang started to walk to her with deadly intent in his eyes. "Don't do this Fang, you're better than this and you know it." I said stepping in front of him.

"Get out of my way." He ground out, pushing me away.

"Brother, don't do this, this isn't who you are... please, this isn't what our parents would've wanted, don't let the blood lust consume you." I said getting in front of the woman who was now crouching against the wall.

"Fuck you. I don't give a shit what they want anymore. They aren't here; they don't know what I've been through. This is their fault anyway; we could've lived just fine if they hadn't gotten killed."

"What are you talking about? They died protecting us. It's because of them that we're alive."

"Whatever, move. I won't take much, I'll play nice."

"You'll play nice? What? No, you aren't feeding from her. We're going home." I said, I was shocked when he complied by turning around, clearly waiting for me to go. Leaning over I erased this memory from the woman.

After we went home he went straight to bed, another surprise to me. This wasn't right; something was wrong, very wrong. I ignored the thought and went to bed.

I woke up a few hours past noon. Going to our small and rather pathetic closest I grabbed some of my nicer clothes; a pair of untorn black pants, a white shirt, and a decent black cloak with my normal overused boots. My daggers hung hidden at my sides as I went out to look for work.

Though we didn't need food we still needed new clothes and nicer weapons. I went from shop to shop looking for work; sadly I hadn't really learned a trade of any kind so finding work was difficult. By the end of the day I had went to every shop I could see and not one was willing to hire me.

"Sorry we need someone with experience, good day." That was the reply I got from almost every damned shopkeeper, that or "Oh you don't know how to (random stupid thing!)? Sorry, we can't help you."

It was late by the time I got back to our abandoned house. I could hear sounds from the insides as I moved a plank that covered the hole we used to get in. When I stepped into the main room I was in shock, Fang had killed a woman after he raped her. I stood there for a moment unable to talk or move.

Fang looked up at me, covered in blood, he hissed.

"Get out, now." I said still frozen.

"Make me." He said leaning down licking some blood off of her neck. I walked over to him, drawing both daggers.

"God damn it Fang. This is why I have to live like this; if it wasn't for you I could have a good life. I'm sick of it. Get out. I'll give you 3 days to get out of the area, otherwise next time I see you I will kill you. I don't care if we're blood related, you're not my brother. I'm giving you a mercy by letting you live for this, I get the feeling I'll regret it but I'm gonna give you this time. Go before I change my mind." I said, laying the blade of my dagger against his throat.

I've never acted this way with him, he knew I meant what I said, his eyes widened as he slowly moved back.

"Go." I said, following him with the blade. He nodded and stood up, he grabbed his clothes slipping them on, watching me as he left.

I sighed, this wasn't the first time he's killed someone, this was the first time he's done this though and I didn't intend to see it again. I gently wrapped the abused body and walked out to the entrance. Walking the darkest alleys I found a dry dark spot and lay her body softly there.

I could sense Fang's energy fading as he got farther away. This was the first time we've been apart like this and I intended to keep him away. I couldn't take the way he was anymore; this had been the last straw.

I looked down at the body of the woman, she had been small, clearly no match for a vampire like Fang. She had long brown hair, I had no idea what color her eyes had been; when a vampire kills in this way I noticed that the eyes of the victim became pure white. This girl was no exception. I walked away from her after covering her with the blanket I had wrapped her in.

I got back to the house and cleaned up all the blood in the main room. I was horrified at the amount of it. There was blood all over the floor and on the blankets Fang had laid out, clearly for his comfort. The task was a horrible one but I finished it rather quickly, glad to be done I lay on my bed that had been stripped of its sheets and went to sleep.

A few days passed, there was no sign of Fang, the girl who he killed had a few posters up; I'd heard a rumor that someone found her body, wrapped in the blanket, starting to decay. I felt bad for her family; I personally ran into one, he was greatly upset. I wanted to tell them what happened but if they believed me they'd probably kill me in my brother's place. So I wrote a note using my limited skills, using my abilities I found their house and left it on the woman's mother's pillow with a red rose.

The note basically said

'I apologize for your loss,

My brother was the culprit, I'm very sorry to say. I caught him with her body, unable to kill my own brother I had to banish him. He'd drained her blood. I wouldn't tell you this in person when I saw you, you would've killed me. But my brother and I are vampires, I've tried to keep him from doing this as best I could, but I was unsuccessful. For this I am truly very, very sorry.'

I didn't sign it, I couldn't. I didn't have the strength to.

My father had taught me to write before he died, granted my penmanship wasn't exactly anything that could be called beautiful, and my punctuation wasn't great but it worked. I was lucky my parents had been educated; it was hard to get anywhere here if you weren't. Most people could at least read and count.

I was walking past the church while looking for work and I saw the parents of the woman in the little graveyard of the church, the mother was holding the rose I'd left the night before.

I didn't like churches, it's not that it hurt to go on the grounds or it hurt to look at a cross, it's that the priests didn't like me. It's almost like they have a 6th sense for my kind and to be honest it freaked me the fuck out. I paused in front of the church looking at the couple, they didn't look up but the priest did. He gestures to me, beckoning me to go to him. I don't know why but I did.

"Did you know this young girl?" He asked me looking carefully into my eyes.

"No sir, I've just seen them grieving while I was walking around." I said keeping my voice calm.

He pulled me aside and whispered to me "I don't know what you are, but I know you aren't human, I know you're connected to this somehow."

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"I can see it plainly, you know sliver eyes are the eyes of evil right?" He practically hissed in my ear. I felt water hit the side of my face and I looked over. The priest had a vile of 'holy water'. Needless to say all it did was get my face.

"What was that?" I asked wiping it off my face. He looked a bit surprised that his little water trick did nothing.

"Nothing. Why don't you go on your way now." He said turning the question into a command. The priest went back to the couple, watching me as I go. 'This is why I don't like the church!' I thought to myself as I walked away, back on my quest to find a job.

It took hours but I found a small bakery that was hiring. "Can you count, read, and write decently?" The man asked, his blue eyes looking me up and down

"Yes sir, my hand writing isn't great but I can fix it with a bit of work."

"Do you know the money system?"

"Yes sir." The money system here was easy, it was all coins. The tin ones were the cheapest, then copper, then up to silver, and the most expensive was gold. It took about 2 or 3 tin coins to buy a nice looking apple. 5 tin made a copper coin, 10 copper made a silver coin, and 10 silvers made a gold coin. Most the time they were just referred to by their metals.

"Good, we'll see how you do tomorrow, if you do well then we'll give you the job, my name is Baxter by the way." Baxter said shaking my hand.

"I'm Vincent, what time tomorrow should I be here?"

"Just after the sun rises would be good." He said, letting me out.

"Ok, I'll see you then."

The next morning seemed to come the moment I lay on my bed. I woke early and went to the outskirts of the town where a river lay. Walking to an isolated area I stripped myself bare, letting the cold air envelope my body. One good thing about be a vampire is the cold doesn't bother you, in fact hot and cold felt kind of good to me, even if they were the extremes they still felt good.

I slipped into the chilly water, sighing as it flowed over me. After wading toward the middle of the river, letting the water run to my chest I started scrubbing at my body; I could literally feel the dirt being washed away as I scrubbed my chest and arms with a scrap of cloth. I wadded closer to the shore so the water was at my hips instead of my chest. Leaning down facing the river I started cleaning my hips and cock.

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