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Vince's Devil's Slaves


Reigning WWE Women's Champion Trish Stratus slowly comes too lifting her head and slowly opening her eyes to find herself looking down at a wooden floor.

Still feeling very disoriented for some unknown reason she blinks a couple of times just to make sure she is fully awake. After a few more blinks she accepts that she is fully awake although still very disoriented she makes an effort to move but for some reason her body specifically her legs and arms won't respond, or rather she can't move them.

Trish looks down to find her legs spread as far apart as they can be and that they are chained to the wooden floor she tries to free herself from the chains by trying to wriggle out of them but it is no good her legs are chained in place good and tight.

Suddenly full consciousness rushes back to Trish as she realises her clothes are gone and she's completely naked and looking up she finds her hands are chained together and being suspended above her head by another chain.

She does her best to wriggle her hands free from the chains but just like her feet they are chained in place good and tight.

As the disorientation wears off more and more Trish takes a look at her surroundings and discovers that the room she is in although well lit is practically empty of anything significant. There is certainly nothing to tell her where she is or how she got here.

At the far end of the room there is a set of stairs leading up. Trish decides to try and call out for help and so she starts to cry out for help but the only noises she makes are muffled ones as she realises she has a ball gag or something similar in her mouth stopping her from crying out for help.

All of a sudden Trish hears some muffled noises coming from the left of her. She turns her head and see's her good friend Mickie James in exacterly the same predicament as she is in hand chained above her head legs chained and spread apart with a ball gag in her mouth and she too is completely nude. A bit further down Trish can also see Ashley Massaro, her other good friend, in the same predicament as her and Mickie.

Trish wants to know if the other two are alright but with the ball gag in her mouth she can't ask them so she looks both of her two friends over. Apart from the obvious they don't seem to be hurt and she herself doesn't appear to have suffered any physical injuries.

All of a sudden all three girls hear something which sounds like a door being opened which causes them all to look across the room as they see three sets of feet start to come down the stairs one set after the other the owners of the feet continue walking until they are standing a short distance in front of each of the three naked and chained divas.

Trish, Mickie and Ashley all stare in shock horror and disbelief at their three apparent captors Torrie Wilson, Candice Michelle and Victoria.

None of the 6 women say a word they simply stare at one and other. Once Trish and Mickie and Ashley have gotten over the shock they stare at the three divas who have done this too them with nothing but pure anger in their eyes while Torrie, Candice and Victoria stare at Trish, Mickie and Ashley with nothing but confidence.

"So, you've all finally woken up." Victoria says finally breaking the silence as she looks up and down the row at each diva in turn, "That's good we where worried we'd used too much Chloroform on the rags."

"Still, you three could have put up a bit more of a fight we didn't expect it to be this easy." Torrie says also looking up and down the row at the three divas with an ear to ear smile on her face.

"But then again Torrie these three weren't exacterly a challenge in the ring so why should we expect them to be a challenge in any other way, shape or form?" Candice says also with an ear to ear smile on her face.

This pisses Trish off and she tries to attack Candice but due to her being chained up the way she is all she does is wriggle about which causes Candice to laugh.

"Save your strength Trish." Victoria says causing Trish to turn her attention from Candice to her long time rival, "Believe me your going to need it."

Victoria's tone of voice scares Trish however she does her best to hide her fear as she slowly starts to remember how she and her two best friends ended up wherever they are.

They had just left her locker room after having gotten showered and changed from their wrestling attire back into the clothes they all had worn to the arena and where on their way to her rental car carrying their wrestling attire in their gym bags when somebody came up behind her and the last thing she remembers is having something put over her nose and mouth and smelling something disgusting the next thing she knew she was here.

"Well, I guess I should be a good hostess and welcome you to my home or at least the basement of my home. I guess I should also tell you why you're here." Victoria says causing Trish to come out of her thoughts, "You see we where getting tired of fighting you three and wanted this rivalry to end. We where going to go to Mr McMahon and ask him to trade us to Smackdown or something, but then Candice here came up with a better way for us to end the feud between us. In fact not only will it end the feud but it will improve our sex lives and our lives in general."

Victoria finishes off before turning to look at Candice.

"Candice, would you like to take over?" Victoria asks with a smile.

"Thanks Vickie." Candice says turning her attention from Victoria to the three helpless divas in front of her, "We're going to turn you three into our sex slaves!"

Candice pauses so she and her friends can enjoy the horrified looks on their enemies faces before she continues.

"That's right, each one of us is going to turn one of you in to our own personal sex slave." Candice says excitedly.

"But before we can do that we have to break your spirits." Torrie then says.

"Which we will do in a little while. First I think we should each get a chance to sample the merchandise don't you ladies?" Victoria asks looking at her two best friends who look back at her with ear to ear grins.

"It will certainly help us to pick which one we want as our slave." Torrie points out.

"What do you think Candice?" Victoria asks already knowing the answer but wanting to hear her verbally agree.

"I agree with Torrie." She says smiling.

"In that case let us sample the merchandise." Victoria says turning her attention back to the three chained up divas.

With that Trish, Mickie and Ashley all watch in horror as their three captors walk right up to them and start to paw at their bodies touching them up with Torrie touching Ashley up, Candice touching Mickie up, and Victoria touching Trish up.

Trish, Mickie and Ashley do their best to try and stop their captors from doing what they are doing to them by trying to wriggle away from their exploring hands, but it is no good, they can barely move far enough away and their three captors obviously know this due to their ear to ear smiles as they continue to run their hands up and down their bodies not bothering to hold them in place.

"Switch." Victoria suddenly says and with that Torrie moves on to Mickie, Candice moves on to Trish, and Victoria goes down to Ashley.

As they start to do the same thing again both Mickie and Trish continue to struggle however Ashley has given up trying to struggle due to the fact she knows it is pointless she can't go anywhere so she simply allows her captors to do what they want hoping that they will get it over with as quickly as they can.

"Switch." Victoria says again and once again the three divas switch places with Torrie now touching up Trish, Victoria touching up Mickie, and Candice touching up Ashley.

At this point Mickie has also given up struggling she is now doing the same thing that Ashley is doing, letting her captors do what they want to her and hoping they get it over with quick.

Trish however is still doing her best to fight back or stop Torrie from touching her not because she doesn't like it, which she doesn't, but due to the fact that despite her best efforts not to Trish can't help but start to feel herself getting a little turned on by all the pawing that Candice, Victoria and now Torrie are doing to her. So much so in fact she can start to feel her pussy getting wet, something she hopes she can hide from her captor and captors. Her hopes are quickly dashed as she feels one of Torrie's hands suddenly touch her pussy lips and she turns her head and looks at Torrie able to see her ear to ear grin turn into an ear to ear smile at her discovery.

"Hey girls I think somebody is actually starting to like this." Torrie calls out looking directly into Trish's eyes.

Trish turns her head away in shame wishing she wasn't tied up so she could do some serious bodily harm to Candice, Victoria and Torrie.

"I think this one is as well." Victoria says causing Trish to turn her head and see Victoria with her hand on Mickie's pussy.

"So is this one." Candice then calls out.

Trish looks at Mickie and see's the same embarrassment and humiliated look in her eyes as she is sure Mickie can see in her's.

"I guess we where right about these three." Torrie says causing Trish to turn and look at her, "They really are a bunch of sluts."

Trish struggles against her bonds doing her best to try and break free of them so that she can wring Torrie's scrawny neck for what she has just said.

"I think that confirms it." Candice say with a laugh.

"Candice, would you be good enough to get the clamps?" Victoria asks causing Trish to turn and look at Victoria who is looking back at her with an evil smile on her face.

"My pleasure Vickie." Candice says causing Trish to look over at Candice who also has a rather evil smile on her face as she turns and heads for the stairs.

"Actually Candice." Victoria says causing Candice to stop turn and look at her, "Bring the whole goodie bag down here, that will save us from having to go back and forth."

Candice just smiles as she turns and disappears upstairs.

After a few minutes Candice returns with a black bag of some kind in her hand.

She walks up to Victoria as Torrie walks up and the three form a circle which makes it hard for Trish or Mickie or Ashley to see what they are doing. They can just make out the bag being opened and each one of them reach in and take something out of it and then the bag being closed and dropped onto the floor.

"Ready?" They hear Victoria ask as she looks at Candice and Torrie who both give her a nod.

With that they break apart and Candice goes back over to Ashley while Torrie walks back up to Trish and Victoria walks up to Mickie.

Trish, Mickie and Ashley look on in shock as all three of them can now see what it is the three girls got out of the bag as each of them are now holding a set of nipple clamps in their hands.

"We have to make their nipples as hard as possible first." Victoria says.

With that she grabs both of Mickie's breasts and starts to rub and squeeze them hard. Candice does the same to Ashley's and Trish looks down and the moment she does she regrets it as she almost immediately see's and then feels Torrie's hands on her breasts, working over both the breasts and the nipples which are already hard, however with Torrie doing what she is doing it doesn't take long for her nipples to become even harder, almost to the point where they become painful.

"Mine's ready." Torrie says flicking Trish's nipples to see how hard they are and seeing Trish wince in pain as she does so.

"Mine too." Candice says.

"So is mine." Victoria adds, "Alright girls apply the clamps."

Trish watches as Torrie applies one clamp to her left nipple. Due to how hard her nipple is and the pressure the clamp applies to it Trish has to grit her teeth to stop her moaning in both pain and pleasure, not wanting to give Torrie or either of the others the pleasure of knowing she is getting turned on or in pain by what they are doing.

Torrie smiles despite Trish's best efforts she can tell simply by the look in her eyes that the clamp hurts her a little but she can also see a hint of pleasure in those eyes as well as she applies the second nipple clamp to Trish's right nipple. This time all three girls Mickie, Ashley and Trish moan almost in unison as the second clamp is applied.

"Slut." Torrie says giving both clamps a flick of her finger, loving what she is doing to the mighty Canadian beauty.

"Alright girls now we have to get their holes ready, starting with the one in between their legs." Victoria says looking at Mickie's pussy and then looking up at Mickie who shakes her head from side to side evidently trying to either tell her or ask her not to do what she knows she is about to do.

Victoria ignores Mickie's pathetic attempt of getting her to stop as she sucks one of her fingers making it as wet as possible and once it is wet enough she proceeds to force it into Mickie's wet but still tight pussy, causing Mickie to moan despite her best efforts not to. And with that Victoria proceeds to finger fuck the newest RAW diva wanting her to be as wet as possible for what she has planned.

While she continues to finger fuck Mickie Victoria looks over at Torrie who is finger fucking Trish and evidently both girls are enjoying it even though Trish is looking up at the ceiling and her eyes are closed Victoria is sure that deep down her long time enemy is loving what the former two time playboy cover girl is doing to her. As Victoria turns her attention from Torrie and Trish over to Candice and Ashley and is surprised to find that Ashley is actually watching Candice as she finger fucks her Candice seems to focused on her task as she is busy watching what she is doing.

Victoria continues to watch Candice and Ashley a little while longer before she turns her attention back to Mickie who isn't looking anywhere she has her eyes closed which makes Victoria smile due to the fact she is sure that just like Trish Mickie is enjoying this just as much as her role model is maybe even a little bit more because she can see Mickie doing her best not to moan which to Victoria is proof that Mickie is defiantly enjoying this.

"Alright girls I think they are wet enough." Victoria says as she removes her finger from Mickie's cunt able to hear a slight moan or groan escape from Mickie's lips as she does so.

With that Victoria turns and walks back over to the bag which she picks up and is joined by both Candice and Torrie.

Ashley watches not able to see very much due to the three girls once again huddling together in a circle however it is obvious they are taking something else out of the mysterious black bag and once they have they let the bag fall to the floor and then break apart with Candice once again making her way over to her only now Ashley can see what it is that the three girls got out of the black bag because Candice is carrying one and when she see's it it causes Ashley's eyes to bulge in shock.

Candice see's the expression on Ashley's face as she stops directly in front of her and simply smiles.

"Insert the vibrator." Candice hears Victoria call out and Candice slowly pushes the vibrator into Ashley's wet pussy and as she does so she see's Ashley tense up which makes her smile even more as she pushes the vibrator all the way inside of the latest WWE Diva Search winner's cunt.

"Strap them up." Candice hears Victoria say and with that she proceeds to strap the vibrator into place, making sure the straps are nice and tight so that it will stay in position.

"Turn the vibrator on full." Victoria says.

Candice once again does as she is told due to Victoria having experience with this stuff and both her and Torrie being novices.

Ashley closes her eyes and grits her teeth as she shivers slightly as she feels the vibrator start to vibrate inside of her wet pussy she slowly opens her eyes and looks down at Candice who is looking up at her. Ashley doesn't know weather she wants to kill Candice or love her for doing what she just did.

Candice simply smiles at Ashley able to tell that it isn't going to take much for her to break and become one of their slaves. She slowly turns her attention to Mickie who is looking down at Victoria but has her eyes closed. She then looks over at Trish who looks as though she is looking at the far wall but Candice can tell that she also has her eyes closed. Evidently they are both going to be a little bit tougher for them to break but she knows that eventually all three of them will become their willing slaves, no matter how long it takes.

"Ready for the final stage?" Candice hears Victoria say which causes her to turn her attention from Trish to Victoria who is looking at her.

Candice nods her head pretty sure that as far as Ashley is concerned this will be the thing that breaks her for sure.

Candice watches as Victoria turns and looks over at Torrie who also nods her head and with that all three of them walk back over to the bag and each take out the last of the three items they need for this part of their plan before going back to their individual positions.

Ashley looks down and see's that Candice has a vibrating butt plug in her hands and the moment she see's it she immediately knows where it is going to go and as much as she would love to try and struggle to stop Candice from putting it there she knows she can't mainly because any movement she makes will cause the vibrator to move inside of her and so all she can do is watch as Candice walks around behind her and feels her touch her naked backside with her free hand.

"We have to get them wet before we can put these in." Ashley hears Victoria say.

With that she feels a wet finger of Candice's start to run up and down the crack of her ass. Slowly and gently Candice start to apply pressure until she is running her wet finger up and down her actual ass hole. After a few minutes of simply running her finger up and down the outside of her ass hole Ashley feel's Candice remove her finger for a minute but then feels it again only this time she isn't running it up and down the crack of her ass or even against her ass hole Candice is gently pushing her finger into her ass which causes Ashley to jolt forward and causes the vibrator to go a little bit deeper inside of her.

Candice smiles as Ashley reacts to her finger entering her back passage, however it doesn't stop her pushing her finger in more until her whole finger is inside Ashley's ass hole right up to the knuckle. Ashley's ass is tight but not that tight which tells Candice that Ashley has evidently had a lot of action in her ass which makes her smile as she starts to finger fuck Ashley's ass getting it wet with her spit.

"Mines ready." Candice says once she is satisfied that Ashley's ass is suitably lubricated.

"As is mine." Torrie says.

"In that case insert the butt plugs. Once you have the plugs inside their ass holes turn them on to full." Victoria says.

Candice removes her finger from Ashley's ass hole and proceeds to gently but firmly push the vibrating butt plug into her ass and once it is in she turns it on to full causing Ashley to shiver again slightly.

This one is defiantly not going to take a lot of work, Candice mentally thinks to herself as she slowly walks back around to the front of Ashley and looks up and smiles due to Ashley having her eyes closed evidently doing her best not to let Candice see how much she is enjoying this, either that or she is trying to deny how much she is enjoying this.

Candice then looks over at Victoria and Torrie who are both now standing back in front of Trish and Mickie with smiles on their faces evidently admiring their work as much as Candice is admiring her's.

Torrie then looks over at Candice who looks back and then both girls turn their attention to Victoria who looks back at them both before looking up at Mickie, giving her face a slap causing Mickie to open her eyes. Torrie does the same thing to Trish and Candice does the same thing to Ashley, causing both girls to open their eyes and look down at their captors and torturers.

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