Violated by Cops Ch. 01


She was silenced by Vijay's shout of anger. "Shut up, whore..!! You will speak when spoken to... I'm still trying to decide what to do with you. Should I throw you in lock-up or just shoot all of you and be done with it"

Hearing this we were all shocked. Mom now got very scared and started to plead with him.

"Please sir, don't harm my children. I'll give you anything you ask for...anything, money, jewellry...whatever you want. Please let us go."

Seeing my mother beg for our lives, Vijay seemed to calm down somewhat. He went near my mom, bent his head so that his face was inches from hers and said, "Okay, you bitch, I'll spare all of your lives. From now on you will do and say whatever I want you to. If you cooperate, we will let you go without any injury. But if you decide to protest or to act smart, I will not hesitate to blow your son's brains to the wall."

He continued as he gestured the man behind her to untie her. "There is only one rule; you have to follow every order of mine without hesitation. The slightest reluctance and your son gets a bullet in the head."

Regina nodded her head to show that she understood. She had stood up from the chair. The inspector grabbed her by the waist and dragged her to the table. He then turned her back towards us and began to fondle her. He ran his hands on her waist, her soft belly, her sari covered ass and then went higher to caress her neck and face. He was petting her like a new toy.

"Sir, what is it that you want me to do?" I heard my mom say in a shaking voice.

"Oh, nothing too hard. You see, me and my boys have been on duty for quite a while. We're really tired. We would just like you to entertain us."

" can I entertain you?"

"I'm sure we'll find a way" Saying this the short man started laughing. His subordinates joined in his sick laughter. As if to show her the way, he took her hand and guided it to his crotch.

Regina knew all along that this was going to happen, so when he finally pressed her hand on his organ, she sighed in resignation. She knew we wouldn't walk away from here alive unless she gave her body to this vile man. I hope he at least spares my daughters, she thought. She looked down at his bulge and as we looked on, gave it a slight squeeze, as if to show her willingness to please him.

Vijay smiled at her actions. He sat down in a chair and pulled mom roughly towards him, so that she almost fell on his lap. He grabbed her around the waist and placed her ass directly on his crotch. Mom was noticeably uneasy as Vijay ground his organ on her soft ass over her sari and petticoat. Next his hands reached up and grabbed her breasts. He then began to fondle her boobs over her blouse. The pallu of her sari had slipped from her shoulder, so all of us got a good view of her blouse clad boobs being squashed by Vijay's hands.

Then he started to unhook the clasps in front of her green cotton blouse one by one. More and more of her fair breasts were exposed until he pulled the wet garment away from her body and she was left sitting in just her white bra. Mom's face was red with embarrassment as she was sitting in her underwear in front of her own children. She tried not to look at us in her shame. But I was mesmerized by the sight of my mother being stripped forcibly in front of me. Vijay then opened the clasp of the bra and let it fall free. I saw mom's boobs naked for the first time. I was awed by the firmness of her milky assets. Regina's dark brown nipples were hard due to the wetness of her dress. Putting her left arm over his shoulder, Vijay bent forward to take them in his mouth. He began to press and squeeze her tits as he sucked on her hard nubs. Regina put her head over his shoulder, as if to hide her face from her children. She decided to plead for her shame.

"Please, Sir... not in front of my children. Let us go to some other side...Please Sir..."

"Shut up, whore...!! You'll do as you're told." Vijay shouted. "Now get down on your knees, slut. It's time to show you who your master really is."

Mom was made to stand up first, so that Vijay could open her sari. He just sat in his chair and pulled the sari from her body as my mother turned around in a circle with her head bent in shame and her arms covering her boobs. She was now standing in her petticoat.

She was made to kneel before Vijay as he sat in his chair. She was told to open his zipper, which she did. Vijay then directed her to take his penis out. Regina dutifully reached inside his trousers, pulled down his briefs and took out his semi hard cock. It was so thick that mom could barely grab it in her tiny hands.

"What are you waiting for bitch? Take it in your mouth and suck it like a lollipop." With that, Vijay put his hand on the back of her head and guided her lips to his black cock. I looked on helplessly as the policeman's dirty cock entered my mother's mouth. She took the head in her mouth and began to lick on it slowly. The inspector wasn't satisfied by this. He held her head with one hand and tried to stuff his entire tool in her mouth with the other. I watched as more and more of his cock went inside her mouth until he hit her throat. Still a part of his organ was outside. Vijay grabbed my mom by her thick hair and began to push his penis in and out of her mouth. We all were watching as the cop fucked my mother's face and mauled her boobs at the same time with his free hand. Her mouth was struggling to accommodate his thickness and spit was running down her lips as Vijay continued to ravage my mom's sweet, innocent face. Finally he took it out when mom started to gasp from lack of oxygen. Regina gasped as she took deep breaths, her chest heaving. His black cock had now grown to full hardness. As it glistened with mom's saliva, I looked at it and thought that it had to be at least 8 inches in length. It was also really thick.

He stood up and stripped fully naked. He was a short, stout man with a protruding belly, under which his large, thick organ was sticking out. It was giving small jerks from excitement. He bent my mom over the table, so that she was lying flat against it. Slowly he lifted her petticoat over her shapely hips to expose her round, fleshy butt to our view. Regina felt her panties being pulled down to her ankles. She went red with shame as she knew that her son and daughters were watching her naked ass.

"Oooh... the bitch has got a nice ass, isn't it boys...?" Vijay said loudly as he slapped one cheek with his rough hands. The other cops laughed in agreement. "Maybe I'll taste it later...." he grinned, exposing his tobacco stained teeth.

Vijay started to spank my mom's ass cheeks as we all watched helplessly. He repeatedly slapped her fair buttocks until they were reddish in colour. Regina was lying flat on the table and whimpering in pain as she endured Vijay's beating on her soft ass flesh.

Vijay's penis was quivering with lust as he spanked mom. Finally, he stopped and started to finger her vaginal lips from behind.

"Are you ready, you slut?"

Regina didn't know what else to say but she knew she had to be completely submissive or Vijay would harm her children.

"Yes, Sir...."

"Do you want it, randi?"

"Yes, Sir...."

"Yes, what...??? Tell me you want my hard cock in your pussy. Tell me to make you my whore." Vijay urged mom.

Regina had never used such filthy words, but again, she forced herself to mouth them.

"Yes Sir, put your hard cock in me and make me your whore."

Without wasting time, the horny cop placed his cock head at my mother's pussy hole from behind and pushed it in. Regina groaned in pain as her long unused hole was stretched by the thick pole.

"Oooohhh... the whore's cunt is still tight. Guess you haven't been getting too many customers, huh? How do you like my cock, you slut?" Vijay said as he began to fuck my mother with long, hard strokes, slapping her ass cheeks for his pleasure.

I watched helplessly as my mom was being raped before my very eyes. Vijay held onto her hips as he pushed more and more of his thick pole up her vagina. His hard slaps on her plump buttocks made a smacking sound as the policeman continued to fuck my mom from the back.

He put one leg up on the table and pushed her down with even more force, so that she was lying with her face mashed against the table and groaning in pain as his hard organ invaded her pussy brutally.

One of the men, no longer able to control himself, was rubbing Asha's boobs over her dress. She couldn't do anything as her hands were tied firmly behind her. Her mouth was also stuffed with a dirty cloth. As I watched in horror, another man joined in molesting my sister. She was squirming in her seat as her large boobs were being pressed against her will.

The policemen lifted her dress over her chest as much as they could. Then one of them unhooked her bra from behind. As the garment became loose, they pulled up the cups to expose Asha's 34-inch breasts. I watched in horror as my sister was fondled by the two cops. They each took one fleshy sphere in their palm and began to mercilessly press and squeeze them. Asha couldn't make a sound as her mouth was still stuffed with the cloth. She just made muffled sounds of protest, which further intensified the men's lust.

Vijay turned his head and watched his men molest Asha as he fucked Regina's long unused pleasure hole. He smiled a toothy grin as if to give his go-ahead to his men to take her forcibly.

Soon, the two guys were working in tandem, opening the ropes which kept Asha's hands tied and tying it around her waist. She was now tied from the waist down, her legs bound by the ankles to the two legs of the chair, making her legs slightly spread apart. The cloth in her mouth was taken out. The zipper at the back of her dress was opened and her blue churidar was lifted over her head. Asha vainly tried to cover her ample boobs with her hands, but they were held easily by one cop while the other guy pulled her open bra from her shoulders. My sister was now completely naked from the waist up. Her round and firm breasts were sticking out from her chest like two ripe fruit. She was so fair that her nipples were almost pink. Her fair skin, her flat belly with just a hint of fat and her deep navel made the sight all the more intoxicating. I was staring in admiration as her beauty. 'So this is how mom must have looked in her younger days' I thought irrationally as my cock became rock hard for the second time that night.

The cops also couldn't believe their luck that they had such a succulent young virgin girl to enjoy.

With a groan, one guy went down on his knees beside her and took her right breast in his hand. Rubbing the soft flesh, he flicked his tongue out to lick at her nipples. The pink nubs were rapidly becoming erect against Asha's will. She couldn't control her excitement, even though she knew she would be raped in this deserted warehouse by the horny men who surrounded her. The other guy followed suit.

I watched helplessly as my sister's ripe young body was being enjoyed by two dirty cops. Her plump, juicy fruits were being squeezed and kissed and licked while her stiff, pink buds were being pinched and sucked and bitten. The policemen sucked away at her nipples, pulling them with their lips as far as they could. Her soft nubs were stretched painfully. They bit her soft tit-flesh, leaving red marks all over her boobs. Asha groaned in pain as I watched one guy pinch her nipple between his teeth and pull at it repeatedly.

They soon stood up as they couldn't control their excitement any longer and started to strip. One by one their shirts and vests, then their trousers came off in a hurry, they left their boots on, probably because the warehouse floor was quite dirty and strewn with junk. Their dicks made quite a bulge in their briefs. Both of them were quite well built, with muscular chests and bulging biceps, they were close to six feet.

Then they took off their briefs.

Asha gasped as she watched the hard cocks come in her view. They were as long and thick as Vijay's cock, if not more. They were thick, veined pieces of coal-black meat which were sticking straight out from their bodies.

The policemen grinned at her amazement. For a virgin girl, seeing two live cocks in front of her that also of this length and girth was just too much too process. Her eyes became glazed as Asha went in to some kind of haze.

The two men circled her. One of them put his organ on her lips. She submissively opened her mouth and allowed the cop to guide his thick meat in her wet mouth. The other one took her hand and guided it to his cock. She started to rub it on her own. The men exchanged smiles as they watched this young girl begin to pleasure them without any prodding on their part. Asha's mouth moved against her will, opening and closing in response to each stroke of the cock between her lips, as her shining waist length hair was grabbed roughly. Her head rose and fell with her movements as she moved from one cock to another, trying to satisfy the carnal desires of both the men. Her lips were being stretched by the thickness of their meat. The well hung policemen fucked her mouth relentlessly, taking turns in using her.

Regina watched helplessly as Asha was stripped, then fondled and also as the cops stripped. She now watched in horror as her daughter was forced to perform orally for the men's pleasure.

Vijay had put his leg down on the ground and had grabbed Regina's shoulders as he continued to plow her pussy with full force. After a while, he pulled out. Regina was pulled to her feet and dragged to the mattress beside the table. It was quite dirty with holes in it, but it was better than the floor. Her petticoat was opened as she stood there, shaking from the battering she had just received from Vijay. I saw my mom's pussy lips for the first time. She was clean shaven as I expected. The lips were slightly open as Vijay's hard blows had loosened her long unused hole. She was still a bit disoriented as she was pushed to her knees by the cop. Vijay grabbed her hair and pulled her head towards his slimy, wet cock, which was covered in her juices. It was hard and throbbing with lust. Regina looked at it and shuddered in disgust, but one look from Vijay silenced her. Regina knew that she would have to suck and clean this cock which was wet from her cunt juice. He pushed his wet penis between her ruby red lips and Regina obediently opened her mouth to take his dirty cock in.

I looked on helplessly as my mother was defiled by this dirty old man.

Vijay closed his eyes as her enjoyed Regina's lips and tongue on his tumescent cock. She was cleaning his cock dutifully, licking at the juices sticking to the sides and sucking on his fat reddish knob. He hadn't cum yet and he must have been aching for release. Soon, his cock was ready.

"Is it clean yet, you cock loving slut?" Vijay asked in a stern voice.

Regina timidly said, "Sir, it is clean now."

"Good, now lie down on your back. It's time your cunt got a dose of my cream." saying so, Vijay positioned mom on her back and went down on his knees before her. He then lay on her fully, his whole weight on her as he grabbed her neck in an elbow grip. Licking the side of her neck, he whispered something in her ear.

Regina was told to put his cock back in her cunt. She reached between them and grabbing his penis, proceeded to guide the stiff pole into the soft folds of her moist warm sheath.

"Aaaah...." She groaned as Vijay's fat cock head penetrated her for the second time that night. Vijay forced his lips on hers as he continued to push deeper into her juicy hole.

Meanwhile, the two policemen who were standing beside Ezhil also decided to take matters into their hands, literally. They were clutching their crotches and stroking them as they watched the rape of my mom. They really needed to get off but were probably waiting for Vijay's signal to fuck Ezhil.

A few moments later, one of them called out hesitantly.


Vijay turned his head momentarily and understanding the situation, just gave a casual nod towards Ezhil.

I couldn't believe it. With just a simple gesture, the inspector gave his green signal to his subordinates to rape my virgin sister.

The men started to untie Ezhil. First her hands were untied, then the gag in her mouth was taken out and finally her legs were freed as she was dragged to her feet. There were some packaging boxes nearby. One guy bought a few and flattened them to form a makeshift bed for them to lie on while the other held Ezhil firmly in his grip. She had by now understood that she was going to be raped and started to sob softly. Big tears were forming at her eyes. She was too scared too cry out loudly as she was stunned by the turn of events. Her mother was being raped before her eyes as two men with huge dicks fucked her sister's mouth. It was a shock to her system. She just stood there as the two policemen started to strip her. First her light blue churidar was opened, the men opening the zipper and forcibly pulling the garment over her shoulders and arms, even as she tried to resist. Her 32-inch breasts encased in a black bra came into view. She went red with shame as she vainly tried to hide her assets from our view. The cops then opened their shirts and vest to reveal their well developed chests.

One of the men suddenly grabbed her and started to kiss her madly. He fondled her lovingly at the same time. His hands traveled all over her body, from her bare back to her bra covered breasts to her hips and thighs. He just couldn't get enough of this young, virgin girl who was at his disposal. He grabbed and caressed her flesh anywhere he could. Ezhil was helpless to stop this assault on her. He was just too strong for her. The other guy just watched, waiting for his turn to prey on her. The cop was kissing her neck and face and gradually came down to her mouth. He forced his lips on Ezhil's mouth and kissed her forcibly, sucking on her lower lip. His tongue darted in her mouth and Ezhil had no choice but to accept it. As the cop kissed her, his hands went to her back. He unhooked her bra and pulled the straps from her arms. Ezhil was topless and I caught a glimpse of her medium sized boobs with the dark nipples. I was getting more and more excited at this. My cock threatened to burst from my pants as I watched the policeman dip his head and kiss his way down her neck to her breasts.

He grabbed her ripe fruit like breasts and kissed and sucked on them as he squeezed them with force. The other guy couldn't wait any longer as he also joined the first cop and grabbed her right breast.

I watched helplessly as the two well-built men mauled Ezhil's soft flesh. They were squeezing her boobs and kissing on them while licking and sucking on her hard nipples. Ezhil had stopped trying to fend them off and was caught up in a wave of lust as pleasurable sensations flooded her nubile body.

She didn't protest as the men lowered her on to the floor, on top of the flattened packing boxes. They swiftly undressed. As their briefs were lowered, Ezhil gasped at the sight of their erect cocks. Both of them were well hung. They had to be as long and thick as the guys who were face fucking Asha. Their erect organs swung in the air as they approached my sister.

Ezhil by now started to whimper in mild protest.

"Please sir, don't do this, I beg of you....Please...I'm a virgin, don't ruin me..." She said in a soft voice. The men paid no heed to her. In fact, they seemed to get more excited on hearing that she was a virgin.

Both of them went down beside her on the makeshift bed and continued to fondle her body, focusing on her breasts and nipples. They were pulling on the hard nubs for their pleasure, even as Ezhil groaned of pain each time her nipples were painfully pulled away from her body. Gradually they opened the string of her leggings and loosened it. One of them dragged the lower garment away from her legs. Ezhil tried to pull up the garment. But in vain; the men swatted her hand away as if she were a child. Her white panties followed. She struggled a bit as they forcibly stripped her. But Ezhil was helpless to stop them as the last piece of clothing was taken from her body and she was totally naked before them.

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