tagCelebrities & Fan FictionVince's Devil's Slaves Ch. 02

Vince's Devil's Slaves Ch. 02


Once the three Devils and their new slave have left the room Trish looks over at Ashley who looks back at her.

Although she doesn't want to believe it Trish can tell that Ashley has already given up due to the look in her eyes.

Ashley see's the look of shock and disbelief in Trish's eyes. Evidently she can tell that she has given up. The fact that her best friend can see it causes Ashley to look away out of shame. She doesn't want to admit that she has given up but taking into consideration the fact that they have spent God knows how long hanging around being forced to have orgasm after orgasm and then having to watch as their friend Mickie get turned into Candice Michelle's bitch or slave or whatever you want to call her, basically being forced to watch somebody as strong as Mickie which Ashley won't deny Mickie is, or was, despite her personal reservations about how close Mickie and Trish where getting, she can't deny Mickie was a strong willed woman, to see her go from being that strong willed woman to kneeling and doing what somebody like Candice Michelle tells her to do is incredibly spirit crushing. So spirit crushing in fact that Ashley can't help but wonder how Trish hasn't already broken as well.

Trish watches Ashley turn her head and slowly Trish turns her focus from Ashley to the stairs leading up to where the three Devils and her former best friend now their slave Mickie is. As Trish thinks about what she has just seen Candice do to Mickie as well as the thought of being either Victoria's or Torrie's slave Trish does her best to convince herself that she will not break like Mickie did and Ashley apparently has. She reminds herself of who she is mentally telling herself that she is Trish Stratus a multi-time Woman's champion 3 time Diva Of The Year as well as Diva Of The Decade and she is not going to go from being all those things to simply being either Victoria or Torrie Wilson's slave.


Ashley and Trish both hear the door at the top of the stairs open and hear and then see four sets of feet walk down the stairs. Leading the way is Victoria followed by Torrie followed by Candice with Mickie by her side. As soon as she reaches the bottom of the stairs Mickie get's down onto all fours and walks along side Candice like a dog.

Trish turns her head in disgust at seeing her friend act the way she is acting.

Ashley simply watches swallowing hard due to her knowing sooner or later her fate is going to be the same as Mickie's, crawling around on all fours like a dog for either Victoria or Torrie's pleasure and the worst part about that is that she will enjoy it due to them having broken her just like they have Mickie. Ashley hangs her head doing her best to try and convince herself that she will not submit to either Torrie or Victoria no matter what they do to her however it doesn't work.

Vince's Devils as they have called themselves stop near to the chair in which Candice spanked Mickie and then had her pleasure her.

Torrie and Victoria both look at Trish and Ashley who are both looking at the ground.

Victoria smiles as she turns her attention over to Candice who simply nods her head to show Victoria that she knows what she wants her to do.

"Slave." Candice says looking down at Mickie who is right next to her on her hands and knee's.

Mickie looks up at hearing her Mistress Candy call her by her new name.

"I want you to go over and turn Trish and Ashley's butt plugs and vibrators down to low. Understood?" Candice asks doing her best to sound authoritive. Although she is sure she doesn't need to due to the look on Mickie's face and in her eyes, however she doesn't want to appear weak in front of Torrie or Victoria.

"Yes Mistress Candy." Mickie says with a nod of her head as she says it.

Candice nods her head back and then points in the direction of Trish and Ashley telling Mickie to go and do her task without saying a word.

Mickie immediately does as she is told, she crawling over to Trish first only realising that she is still on her hands and knee's when she reaches the Canadian Bombshell she turns and looks back at Candice.

Candice does her best not to smile knowing what Mickie wants or rather is asking her without Mickie having to say a word.

"You can stand up." Candice says loving the fact that she is able to order Mickie around and that Mickie is actually doing what she tells her.

Mickie stands up, turning her attention back to Trish, or rather turning her attention to the vibrator which is inside Trish's soaking wet pussy. Mickie obediently does as she is told turning the vibrator down to the lowest setting. After that she goes around to Trish's backside and turns the butt plug down to the lowest setting. As she does this Mickie can't help but remember how before tonight she would have given anything to be this close to her former role model or idol's private parts however now she is no longer interested in Trish's private parts nor does she consider Trish her role model or idol anymore. Now the only person Mickie considers to be role model or idol material is her Mistress Candy.

With her mistress in mind Mickie quickly goes over to Ashley and does the same thing, first turning the vibrator in her equally wet, if not wetter, pussy down to the lowest setting and then doing the same thing to the butt plug in her ass.

Once she has finished her task Mickie turns her attention back to Candice.

"Good girl." Candice says smiling at Mickie, "Now come back over here."

Mickie starts to walk back over towards Candice.

"Ah-ah-ah." Candice says putting her hand up in a stopping motion.

Mickie stops wondering what she has done wrong and suddenly realises.

"Hands and knees." Candice says confirming Mickie's gut feeling.

Immediately Mickie get's back down on her hands and knees.

"Good girl now come over here." Candice says able to see the looks Victoria and Torrie are giving one and other out of the corner of her eye.

Mickie crawls back over to Candice with her head down until she reaches Candice's feet.

"I think your slave might need another spanking." Torrie says looking at Mickie and then turning her attention to Candice.

Candice looks back at Torrie.

"No, she knows she's done wrong." Candice tells her blonde haired friend while looking down at Mickie, "If she does it again then I will spank her."

Mickie although wanting to look up at her mistress keeps her head down and does her best to hide the smile that is wanting to break free at the thought of getting spanked by her mistress.

"Who's turn is it?" Candice then asks turning the focus from Mickie to one of the other two.

Victoria looks over at Candice and then looks at Torrie.

"If you don't mind Torrie I'd like to go next." Victoria says with a smile.

Torrie is tempted to argue with her due to the fact she knows who Victoria is going to pick as her slave and wants that particular slave for herself however she does her best to resist the urge to argue with her due to the fact she knows in the ring or out of the ring she is no match for the former Woman's champion.

"Alright Vickie." Torrie says swallowing hard.

Victoria's smile widens as she turns her attention back to Trish and Ashley, already knowing which of the two she wants as her own personal slave. However she is sure Candice and Torrie also know which of the two girls she is going after and so she decides to play a little game with them just to see if she is right in her belief as far as who her two friends think she wants.

So after a few minutes of simply looking between Trish and Ashley pretending to try and figure out which of the two blondes she wants Victoria slowly walks up to Trish who is still looking down at the floor.

"Look at me Trish." Victoria says.

Trish ignores Victoria's request refusing to submit to her long time rival.

"I said look at me!" Victoria snaps as she pushes the vibrator further in, causing Trish to moan around the ball gag and lift her head and look at Victoria with burning hatred and anger in her eyes.

Victoria simply smiles feeling the exact same way about Trish that Trish does about her.

"I know you would love for me to make you my slave, but you know what... I'm not going to do that because you're not good enough or should I say you're not worthy enough to be my slave." Victoria says, knowing how much what she is saying must be pissing Trish off.

Trish just looks at Victoria wishing the ball gag wasn't in her mouth so she could spit into the arrogant brunette's face.

"I'll let Torrie have the pleasure of breaking you and making you her slave." Victoria finishes off by saying as she turns and walks over to Ashley.

Trish watches Victoria go. Deep down there is a part of her that wishes her long time rival had picked her only so that she could show her just how 'unworthy' or rather worthy she really is and how much better of a slave she would be compared to Ashley.

In an attempt to clear these thoughts from her mind Trish's focus turns from Victoria over to Torrie who is looking right at her with an ear to ear smile evidently this was the result Torrie had hoped for.

As Trish thinks about and imagines being Torrie Wilson's slave she can't help but want to be sick due to the fact that the Boise Idaho native isn't in her league which means she would be a slave to somebody who is below her this thought makes Trish even more determined not to submit now that she knows what the alternative is.

Victoria reaches Ashley and stands in front of the blonde.

Ashley looks down at Victoria knowing what is coming.

"Now listen to me very carefully bitch." Victoria says intent on making sure her slave knows her place right from the start, "I'm going to remove your ball gag from your mouth. After I have done that if you are willing to be my slave I want you to say I submit and I will be your slave Mistress Victoria. If you refuse... well I am sure I don't need to tell you what the alternative is."

Ashley swallows hard knowing she has a choice to make and she has to make it quick as she see's Victoria reach up for the ball gag.

Victoria takes a hold of the ball gag and pulls it out of Ashley's mouth and waits for Ashley to say the words she wants to hear.

Ashley thinks quickly about her options knowing that she doesn't really have any options due to the fact she knows she can't go through another round of being hung up where she is with the vibrator and butt plug on full power closing her eyes and swallowing hard Ashley opens her mouth.

"I submit and I will be your slave Mistress Victoria." Ashley says.

"Open your eyes." Victoria snaps.

Ashley is tempted to resist however despite the desire to resist she slowly opens her eyes and looks into Victoria's.

"Now say it again and this time keep your eyes open so I can see weather your serious or not." Victoria tells her.

Ashley gives Trish a brief glance mainly to remind her of what the alternative is after looking over at Trish who is looking back at her the look in her eyes is a mix of knowing what she is about to do while at the same time she looks as though she is trying to convince her not to give up however it is too late Ashley knows when she is beaten and so she slowly turns her attention back to the woman standing in front of her.

"I submit." Ashley says again this time keeping her eyes locked with Victoria's, "And I will be your slave Mistress Victoria."

Victoria smiles an ear to ear smile.

"Mickie." Victoria says looking up at Ashley, "Come over here and remove my new slave's nipples clamps."

after a few moments of waiting Victoria turns around and see's Mickie still kneeling next to Candice who is looking at Victoria rather pissed off.

"Mickie is my slave. I tell her what to do." Candice says looking at Victoria.

Victoria looks at Candice rather surprised by what she has just said however she slowly smiles.

"Your right Candice I am sorry." Victoria says, "Would you mind asking your slave to do what I have just said?"

Candice looks down at Mickie who looks up at her and Candice tells Mickie to do what Victoria wanted her to do which Mickie does without question or hesitation.

While Mickie is taking the nipple clamps off of Ashley's breasts Victoria walks over and sits down on the chair which Candice used earlier.

"Now tell her to remove the toys from my slave's ass and pussy." Victoria says watching Mickie while talking to Candice, in her own way showing Candice that although Mickie is her's this would be a lot easier if Mickie had simply done as she wanted in the first place instead of Victoria having to go through Candice in order to get what she wants done.

Candice however immediately realises this.

"Slave." Candice says causing Mickie to turn her head and look over at her, "From now on you will also take orders from both Mistress Victoria and Mistress Torrie. Understood?"

Candice does not like being proven wrong which is exacterly what Victoria has done. Victoria has proven that Candice's idea was the wrong idea and the wrong way to go about things.

"Yes Mistress Candy." Mickie says with another nod of her head.

Victoria smiles an ear to ear smile loving it when she get's her own way.

"Remove the toys from my slave's ass and pussy then untie her and then return to your Mistress's side." Victoria says to Mickie who nods her head.

"Yes Mistress Victoria." Mickie says making Victoria smile even more due to her looking forward to hearing those three words soon come out of the mouth of her new slave.

Mickie obediently removes the toys from Ashley's front and back holes and then once they are removed she unties Ashley.

Ashley once released falls to the floor due to how much strength she lost due to the orgasms the vibrator and butt plug made her have.

Mickie unemotionally returns to her mistress's side and watches as Ashley slowly get's on to her knee's and looks up and over at Victoria.

Victoria's smile slowly fades as she looks back at Ashley on her hands and knees.

"Now then slave." Victoria says, "I want you to prove your submission to me by crawling over here on your hands and knee's and bending over my knee so that I can give you a spanking."

Ashley looks at Victoria and slowly get's onto all fours and makes her way over to her new mistress knowing that there is no going back now. Once Ashley reaches Victoria she climbs up and lays herself down across Victoria's lap on her stomach and awaits her first ever spanking.

Victoria to begin with runs her hand all over Ashley's ass loving the feel of it underneath her hand.

Just as Ashley is starting to enjoy the feel of Victoria's hand on her butt she suddenly cries out as she feels her new mistress's hand come down hard on her backside.

Victoria smiles as she hears her new slave moan in pain and continues to smack her slave's ass with her hand again and again, loving the sounds that Ashley is making with each connection of her hand to her ass.

Comparing the spanking Ashley is now receiving to having the vibrator and butt plug on full power is like night and day so much so she now is starting to wish she had refused to submit to Victoria and stayed up with the vibrator and butt plug in her on full power.

Despite all the screaming she is doing Ashley knows she is helpless. Trish can't help her because she is tied up and Mickie only does what Candice or Victoria or Torrie tell her to do and nobody else knows she is there which means nobody is going to come and save her. All of these facts causes Ashley to stop screaming and simply lay across Victoria's lap and take her spanking.

Victoria smiles as she notices Ashley has stopped screaming the latest winner of the annual WWE Diva Search is now only moaning and groaning in response to her spanking.

All of a sudden Victoria finds a new reason to give Ashley a spanking and the reason she is giving Ashley the spanking now is due to her winning the 2005 Diva Search competition. Not only did Ashley manage to win herself a WWE contract, something it took Victoria a long time to EARN, but also Ashley won $250,000 along with the WWE contract.

"So little Miss Diva Search winner." Victoria snaps with real venom in her voice as she starts to get a little rougher, "Just because you won some silly little competition you think you're better than the rest of us who have had to bust our asses to get into the WWE do you?"

Ashley doesn't say anything partly due to the fact she is surprised by this turn of events due to her having thought that despite some of the divas resenting her when she first joined the company that that was all water under the bridge now and that she had or was slowly starting to earn their respect.

"Answer me!" Victoria snaps hitting Ashley's ass extra hard causing Ashley to cry out.

"I'm sorry Mistress." Ashley almost automatically says.

"Do you think you're just as good as the rest of us just because you won a competition?" Victoria snaps.

"No Mistress." Ashley says knowing that that is what Victoria wants to hear.

"Oh I think you do bitch... and yet I also think you knew deep down that you really aren't as good as me and my friends. I mean as soon as you are in the company you run to somebody for protection. And who do you run too? Another bitch who thinks she is better than the rest of us." Victoria says looking up at Trish who looks down at Victoria both with nothing but pure hatred in their eyes, "But she will soon learn just like your going to that she isn't better than us three."

With that Victoria turns her attention back down to Ashley and starts to roughly beat Ashley's ass not caring which cheek she hits so long as her hand makes contact with Ashley's ass.

Victoria smiles an ear to ear smile as she watches Ashley's ass turn from it's normal colour to pink to red and the fact that her ass is changing colour fuels Victoria to hit Ashley's ass harder until Ashley's ass is swollen and bruised.

Ashley grits her teeth doing her best not to cry out despite how hard Victoria is hitting her. Each smack get's harder and harder and after each crack Ashley can feel the burning that the smack leaves behind. Soon despite how hard she tries not to cry out the pain and the power behind the hits forces Ashley to cry out in real pain wishing she knew what would make Victoria stop and yet knowing that there is nothing she can say that will make Victoria stop. So Ashley simply lays where she is doing taking the beating and hoping that it will end soon not just because it hurts but also because of something much more humiliating.

Feeling as though she has given Ashley enough of a spanking for the time being Victoria stops and once again runs her hand over Ashley's beaten red and swollen ass admiring her work as she stops simply running her hand over Ashley's ass and starts to rub it however she soon stops that and slips her hand farther down Ashley's ass cheeks and starts to feel her pussy.

Ashley closes her eyes knowing that there is no way to stop or hide what Victoria has no doubt just found running in between her legs and down her actual legs and the reason she is wet down there which is just as humiliating if not more than the fact that Victoria has found her wetness is because Ashley is starting to get turned on by the spanking.

"What a slut you are." Victoria says with an ear to ear smile on her face, "You enjoyed that didn't you Ashley?"

Ashley keeps quiet mentally wanting to admit it and yet there is still apart of her that refuses to submit.

"Yes Mistress Victoria." Ashley says knowing that if she doesn't answer her Victoria will no doubt make her pay for it.

"Do you want more?" Victoria then asks her.

Ashley is tempted to say no due to her not being sure her ass could take another pounding and yet deep down there is a small part of her that wants Victoria to keep spanking her just as hard as she was before.

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