tagIncest/TabooViola and Noel's Holiday Fun Ch.1

Viola and Noel's Holiday Fun Ch.1


"Our ride's here," Noel called from the bathroom which overlooked the street.

"I'm ready," I answered and hoisted my backpack on. I had a book of Soduku ready for the bus ride. "How long does it take to get there? "

"About an hour, Bruno drives pretty fast." Noel lead the way down the stairs.

"Bruno?" I wondered aloud. We exited the building and in front of us was a limo, not the bus I had anticipated.

My family lived far away from my college, too far to go back for the long weekend, so my roommate invited me to her place. Noel was a very good roommate; she was laid back, cynical but laughed easily. She had long, wavy, honey-coloured hair, creamy skin and lovely tits. Mostly she wore fitted jeans and tight, dark sweaters that she didn't mind me borrowing when I forgot to do laundry.

Noel also never complained when I brought a guy back to our shared bedroom. Sometimes it was difficult to tell if she was sleeping or watching from her dark corner of the room. She never brought anyone home that I saw but she often spent the night out and there were always guys calling her. Two and half months living together and I still didn't know much about her. This trip to Noel's house for Thanksgiving hopefully would relive some of the mystery.

After a quiet hour in the car we pulled into a long driveway that lead up to an enormous, beautiful colonial mansion. Noel watched my reaction.

"Nice," was all I said, eyebrows up, and followed her up to the front door.

"I'll give you a wee tour, don't worry about your bag Vi, Bruno will put it in your room." Noel lead me through marble hallways, a restaurant quality kitchen where someone was cooking supper, a dark smoky study, and into the great room. It had a large granite fireplace, a dining table, sleek black couches and three walls that were nearly nothing but glass.

"Dad will come out for supper, there's time to show you upstairs too."

"Thanks for inviting me here Noel, it would have been chicken flavored ramen noodles for me otherwise."

"No problem, I like for my Dad to meet my friends, we always end up having a good time." Noel smiled. There are a few guest rooms but this one is where you can sleep, through there is the bathroom, it joins up with my room too."

"Can I see your room?" I asked. Bedrooms really tell a lot about a person.

Noel paused, then "Sure."

We walked through the bathroom into Noel's room. She had old fashioned, dark maroon velvet wallpaper and Betty Paige posters covering her walls. No wonder she had always watched me so intently when I brushed my hair. It was chin length, but it was black and shiny with blunt bangs like Betty Paige. I wondered if this was really a big fetish for her, Noel couldn't be a lesbian, she was always out with those guys.

"See how jealous of you I am," Noel stepped closer and ran a hand through my hair. "My hair could never look as hot as yours."

"You're crazy, I love your hair." I laughed nervously and shifted. Noel's hand rested on my neck and she smiled with one corner of her mouth.

"I'll have to find some way to distract you so I can shave your head to make a wig for me." She said. My response to this bizarre statement was cut off abruptly by Noel's lips pressing against mine. This was crazy! My roommate was kissing me, but I liked boys, but this felt really good.

Noel moved her lips and slipped her tongue into me mouth. I sucked it a little and this seemed to be all the encouragement Noel needed. She pulled me against her and our breasts pressed into each other, Noel held firm and kissed me harder. Kissing a girl was so nice, softer and sexier than a guy. I put my arms around Noel's neck and let go, it felt so good. My nipples got hard against Noel's breasts and I rubbed against them. A moan escaped her lips. Our hips gyrated and Noel pushed her thigh up between my legs. She maneuvered us towards her bed and we fell together onto it.

"Vi, I wasn't sure you d be into this," Noel smiled down and rubbed her thigh against my crotch.

"Unhh," was all I was able to muster before Noel was kissing me again. My skirt pushed up around my hips and I grinded against Noel's leg. I knew I would leave a wet spot on her jeans. My hands felt under her shirt, her back was hot and I felt my way around to her breasts. She moaned against my mouth and moved her hand under my shirt to start playing with my nipple.

A soft rap came on the door, "Dinner is ready Miss Noel," someone said through the door.

"Damn," Noel swore against my neck then pulled me up with her, "We'll have to continue this later."

"Umm, maybe you should change your pants..." I had left a wet spot.

Noel laughed, then wiggled out of her jeans and slipped a skirt on. "Let's go, the sooner we are finished eating the sooner I can eat you." She laughed again and spanked my ass as I walked past her. We headed down to dinner...

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