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Violated Family


Mike and Veronica Davidson had now been married for twenty-five years. They initially decided not to have an elaborate celebration but their sons, Peter and Stephen and their daughters, Eileen and Ann, insisted that they should. A compromise was reached when they all agreed to a family meal at Peter's house. He was the eldest and besides his house was large enough for the gathering.

Mike Davidson was fifty-two. He worked as a teacher at the local secondary school in Rumstone in Surrey, England. His wife, Veronica, was forty-nine and taught part time in the primary school that was opposite.

Despite her years Veronica had taken very good care of herself. Her tall frame sported large breasts and well toned waist as well as long smooth legs. She exercised regularly and she played squash once a week with her neighbour and friend, Janice Edwards.

As the years rolled on for Mike, he appreciated his wife's appearance all the more. His jogging with Tom Edwards, Janice's husband kept him in reasonable shape too.

Peter, who was twenty-four, was an accountant and married to Joyce who was twenty-two and was a housewife. They had been married a year and had no children. Joyce was tall with a slim figure and medium breasts.

Stephen was twenty-three and like his parents, he was a teacher. He worked at the comprehensive school in Daneswold, just five miles away. He was married to Clare, an attractive twenty-two year brunette who worked in the library in the same town. They had been married for eight months and also had no children.

Eileen was twenty-one and just completing her final year at teacher training college. She wasn't married but was living with her boyfriend Tony, much to her parents' disproval.

At eighteen, Ann was the baby of the family. She worked as a secretary in an architect's office in the town. She too was unmarried but was in an on-off relationship with her boyfriend, Paul.

All eight were determined to make it a night to remember for their parents and in-laws. None of them would ever imagine that the events that would unfold around the celebrations would have consequences that would change all their lives forever.

Peter's house was a large three storey building set in the background of the beautiful Surrey countryside. It was really too big for him but he loved the countryside. The hills were ideal for walking. He had inherited from his father's sister, Julia, upon the stipulation that he would live there for at least ten years and after that time he could sell it if he wished.

Now it was the depths of winter and snow was threatening. It was a relief to Peter and Joyce then when all the guests arrived. Ann and her boyfriend Paul were the last to arrive just as the first snow flurries were floating down.

Joyce had prepared bedrooms for all four couples. Eileen and Anne also had their own bedroom with their boyfriends despite Veronica's objections. As far as Joyce was concerned her mother-in-law's strict Church of England morals had no authority here. It wasn't that Joyce disliked her mother-in-law, on the contrary, they got on quite well but Joyce made sure where the line was drawn and reluctantly Veronica accepted it.

By the time the first course was served the snow was already falling heavily. Glancing out of the window, Peter said, "Well, nobody's going anywhere tonight," as he observed the blizzard like conditions that rapidly developed.

They went on with the meal. Joyce and her sisters-in-law served out the food and drink.

As the night wore on and all were merry, no one realised that a group of some twelve men had stolen through the snow covered yard and entered the house by expertly forcing the back door almost noiselessly. The twelve hooded men made their way from the back and guided by the chatter, they burst in on the celebrations. The female screams of shock were followed by a protesting voice from Peter as he rose to his feet.

"How dare you? Get out of my house this instant. There's no money here."

One of the hooded men walked over to him and struck his middle with the butt of a rifle making him keel over in pain.

"Peter," screamed Joyce as she ran to her stricken husband.

"That was very stupid," said the hooded man. He was clearly the leader.

"What do you want?" asked Mike, anxiously.

The hooded leader spoke again. "Well that's a very good question, Mr Davidson."

"You know who I am?"

"We know who you all are," responded the leader in a matter of fact tone.

"You didn't answer my husband's question," said Veronica with anger.

The hooded leader went to Veronica. "Well, you're a brave one. Aren't you?" and he squeezed her breasts through her silk red dress.

Veronica lashed out and slapped him across his face. All the leader did was laugh.

"Take your hands off my wife," yelled Mike. The others pointed their guns and he was stopped in his tracks. The hooded leader spoke. "Ok everybody, let's not get excited. The person who hired us is owed quite a large sum of money. Any comment, Peter?"

Peter was silent for a second. "I told Blake he'll have his money soon," he said eventually, with a certain desperation in his voice.

"Peter, what's he talking about?" asked Joyce.

"You mean your dear husband didn't tell you? He owes Martin Blake a half a million pounds and he needs to be assured he gets his money back."

Martin Blake was a self styled business man who charged exorbitant rates of interest.

"Half a million?" cried Mike. "How did you get in so deep?" he asked his son.

"Bad investments," responded Peter.

"You knew about this and you didn't tell me?" cried Veronica.

"I didn't want to worry you." replied Mike. He turned to the leader. "Tell Blake I can raise the money. I just need some time."

"I'm glad to hear it. Mr Blake will be pleased," responded the hooded leader. "However, we came here to teach you all a lesson that you won't forget in a hurry."

"Lesson?" asked Mike uneasily.

"You women, get over to my left."

All five reluctantly obeyed and stood together in a group.

"Ok you guys, listen up. Refusal is not an option. Do as you're told and everything will be fine. If not, the girls get it. Got that?"

There was no answer from the men.

"Now get your clothes off."

It was too much for Tony, Eileen's boyfriend, who, up to now had remained silent. "You sick bastard. If you think I'm..." He didn't get to finish the sentence as he was punched hard by one of the others. A shot rang out and the hooded leader's gun was pointed to the ceiling. "I'm not a patient man. Now get your clothes off, or else."

The men reluctantly undressed as their wives, girlfriends and daughters were forced to watch at gunpoint. Humiliated, the men blushed as they tried to hide their exposed privates.

The leader turned to Veronica. "Ok sweetheart. Follow me." He turned to the gang members. "You know what to do."

Fear and dread descended among the prisoners as they wondered what he just meant.

Veronica did as she was told reluctantly, as she followed him upstairs. Mike was about to protest until a gun was pointed at him.

The leader sat on a chair and admired Veronica's mature beauty as she stood in her green one piece dress. Her magnificent curves were highlighted by the dress and the low cut exposed the upper portions.

Veronica began to plead. "Please, you heard my husband. He'll..." She was silenced by a gesture of his hand.

"Just do as you're told and your family will be safe. It's up to you. Got that?"

Veronica lowered her head and nodded.

"Take off your clothes."

Unwillingly, Veronica put her hands behind her back and slowly eased the zipper down. It was a slow and almost teasing movement, although that's not what Veronica intended. She somehow thought or hoped that her admirer would order her to stop. There was no reprieve and Veronica allowed the dress fall to the ground exposing her full black slip. She didn't know it but Veronica's slow undressing turned on her unwanted audience and his dick strained in his pants. After removing her slip, Veronica put her hands behind her back to unclasp her low cut black lace bra.

"Turn around," said the man.

Veronica did so and it was clear to her that he wished to see the unclasping. When she slipped the bra straps from her shoulders she held her bra with her hands and swung around and then, withdrawing her hands, allowed it to fall to the ground, revealing her huge breasts. The nipples hardened upon contact with the air.

Veronica instinctively covered her breasts.

"Ah, ah. Put your hands down by your sides.

Veronica did so with tears in her eyes. To her surprise the man suddenly walked over to her and kneeling in front of her, he placed his hands at the sides of her black tights and knickers and pulled them down in one felled swoop, exposing her neat pussy bush.

"Wonderful," he muttered admiringly and without another word drilled his tongue through her bush, passed her lips and began to rhythmically lash the mature women's clit.

Veronica was astonished at his firm but gentle strokes. She resisted for as long as she could but finally exclaimed a moan of relief. "Oh my God," she cried and she placed her hands on his shoulders to steady herself and also guide his expert movement. Slowly she could feel her juices gather and her breathing began to deepen. Then to her desperate disappointment, he withdraw and proceeded to lick her trim waist and made his way to her breasts. He licked and sucked each nipple alternately and it excited Veronica. "Oh fuck," she exclaimed as this younger man aroused her. Her own reaction surprised her. She never used the sort of language she had just used but then she had never been sexually satisfied like this by Mike. It was wonderful. Disappointment however set in again as it stopped as suddenly as it started and there was a slight knock at the door.

"Sorry sweetie, maybe later, but right now you've got work to do. Remember what I said, sweetheart. Obey and everything will be well."

He went to the door and opened it. "In you come, gentlemen," he said with sarcasm. Veronica's sons, Peter and Stephen as well as her daughters' boyfriends, Tony and Paul stood before her also naked. Each desperately tried their exposed manhood. Veronica closed her eyes in shame. The men were accompanied by at least four armed men. She felt hands on her bare shoulders and she was forced to her knees in front of her sons. "Ok dear, start sucking their cocks."

Veronica looked up as if to say something and the others moved too, only to be silenced as guns were poked at their backs. Veronica resigned herself to the inevitable as she took Peter's huge organ. She engulfed it with her mouth and slowly began to pump. Her pace picked up with each stroked and she gradually developed a mutually satisfying rhythm. At the same time her hands were forced to take Paul and Tony's cocks and hand fuck them. The leader signalled to Stephen and he was forced to stand behind his mother. The man whispered something in his ear and Stephen looked at him with shock. The sight of the man's gun told him resistance would be futile and perhaps fatal to all. Like his mother, Stephen accepted his fate as he gently inserted his huge cock inside her arse. As the time passed his speed picked up and he began to get aroused by his pounding of his own mother.

Veronica too was consumed with lust. "Mmm" was all she could utter as she continued to suck hard on her eldest son's cock. Finally, Peter's cum exploded in her mouth and she tried to pull away. However her head was arched back by one of the men and she was forced to swallow it all.

Peter was pulled away and Veronica was forced to start sucking Tony's cock. It wasn't long before he orgasmed and this time Veronica swallowed every drop. At the same time her arse burned as Stephen finally erupted. There was no relief for Veronica as Stephen who had recovered, was forced to replace his brother and it all started again. The situation repeated itself over and over until Veronica had sucked all four men and all four had in turn, plundered her arse.

"Well done boys. You did your mother and mother-in-law proud," said the leader sarcastically. The others laughed as they led Peter, Stephen, Tony and Paul downstairs. Veronica fell on her side exhausted.

"You're right baby. It's time for bed, eh?" and he lifted her up and eased her onto the bed.

Veronica closed her eyes hoping for sleep. She didn't see the leader strip rapidly. She started to panic as he mounted her. He stifled her scream as he held his hand to her mouth. "Remember what I said, Sweetheart?"

Veronica sighed and then nodded.

The man resumed licking her mature pussy. As before, his gentle probing excited her and she totally surrendered. He moved up her middle to her breasts and he began to suck and lick them. Veronica wasn't disappointed and she began to moan with the excitement, urging him on. "Oh my God," she repeated.

This time Veronica felt his huge dick enter her pussy and began to pound her. The pace, initially slow, built up with each motion. Gradually, Veronica's body reacted and they both eventually settled into a satisfying rhythm. She became so consumed in her lust that she gripped the man's bare hips as if guiding him. Their breathing became deeper and deeper and they perspired heavily. Veronica could feel her love juices build and she could tell that the man was close too. Both tried to last as long as possible to enjoy this wonderful feeling. As they finally orgasmed together, they both sighed with relief and joy. For Veronica, it was the biggest orgasm she had ever had. Breathless and exhausted, she fell asleep, unaware that this was only the beginning.

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