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Vince's Party


"We'll just make an appearance, then leave as soon as we can," I said to my wife. My boss had invited us to his annual New Year's Eve party, and neither of us were enthusiastic about going. "Vince is just so arrogant around women, he makes my skin crawl," said Kathy. "Do we have to go at all?"

"I don't think he ever bought our excuse from last year," I replied. "Remember? We said we had to go to your mother's instead? He's been making comments at the office like maybe I'm not happy with the company, or something. If we don't go this year, I'm afraid my career will be on thin ice."

"Well, all right, then. But it consider it under protest. How long do you think we'll have to stay?" she asked.

"An hour, max. Less, if we can get away with it."

"Well, just make sure you don't leave my side. It gives me the creeps to be around Vince, especially if you're not around."

We finished getting ready, and I couldn't help admire Kathy's appearance. It was almost like she was asking for trouble with that gauzy top showing quite a lot of cleavage. And the tight short skirt that clung to her ass in a way that would be hard for any man to resist.

"You're not going to make things any easier by dressing like that," I said.

She arched her eyebrows at me. "Just trying to make that prick jealous about what he'll never have," she said, tossing her mane of auburn curls.

"Love you, baby," I said, chuckling.

"You know I love you, too."

The drive over to the boss's place took about forty minutes, as we hit some traffic, before arriving at his huge, secluded mansion. He had made a fortune, I knew, in the dot com boom, before he started up the commodities trading business where I had worked for two years. He was the consummate salesman, together with being a top flight financial guy. Usually, he had little trouble getting what he wanted by brains and force of personality. There were rumors, too, about his legendary appeal to women. That never seemed to affect Kathy much, though. She clearly didn't like the guy.

I had heard some loose talk here and there at the office that there was nothing Vince liked better than seducing the younger wives of his employees, often right in front of the husband.

"Yeah, I'd like to see him try that with her," I thought, smiling to myself. I was sure, as sure as you can be about these things, that Kathy hadn't been intimate with any other men since we got engaged in our third year of college. And things had been great in bed for us for all of our five years of marriage.

Vince greeted us at the door, a large drink in hand. As we entered a large foyer, someone came up to help us with our coats. Vince said, "Welcome Paul. And Kathy, you look good enough to eat," he laughed. "Glad you could get away from those family obligations this year," he said, his eyes narrowing just a bit.

"Hello Vince," Kathy said, with some reserve. "I hope you don't mind, but we can't stay too long. We have to get over to my sister's party later."

Vince gazed at my beautiful wife. "Well, maybe you'll just find it so enjoyable tonight you'll have a hard time leaving."

I looked at Vince, trying to figure out if he meant anything by that remark. He didn't really seem like anything special from a physical standpoint. About 5'10", a bit overweight, with his black hair starting to thin. I had to admit there was something compelling about his unbounded self-confidence, his steady unwavering gaze, and his low, smooth, insistent voice.

"Let me get you some drinks," he said, as we entered. "I had a very rare liqueur shipped in just yesterday from Guadeloupe. It's rumored to have some real special effects." He leaned toward Kathy and gave her a quick peck on the cheek, before turning and heading further into the house.

Kathy and I followed him through the large living room to the bar on the far side. Behind an assortment of spirits, there was a very large bartender, whose black shaved head glowed underneath the soft track lighting. "DeJuan, a bourbon for the gentleman and myself, and fix up a Dulce Erotique for the lady," said Vince.

Kathy began to object, but I nudged her. "Take it easy, it'll be fine. I'm right here. Besides, those stories about exotic aphrodisiacs are just male fantasies."

After DeJuan had presented Kathy with her tall, golden colored concoction, and Vince and I with ours, Vince raised his glass. "To love," he said. Vince and I sipped from ours, but Kathy quickly finished hers, and, to my surprise, asked for another. And, after ten minutes or so of more small talk, another, and then one more.

"Careful, Babe," I whispered.

"Don't worry," she said. "I'm fine." Although there was something about her gaze now that looked a little distant, and her eyelids had lowered just a fraction.

Vince conducted a quick tour of the first floor for us. We'd never been there before. We passed dozens of other guests, some of whom I knew, but most were unfamiliar. Along the way, we all had a few more drinks. I had to admit, the place was furnished with great taste, including original paintings and sculptures scattered about.

"What's down that hallway?" Kathy asked, as we peered down a dark corridor, lit only by dim red overhead recessed lighting.

"I was hoping you'd ask," said Vince. "This is my favorite part of the house."

A faint rhythmic beat, more felt than heard, became noticeable as we proceeded down the hall. At the end was a large octagonal room, furnished only with cushions, arrayed in front of a huge television screen. Burning hookahs were strategically placed throughout, and the sweet smell of marijuana filled the air.

"Mmmm," Kathy said, surprising me a little. We had both smoked a bit in younger days, but never since we'd been married.

"Would you like?" said Vince. "It's a special blend from Morocco."

It looked like Kathy was feeling some effects from the exotic drinks, as she said "Oh my yes. Can we?"

Vince and I helped Kathy down to a pile of soft cushions, each of us sitting on either side of her. Was it my imagination, or was there a barely perceptible vibration in the floor underneath us?

The three of us took a series of long draws from the hookah, and relaxed to the sound of piano jazz, surrounding us from invisible speakers, with an insistent, thrusting beat behind it.

"Mmmmm, I haven't felt like this since college," Kathy said in a low voice. "I almost feel like I'm floating."

"Paul, do you mind if I have a dance with the lady?" asked Vince politely.

"Is it OK honey?" my beautiful wife said.

"Sure. But darling, save the last dance for me," I replied.

The two of them laughed as Vince lifted her from the cushions and guided her to the center of the room, onto a small, rather intimate parquet dance floor. At a distance of only fifteen to twenty feet, my view of them was just a little obscured by the swirling smoke in the room, which somehow seemed to just have gotten a bit thicker. Moving in the reddish light, it seem to form semitransparent crimson curtains which now obscured, and now revealed, the couple as Vince took Kathy in his arms.

At that moment, the large television screen lit up at the other end of the room, and I squinted to make out what it was displaying. Soon unmistakable images of the highest quality, hard core pornography came into view. The scene before my surprised eyes was a beautiful blonde with her legs spread wide, a man's head between her legs. Her head moved back and forth with sexual excitement, as her hands were behind the man's head, pressing him tighter to her pussy.

"Ahhh, ohhhh baby, lick me right there. Right there, ooooooohh" the sound from the video filled the room.

"This is trouble," I thought. "As soon as Kathy hears this, we're gone."

I peered through the dim light at Kathy and Vince dancing. You could tell right away that Vince was a really smooth dancer. They effortlessly moved together, with him holding her quite close. In fact, as I looked harder, I could see that his arm circling her waist had moved lower, so he was caressing the top of her ass. What's more, he was leaning close and whispering in her ear, and as she tilted her head forward to listen, I thought I heard her giggling playfully. Either she wasn't hearing the low moans of sexual ecstasy that filled the room, or, surprisingly, she just didn't care.

Slow song followed slow song, and after while my eyes started getting heavy. The combination of the alcohol and pot had me drowsy, and, after a short struggle, I slipped into unconsciousness. I don't know how long I was out, but when I awoke, a new video was on the big video screen. The room was still dark, the music had stopped, and as I looked around, I couldn't find any trace of my wife, or Vince. I was completely alone.

I moved across the room to see if I could find Kathy, who for sure would want to go home by now. As I did, I approached closer to the big screen. From the speakers came a man's voice, and I suddenly realized it was Vince's voice. Then, as I looked at the video, it appeared that a professional cameraman was shooting the scene, as the perspective turned and Vince's face came into view. The camera zoomed in for a close up on Vince's face, and as he spoke, I realized he was speaking directly to me. "Don't worry, Paul," he said, "Kathy and I are fine. We're located in a remote portion of the house. Don't bother trying to find us, as all the doors to the room you're in are secured. Just relax and enjoy the show, buddy."

The camera moved back and panned around, to reveal Kathy sitting on the other side of a dimly lit room, seated on a low couch, another one of those drinks in her hand. Now Vince entered from somewhere on the left, and sat down beside her. She was taking a long draw from a joint, holding the smoke as long as she could, then exhaling slowly.

"Mmmmm, this is some stuff," she said. "And thanks for the tour of the rest of the house, Vince, but I think I should really getting back to Paul now. Where is he?"

"There's no rush, baby," he said. "I've wanted to be alone with you for a long time." And he leaned in and lightly kissed my wife on the lips.

She pulled back from him, but he held her tightly, and then kissed her more deeply.

"Baby, you're about the hottest thing I've seen in a long time," he said, as he broke the kiss. "You must know you'd drive any man wild, with that come hither look, and those sexy clothes."

Kathy giggled, then, "What makes me think you've said that to dozens of others before me?"

"True," he said, "but I've never meant it more."

Their lips met again, and after a long, silent moment, a low moan seemed to involuntarily escape my wife, and then she said, "No, no, I can't."

"Relax baby," said Vince. "You're going to enjoy this more than anything in your life."

"But my husband..." He interrupted her with another kiss, a longer one this time. The camera focused on her hands, laying at her side. And I watched as those hands, at first imperceptibly, moved up behind his head.

"I feel so, so, I don't know, almost like I'm quivering, vibrating all over," Kathy said. "It feels so good, a little kiss couldn't hurt, could it?" she asked. He didn't answer, and now she was clearly kissing him back, the camera focusing on their lips pressed together. You could barely hear her whisper, seemingly to herself, "I can't believe I'm feeling this way."

He continued kissing her, harder this time, his mouth opening, and now hers too, his tongue entering, moving slowly in, then out again, a simulated coitus. And her tongue was responding, moving inside his open mouth, their tongues swirling and pressing against each other. The camera pulled back a little as he broke their kiss, and moved his lips to her ear, whispering something softly that I couldn't hear, his red tongue moving wetly on her white earlobe.

"Mmmmm," she said softly.

Now the camera focused on his left hand, sliding down her shoulder over the gauzy blouse, now stroking softly over her breast, right over the nipple, smoothly back and forth.

"Ooohh, no, please don't," she said. "I shouldn't." But her body was saying differently, as her nipple hardened under his hand, and her back arched, presenting herself to him. His hand continued to move over her breast, caressing it over her gauzy blouse, moving round and round, softly stimulating her nipple which I could see now thrusting upward under the fabric.

He cut off her comment with another long kiss, this time her mouth opening widely to thrust her tongue into his mouth. He continued stroking her breast, and now, little by little, began sliding her blouse down over her shoulder, exposing her breast before him, surprising me to see she had worn no bra tonight. Apparently lost in her feelings, Kathy made no protest to this, and then, suddenly, he broke the kiss again, and moved his head down to lick hotly, wetly around her hard nipple.

"Aaaahhhh.... Ohhhh yessss," she murmured, pulling his head toward her. Her own head tilted back now as he stimulated her nipple, first on her right breast, then pulling her blouse down completely to her waist, moving to her left breast. While licking and sucking there, his hand caressed the other breast, so as to excite both nipples at once to even greater tumescence.

"Vince, please," she said, "my husband...."

Ignoring this, Vince's free hand removed her blouse from the waist of her tight skirt, and tossed the blouse on the floor, leaving her naked before him from the waist up. Then he returned to lick her nipples, as her eyes slowly closed.

"Ohhhhh, ahhhhh, sssss," she murmured.

Now she moved both of her hands behind Vince's head, and with him continuing to suck and lick her nipples, she pressed him toward her.

The camera panned down to focus on Vince's left hand, which was softly stroking the inside of Kathy's thigh. Slowly, inch by inch, his left hand moved higher up her leg, squeezing and stroking her there while his tongue on her nipples continued to drive her crazy.

"Oohh, Vince, I can't. Please, no" she cried, her voice no longer a low murmur. His hand had disappeared under her skirt, and had moved higher and higher up her thigh, when he reached around behind her and more quickly than I could imagine unbuttoned the button at the back of Kathy's skirt and zipped down the zipper. This loosened her skirt, giving him easier access to her pussy, and I could only imagine his hand under her skirt moving her thin panties to one side, as she cried, "yessssss, touch me there, baby."

Now her hips began slowly moving rhythmically against Vince's hidden hand, thrusting upward to meet his fingers, which I had to figure must be stroking her wet clit, moving her closer and closer to orgasm.

She looked him in the eyes, then her eyes slowly closed. "Do it, baby," she said. "Finger me. Yesss, just like that."

I was mesmerized by the scene before me on the screen. I could never have imagined Kathy doing this with another man. Never in a million years. I was jealous, yes, but turned on in a way that was hard to understand. No question, though. There was no denying that my cock now was rock hard.

Vince turned and looked straight at me, as with a smile he reached behind my writhing wife and pulled her skirt down and off. Now Kathy was lying beneath him, panting, looking up at him wearing only those tiny red panties I had bought her from Victoria's Secret, and given to her at Christmas less than a week before.

He leaned forward and kissed her then, their mouths open and tongues meeting with total abandon. As the kiss seemed to last forever, the camera panned down again, this time focusing on her left hand, lying motionless at his knee. The gold of her wedding band glittered on her ring finger. And then, her hand started to move, tentatively, then more purposefully, up his thigh. After moving upward across his thigh, she began sliding her hand slowly up and down over his pants, stroking what I knew must be his hard cock through the fabric, and now it was Vince's turn to moan softly.

"I've wanted you for so long, baby," he said, as she continued to softly stroke his dick. "Go ahead, unzip me now."

I watched as Kathy's fingers moved tentatively up to the top of his pants, and slowly drew down the zipper. Vince was wearing no underwear, and as Kathy moved the zipper down, his fully hard cock sprang free.

I couldn't believe my eyes. He was at least twice as long as me, and much bigger around, too. After she moved the zipper all the way down, his cock now in full view, Vince quickly slipped out of his pants, whipped off his shirt, then reached under Kathy and pulled off the red panties, my present to her, all seemingly in one smooth motion. Now Vince and my wife were totally naked. Together.

They fell into a close embrace, heavily kissing as her hand found his cock again, while his hand stroked her pussy, with her hips moving up and down under him.

She looked at him and said, "No intercourse, Vince...please, I just can't do that, be unfaithful to Paul. Let me find some other way to make you cum....I promise you'll like it."

"Sure, baby," he said. "Whatever you say." But he didn't seem in a rush to get off himself, as he began tonguing wetly down Kathy's hot stomach. Then, lifting his head, he moved down past her pussy and began licking just inside her right thigh. At the same time, both his hands reached up and caressed her breasts.

"Ohhhh, you're teasing me," she said, as he began moving his tongue higher and higher up her inner thigh, leaving a shiny wet track of its progress. Her hips were moving in anticipation, but he didn't rush it. Minutes passed while he continued to lick and suck on Kathy's thigh, then her other thigh, as she placed her hands behind his head, futilely trying to pull him upwards to her burning clit.

By this time I had removed my own clothes. I sat there, unable to move my eyes from the scene on the screen before me, as I stroked my own dick slowly.

Now Vince was breathing on Kathy's pussy, and his long tongue lapped out and made electric contact with her clitoris.

"Ohhhh, yesss baby" she said. "Right there, that's it, aaaahh" as her head began to move back and forth.

Vince cupped both of her ass cheeks from behind, pulling her pussy to his mouth and tongue, staying right with her as her hips thrust repeatedly up to him. Now she was moaning incoherently, and I couldn't make out any actual words. After minutes of his tongue lashing again and again over her hot, wet clit, I thought I could see his finger tracing around her asshole. And she screamed. "You're driving me crazy Vince. Your tongue is soooo hot and wet on me baby. Please, make me cum. Make me cum now. I've got to cum nowwww."

At that instant, Vince suddenly moved up, kissing Kathy on the mouth, positioning his huge cock right at the entrance to her ecstatically rotating pussy.

"Put it in, Kathy," he murmured, "put it in now. I know you want me."

"Nooo, Vince. I can't do that to Paul," she said, as her hips unconsciously thrust upward at him.

"Look over there, baby," Vince whispered in my wife's ear, and gestured off screen to the right. "Look at that screen that's just lowered from the ceiling."

Lying under him, Kathy turned her head in that direction. "Oh my God," she said, "It's Paul."

"That's right, honey," whispered Vince. "He's back in that other room. And you know what? He has a screen there where he's been watching us all along. You and me, baby. All along. Look at him, baby, do you think he's jealous? No, way, Kathy. He's so turned on by seeing us together that he's masturbating."

And the truth is that as I watched them on the screen, even knowing now that they were watching me, I couldn't stop. I just couldn't stop. And soon I came, as they both watched me, my hot cum spurting up and over my belly.

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