Vince's Devil's Slaves Ch. 03


The reality is even better.

Like the other two members of Vince's Devils Torrie loves fucking ass and has sodomised many, many women, but this is the best piece of ass Torrie has ever had, and it isn't just because of who Trish is either as Trish's ass is perfect. There's no other way Torrie can think to describe it. She's lusted after Trish's delicious looking bubble butt from the first time she saw it, salivating over those full round cheeks, and now she is actually ass fucking her Torrie can't help think how unbelievably good Trish's big round booty feel against her thighs as she continue smacking into them, the blonde 'Devil' adoring sound, and that little ass hole is so wonderfully tight she didn't know better Torrie would have thought Trish had been a total anal virgin.

Unlike Trish who felt humiliated by the looks of the other four women watching them Torrie loves the looks, especially the ones from Mickie and Candice. Candice made it no secret she wanted to enslave either Mickie or Trish and while it looks like she is very happy with her new slave it's clear she'd still love the chance to fuck Trish, a chance Torrie wouldn't mind giving her friend later but for now looking at Candice reminds Torrie that she has bagged the biggest fish in this little experiment, and while Candice is clearly a little jealous of her it's equally as clear Mickie wishes she was the one on her hands and knees getting ass fucked right now. Whether Mickie is wondering what it would be like to be ass fucked by Torrie or whether she's hoping her mistress will do it or whether she's just a little anal slut now who wants to be ass fucked by anyone who'll do it is unclear, but Torrie is pretty sure if Mickie wants to be ass fucked Candice will happily oblige, and regardless of how Mickie is feeling will be fucking her ass soon enough.

In addition to that cute little couple Torrie finds Ashley's look of anger at Trish adorable, and whenever Victoria pauses from grinning at Trish in sheer joy of her rivals humiliation to look at her Torrie feels a huge grin cross her own face as Victoria looks at her with pride.

Victoria is by far the toughest member of Vince's Devils. Torrie and Candice have always looked up to her when it came to both wrestling and fucking as Victoria is a total powerhouse in both, so the idea that she is making Victoria proud with this butt fucking is really a big deal to Torrie.

Wanting to continue making her friends proud of her Torrie starts really making a show of ass fucking Trish, slapping Trish's meaty ass cheeks and pulling her hair roughly while grinning at her friends who cheer in encouragement.

"Yeah! Ride her cowgirl." Candice cheers, "Make sure she knows who's in charge."

Torrie giggles in response, grinning even wider when she sees the now moaning women's champion begin gently pushing herself back against Torrie's thrusts in what could only be an attempt to make the butt fucking even harder and deeper. It seems to Torrie that Trish is starting to really get into the pooper pounding fun, something Torrie is eager to both used to her advantage and used to further humiliate the women's champion.

"Oh yeah, that's it Trish, give me that ass. Give me that hot piece of slave ass. Bounce that slave ass back against me. Help me fuck that hot slave ass of yours. Come on harder... harder... harder... harder... harder..." Torrie says, slapping Trish's ass everytime she says harder, repeating that word over and over again until Trish is jack-hammering her ass back against her, causing Torrie to laugh, "Oh you love it don't you bitch. You love it up the ass. You love my dick fucking you up your stupid slave ass don't you you fucking whore? Tell me! I want you to tell me how much you love it up the ass you stupid bitch."

"I do. I love it. I love your dick up my ass Mistress Torrie. It feels so good. I love it. I love it up the ass!" Trish moans, partly because it's what Torrie wants to hear but also because it's true, she is loving it up the ass right now.

"I'm glad you love it Trish. I'm glad you love it up the ass, because you're going to be getting it up the ass a lot from now on." Torrie says gleefully, smacking Trish's ass yet again, "I've been dreaming of fucking this hot ass for years and from now on I'm going to be fucking it every chance I get. I'm going to fuck this ass so much you're going to forget what it's like to walk around without having a gaping and stretched ass hole. Hell, you're going to be lucky if your shit hole ever closes because I'll be fucking it so much. And say goodbye to sitting down without pain. In fact you're going to want to spend the rest of your life standing up rather than to have spent a single second putting weight on the butt I'm going to be pounding morning, noon and night. And when your butt hole is so lose and stretched out that it constantly looks like a porn star's ass hole after a 500 men anal gang bang I'm going to send you to a plastic surgeon fix your ass up so it's nice and tight again just so I can destroy it again. And you know why I'm going to do this? It's because I OWN YOUR ASS HOLE. Your ass hole is my property, just like every other part of you, and I'm going to use and abuse it however I want. This tight little ass hole is now a orifice for my pleasure, a fuck hole for my big strap on cock. And you know it don't you Trish. You know I own your ass hole, that I'm going to use it for my pleasure whenever I want from now on and there's nothing you can do about it because you're now just my anal loving sex slave. Isn't that right Trish? Answer me! Tell me what we both know is true, tell me who owns your ass hole!"

"You do, you do Mistress Torrie. You own my ass hole." Trish moans.

"Good, now tell our friends. Tell them who owns your ass hole." Torrie orders.

"Torrie Wilson owns my ass hole." Trish says, looking directly at the others, "My Mistress Torrie Wilson owns my ass hole."

"Now tell them your ass hole belongs to Torrie Wilson... and Vince's Devils." Torrie giggles.

"My ass hole belongs to Torrie Wilson and Vince's Devils." Trish parrots.

"Now tell them how much you love my cock in your ass... and how much you want me to use it to make you cum." Torrie commands.

Up until now Trish's words have been sounding forced, and for good reason as the women's champion feels humiliated for having to say such things but with her body now aching to cum Trish forgets about trying to keep even a small fragment of her dignity and begins shamelessly begging, "I love it, I love your cock in my ass Mistress Torrie. I love it, love it, love it. I can't get enough of it in my ass. It feels so good in my ass, please Mistress Torrie fuck me in my ass and make me cum. I needs to cum so bad Mistress Torrie, please make me cum. Make me cum from having your cock in my ass. Make me cum from getting my ass fucked by your big cock. Please Mistress Torrie, fuck me in the ass and make me cum."

"What do you think girls? Should I make Trish cum?" Torrie asks her friends.

"Fuck yeah, pound that bitch's butt and make her cum." Candice says.

"Yeah, show Trish she's now nothing but your slave by making her cum like a bitch from getting fucked up the ass." Victoria agrees.

Smiling at her friend's encouragement Torrie tightens her grip on Trish's waist and begins ass fucking her slave for all she's worth, slamming into her shitter with such speed and force it surprises even herself.

For what feels like an eternity now Trish has been living in a total anal paradise, her entire body tingling from the pleasure originating from her ass hole. Before when Torrie had been butt fucking Trish with all those dildos the pleasure had always reached a certain amount and then Torrie had made Trish cum but this time the other blonde has skilfully brought Trish to the edge of climax and then kept her there as she verbally humiliates her, making Trish want to cum like never before, and when Torrie starts really going to town on Trish's ass the women's champion does cum like never before.

Trish lets out a ear piercing scream as her eyes roll in the back of her head and her body shakes as she experiences her first orgasm from anal stimulation only, the climax somehow more powerful than any other she'd ever had. Before she could even begin to comprehend it it was followed by another, another, and another, the once mighty women's champion being reduced to a screaming and shaking wreck as a series of powerful anal induced orgasms rock her body.

As Trish practically turns into a bucking bronco the rest of Vince's Devils and their slaves are impressed that Torrie not only continues to hold on but continues relentlessly pounding Trish's pooper with the determination no one had ever seen from Torrie before. There's a good reason for this, Torrie didn't want to just give Trish a few great orgasms, she wants to give her the greatest climaxes of her life to end what is hopefully the greatest butt fucking Trish has ever received so that whenever Trish thinks of Torrie or sees her or even hears her name being mentioned Trish will think of this ass pounding and the orgasms that followed it, forcing Trish to recognise Torrie not just as someone who isn't as good at wrestling as she is but as the woman who gave her the best anal sex of her life, if not the best sex of her life. Torrie believes if she can do this Trish will find it hard if not impossible to resist her and thus will accept her new role as Torrie's slave much easier.

With this in mind Torrie pounds Trish's ass through orgasm, after orgasm, after orgasm, both blondes losing count of their climaxes, although both found it hard to count very high under the circumstances, or in fact anything except thrusting back and forth, the two WWE divas working together to make sure that huge dildo slams in and out of that once tight little ass hole as hard and as fast as possible as the two women become completely lost in the act of anal sex.

Eventually exhaustion took its toll, Trish being the first one to become overwhelmed, having to use all her energy just to stay on all fours as Torrie continues to fuck her ass, Torrie even managing to power through another couple of climaxes for the both of them before she eventually has to come to a stop, her dildo resting fully embedded inside Trish's rectum as both WWE divas stay there for a few seconds panting and gasping, until the room fills with the sound of applause.

"Wow Torrie, that was one hell of a butt fucking." Candice says.

"Awww, thanks Candy. What can I say, Trish's hot ass just really inspires the butt fucker in me." Torrie giggles, smacking Trish's ass before her eyes lock with Victoria, "How about you Victoria, what do you think?"

"I think... that was one damn fine ass pounding. Nice work Torrie, very impressive." Victoria says.

Torrie beams proudly, the wide grin on her face slowly turning evil as a wicked idea occurs to her, "You want to see impressive? Check this out, Trish, present your slave ass to my friends. I want them to see just how well I've fucked your ass."

At the end of her sentence Torrie quickly pulls her strap on out of Trish's ass and gets up, allowing Trish to awkwardly get up, turn around, bend over and spread her ass cheeks, the most notable part of this being that the defeated blonde does it all without complaint... until they all get a look at the gaping crater that used to be Trish's ass hole.

"Ladies, I give you the mighty WWE women's champion Trish Stratus... my slave." Torrie says proudly as the other four divas stare in awe at Trish's destroyed butt hole.

As she turns to get a good look at Trish's gaping ass hole Torrie finds herself staring at it herself, that poor abused butt hole which had once been so tight now stretch seemingly beyond repair, even wider than any previous gapes Vince's Devils had seen before, the three dominating women and the two broken slaves staring deep into Trish's opened wide back door, the deepest part of Trish's bowels on display as the humiliated women's champion obediently spreads her sore ass cheeks for her new mistress.

Finally coming out of her trance Torrie grins and turns to Victoria again, "So Victoria, do you think I've done a good job of breaking Trish in? Is she housebroken enough now?"

Victoria smiles, "Let's find out... Trish... who owns your whore ass?"

"Mistress Torrie. My Mistress Torrie owns my whore ass Mistress Victoria." Trish replies immediately, before adding, "Mistress Torrie owns my ass hole... I'm her slave. I'm Torrie Wilson's slave."

"Mm... I think she's just about housebroken enough." Victoria says with a grin which is shared by her fellow Devils.

"Does that mean we can go upstairs now?" Candice asks excitedly, "Because Mickie's in serious need of a butt fucking."

Torrie and Victoria roll their eyes as both know this translates to Candice is in serious need of butt fucking Mickie.

"Just one more thing." Victoria says, "I know we officially start their training tomorrow, but I say we do something now to mark the start of our slaves training and the end of their breaking in."

"Mmmmm, what did you have in mind?" Torrie asks.

"Well, since Mickie and Ashley used to do nothing but kiss Trish's ass and Trish always used to have her head up her own ass I think all three of them should taste Trish's ass on your cock Torrie. Make sure they clean every drop of Trish's ass juice off your cock as a sign of their submission to us." Victoria says.

"Oh I think that's a great idea." Candice says excitedly.

"Me too." Torrie says, before looking at the enslaved divas, "Well, you heard Mistress Victoria, all three of you get on your knees and suck my cock."

Immediately Mickie and Ashley fall to their knees, Mickie covering the base with her mouth from the left side while Ashley takes the middle from the right as Trish slowly let go of her ass cheeks, turns around and looks at the other women.

There is a brief pause and then Trish falls to her knees and swallows the head of Torrie's strap on, she and the other two now submissive divas noisily sucking and slurping on the toy, each cleaning off Trish's ass juice with all the enthusiasm they can muster.

As the three broken WWE divas give Torrie's strap on a long drawn out blow job Torrie, Candice and Victoria watch with glee, happy with how their plan has turned out and already looking forward to the rest of the night and the training to come as they watch their slaves sucking on a ass flavoured dildo as they kneel before Vince's Devils.

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